Cancel Canada Day: Marches protesting Indigenous injustice planned in multiple cities

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Indigenous activists across the country will mark a day of mourning during peaceful ‘Cancel Canada Day’ marches aimed at shedding light on injustices experienced in their community.


“We will use our voices for MMIWG2S, child welfare, birth alerts, forced sterilization, police [and] RCMP brutality, and all of the injustices we face.” Many say celebrations including Canada Day, Victoria Day and St-Jean-Baptiste Day are symbols of colonialism.Idle No More Facebook page “There is a huge divide that must be closed, and we can only close that divide… by working together and have kindness and love and respect for each other as human beings,” he said.

Bellegarde is among top Indigenous leaders who have called for systemic change in policing following the deaths of two Indigenous community members at the hands of police last month.“You can’t deny that there is systemic racism and systemic discrimination in all systems, whether it be the health care system, the justice system, the educational system. But in order to deal with it you have to acknowledge that it exists,” Bellegarde said.


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You don’t like it here because of historical injustices? LEAVE to a country that has none. We are the most free and prosperous people in history, have some perspective and sense of gratitude, no matter what race or pigment you have.

no problem go and protest and we will withdraw the 20 billion dollars we give you every year, no more free education,no more income tax refunds, etc etc

You cover this but not the protest of the PM

Sorry not sorry. I agree. Celebrate it if you will but admit it celebrates colonialism and nationalism. 2 concepts that need to be abolished. We are all global citizens with no choice in WHERE we are born. Yet we celebrate it? Makes no sense to me.

Yeah I heard this crap on CBC radio accidentally. Turned it off. I dont listen to the garbage anymore. More lazy bias journalism by MSM.

Pretty funny how you will cover this ain't Canadian protest but no words or video of you guys showing the pro Canadian protest that was happening all day yesterday.

No more handouts ... Shut down cigarette and pot stores... Protests end

Hey CTV, any word on how these protest went?

Indigenous people are a cancer to Canada needto operate and cut it out . Stop blaming everyone but the people responsible .YOURSELVES. Reason people dislike you is because we see a 100% dependant nation hating the people paying the bills for you welfare warriors .we broke FU

All non-native people should leave Canada for indigenous people.

must be sooo happy about this tooo!

How many times is the media going to tweet about this? Clearly trying to incite hatred. Ignore it. Happy birthday Canada 🇨🇦!

I'm sick and tired now of these protests. Now you attack the day that's meant for ALL Canadians to appreciate our Country

I don't know how any of you traitors look at yourselves in the mirror. I really don't.

ccpnews strikes again!

Having a family member teaching in Nunavut & knowing 1st hand that the gov has given funding, housing, proper access 2 education, healthcare, etc. Unfortunately the community abuses the funding & everything else provided 2 fund making alcohol, purchase narcotics etc. Facts r fact

Fuck ctv


What about today’s Anti Trudeau, Anti Liberal March today? Spinning it to be an anti lockdown protest is not going to hold water for long. Speak the truth.

When are the indifference going to say enough of this nonsense.

Ctv you have out done yourself in less than 6 months on the federal payroll you have zoomed past the CBC as the sjw choice for division , Hate and race baiting .

Hey, CTV, did you hear about the Fuck Trudeau rally in Ottawa today? TrudeauCorruption

Can you imagine a March on Parliament Hill against the Harper government CBCNEWS ROSIEBARTON EVANLSOLOMON VASSYKAPELLOS would have been all over it like the slime on a pond that they are.

Feel free to stop collecting your welfare if you don’t like it. Nice to see your “I hate Canada” Party was a dismal failure like so many other of your protests

Covid has become an excuse for whatever... Maybe take back all their EI, Welfare, and CERB. Alpha personalities need to get this show back on track.

The far left always goes overboard.

Cancel Canada day that’s easy don’t celebrate but you sure as fuck are not going to stop the rest of us from celebrating.We are celebrating how far the country has come and where we can take it learning from the past so it never repeats itself. Don’t celebrate or Do that’s Canada

If the Leftist mob has their way - they’ll cancel everything that makes Canada great. Because that’s what the left do - ruin everything. And of course CTV covers this disgusting display of hatred for Canada - on CANADA DAY . cdnpoli CanadaDay2020

Shameful media outlet

I agree, we should have Alberta Day in this province.

