Colder weather and holidays bring new COVID-19 concerns, Tam warns

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Dr. Theresa Tam says the fall will bring new risks in the COVID-19 pandemic along with its colder weather and holidays that usually bring families together.

Canada's chief public health officer says Canadians need to consider their own risk factors and the details of the plans for any gathering before deciding to go mark an occasion in person with friends and family.

She says knowing the people you're with does not protect you from catching the virus that causes the respiratory illness.Tam says government agencies, employers and individuals understand the virus better now, so the situation we're facing is different from the one in the spring when COVID-19 first spread.

But an average of 525 COVID-19 cases a day have been reported in Canada the past week, a noticeable uptick from earlier in the summer, and schools are reopening across the country. Tam says downloading the government's COVID Alert app is one way to mitigate the risks of catching and spreading the illness unknowingly although it is currently only operational in Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador.


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CTVAtlantic You bet Christmas is coming. So are my kids. Deal with it .

but if we're wearing our face diapers and standing far apart, how could that be? go home ccptam

That guy needs to be fired

I noticed that all the non attractive people are suggesting everyone to wear a mask.

Take a break ...

CTVAtlantic People still believe her?

And sex without masks too!

Yes we know that winter is coming, we can feel it in the air outside, the leaves are changing, next is Halloween, what come next geee I wonder?! , god I swear you and your liberal buddies are going to drive me to drink alcohol yet , I feel like I am in kindergarten again.

No shit captain come downs tam and your friends we get it already, we all know winter is coming. You guys are going to drive me bat shit crazy


Zero credibility!

At 2 meters will be hard to get warm....🤣🤣🤣

CTVAtlantic Remember when masks weren’t effective?

Fear porn.

CTVAtlantic She is never happy! No sex, no booze....what’s next!

Dah really? Cold & Flu season will be upon us soon which of course will be classified as Covid... Heat kills the Virus so why so long to open up the Country to enjoy the outdoors ! Can't wait to see what Fear Mongering will restart this fall?

Get bent

The Babylon Bee (TheBabylonBee) Tweeted: Anonymous White House Source Claims Trump Punched A Baby

I doubt it. When it hits -20 nobody wants to leave their houses. We should go down to zero by Feb. Lol.

Do you trust CPHO_Canada' advice

Why does she still have a job?

Get back in your bunkers people


Is this guy still giving useless information?

Tam is literally a Communist shill. WHO does she really work for?!

Uhhhhh yeah, flu season starts, kills more people than covid. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Tam doesn’t know what she’s talking about. No amount of social distancing and masks are going to make a difference! We have known for years the way viruses work with the changes in seasons! 🤦‍♀️

You mean cold weather and holidays will bring the common cold and flu like every year but all we'll report on is Covid because apparently it is all that exists to kill us in the World. May I also encourage glory holes and hand jobs as stated- Tam1984

More fear messaging from the Doc. Heard any good news from her? Must be getting hard to figure out new things to panic people with? So done with the fear, panic & ambassador’s of doom!

Someone tell Dr. Tam to FUCK OFF! The virus hoax has went on long enough already!!

Odd not hearing much about China and the second wave

What a genius

Well she hasn’t made any correct predictions so far

dont you mean Terrance Tam?

With masks and social distance Nothing will happen Just in her dream

I guess we should all just stay home and have faceless sex!

Stop talking

Why doesn't she tell us why our numbers continuously rise?

I fear stupidity more than any Pandemic or Virus!

Why doesn't she just shut up!!! A cork in her mouth would be perfect!

My god she is soooo smart. So glad we have a person of her intellect telling us we may get sick this winter. It’s like she can see the future.

Message is loud and clear, no family, no friends, no celebrations, no freedom, no joy. No way to live life.

if masks and social distance are effective then there will be no 2nd wave. and we've all seen our families already. ccp Tam can frig off

Ding ding ding, we have a winner, something that happens every year, but now it’s different because of this covid, im sure everyone that comes down with the fall flu will be dead within minutes of the first cough come on cut the crap lift the pandemic let’s get back to normal

Not interested in anything she has to say

People are tired of this shit your not cancelling Christmas. By that time people wont even be wearing masks

Is the idea to keep people in a perpetual state of fear? A health agency is there to provide advice on healthy practices based on sound scientific observation and evidence. With this type of messaging, why don't Canadians just turn to the WHO for health advice 🤔

Puppet of the elite....

