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Chris Selley: Trudeau’s best case for pursuing a UN Security Council seat doesn’t hold water

Chris Selley: Trudeau's best case for pursuing a UN Security Council seat doesn't hold water

2020-05-23 2:59:00 AM

Chris Selley: Trudeau's best case for pursuing a UN Security Council seat doesn't hold water

Perhaps our leaders’ thirst for a UN Security Council seat makes perfect sense — as an unearned symbol of self-styled virtue

“Canada’s voice is going to be really important, as it was around the forming of the Bretton Woods institutions, … as we create a better, more prosperous, fairer world for everyone,” Trudeau averred. “And Canada having a voice at the UN Security Council will allow us to continue to be at the heart of those discussions as we move forward as a planet.”

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I suspect the time after COVID-19 won’t look anything like the time after the Second World War, but in the moment it’s at least semi-plausible: If you want to have your voice heard at the UN while epochal things are going on, it probably can’t hurt to be a member of a small committee whose permanent members are the most powerful nations in the world.

But why should Canada have that voice and not Ireland or Norway, our rivals for the temporary seat at next month’s vote?“We are doing well managing the economy in the COVID era while keeping to the principles and values that we hold dear,” said Trudeau.

There are times when the prime minister opens his mouth and I genuinely wonder how he doesn’t burst into flame. This was one of those times.Which principles and values exactly?Not our international obligations to asylum-seekers, certainly. Until very recently the Liberals would shift into maximum dudgeon at the very suggestion that tens of thousands of people crossing the border “irregularly” — let no one say “illegally”! — at Roxham Road constituted any sort of problem.

“FACT: Providing asylum claimants due process is not a choice. It is the law,” then Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen tweeted in July 2018. Trudeau was dispatched to Queen’s Park to educate Premier Doug Ford, who wasn’t being welcoming enough. “It didn’t seem to me that the premier was quite as aware of our international obligations to the UN convention on refugees, as he might have been,” Trudeau faux-lamented. “So I spent a little time explaining.”

A country seeking such a prominent role would probably have a solid record on peacekeeping. Nope! And then in March, it all got chucked into the incinerator. Try to cross the border illegally — we can say it now! — and you’ll get turned back into American custody.

So, what else? A country seeking a prominent role in creating a better, more prosperous, fairer world for everyone would presumably have a pretty good record on foreign aid spending. Canada’s is abysmal: Our contributions bottomed out at 0.26 per cent of gross national income in 2016. In both 2018 and 2019 they stood at 0.28 per cent. Our UNSC rival Norway is in another league entirely: Last year the country’s Agency for Development Cooperation semi-apologized for having failed to spend the target 1 per cent of GNI the year before.

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A country seeking such a prominent role would probably have a solid record on peacekeeping — especially if that country was Canada under a Liberal government.Nope! This week, some bright spark at Canadian Press noticed that Canada currently has fewer peacekeeping personnel in the field than at any point in the past 60 years: 35 men and women. Our UNSC rival Ireland has 474 peacekeepers deployed — more than 100 times as many per capita. Even at the height of the Liberals’ much-ballyhooed re-commitment to peacekeeping, Canada only had 150 or so people on the ground in Mali. They’re almost all gone now.

As for COVID-19, how exactly are we leading the world? To mitigate the economic crisis we’re essentially cutting millions of cheques and hoping for the best. That’s not to impugn the approach — it’s what most Western countries are doing — but it’s hardly innovative, hardly rocket science. We certainly have no lessons to teach the world on pandemic management per se: Far too often it has been a mad scramble. Statistically, our outcomes are middle of the pack.

All of that is to say that Justin Trudeau’s best case for spending so much energy in pursuit of this Security Council seat doesn’t hold water: It’s just a case instead of no case, something instead of the nothing we’re used to. Even with a seat on the Security Council, a country that wanted to play a big role in changing the world would have to spend vastly more than Canada does on foreign aid, the military, or both, and a country willing to do so wouldn’t need a seat on the Security Council to change the world. So, maybe there’s the rub: Canada being demonstrably unwilling to do those things, under Conservative and Liberal governments alike, perhaps our leaders’ thirst for a UN Security Council seat makes perfect sense — as an unearned symbol of self-styled virtue.

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The bullshit babble of Trudeau does not impress the world to justify Canada a seat at the UN . Trudeau is trying very hard to buy a seat ...at any costs. It just won't happen ....SORRY! “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it. Power is what all messiahs really seek: not the chance to serve. This is true even of the pious brethren who carry the gospel to foreign parts.” ― H.L. Mencken, Minority Report

Your paper doesn't hold water. He says we need a seat for after the Covid era? TrudeaLies What a joke! He’s been trying for a UN seat since he got elected, right beside all the other dictators that sit there. TrudeauLies Why the fake push for UNSC seat. Canada already sits at the table of the G8 and G20 NATO along with APEC & Francophone Commonwealth etc etc. Further Ambassador Dion at the EU in Brussels. One more seat doesn’t make any difference.

happytrails493 Canadian taxpayers are financing corrupt Trudeau’s vanity project for the UN Security Council seat. There are no benefits for Canada - Just for Trudeau. CoryBMorgan PaulaBeder This is simply a vanity project for him. He sees himself as a leader of some type of new world order and this is merely a stepping stone for him.

Do we get our money back? cdnpoli The dictator needs to stop using our money to buy his dreams Focused on the wrong fucking thing again! What a pinhead Canada 6245 ppl dead Australia 101 ppl dead. The numbers speak for themselves. Trudeau was in Africa sucking for a UN seat in mid Feb and was not paying attention. Many Canadians died from the virus. This UN seat has already cost too much and I am not talking about the money.

That doesn't mean he wont give away billions trying Prime Minister Justin Trudeau JustinTrudeau has spent $Billions trying to impress the UN UN in order to secure a UN Security Council seat all on the backs of Canadian taxpayers. It is now being said his chances are slim. He needs to repay the taxpayer for this foiled attempt.

Please explain how this serves the interest of Canadians & Canada? This is just an egotist trying to move to the world stage for personal reasons. We've lost Canada's sovereignty! Not even up for discussion or debate, all backdoor deals & bribes. Nothing about caving-in to China says Security. Maybe it's just me...

Abandon it. Not worth the cost to 🇨🇦 or the potitical debt. This is a total sham

Liberals’ push for UN security council seat kicks into high gear as envoy heads to New YorkThe moment will mark the start of a big round of politicking — the final push to win Canada a temporary seat on the UN Security Council next month So it’s safe to say this isn’t essential travel. Will they be isolating for 14 days on returning? What a colossal waste of money. Aaah yes, the friends in NY which they met at Davos.....

Canadian UN Peacekeeping Falls To Lowest Level Since 1956: Expert'Canada’s low level of peacekeeping participation is highly detrimental to our bid for a seat' The UN is a Terrorist organization No Thanks ! The UN is a bureaucratic and corrupt nightmare of an organization. We should be keeping our men and women FAR away from today's 'peacekeeping' missions. With the UN's corruption and non-existing ROE, our soldiers are put in danger when they are under any type of UN command. Keep them home be safe

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Where has the UN been during the coronavirus pandemic? - Macleans.caSergio Marchi: The coronavirus represents the largest challenge the world has seen since the UN was founded, other than World War II, yet it has fostered little international cooperation Ok get over it no one beleive this bullshit, it's a FKN scam to control the people , we got it stop wasting your time. UN is part of the SCAM Odd. 🤨 The end of things as we knew them. 🤑