Chinese woman illegally crossed Canada-U.S. border with $38K in gold bars: authorities

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A Chinese woman was arrested after allegedly entering the United States illegally from Canada while carrying more than $38,000 in gold bars, according to U.S. border authorities.

In this Tuesday, July 22, 2014, file photo, gold bars are stacked in a vault at the United States Mint, in West Point, N.Y. TORONTO -- A Chinese woman was arrested after allegedly entering the United States illegally from Canada while carrying more than $38,000 in gold bars, according to border authorities.released Thursday that the woman was arrested with 14.25 ounces of gold bars in her possession, valued at over $38,000 . She also had more than $13,500 in cash.

The 36-year-old woman was apprehended near the town of Amity, Maine on Tuesday, the agency said in the statement. Officials said the woman admitted to being a Chinese national illegally present in the U.S. The woman told border authorities that she had been legally allowed into Canada as a student and illegally crossed the border to visit a friend in San Francisco, Calif.

Border officials from the Houlton Border Patrol Station determined the spot where the woman illegally crossed the Canada-U.S. border by matching footprints with her shoes, according to the statement.Related Stories


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At the current price of gold it works out to about 19oz.

Why are pointing out she’s Chinese? Racists.

No worries, our housing oligopolies are more than happy to do her banking for her. Housing oligopolies will then allow our real-estate prices to sky rocket. Looks like the investors and real-estate shareholders win, the rest of us lose.

I always gotta check my pockets to make sure i leave my gold bars at home before i travel

What is the difference between $38K in gold or $38K in cash or $38K in Widgets?

That was so unnecessary. Now she risks losing them.

So what is the Canadian governments response? She came here illegally!! CanadianPM JustinTrudeau

Just another case of capital fleeing Canada to a place where its more welcome

Ok. This is good to bring gold and money to Canada. Be smart Canada

Secondly, have the been apprehended for illegal crossing of 2 borders and smugling?

First question is, How did they cross 2 Borders?

Why is it necessary to say what race she is

How was that made possible border security?

When will Canada build a wall to keep all that gold going to USA ! They kept the gold and send her back to us ! Not cool !

She was crossing from Canada into the US.

And yet people get arrested for a few grams of cannabis at US/Canada borders.

So did she fly in with all that gold and cash? Where did it come from and where was it going?

Why the hell are we getting stick with her? Stick her on a plane and ship her back to China.

Hopefully CanBorder will be deporting her ASAP

Nice to see you at least changed the picture from the one to kind of match the amount of gold.....FAKE NEWS.


OMG THE HORROR!!!!!!!! 🙄

What an idiot. It s legal to import gold into Canada from all over the world, refine and sell. Why USA?

So what? I don't see a problem. She probably just didn't read the 'fine print' in the law. A technicality. CBSA should be more human.

Seize her assets and deport this trash back to China where she belongs.

Does this person look like a gold bar ?

Canada sleeping at the switch again !


Who cares as long as it’s hers

Don’t the borders supposed to be closed

Dang. Gotta give her SOME credit 😝

So there really is an 'Amity' in New England!

Happens every day. This one got caught though. They play us for sheep and we are.

Ah to have $38K in gold bars to my name! 🤣

Oh, Canada should put her in jail, and charge her with spying, and sentence her to death..,. Like China has been doing with innocent Canadian business man😠

I guess the boarders are not closed. She wasnt essential


I'd be fleeing too. Though hate crimes directed towards people of East Asian decent have been increasing in Canada, too. So really neither Canada nor the US is a safe option. And now she's probably lost her life savings.

Sentence her to death and keep the gold. That should piss off China!

Put her on death row like the Chinese are doing with 3 Canadians.

She studies gold laudering in Canada ?

Damn the metal detector must have gone off like a slot machine

Who’s the victim in this crime?

US borders are scums

Where’s the story part?

Ain’t the border closed ? Then we wonder why we get corona in Canada


Likely buying a 5G tower in order to transmit control frequencies once the microchips are in us from the vaccines for this planned virus

Confiscate it and send her back to China.

Poor refugees!!!

CCP mule

First they steal viruses. Now gold?

And why is she not being sent back to China?

Great, we get her back. Amity.....did she swim back? ' Fair well and adieu to you fair Chinese lady.....' '....and those black eyes rollover white....then you hear that terrible high-pitched screamin'

I just realized today I had no idea what a modern gold bar looked like. Looney Tunes did not prepare me.

gee i wonder why she didnt claim it🙄

That only amounts to $38K? The current price of gold is $2,000 an ounce. There are 13 bars (on display anyway), so each would have to weigh about 0.6 ounces.

CBCNews *crickets*

How much did she weigh? Was she a bodybuilder? Somebody’s gonna be real upset.

What an idiot !

Money laundering

Lol was she trying to escape this dumpster fire country?

Seize it and use it for the funerals of those Canadians executed in China


Hahah nice click bait on the pic. Shows billions in bullion

Chinese national , canadian student visa , 10 k cash and 38 k gold. Illegaly crosses international border. NOTHING TO SEE HEAR. back to Canada , now be better.

I wonder where the $ Came from

She crossed to the US illegally, so I guess couldn’t declare the $10,000 or more in her possession? Not much Gold & wouldn’t have been a problem if declared.

