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China donates thousands of medical masks, personal protective equipment to Canada

China donates thousands of medical masks, personal protective equipment to Canada #cdnpoli

2020-03-28 6:57:00 PM

China donates thousands of medical masks, personal protective equipment to Canada cdnpoli

China has donated thousands of medical supplies to Canada to aid in the fight against the COVID-19 , according to the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa.

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That seems like a good idea It’s the equipment that Trudeau gave to China 6 million pounds and left Canadians short They are giving it back Countries reject China pandemic product batches Several states in EU and neighbourhood raise fears over quality of supplies How long before we discover the “Evil Empire” is the USA, and not CUBA, CHINA, N KOREA, VENEZUELA, or any of other “DECENT” Countries?

Send it back!! They started this sooooooo that’s the least they could do! 16 tonnes worth is the question? Send it back!... People all over the world need to realize that chain is the problem!... and not the solution! Should that not read, Sending back medical supplies? Ask Netherlands how that worked out for them returning 600,000 faulty masks

China has done more to ruin their reputation sending out aid than having remained silent. Having sent out defect safety equipment around the world, causes more harm than good. Well, all you complaining about buying from China, ask yourself why. You are part of the problem. It all goes back to cost. You want to make $50 an hour and pay as little as possible for what you buy. So do some soul searching, you have time.

Corrupt trugrope views ctv. The masks are faulty. The test kits only 30% accurate Thermometers read 2 deg c low. Spain paid 467 mil for crap. Bevhillsyeg Are they safe to use? If so, thank you very much. Well technically 🇨🇦 gave them 700 tons of supplies to help them with their outbreak so they’re repaying the favour.

That’s great. Did we jump ahead of the procurement queue because of sharing? Maybe. 打发叫花子 Oh wow how rich when we sent them pallets it’s no donation they owe us Hope Ezra chokes on this I just can’t trust communist China That means we getting more virus to then !! I guess we dont have enough cases in Canada eh!!

Expecting RebelNewsOnline and ezralevant to somehow make this a negative and some kind of conspiracy that they can use to attack Trudeau. Either that or ignore it They’re just giving ours back... after this govt gave them so much of our stuff? be careful of any gifts fr that communist govt It is insane trust at the Chinese government. And why are they pushing it so hard? They give us this pandemic. It is less than the minimum they own to the world!

I’m very grateful for any help china can provide. 🙏 I truly hope things are better for them during this world tragedy, which will surely help others around the world. And they should, they caused this mess Slightly used. Donates Pay back is a bitch, right China!! Return it back, please use the right terms.

NO THANKS !!!! SEND THEM BACK !!! Wait a second, donates? You mean returns!! Instead of Trudeau protect our healthcare workers he gave 16 tonnes of PPE supplies to China last month. And because of it Canadians are suffering!!! It was the second shipment and it was twice as much as we gave them. Same gear we sent over there?

It's even in fahler ab.... In the middle of nowhere How is it that they are helping us when they have their own problems. Why isn’t Canada stepping up production of what is needed? Chinese mask to fight Chinese virus... You don't thank the arsonist, who brought a bucket of water to the fire. Never forget whose incompetence and lies lit the fire. ChinaLiedPeopleDied

Thank you! Awesome!🙏❤️🍁 Thank you to China for their generosity. Very much appreciated Headline should read: CHINA RETURNS WHAT'S LEFT OF WHAT CANADA GAVE THEM MONTHS AGO. They are selling fake test kits, have used PPE to Spain. At least one of the thermometer manufacturers is producing inaccurate thermometers intentionally. We should start making our own supply.

Never forget January 14th 2020! neverforget Likely all faulty crap like they sent to the Netherlands. Beware of ripoff artists at CPC. They will all have the virus. Great thanks China. They are gonna take out all the nurses and drs China did this on purpose . Time for war Let’s hope they are the not the same ones China sent to both the Netherlands and Spain which were sub par and were sent back .... Trudeau is a dumbass !!!

what companies are manufacturing PPE and ventilators in Canada? That would be a good story. So kind of Beijing. Perhaps JustinTrudeau ought to test equipment first — CHINA REPAYS PART OF THEIR DEBT TO CANADA Canadians appeared nice here ChinaLiesPeopleDie Please make sure they are not faulty, like they gave to Spain.

good! Stop complaining China is sending us medicial supplies! They are needed by the people who are working the frontlines. I say thank you. Canada is grateful for the support. Kindness would go a long way people...... Dod they donate them or was it a bonus for buying in bulk? I see a cluster of paranoid patients having a party in the comment section. At least they're obeying social distancing order

You mean our stuff right? Noooooo. Whyyyyyyy? There goes the neighborhood. Thank you for Helping us Canadian s A drop of water given in need shall be returned with a burst of spring. This is a famous ancient saying in Chinese: 滴水之恩,当涌泉相报。 So, did China just give back the 16 tonnes of PPE Canada sent last month?

