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China records no new coronavirus cases for first time since outbreak began

China records no new coronavirus cases for first time since outbreak began

2020-05-23 6:36:00 AM

China records no new coronavirus cases for first time since outbreak began

The number of confirmed cases in the mainland stood at 82,971 and the death toll remained unchanged at 4,634.


And I have some ocean front in Sask if your interested!! They still should have told right away from the beginning to keep it from spreading any further to other countries! Shame on them responsible!!😠 Cause the CCP are so transparent and tell the truth?! Wake up! Stay home Sheer. You lost. Goodbye Liars!!

Yet just last week there was an article about a second wave. if this is true then its great.......... Lol believing reports that come from the CCP 🤪 You can deny these numbers from China, but you can't deny that China is practicing the strictest measures again COVID 19. Sure Well there's hope for the Chinese people, if this true. The fact is the Chinese government failed preventing the outbreak to begin with. After SARS this pandemic should have never had happened. Everything that comes from Chinese authorities has to be taken with a grain of salt.

While that is a great news to hear, I get conflicting feelings from it. It's a wonderful news to receive but I'm on the fence when it comes to believing it... Thats a bold face lie. They are just hiding the numbers again especially since everyone else is stating and showing they are in the midst of a second wave

Don't be a part of Chinese Communist Party's proganda. Why do you guys keep insisting on believing, then reporting anything the Chinese government says! Are you dumb, or ignorant? I'm starting to think both.... We believe them! Just like the virus came from some guy eating a bat! fakenews Correction, C-ina doesn't record new coronavirus cases.

Wait..... Is that a flying pig?! China quarantines 8,000 people in country’s northeast propaganda Riiiiiiight Liars Second wave bat and turtle soup Lol... did Trudeau tell you to report this or are you in China’s back pocket too? Well of course not they r back in lockdown ....BULLSHIT. Me and everybody Sure. And in other news, Global still believes China.

BoycottChina BoycottChineseProducts Does anyone believe anything the Chinese press or govt say anymore? You really have to be a moron or been on Mars to believe. Joke of the day Ya sure! Total bullshit. FakeNews ChinesePropaganda China has lied all along. Don’t believe anything reported by that crazy regime. They say no new cases now but later we’ll find out they are spiking everywhere in their so-called country.

*according to China Can we call it the Kung Flu? But yesterday they said they discovered a new cluster. Which is it? They flip flop like Dr.Tam and the WHO 🥴 Probably not true “Recording” may be the key word here 🙄 BullShit FakeNews CCP Communist Propaganda Like people trust anything coming from China these days! Laughable!

And you report that as if it were fact !! China should be boycott,from every country that have been affected by their deliberately infecting 188 countries,think idiots! All flights inside China were stop,but all flights from other country were allowed to come and go for two months before they let the world know about it

If anyone says different. The Canadian liberal garbage media (who you must have in order to get tv) will call you racist Another reason that proves media lost its ways,when you go and report on China shows how stupid and naive you can be,you remind me of Dr Oz,always using China for example to argue his point,their own country don't know what's going on,but our stupid media's knows it all,idiots

China lies! They cannot be trusted. And you believe that Global fake news? Good one! Did they close their hospitals again? The people s Congress is having its annual meeting in Beijing right now. That s why it is 0 case . Everything is believable that comesfrom communist China. Smh So are we believing them today?

Why bother reporting this. This was claimed weeks ago before being debunked upon discovering falsified data. Shocker. I bet, Justin will keep southern border closed but will allow flights from China. Well I guess china should start paying for the poison they spread around the world ! Oh ya don't believe nothing they say ... lies lies and more lies

lol does anyone still believe in the horseshit coming out of CCP s report? I dont believe on China’s report Yes. No new cases... shhhh! They’re watching us 🤫 paid for by the Chinese Communist Party and your local liberal government China LIES that's what communist governments do. Believe nothing out of china.

Do they? The operative word being 'records.' Hmmm..... and why should we believe this? They have been caught lying too many times. Really? You believe that? Sure. If you believe anything the CCP politburo says... Liesss Lol, okay global. How the fuck do you know anything about the cases in China? Nobody knows.

