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Canadians stuck in India told to pay $2,900 for special flight home

Canadians stuck in India told to pay $2,900 for special flight home

2020-04-01 3:30:00 AM

Canadians stuck in India told to pay $2,900 for special flight home

Canadians stuck in India have been given the option of a special flight back home — but they’ll have to foot the $2,900 bill themselves, according to the federal government.

A return flight from India currently costs less than $2,000, making the $2,900 price tag seem far more expensive.Newsletter sign-up: Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inbox"I'm happy that we're getting the flights, I’m happy that we're getting home, however the cost which they're expecting us to pay - it's outstanding," Melissa Chadha, a Canadian stuck in India with her husband and infant child, told CTV News Channel on Tuesday.

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"We feel that we're kind of bullied into having to pay this extra money."A spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada explained that this was the lowest price Canada was able to obtain from the airline providing the flights, which they said was not a Canadian airline.

They said the flights are more expensive right now because of the exceptional circumstances, not because of any profit for the airlines, and that the government has a $5,000 loan available to those who need it to cover the costs of their return. Canadians trapped abroad are also being assisted in other countries, including Peru, Spain, Honduras, Ecuador, El Salvador and Guatemala.

However, that $5,000 loan ultimately has to be repaid — and passengers are only able to access it once they've exhausted all other options."They said that we should be asking friends and families for money," Chadha said, adding that Canadians are also encouraged to use their credit cards to purchase the tickets.

The letter Chadha and others like her received from the government confirms her assertion. It says travellers should attempt to use their own financial means to arrange their return to Canada.They can access the emergency $5,000 loan "if [they] are able to demonstrate that this is not possible."

In addition to the cost of the flight, Canadians trapped in India will also need to foot the bill for safe passage to the airport. If they do not take advantage of this option, the government warned, the Canadians risk being denied passage and missing their flight.

"It is strongly recommended to avail yourselves of this service in order to avoid difficulties in travelling to the airport, as these commercial vehicles will receive advance clearance to from authorities to travel to the airport during the lockdown," the letter reads.

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As a result, Chadha and her family feel like they have to use this option — which adds another cost on the price tag."If we decide that we want to travel on our own, there could be a possibility that the police may not even allow us to get through the borders, so we're kind of, again, stuck with having to go the route that the government's going to give us," Chadha said.

While her family did already have a flight back booked with Air Canada for March 27, it was pushed forward to April 15. With no guarantee that the flight will actually depart that day and an infant son who needs specific food only available in Canada, she said the whole situation has left her frustrated.

"At this point, we feel that we're kind of bullied into having to pay this extra money to have to get home, because we need to get home for my son. It's imperative that we get home to make sure we have the food for him," Chadha said.

She also noted that the only reimbursement Air Canada is providing for her initial return flight is a credit — one that isn't applicable to the $2,900 bill for the new flight, and that must be used within 24 months."I don't know if we'll even have money to get food once we get home, because we have no food at home," Chadha said.

Should they secure their safe passage home, Chadha and others like her will be subject to a strict 14-day quarantine in a bid to quell the spread of COVID-19. As of 3 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday, there were 8.476 cases in Canada. The virus had also claimed 95 lives.

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SemiCuties Correct~Finl quote CFlyers AirIndia Rs.1.6 lacs/prsn+2.75% bankcharges or CreditCard-2.5%, but CanadianCard notgng thru! AJOKE, PoorlyMANAGED-RipOFF..Who asks 2.75% bank to bank online transfer? Why pool us with LHRstopover- other EURO cndn waiting as well(pstd by DenmrkCnd) Too bad all the valid comments here will be disregarded because of a few racist asses.

