China downplays potential new swine flu pandemic

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China played down the threat of a new swine flu strain with pandemic potential that researchers discovered in pigs, saying the study is 'not representative.'

But China's foreign ministry moved to downplay fears on Wednesday.

The new G4 swine flu strain is genetically descended from the H1N1 strain that caused a pandemic in 2009, according to the study, which was authored by scientists at Chinese universities and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


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CanadianPM realDonaldTrump

Stop all-important of fish, chicken, pork, beef if any there. I don't feel like buying or having anything served to me from CHINA, the quality of goods for food consumption isn't very good over there.

Why is it called G4 why not G5 ... hummmmm

‘Pandemic Potential’: New Swine Flu Strain G4 EA H1N1 Discovered In China

In a timely manner... yeah right. Wasn't Covid-19 also handled in a timely manner? Look what that got us!

The second virus that they have downplayed this year.

Here we go. Can't we just isolate them as country

China is planning on killing the planet. Dont buy their cheap low quality goods.

Representative of

We should trust the Chinese Government to be honest? Once bitten twice shy.

Well we can’t count on WHO to do anything about it.

'Chinese officials have downplayed the threat of a new swine flu strain capable of causing a pandemic' is currently the story of our nightmare lives. The WHO should be sent in NOW.

Here we go. And China is going to downplay it again.

Sounds familiar

No more Canadian planes in or out!

Please BAN Chinese travel next 10 years

1_StephenNorris dare I say, here we go again?

Heard this crap before someplace 🥴

Yeah ok , can't believe a word they say either.


Ya right who the hell will trust any thing they say now or ever. They only care about then cut them off and by in your home country

And Skippy JustinTrudeau will allow travel from China cause that’s what little dictators do.

It’s called election year! Media should be defunded! Union saves the liberal media, but loses GM Canada! Boo to media and unions!!

Of course they have all I know I’m not buying any food coming from China

Meh. It’s typical. Savages in China act beyond reproach but they’re the single greatest bottom feeders who spread disease in the history of mankind

Here we go again...

Well I wasn't worried till now....if WHO says it's all good we need to collectively panic.

China must be planning on killing us all

It's kind of their thing. The hazards of not living in an open society. Everyone wants to look good and move up the food chain. Show that there is something wrong and you get the blame and find your career stopped or worse.

How about NO

Then people who feel vulnerable should isolate. The rest of us should get back to work!

Great, only in 2020 will we see the merge of the Coronavirus and Swine flu...Coronaswine?😩😩😩

Have we not heard this story before ? WHO don’t believe want you hear. Investigate in person on the ground and bring your own team. The Chinese can’t be trusted

Kung flu

Of course

🙄here we go..... AGAIN!


Let me guess, it's not your average swine flu it's super swine flu once they've infected most of the world with that to along with the Covid-19. Talk about Bio Warfare at it's best!!

Sounds like a good time for an inept government to allow flights from China. TrudeauWorstPM TrudeauMustGo


Hmmm...heard that before

G4virus - the next pandemic?

No flights should go in and out of China for a year

Fear is fading, July is here, time to find something else to be afraid of. I don't know if MSM is trying to keep us in a constant state of fear or trying to make us numb to it.

Like they did with COV19

How about we just close our doors to China for good

Not surprised!

Of course you can take anything the Chinese say at face value. Haven’t we been down this road with them already ?

Deja vu.

Is this the second pandemic Bill Gates was talking about? Scamdemic2 TheSequel

Fucking China

Unfortunately nothing surprises me anymore from China

Chyna needs a nuke

Isn’t that the same people who said COVID19 couldn’t be transferred between people?

Dr Tam and the WHO say the kung pig flu not a problem. Until the next Trump rally.

Please Not another virus out of China, this time everyone may die-:))

The Bat/Shoat Crazy Flu.

Not gonna trick us again this time

Stop all flights in from CHINA

Will Dr Sham have a better response than her pathetic one for covid. She better be all over this. Protect Canadians unlike the 1000’s of deaths that you are responsible for with your pathetic response and advice to the Canadian Government

What else is new!!!!!

shocking, til it starts killing pple and spreads

Let’s just eradicate humanity.

Chinese virus all over again. Down played that and screwed the world over. How can anyone trust China ever. Lock out China. Stop all flights in and out of China.

Damned Chinese need to be exterminated

WuhanFluV2. Am I racist again Mr. Tam?

There are few left in this world that believe anything China’s government says.

You and every other MSM propaganda runners have lost all accountability with the wide view of the Canadian public. You all panderes to China like it was your lover. Now that trutard lost his chance at the un it's full speed ahead with china.

Just like they kept covid hush hush. Shut the borders down to anyone coming from there

Oh oh.

