'Caught off guard:' City councillor wants stepped up police presence at Woodbine Beach on long weekends

'Caught off guard:' City councillor wants stepped up police presence at Woodbine Beach on long weekends

Woodbine Beach, Violent İncidents

2022-05-24 10:56:00 PM

'Caught off guard:' City councillor wants stepped up police presence at Woodbine Beach on long weekends

A Toronto councillor says that the city was “caught off guard” by several violent incidents that unfolded at Woodbine Beach on Sunday night and has to do a better of ensuring that there is a increased police presence at the popular destination on long weekends.

and seven officers were injured after a violent night at the east-end beach on Sunday, which saw two people shot and two people robbed at gunpoint. There were also multiple incidents involving people firing Roman candles at one another.On Monday night the situation was calmer, however

police said that one person was stabbed during a fight at Ashbridges Bay Park. A total of five people were also arrested for various offences in and around the beach on Monday night.“We were caught off guard and frankly, you know, we have to own some of that,” the city councillor for the area, Brad Bradford, told CP24 on Tuesday morning. “Our frontline men and women officers did a tremendous job. They were trying the best with the resources that they had. But I think the fact that you see seven injuries to officers is a pretty strong indication that we didn't have a handle on that. So when you look at command in the leadership decisions, we need to make sure that on long weekends we have the resources available to keep everybody safe, to keep the community safe, visitors safe and of course our officers that are there carrying out their duties safe.”

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There should already be alot of cops there.. they know that alot of ppl go to Woodbine to see the fireworks, cops are just lazy af. Photo op that’s all this is! This happens every year, every long weekend!! If he doesn’t know this he isn’t listening to the hundreds of complaints and ignoring his constituents. If he does know this he is not taking any action! Vote him out!

Doesn't he want to bring drinking in the parks? . Imagine what the out come Is he for real? The only reason emergency services were “caught off guard” here is that they are dangerously understaffed for regular operations, and event operations. The only service not caught off guard was fire department because they pay their staff appropriately.

This is what happens when you have a multitude of cultures together who bring their hate to Canada This happened last year as well, and previous years with the fireworks there has always been some sort of violence, shootings stabbing and robberies, it's a shame people can't enjoy the long weekend fireworks without these incidents happening year in and year out

Was he one of the 'defund police' council I am curious I see he wanted to have a smaller budget. JohnTory Oh bs they knew it was happening just couldn't control it...😏😏😡😡 City was lost years ago. Didn’t need an increased presence for decades previously. Why now?

Two shot, 7 cops hurt in violent night at Woodbine Beach, police sayCP24 NOW - Live and interactive, watch Toronto's Breaking News for the GTA, with CP24 Breakfast, Sports, Video, Traffic Times and Weather and more. Who wants to lose weight quickly, visit my page

What a moniker

Man seriously injured following shooting at Woodbine Beach ParkA man has sustained serious to life-threatening injuries following a shooting in Toronto’s east end. Too many guns and nothing being done. اللهم بئسهم بينهم Again with the gun problems. I bet that these guns used are illegal.

Woodbine Beach saw two shootings, one stabbing and fireworks wars, police sayPolice are investigating three separate violence incidents as well as a number of instances of people discharging fireworks at each other and at police in the Woodbine Beach area on Sunday night, and say they want to avoid the same scene when people gather there on Monday. Ban Davontes from all parks! This is why we can't have nice things in Toronto I hope it doesn’t get out of control tonight

19 arrests made, numerous injuries reported after violent night at Toronto’s Woodbine beachA violent night at Woodbine Beach on Sunday resulted in 19 arrests after multiple incidents including a stabbing, a shooting, and two reported robberies at gunpoint. Let's face it; there is no safe place for normal/reg folks in this city. When city is allowed to grow to such monstrous size and pop from all over the world, in such short time, what do you expect. More and worse to come. Run while you can. Many did 1/2M + in 20yrs

Numerous injuries after chaos breaks out at Toronto’s Woodbine beach, say policePolice say crowds of people were allegedly setting off fireworks at Woodbine Beach and Ashbridges Bay, sometimes pointing them at other people Dead link. Please fix. Weren't we asking to defund the police Violence has increased steadily since Justin was elected. He continues to weaken the Criminal Justice System in Canada! Disgusting!

2 men shot, 1 stabbed, 7 officers injured in violent night at Woodbine Beach Park | CBC NewsTwo men were shot, another was stabbed and seven police officers sustained injuries — including one who broke his leg — during several violent incidents at Woodbine Beach Park Sunday night, Toronto police say. Suspects = Flat wide nose. Black curly hair. Wide face. Big lips. I did one or more stories on this stuff happening in the past in that neighbourhood and people working to stop it. It's unfortunate that this stupidity continues. Trudeau's Canada