What this title should read: 'woman looking to escape the slavery of the debt-based, fiat, fractional reserve lending ponzi-scheme of central banking arrested for not giving Govt their mafia protection money'

Chinada is her country. Money can be washed here with no issues.

JustinTrudeau revoke her and send her back to China, tired of all this darn illegal behaviour

How many bars did she actually have? And who cares that she was Chinese?! This is our media hard at work, pushing a fear agenda. Stopit

Chinese life matters too

mkaragianis Is these were found in MY trunk there would have been chocolate in them 🍫

It must have been heavy !

They tracked her footprints That sounds odd. Was she walking to San Fran?

Was she part of Peter Grubers crew that stole 140 billion in Gold Bars in Die Hard 3?.

Crossing into USA from Canada? The liberals will go out of their minds? Judge ruled “USA unsafe” third country rule!!! how dare she skew the numbers! Arrest her and bring her back, clearly she’s delusional

How did she do that it's supposed to be closed? I'm really hoping that the seizure is permanent, the woman arrested and put in an actual jail not some luxury condo or home tried, deported, banned from Canada. ZeroTolerance canpol canpoli

Is this what passes for reporting now a days ? Misleading picture. Apprehended by US Birder patrol entering the US. An illegal Chinese in the us allowed into Canada in a student visa? Returned to Canada - to whom and what will Canada do about her? Lots missing from this story!

Canada is a threat to US, eh ? Did Canada apologize for this ?

What a deceptive picture and headline. The price gold is more than 2000 US per ounce a bar is 439 ounces or $880,000 A rope chain could be worth 38k.

Dick all.

Ha ha ha I love that CTV sensationalized a headline with a pic of hundreds of pounds of gold when she crossed the border with less than a pound.

So, one gold bar.

The photo is dumb!

MaximeBernier will be her new best friend.

Just spitballing here, but a foreigner thrashing thru the wilderness w a machete to evade Cda/US border guards while carrying gold bars sounds a tad shady and requires a full CSIS investigation.

No borders no country. Thanks to traitor trudope.. Canada has no control over who is coming or going across our borders and evil will always exploit an easy target.

Click bait nonsense, 14 ounces in her possession vs click bait pic which is approx $20 million in gold ingots. Crossing illegally is the issue, not the 14 ounces which would fit in one pocket.

$38,000in gold bars is not much ounce is 2000 $$$ she had 19 ounces of gold bars

Current gold price is $2.7k / ounce CAD. $38k wouldn’t even buy one of those bars in the photo.

What is the limit you can cross with, after you've declared it? is it 50K? (physical currency)


I say give her 10.5 mil ,Justin

How did she get through the border

Approx 10 oz or less

I will quarantine with the gold for 14 days to keep it safe....😍 just offering my services.

My question is what is Canada doing about it. She is obviously an agent of the Chinese Government and Canadians know what the Chinese do to Canadians when they suspect.

loose change

WHy this is a crime?

She was only 1 of many that were caught. Canada is a money laundering operation gor the Chinese.

I guess she needed a bigger purse to hide them in 🤔

There’s a whole lot wrong and a lot of scary thought goes through the mind when you think of why somebody needs to bring gold bars in to Canada from China

Encouraging to see how quickly the Twitter Force fact-checked shite, misleading, racist reporting by .

This is what $38,000 in gold actually looks like. (Had to delete my original post- photo edit error)

More things from China. Ban everything from China

Why the hell did Canada have to take her back?

Gold is up over 2000 an ounce - not even close to the pic posted...A great segue would be why Canada sold all of its reserves and to whom...

Terrible for CTV to report this at all. Misleading & not much gold & irrelevant news. This just feeds on existing stereotypes of Chinese Canadians. Does not help our fight against racism. I grew up listening & watching CTV news for important information. Disappointed.

Idiotically misleading image. At $2k an ounce, she could have carried it in her purse. And how relevant is her ethnicity?

Why is she crossing our border in the first place COVID19

Great stock photo $38k in gold is roughly 18 ounces. You uses photos that mislead your viewers. Here’s a more realistic photo of $38k of gold. Most news outlets tell a story, not necessarily factual or the whole story, but the story that fits its narrative.

The photo is misleading. Gold is currently $2k/ounce!

So much in this story makes no sense. Crossed, illegally, _by foot_ into Maine, with ~$50,000 CAD, to “visit a friend in San Francisco”... then was released back to Canada?

I don’t know about you guys but who goes to visit a friend carrying $38K in gold bars + $13.5K in cash with them? When I visit my friends & family in the 🇺🇸 I’m not carrying that kinda 💰 just saying ...something is up.

Someone was paid off

she stole them from me, bring them back lol

Why Ya'll peoples at CTV post pics that have nothing to do with $38k in gold

Why was she sent back? I know a story of a guy who crossed illegaly into states and spent 2 month in the prison + few weeks at immigration detention center before he was deported.

Canadian gold value is so low, it takes 1000 bars to equal $38k

That would be 19oz. The picture is a little misleading. But hey thats MSM for ya.

That's like less then Half a KG nowadays. Not even the size of a iPhone.

Gold digger😏

If the picture is supposed to represent $38K in gold bars can I buy a few from you?

And JustinTrudeau Got $900 million from a charity foundation !!!

Nice job at our border, as usual.

Of which they seized and put in their pockets.

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