When does the World stop getting flus that come out if China. It’s time China got its act together and stopped producing all these viruses

Yeah this sounds Vaguely Familiar

Of course they did. It's their playbook. They did the same with C-19.

Didn’t China “downplay” COVID at first.....!

Welcome to the global economy. Isn’t it great? We want to eat exotic fruit in December and buy a $2 t-shirt so the trade off is this. No outbreak is containable anymore. But the 1% at the top are making so much money we can’t stop now.

Is this part of the new Silk Road plan?

Here we go again 😳

Shocking 🤔

Too bad our media doesn’t.

No flights from China to Canada please ! No iffs or buts this time

OK I've had enough! Let G4 and COVID19 do their job. Time for a good cleansing of the gene pool. Humanity has become lazy and stupid despite having advanced technology.

Stop plz no more viruses 🤧🤢🤒

Like CTV News downplayed covid original as the common cold or flu. You guys remember the news released in Jan and February? Than came masks wont do anything even though everyone in Wuhan was wearing one. No credibility from this news or government at all.


Ummm...didn't they just do this 6 fucking months ago?

China be like, damn they stoppped believing the other one we gotta create a new distraction

Of course they are.

Nothing unusual about China downplaying disease seriousness, lying and covering up.

Its another hoax, it will go away, just wait and see.

I would expect nothing less from China. Believe NOTHING they say!

Shocking! Lol

China downplayed and tried to hide Covid-19. Why would anyone believe them now. China needs to let experts from other countries in to verify. WHO should NOT be the entity to verify as they presently have little credibility.

Hang on to your Heels as we fall again

So long as the WHO is ok with their 1 contributors assessment we have nothing to fear.... right?🤔

Shut em down now. We can't do this again.

Beware the CCPlies and cover-up

Wow, I Remember CCP, saying the same story about a virus called Wuhan virus, Coronavirus, CCP virus. And now the Libtards call it Covid19.

lol.. For 60yrs plus, China has been Communist. For over 60yrs they have held internal information from the outside world. Not having this skepticism before COVID seems like a sign of cluelessness. It is funny how many people on here sound so proud to now know

He’s we go again let the ass holes fly and spread it all over the world lock them down and don’t any China man in

“Potential”. Let’s see, there is a potential nuclear war between China and India. Lol.

Of course just like the cases if covid dropped they are a very transparent country right ?

Oh boy, China virus 2.0

Nice just like COVID why would media trust China

There they go again


To lie about testing.

If they are down playing it they aren't the only country to do so. Chinese students as well as Canadians and Americans with Asian heritage are being. Harassed and bullied. hy is it wrong for China to do damage control but it's acceptable for the United States, Brazil, Russia

It's a pandemic already? Is media being paid to keep us scared in our houses?

Think we should stop consuming meat.

Hopefully this is not another deception game the Chinese government is playing.

A sequel already

I guess china is systematically releasing these bio weapons to keep world busy while they make illegally occupying lands and economically activities


When they downplay something, it is to be alarmed. CCP is evil.

“China downplays a pandemic” - I feel like this is January 2020 all over again boycottchina XiJinpingIsWinnieThePooh

Also water is wet. notrust liars

Time to shut off China for a bit... the USA too, itll be tough economically... but we can over come

China is not only manipulating Canada. Watch this 60 Minutes story:

And we would believe them....NOT!!!🤦🏻‍♀️

Alarming! Given the general state of denial and willful disassociation from the current crisis, this is very bad news!

But of course! Nothing to see here... I mean Wuhan didn’t cause any problems did it?

China has no credibility. Full stop .

2020 is officially about to become the worst year ever. September 2020... Bacon will become contraband. Government will ban pig farms from fear of the new virus.

Oh boy! Another Wuhan?!

I feel like I’ve seen this movie before.

Where have we seen this before?🤔🤔

No worries. It was just one pig that had spring Allergies. Nothing to see here folks.

Of course it does 🙄

Wow that was calm of you . If realDonaldTrump tried to downplay it. You would be sceaming about how every one will die next week.

Of course they do!

Imagine that?

Just like they tried to hide COVID-19 until it spread to other countries? They cannot be trusted, period!

Unfortunate to see from China.

Do they really need to downplay it? Trudeau and the WHO will do that for them.

Headline should actually read Chinese Communist Party downplays....

They’re going to infect our meat on purpose. You’ll see.


Honestly, who believes anything that comes out of china these days. They lied about everything Corona.

what, are we surprised?

Don't worry, I hear Covid-19 isn't a big deal either.

Haven't we seen a similar movie before? JustinTrudeau

I’m shocked. That doesn’t sound like something China would do

That’s odd. Didn’t they do the same thing with COVID 19? Bit of a pattern here I suspect......

CCP can eat shit

Really? OMG, that’s absolutely shocking that they’d do that! 🙄


Communist China? No way!!

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