City sponsored justice awareness mural ‘deeply disrespectful,’ says police chief

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The mural is the work of 17 artists and is meant to raise awareness of injustices suffered by Black and Indigenous people and others. It has been in place for about two weeks.

Buisa said the police chief should consider examining the mural from the perspective of the person who painted the message.

City spokesman Sheldon Johnson said the acronym has remained in place but municipal officials want to meet next week with the artists and the mural sponsor, the African Heritage Association of Vancouver Island.


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There have been 54 children rescued in the last 24 hours between Georgia and Ohio, and the MSM has said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY? This should raise a red flag!!

City should remove all street art. Trouble here is that city councils like the US are full of Socialists so nothing gets done. Canada doesn’t want this crap. Go back to the US. How did they get in?

And if it got destroyed like statues of Sir John A McDonald we would have what?

So all lives matter. Gotcha


More diversity please!!! Isn’t Multiculturalism great!

Love the mural!! I agree that acronym should be removed

People are starting to push back against this cult like marxist uprising.

Whenever anyone says they want to “spark a discussion,” what they mean is they want to give you their opinion and they don’t want you to offer a counterpoint.

Compromise with making the a an s = some. What if someone put up signage saying: ABAC = All Blacks Are Criminals. Or AWAC = All Whites Are Nazis? And the reason some people feel APAB's is true the media sensationalizes police vs. blacks almost exclusively w/edited video.

The cause is admirable,the art is not ....

Taxpayers paid for them to paint ACAB on their road?! Which political donkey is getting fired for their lack of good judgement?

After 9/11 everyone was a hero. If nothing has changed, what changed?

So this is a travisity but knocking down statues is a protest?

It is virtue-signalling, is what it is. It's empty symbolism bereft of meaning or significance. It's also pernicious, because it encourages the 'disadvantaged' to hunker down and blame Whitey instead of taking positive steps to improve their situation.

Global wants you to hate the police

Respect your first responders! They save lives every day!

I ❤ police!

City is literally funding anti-white racism and anti-cop messages. They will be directly complicit in the violence that BLM terrorists do to citizens.

Ts. People are sick of having that bs crammed down their throats every day of the week. TruGropeMedia

Whenever an artist is hired to do work for the public, they should have to agree to make it not obscene or contain hateful messages. There should be a blanket contract that covers that issue.

Can we all get back to living our regular non-racist lives, where races can and did co-exist without some invented racial division?

I hope somebody takes care of it.


the meaningful dialogue b/w the police and protestors is a great thing. but it shouldn't contain any derogatory acronyms because that's not how dialogues work. that's how hatred works. also, shame on the City Council who allowed this to happen, they just made it worse.

I’m so sick of that word. Everyone has a chip about something too fat too short too tall too skinny can we all have murals?

The left is so racist lol obsessed with it

That's not what ACAB stands for...


city sponsored , tax funded racism

Clean our streets! Get this garbage off of it.


Can’t they just change the A to an S ? Some cops is true , All cops is bull . It’s baiting . It’s like saying All blacks are blah blah . They are NOT ! Only some . And before you hang me , all Caucasians , Asians , Muslims etc etc .

TheTrudeauDictatorship has given license to race baiters and race hustlers in this country. This is a career move now for the biased media, politicians and new so-called activists who have suddenly come out of the woodwork, shoving aside those who long worked for equality.


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