28 asymptomatic cases = no new cases? That maths and stats with Chinese characteristics. They may not have recorded any new cases, but how many more did they actually have Never believe what they said. Becoz of their misinformation coz the outbreak spread to the whole world! CCPVirus Operative word 'records'...🙄

Ffs Global. China is lie, world will die Really Global news🙄 Sure. And China never lies! They should never be believed! Wink wink nod nod Really? Even tho Jinlin or Jinlan whatever that province is in the North is on a strict lockdown? Due to a mutated coronavirus? Hmm who to believe? The CCP or the main stream media that tends to lie

I thought the media reported that the second wave was coming just the other day! Bullshit. Seniors are on lockdown in China again. ChinaLiedPeopleDied Message from the one who predicted coronavirus. Dr. Anthony R. Fehr, Assistant Professor of Infectious Disease at the University of Kansas. He was one of about a hundred people in the country studying the coronavirus full-time.

Can we really believe anything that comes out of China? The only country on the planet that somehow has no new cases yet they fostered this exported it and lied about it and you actually believe them? ChinaLiedPeopleDied Bullshit Lies.... lies I say! 😱 Happy for them🙄 B U L L C R A P You are fools to believe anything China says

Lies Do you believe Chinese propaganda? China sets a great example! Yeah sure, we believe your propaganda. When a communist government reports safety and security , it means the other way. So, most possibly, there is been a significant spike and they won’t report it as always. Well here’s a thought most of the world doesn’t believe anything China has to say!!! Communism ChinaLiedPeopleDied Chinazi Terrorists BoycottChina

What the fuck is up with Canadian media & their love for Chinese propaganda?!? Sure they didn’t Bs Not recording things is easy Does China own any part of Global news? New headline China continues to lie about Covid cases One way to tell: how many body bags they kept for themselves vs export to US? Good news! Well done China! Coronavirus seems can be contained, and other countries will do it soon too.

Globalism News just repeats communist China’s taking points. GFY! rrriiiigggghhhhttt - if china says so , well then - And I got a bridge for sale Yaaaaa right! And we all know how reliable China has been during all of this so it must be true... 🙄 More fakenews B*LLSH*T!!!!! Chinese propaganda Hope its true. Seeing how you can't trust Chinese government, who knows what is or isn't true.

Oh well now we know that can't be true. China terrorist regime needs to pay for the damage has done , we should boycott china

China omits GDP goal for first time ever to help save coronavirus-ravaged economy China 's top leaders have promised to step up stimulus to bolster the virus-ravaged economy amid rising worries that job losses could threaten social stability. Hands off HongKong! whatever Xi likes Should have said they were doing this in January. Would have saved alot of lives.

Analysis: China dares Trump to hit back with Hong Kong power grabThe move risks triggering another round of tit-for-tat escalation between the U.S. and China , which have seen ties spiral to their worst in decades since COVID-19 began spreading Last time I checked Hong Kong is not part of the United States and therefore, it's really none of Trump's business F China. All democratic countries on this planet need to put concerted effort into shifting trade from China to other countries such as India, Vietnam, whatever... Meanwhile in Canada The Little Potato 🥔 Wets Himself While Hiding in his Beloved Pillow Fort Again MagicKingdom PeterPanPM 🤡🤪🧦🎈

NP View: Canada isn’t alone in its fight with China anymoreIt is clear that China ’s authoritarian rulers have burned a lot of bridges as of late, and most of those bridges led straight to democratic countries that have historically been allies of ours I think it's more like Canada finally joined the rest in a fight against China Canada was never in a fight with China. Trudeau is so far up china’s ass he can do a prostate exam. The liberal fight is all show. How many countries has China invaded? If China is a threat, as suggested for a long time, why does Canada let in only 1300 Japanese but 300000+ Chinese annually? Why is China invested in Canada's asphalt egg? Why are Chinese secret society gang members judges and justices?

Hong Kong opposition slams China national security law moveHong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers sharply criticized China 's move to take over long-stalled efforts to enact national security legislation in the semi-autonomous territory, saying it goes against the 'one country, two systems' framework in which Beijing promised the city freedoms not found on the mainland. Remember Tiananmen Square

Trudeau takes rare swipe at China, says they don’t seem to grasp Canada’s judiciary is independent‘The fact that China is still linking an independent judicial system in the case of Meng Wanzhou with the arbitrary detention of two Canadians is saddening’ As China likes to say, just facts lol, the Chinese are not fools like you - 'the allegations are false' but we all heard the tape and so did the Chinese, liar cdnpoli Lol... sure JT... no political interference here... 🙄

Tokyo Olympics followed up by 3 mega-events, all in China China -- where the COVID-19 outbreak was first detected -- will hold three mega-sports events within a year after the Tokyo Games are set to close. Oh no ☹️ I'm worried about it getting cancelled Can we give the 'anybody' gives a flying pig about the Olympic games still existing a rest except for the media and advertising companies...which are both becoming redundant and frankly useless.