And? Many other people have done it and many more will. What makes you so special to NOT have to pay? Again... what is the difference between isolation here vs. isolation there? I don't understand these constant requests to 'come home' - better health care? This seems fair! I know a family of 5 that paid that amount for each of them. Over $10,000 to fly home early

Leave them there.. They should be thankful that the Canadian Government arranged to get them home. I'm sorry but this should not be on the backs of the tax payer. They knew before they accepted the flight that costs would be on them. Pay up!!! Canadians have been told to get back for weeks,they should only be upset at themselves. Life isn't a free ride

Pay it if you want to come back. 😖 Who gives a shit, PAY UP FOOL!!! The government offered a loan . Take it and get on with it. Good to get a flight ! But hope you can get a government loan if you don’t have the cash .. Hurry up and pay don't try to us you choose to go to India not us so stay there with your family and friends

Sad, miserable, some loved ones back home for visit, worried about their safe return, after seeing some videos from Delhi airport, my suggestion was to stay until things sort out, miserable system! I had to pay over $1000 for one seat from Mexico City to Vancouver. That's only a six hour flight. really sorry from a fellow Canadian, really we are not all illiterate and racist, we are not, Canada is over 37 million strong and an open and welcoming country. and as a fellow Canadian if I could help I would. I personally can't sorry. but stay strong. we'll keep this trending

If you are stupid enough to travel during this time then you have to be willing to pay the price... So pay it if they want to come home or stay there !!! Stop writing about this !! Pay or stay. Thats easy. $2900 for each of them? How much would a flight from India normally cost? If you report a story, include all the relevant information. The Gov’t of Cda may also, as a last resort, help Canadians with transportation ... on a cost-recovery basis when all other means of commercial and personal transportation have been exhausted.

That is a special flight. $2900 is fair. The fact that there is even a flight is bonus. I travel quite a bit. I’m originally from away too I have zero sympathy for people who traveled during the pandemic. The world was warned since the beginning of 2020. The arrogance of complaining about help they’re being given and then to whine ‘how do I pay for food when I get home’. Such ignorance.

Cost my mom and aunt $1200 each to get back from Portugal. No reimbursement of their original flight either. That means the flight was probably an $1800 out of pocket cost to them. don’t be irresponsible by reporting half baked news. Government is offering loans for those who cannot pay at this time . Planes are going empty to pick passengers. The seating will be limited due to social distancing . Thus the cost will rise .No tax payer money is used

I’d pay it and he grateful & appreciate that Canada is even allowing anyone back after being told to get home ASAP a couple of weeks ago. Nevertheless I’d be happy & self quarantine for 14 days, as required now by law Stay there until this is over That's cheap considering the situation they put themselves into, they knew about the pandemic and the dangers and now they're all like 'It's too expensive!'... Just be glad you have a ride home, if it were up to me you'd stay there with your viruses and contagion.

They feel like Canada is 'bullying' them. There is a pandemic happening... take the offer or leave it. It's a shitty situation for everyone, right now. It's a terible situation for everyone involved but, ultimately, they made the choice to travel during a pandemic & there are consequences for that decision. We just had to come together to raise money to get a friend home from Peru, similar price.

This issue is not knew! Why can't they stay put until this is over. They r obviously safe with family. They're lucky they don't have to pay for accommodation. Stay put until the crisis is over. If i was stuck somewhere, I'd pay a million just to get home.. $2900 is not too bad. When did this family leave Canada? I either missed it or it's not included in the story.

I don't believe any Canadian that was brought back got a free ticket so why are you different than anyone else and expect a free ride, the longer you wait the more expensive it will be,with high risk situations come high prices. if you care about the well being of your child pay What is wrong with that?

To bad. Pay it. This has been going on for months. And we are suppose to feel bad for you. Real Canadians think ahead. Stay there Boo hoo We booked my mom a flight right away, they suddenly cancelled it. to rebook 3 x be on the phone 24/7 with insurance, government, credit cards etc. trust me it’s not easy! we might not have a choice but to pay, it’s hard to shell out $2900 & have paid for all cancelled fees too.