What this really means. China: Sorry guys we fucked up royally, our bad! Can you believe it? Thank you China Hopefully they are the right quality for this virus Don't you mean 'donated BACK' to Canada? We sent PPE to them early in the pandemic. Oh good now we’re even. Why Canada has to import masks from China. None of Canadian businesses is able to make this type of mask? Is that what it is?

We need the supplies. Thank you. Anyone find it odd that when we sent 16 tonnes of our medical supplies to China in February leaving ourselves short that our media didn’t talk about it? They only reports when they help us. It’s almost as if they want us to love the lying dangerous wrecking communist regime.

Do we need to accept those!. I hope not. It's coming from the place this originated from. Omgoodness. You mean returning what dummy gave away.😡🇨🇦 Thank you. Will the repressive Chinese regime release the 2 Canadian hostages they hold and stop the ban on some Canadian products? Do not trust Chinese stats. They make them up for political purposes. This 'donation' is just a political stunt by the repressive Chinese regime that doesn't like the bad publicity from this virus.

Bank of China donated... rachaiello Are you a believer now? It would have been great if they hadn’t started this virus in the first place! Hope they're not defective Canada sent them tons of our supplies. Glad to have some back. This is a good thing Are they sending the ones that Trudeau sent to them back to us?

16 tonnes worth? It’s called returning them. Why the bullshit story. Just tell the truth. Drop in the bucket of what they owe the world for trying to hidie this virus. They're directly responsible for the death a d devastation its caused. Is it called donating or returning the favour? Gee lots of negative comments here. Just be happy we are getting them.

Will they be tested for the virus? There is a long Chinese tradition `滴水之恩当涌泉相报` Perhaps the could include the Canadian hostages in the shipment Sure rachaiello And KNOWINGLY put the entire country's medical staff at risk because the world already knew no country would be spared. He should have taken care of our people first. Great leaders have foresight.

Thank you 🇨🇳. Smh on some of the comments here. That is a very small amount. How long would that last in even one city hospital? We are being told to wipe down our groceries to limit the potential of infection as the virus lives on surfaces. How can we be sure none of this equipment is contaminated? How do we know they are not infected ?

See? Release the huahwiwiei lady! Please we don’t need it back with all virus 🦠 all over those mask and equipments. I'll believe it when it arrives at my hospital. Until then, you're wasting my time You. Mean they are giving back all our shit Gratitude Good Karma I hope Thank you China Giving back what we gave very nice assholes

Have another bat sandwich CCP virus cristina_CP24 Man, there's a lot of disrespectful pieces of shit commenting on this thread. Please let medical experts decide if these equipment can be used or not. Our medics need proper protection. China’s returning what we sent them and they didn’t use because their crematoriums where in good working order.

Seems like everyone on this thread knows everything. China create this etc. The amount of bullshit spewing out of your mouths is amazing. China may have hidden it initially, I don’t know. But they are attempting to help out now Lick lick I only believe it when I saw me the money somebody use to say..

are they donating ours back to us? Thumbs up Thanks China! Only together will we triumph! 💕 Look AndrewScheer when you are kind to people they are kind right back. Maybe learn a lesson here. New or used? Shut up about China. They handled this better than anyone. Concentrate on home now and stfu I hope they don’t think this is atonement for hiding the outbreak... yet again. The government of China (no not Chinese people) owes the world an apology. COVIDIOTS COVID19 ChinaLiedPeopleDied

It's like thanking the arsonist who shows up with a bucket of water after your house has burned to the ground. ChinaLiedPeopleDied What about me? That is a nice gesture from China. It's about time they pay us back for allowing all their citizens in our country 🙋 How about this? People over politics, class over tyranny ... this is why America cant get anyone to sell them PPE

They donated corona to us as well So many replies that, without doing any math or analysis, assume we are receiving less than we gave. This is how people maintains a xenophobic racist world view; making negative, evidence-free assumptions about the 'others'. To everyone shouting abuse at Trudeau for helping China: this is how the world works. I help you when you need it. You help me when I need it.

Thanks China its appreciated, by most of us Canadians. Sorry about the racist shit bags Cuck TV at it again😂 People, pls read more international news. Spain said the test kits they bought from China didn’t work. Who can guarantee the quality of this ‘returned’ equipment? Our health care professionals deserve better!! Who would starve their own child to feed a evil beast?!