This ugly, authoritarian witch can't stand that Canadians want to be free. So more alarmism is manufactured and the dutiful propagandists at CTV spread it. They're going to try eliminate all holidays & celebrations in Trudeau's post-national Canada. scamdemic2020 PlandemicHoax

It will be a cold. There will be no second round.

Will we call the flu- Covid and lockdown the country worse than before? I could see it as a panic possibility.

Oh Tam STFU already....

She/He is doing more harm than good to Canada. But that's why she's/he's there in that position. China has taken control of your lives thanks to bought politicians.

Is there really a COVID-1984 threat or will they be just co-opting the cold and flu season once more?

At this point, don't care anymore.

Dr Tam CPHO_Canada Is only FearMongering to keep the sheeple under control. I DRAW THE LINE DR. TAM.

Tam needs to stop talking

Fire this thing

GOD, she won't quit the ChinaVirus is FLATTENED, will she?

End this fucking covid misery NOW!! We don’t want masks and dumbass restrictions around at Thanksgiving and Christmas!! Protect the elderly, and let everyone else resume normal life. Enough is enough!! 😡

Remember to put your mask on when having sex. Dr Tam has to do it!

Fear + Propaganda = Control. She has zero credibility!

We have been together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$%^&*

Why not just skip all of the BS and make this simple, periods of darkness followed by periods of daylight bring new Covid risks.

Maybe the virus won’t do well in the colder weather.

a dust ball under my doubt is a covid concern also...lets get scared together.....

Piss off. Tam is nothing but a fear monger.

In other words their trying to cancel Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas New Years Trudeau and his Liberals have to go. I am not missing another Holliday because of this epic lie

Anyone who tells me to bang someone while wearing a mask I don’t trust. 😂

Make it mandatory to self isolate for 7-10 days for those choosing to get a flu shot. This should lessen the COVID testing burden on the system.

This dude belongs in prison

Enough is enough already

It’s safest to blend and ingest your thanksgiving meal through your rectum, thus avoiding having to remove your mask, according to Canada’s top doctor.

just another cold and flu season

Stop the news and boom virus is gone!

She looks like she woke up from a deep coma ! People give her some food please


Soon they'll break into your homes to arrest you for organizing peaceful protest against lockdown on social medias.

It is frickin hot and why is the Corona virus not dying your nut Tam ? You said so .. what do we believe

Just in time for the common cold and flu season.

Tam, liberals, and media need to give up with the fucking fear mongering.

its the Common cold!, not covid19, they're using to justify their tyranny people -Wake up-Tam is one ugly Dude

Next move,Tam bans the nuclear family(which was actually written in the BLM manifesto on their website at one point). Are things adding up yet? That BLM &”covid” are connected? Rail blockades & good old Greta as well? (How dare I!) ErinOTooleMP

Why are we still pretending anything she says is of value?

Failed to mention that heath canada has little or no protocol on the hundreds of international flights over the past 2 months that have covid positive travelers entering Canada. Canadains did our duty 2 get us where we are, time 4 these officials 2 b held accountable 4vthe truth

Guess she’s going to fucking ban Christmas next!!!! Another fucking sheep!!!!!

Is there even a single person associated with the Trudeau administration right now who isn't a total and complete muppet? cdnpoli

Translation: continue to FEAR! Fear for your health, your child, your family! FEAR until you BEG us to save you. Don’t worry about the economy, we gotcha! We’ll save you from the FEAR of death with an unsafe vaccine, in the meantime OBEY & attack whoever thinks otherwise.

especially squirrels

Maybe she should watch this. You should too (Canada's National Enquirer)

Sorry, Dr. Tam. My family will be getting together for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's. The hoax is over.

Can we get rid of this nasty robot yet? What a witch

Time for a new Dr., she’s an embarrassment already.

'usually bring families together' Families together kills people. Get the message?

Here's how Theresa Tam's thinking process goes:

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