If son’s food is real reason for need to get back to Canada, any parent in right mind would not quibble about the cost. Why do you think you should get a free ride? Bet as soon as travel restrictions lifted your butts will be on 1st plane back to India. My heart bleeds purple piss Why not? A friend of mine took a flight before the lockdown so that they wouldn’t be stranded. They could have done the same

Why is this a news .. they should pay You see that's how our government helps canadians,these people problem have no work when they get back,what a bunch Oh well lol Everyone wants the government to bail them out for free. I’m sure if the plane ride costs $500, people would still complain. Why is this news? People who travel need to take some personal responsibility. For whatever reason flights can change and unknowns can happen. They should be thankful Canada arranged anything to help them.

Canadians? Considering the Cdn government is able to secure a flight home in a country that is in full lockdown, I’d say it’s a time to take it or leave it (the offer and conditions). Otherwise stay put and have the baby’s food shipped to you. Welcome to the hardships of COVID-19.✌🏼 And this is is a major issue here for all of us? Nothing on this tax hike while we struggle? NOT ONE WORD?

Please let us know what food your child needs, I'm sure someone can help you find it in India seeing as there's over a billion people there and I'm sure at least one of them need the food as well. So they should Anyone who voluntarily leaves Canada must accept the risks associated with it. Wow look at all the racist fucks come out! FYI airlines had cancelled flights well before the lockdown so if you don’t know shit, dont talk shit!! Ppl purchased return tix which were cancelled and then prices were raised so they would have to pay more! 🤬🤬

Why is that news? For that money..find a place..settle down for a month or so. Lol. Special flight. I do feel for the stress they are in and each individual family has their own story. However, the government has been saying since the beginning of March to return home. This is on them and their lack of planning or travel insurance.

And mandatory quarantine upon arrival, not at home with a promise not to go out. That ship has sailed What do they expect? No one is force to travel, at any time. There are risks. First of all, the Indian family claims that the only reason she wants to come is to get specific food for her son. Has she heard of shipping?

Stay in your home country of India please Life not free It does seem like a high price to come home to Canada, hopefully people here can raise monies somehow to help families as they return. I wish you all the best 🇨🇦❤🇨🇦 My dad's stuck in Pakistan and they're asking the same of him. Also, the only 2 flights were sold out right away.

Sorry about your luck 3 fucking weeks ago... Is that the problem? I need to get from outside Barrie, to Midland Ontario . Keep them there. Is this story a joke? I am seeing this April 1st Why did these people leave the country in the first place? During a pandemic no less. At some point in time you have to take responsibility for your actions, as dumb as they were. Same with those on that Holland America cruise ship.

If it was a white couple this would not be news. yeah, so? On average a ticket for a flight from Canada to India is roughly $1,400 a person. Yes there are sales and discount flights available at times but it doesn't appear that $2,900 is no where near out of line or price gouging. What a load of horse hockey as news.

Let your home country pay for your trip! And? The line that gets me is bullied into paying .... no one bullied you into going and you stayed past the government come home order on March 13. You stay past that your responsibility And these are not even direct flights, they are via UK (covid hotspot),so they not only put us at risk but also the rest of Canadians in Canada.

Why has to be free Is that because they have chairs in the political class Hmm thought for the mind isn't? Just interesting! Since when are there? Are on social assistance? I seen the movie 20 years a go didn't you? So little? Who is paying the difference? Why did they wait so long Just stay there ... It’s a tough situation. Not fair to anyone. But I can assure you many people are; and have been in the same situation - sucked it up and dealt with it. They just didn’t call CTV for a sob story.

Canadians... home... ? Is it just me or is that a weird description of the event... confused 🧐🤨🤔 While her family did already have a flight back booked with Air Canada for March 27, it was pushed forward to April 15. With no guarantee that the flight will actually depart that day and an infant son who needs specific food only available in Canada.🧐

So. No one pays my bill to fly places To all the people making fun of this, we all had return tickets but our flights were canceled because of the lockdown in India. I would like to know which other country citizens other than India and Pakistan were charged this amount? How do u expect a family of 4 to pay $12000?

It's a good deal for a one way flight. I just checked two different sites for flight Mumbai to Toronto on Saturday, one way: $4275/person. I’m sure you’re an Indian citizen as well so let your government pay for your trip. If they're Canadian shouldn't they have a a return flight ticket already? Can't just leave you're country without a return flight.