Please get pictures and footage when it arrives to verify otherwise your article amounts to paid advertising for the government that is being criticized for sending equipment on the eve of a pandemic. Our government should also ask them to send back our two Canadians as a sign of goodwill. Thank you ❤ What of the lives lost due to covid19 and all those other viruses (5) that came from China. Are you responsible for those deaths? This looks like a good class action suit against China - five world wide actions needed because of the viruses coming from China.

Donates? We gave them 16 tons in feb Least they can do for spreading the virus around the world The Chinese Communist Party is not our friend. They snuck into the WTO 2 weeks after 911. The Chinese people on the other hand are under the iron fist of the communist party. The majority of the Chinese people are simply slaves to the elite. I feel for the people there.

Wow CTV is full on China propagandist mode. Is this the equipment we already 'donated' to them? Thanks for spreading Chinese propaganda CTV, stellar journalism 😂 Used or unused? Do we seriously trust communist gov's nowadays? sheilaghmcgrory Thank you China Donates? Thought it was payback. Two weeks late.

You mean returns. China is sending a pittance of what Canada sent them You mean, sending our supplies back? The ones they haven't sold back anway I’ll use my cars air filter before I use one of those. We are all villagers in this big blue village, called EARTH! We help each other, not bashing each other when there is a crisis. ❤️💛💚💙💗🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Who knows if this tweet is even true. Paid for by trudumb broadcasting. China is one to trust Oh , where are they then? Providing the quality is good and the virus isn't on them, this is great news for our health care workers. kinda like someone showing up at your door with penicillin after your date Donating or returning.

But is it equivalent to 16 tonnes? Asking for CPC And we didn't even have to talk nice about them... Are you kidding me. What a load of crap. The little prince sent it to me first. We knew we needed it but he Was told by the UN to send it. This is BS You spelled “CHY-NAH” wrong 😂 😑😑 Fake news! We donated 16 tons of medical equipment to China . They give us back a few thousand masks. Thanks China for nothing and giving us the virus . Boycott China now.

Sometimes, those people that we suspect as being our 'enemy' turn out to be our friends or, at least, not as terrible as we have imagined them to be. ChinaTV Shut down wet markets Dimwit Donnie will be jealous. Haha we just gave them astronomical amounts so they aren’t donating shit. They are giving a SMALL portion BACK! COVID19

CHINA 👑👑👑 Oh, are they sending back the 16 TONS we sent them? Are those the ones we sent them.

Abortion access will be maintained across Canada amid COVID-19 outbreakAs hospitals across Canada begin cancelling and postponing surgeries to contend with the spread of COVID-19 , provinces and territories have deemed abortions an essential service. Best use of medical resources during a global pandemic. Make the conservatives cry, give them diapers too. Thank goodness

Canada to slash number of troops stationed in Ukraine until COVID-19 pandemic is overThe training mission was launched in 2015 after Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula and started to support separatist forces in Ukraine This is sad.... Everyone running home. Is that what this is ultimately about?

How an Edmonton curling tournament became a hotspot for the COVID-19 outbreak in CanadaEarly outbreaks, such as the bonspiel, showed us a virus that moved in ways and speed that nobody had yet understood, one expert says. ‘This virus has fooled us’ Really? JustinJournoPros - the hotspots weren't all the incoming flights daily from virus hotspots like China, Iran and Europe? cdnpoli CdnMedia FakeNewsMedia Wtf is a bonspiel

Bank of Canada says retailers shouldn't refuse cash amid COVID-19 outbreakThe Bank of Canada is encouraging retailers to continue to accept cash, despite ramped-up health precautions by all levels of government to thwart the spread of COVID-19 . Give me a break. Still use cash and debit but when machines go down I still can get what need as I always have cash so to each his or her own They all are

COVID-19 has now killed more people in Canada than SARSNow do h1n1 and influenzas SARS 2.0 Thanks, Trudeau.

Canada Post needs more measures to limit COVID-19 spread, Edmonton union saysThe local president of Edmonton chapter of Canadian Union of Postal Workers has penned a letter to Canada Post's Edmonton-area management team to call for improved safety precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19 . Well yeah especially after the fking CDCgov and WHO confirmed this virus can last on cardboard and plastic from 2-14 DAYS. canadapost canadaposthelps canadapostcorp More fear mongering. Why not report how to be careful with mail? Brutal. If you want to reduce mail volume, stop sending Can.tire flyers and other junk mail.