I support the indigenous, not wanting to celebrate Canada day, to help them , as we do owe them a debt for all the horrors done to them. but no we are not going to cancel Canada day, no we are not giving you the country back. stop being stupid you know both are none starters

hey reporters - why don't you do your job. What about the freedom March? Oh yeah it doesn't fit the narrative. divideandrule

Let’s cancel the welfare. We pay the schools we build the houses we built and anything else taxpayers pay for. These people were not Indigenous to this area. They walked across the Bearhing Straits They just got here before the white man. And remember the wars and whites killed

Dont think that will be happening anytime soon, go south, see how wonderful it is there.

More like cancel Turdeau marches...

You’re not gonna get 1.5 b like CBC. Don’t waste your time.

Unbelievable, wonder boy will likely be there crying and then do nothing 🤮

So everyone should go back to their home countries ?

Screw off already

Going crazy

They should be on their hands and knees thanking Canada for how they are treated. Don’t like it, give the USA a try.




Wonder if all these protesters will be giving the government back the $2000 a month they been taking from them?

Cancel CTV news, there's 364 other days of the year to have marches. You've become as bad as CBC and Global all on the take from Trudeau.

How about the Protest in Ottawa that attracted thousands to denounce CrimeMinisterTrudeau and his corruption? Silent? FakeNewsMedia

What? Need more gov’t money! Just keep biting the hand that feeds lol..

This article serves one purpose. Troll bait. It worked to perfection

Canada is one of the greatest and tolerant countries in the world. Stop shaming our country! True north strong and free!

And what about these Canada day marches? Seems like the Media is more about bringing Canada down than lifting it up.

Yeah cuz there are all those innocent countries that are way better than Canada, right?

Nice photo. Too bad it's from 2017.

Justin's father was the PM with residential schools still in affect in Canada..take his statue down and change the name of the Montreal's offending to indigenous people in this country

rexglacer It's funny how this group of people take ,take and take all the money from tax payers ,assistance but then on Canada Day ,they dont respect the day . Maybe start contributing instead of complaining !

Arrest Trudeau chant outside the US Embassy in Ottawa today. TrudeauArrest Simultaneously, a 192 page document was hand delivered to the US Embassy. It has also been submitted electronically to The White House; receipt has been confirmed.

don't want to be Canadian no problem. no passport. no government checks. border post at the edge of the reserve.. you don't want Canada but want everything I gives you. bunch of idiots

rexglacer Name one thing the cancel mob has created...

The Anti Canadian left and it's activists in the MSM like are abhorrent.

What about 'Freedom Of Speech', that alone is worth celebrating Canada Day, or would you rather live somewhere like Hong Kong?

I guess the snowflakes missed the big party in Ottawa. Massive celebration there today. History was made

These idiots need to take a break. If they worked as hard at a job as they did pissing and moaning, they will be the wealthiest people in the country.


What about the freedom march protest that took place in ottawa? Nothing?

This is what happens when you let people who live on the public dole think they are making a worthwhile contribution to society and will get more even more welfare if they whine, bitch and complain even more. So Woke of them

Whether they like it or not, THIS IS CANDA FOR ALL CANADIANS. Give it a damn rest for a day!

Wait! I thought diversity made Canada stronger?!

You are on crack. Feel free to leave. Murica needs another nut

FFS!! 😡🇨🇦

Canada is built on the intentional and prolonged suppression and genocide of its native peoples. It's great that more people are waking up to this fact.

Haven’t reported on this hein?

Without colonization, this country wouldn't be the greatness it has become.

Cont’ to allow the gov’t and media to be racist makes one racist. Cont’ to allow the gov’t and media to divide us puts you on their side. I don’t hate CDNS, I hate the system that hates me for being Indigenous. Help change the system or look the other way, you’re good at that.

rexglacer Haven't seen any Indian Protest. The IdleNoMore losers must still be sleeping off the hangover.

So I guess that means they don’t want anymore Canadian $?

No story about the anti trudeau protest happening in Ottawa?

There were atrocities on both sides, the natives lost, it's how land was conquered all over the world. Move the fuck on.

Please watch. Canada day protest. 192 page legal document delivered to US Embassy today in Ottawa. Also submitted electronically to The White House, confirmed. Video of speech prior to the march to the Embassy: WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE

In fact, a 192 page document was delivered to the US Embassy in Ottawa. Thousands of people marched to the Embassy from Parliament Hill. The document details the extensive corruption within the Canadian Liberal Government.

Again. Screw them. Haters gonna hate.

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