Girl Expelled For Rainbow Cake, Rainbow Cake, Kayla Kenney, Louisville Kentucky, Teen Expelled Rainbow Cake, Christian Private School

Girl Expelled For Rainbow Cake, Rainbow Cake

Christian school expels student who posed with rainbow birthday cake outside class

Christian school expels student who posed with rainbow birthday cake outside class


Christian school expels student who posed with rainbow birthday cake outside class

‘Lifestyle violations’: The school says it may expel students for living a lifestyle that does not align with Christian beliefs

Alford told the Courier Journal that someone shared the photo of her daughter with Whitefield Academy officials and days later, she received an email from the head of the school, Bruce Jacobson.

The rainbow and the rainbow flag are associated with LGBTQ pride and some religious organizations have disavowed people who identify as LGBTQ.

“Since October, there have been no disciplinary issues. There have been no academic issues. There has been nothing.”

“On occasion, the atmosphere or conduct within a particular home may be counter or in opposition to the biblical lifestyle the school teaches. This includes, but is not limited to, sexual immorality, homosexual orientation or the inability to support Biblical standards of right and wrong,” the handbook states.

Since the expulsion, Kayla’s been attending a public school

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I wish that I had kept track of the number of kindergarteners who have told me that their favourite colour is rainbow. Why? They don’t want to choose just one colour. So, what does it mean when a rainbow appears on a rainy/sunny day? 🤔🌈🎩🍀 Good for her! It’s stories like this that demonstrate the “ love of Jesus” apart from the “Church”. Well done/ she will win more hearts to faith, then their church/institution will win to anything. religionthatseparatesisout

Some Christian School. She maybe better off in another school. She has my 100percent support. Just imagine if she had a Mega hat on you'all would be fine with it Think she’s better off now that she’s out of that mean school. This is from the article. “A section on student behaviour says the school’s “biblical role is to work in conjunction with the home to mold students to be Christ-like.” Fail. Epic fail.

She is better off out of such a non Christian environment The next suspension will be for driving a Tesla or wearing mixed fabric! Lol Leaving the LGBTQ politics out of it; sometimes a cake is just a cake. Also, sometimes a sweater is just a sweater. And I must say, it is a very pretty cake. So uh The rainbow is illegal now? Then what will happen if the light hit the raindrop? What will that be? A complete black arch over the sky?

Christian Taliban

Annual snowball fight at Vancouver university postponed – due to snowAn annual winter event meant to help students get outside and de-stress has been postponed due to snow, somewhat ironically. 😂😂😂 Snowball fight cancelled due to snow Poor little snowflakes.

She is better off without that school Good. Now she can go to a school that doesn’t teach children to be hateful. The same hand wringers that lose their mind over this think MAGA is a hate the crazy pendulum swings both ways. Why? Explanation please... Are we still doing this? Let’s stop trying to mimic the US. Nothing’s working down there.

Let her find another school Christians doing something with Bronze Age level of thinking!? I’m stunned. No wait, the opposite of that. Hmmm the left is getting a taste of it’s own medicine Christianity pushing ppl away one person at a time... The irony is outstanding!! Psssst. This was in Kentucky. Focus on Canada. Like....... the RCMP investigations into Justin’s government. Or start simple. WhereIsSophie

Two students arrested on sexual assault charges at Ontario private schoolTwo students have been arrested on sexual assault charges following an investigation by Niagara police at an Ontario private school. The students in private school are all sexed up? Must be all the sex information they're teaching them. Perhaps they forget to teach them what to do with their urges.🙄 I can not go out for a drink in Halifax without being stoned on edible cannabis . Justin Trudeau should be locked up for years !!!

Not very Christian. Good get rid of her perfect Proof that leftists and theocratic religions share the same dogma. That’s very Christian of that school! Johny_Canuck Lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. Lucky girl A rainbow is also the flag of cooperatives. I dont know why christanists feel the need to associate themselves Chrstianity and Jesus.

That was stupid move from the school. FuzzyWuzzyTO Christianity. Getting it wrong since 0001 AD. As AltJesus said, 'Smite 1st, deny love & personhood 2nd then shun, shun, shun!'. Praise be to alt-Jesus! CdnPoli OnPoli Religion MentalHealth SciComm Psychology Culture Agnotology Education Gender

Watch: U.S. students run to safety as 'microburst' tears apart gym roofThree North Carolina students were injured Monday as a storm tore through their school's gym, leaving a gaping hole in the roof and wall and debris all around. Are the kids running on walls if that's the roof? That’s why I avoid gyms at all costs. Très grave

Somebody down there at that school needs a head but 'And Jesus said: 'Let there be no colors on our cakes and our clothes...' Disturbing Funny they never report on the countless acts of charity and good works the Christian community does. But if one takes an extreme position, it’s national headlines. Why only the Christian community gets called out for intolerance? They don’t have a monopoly on it among faiths.

I'd wear that expulsion like a badge of honour. She should sue as well. This is the kind of crap left wing activists constantly cite when branding anyone right of centre as homophobic. She can eat her rainbow sex cake at the public school, no problem. She can fly her sex flag at the public school, no problem.

What a pretty cake! What if it turns out she just likes rainbows?!?! Crazy town!

Edmonton bus driver fired after student left on bus during frigid cold Monday afternoon'I looked over my seat and I saw the bus driver wasn't there,' the student said. 'I walked around the bus to see where he was but he wasn't there - until I saw him walking down the sidewalk.' Come on people ! The teenager should take some responsibility for this actions .. a man loss his livelihood .. he is 13 years old ,he isn’t 6 years old .. if this is the case he shouldn’t be walking to school alone either..hmm maybe his headphones should be taken away ! How can you miss a child on a bus that small? What a nerd.

They were just practicing all the love and acceptance that the church offers. Which is zero! This christian school apparently forgot that rainbow is the god’s symbol of alliance. Sadly National Post won’t bring attention to the hundreds of thousands of struggling single parents especially single moms suffering daily. Gay Pride Day, Gay Pride Week, Gay Pride Month, Gay Pride Parade. NP has its priorities now that Trudeau has give the papers $690 Million.

Oh boy that's nuts christianist, not Christian, observe the definition below.: Saying your telling me that the Rainbow belongs to LGBTQ Community now.. SMH what is this world coming too.. I doubt it but this is the crap that national post writes these bait headlines that make stupid people believe the world is against them...and that racism and bigotry is everywhere...not even going to click on it

Ontario Launches 57 Scholarships To Honour Canadians Killed In Iran Crash'Many of the victims were students and professors with bright futures,' Doug Ford says. ... but Doug has no money for teachers, or low income housing. He's only doing this to try improve his popularity.

Ontario To Reimburse Parents For Child Care During Teachers' StrikesOntario to reimburse parents for child care during teachers' strikes

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