I thought these flights were 5k ? Are taxpayers subsidizing these flights? That’s normal flight price going back to my country. 🙄 ok pay it, if i was worried I would pay it why should taxpayers pay for your flight back to Canada. Why on earth would they get a free flight home? Is anyone responsible for anything anymore?

Ok Nothing is free. You play with fire you get burn sometime. Ok And? Ok Why are they in India in the first place This is not news worthy. There was a rescue cut off time and Trudeau told people the date and to protect people there would be no more rescues of they missed the deadlines. They should have known it was coming as a lot of people have access to the net even on Vacation as people keep telling me.

Awww too fuckning bad idiot. Now you want to come back? Why sick? Free health care here Stay their it is safer What’s the usual cost to fly from India to Canada for three people? It can’t be too far off $2,900 standard rate... Should have left when they were told to 2 weeks ago. Too bad so sad. Your choice to live there or go there and didn't listen to the authorities. Take ownership of your choices

Paid serious cash to fly there, chose to stay instead of coming back when advised. So, you have to pay, too bad. Suck it up. Your choices are your consequences. Welcome to responsibility. Reasonable, I spent $2000 flight back to Canada and addition $1000 for a safe place for finishing self quarantine in case to make sure 100% not take any risk for other people. It’s responsibility for an out Canada travel citizen.

Take a boat, it's cheaper Build a boat Sounds fair...they werent forced to go there in the first place, were they ? How do you 'get stuck in India' when the whole world is screaming 'go home'? I guess they are 'home' but they feeling entitled to be in Canada... they are so 'not our problem'... pay the price buddy and suck it up!

It’s totally responsible? However, other Countries are bringing their ppl back home for free? just saying StaySafe How is this a story? Pay or stay. Pretty simple. Your choice. I pay more than that for a flight even when there is no pandemic or travel restrictions. 2900$ during this period is considered a good deal.

Stupid people! And...? Why is this news, you guys are lame!! A special flight under these special circumstances the fare is very reasonable for the 3 people shown above in picture. Not outrageous since 2 of us can't get from Toronto to Vancouver for even $1000 in non covid times Obvious racism here. What is the problem?

Fair price. Think about the risk of the airline crews to fly you home! WTF! Leave them there, as it was their choice to go there, in the first place, till THE VIRUS is behind us! Last thing we need, is bringing MORE INFECTED or POSSIBLY INFECTED people into Canada at this CRITICAL TIME! STAY THERE 4 THE “GREATER GOOD” OF ALL CANADIANS!

Nice l! Absolutely. If you can afford a holiday for your family and your saying you might not have food at home for your child ( who can only eat Canadian food?) Then why would you leave the country Where are your priorities !!! No sympathy. When did they leave Canada? What type of food does the child need that is only available in Canada? I can get if if they don’t have access to it where they are, but only in Canada?

This plane probably flies over empty so that cost needs to be covered too. I agree... they knew what was happening months ago and still chose to stay! Make them pay Why the hell don’t they stay in this country where they have decided to make as their new home! It’s more than a month since the Canadian Govt have been telling Canadians abroad to get back home ASAP! It’s just ridiculous when people don’t heed warnings and then beg for help!

Shoulda charged them $5000 Sad situation...sad responses...selfishness emerging..🙏 please be supportive and keep distance from negativity 🙏🙌🏼 Stay there Big deal. This guys been 'bullied' to pay the extra money? Go work in a hospital. God bless our front line workers! It's $2900 per person. So the man+woman. No mention if child is 'free' or not. Also mentions that they had return flights but they can't use that credit towards this 'special flight's and has to use that credit in 24 months. I can understand the frustration.

Stay there Don’t the fare.. And this our problem, how? Maybe they should have paid a lil bit more attention to what’s going on in the world. Good Our family paid $1400 each for our flights home from Peru. We didn't make a fuss about it. Yeah it sucked to have to pay but at that point, we didnt care. Pay now worry about it later.

And...? Funny thing is the article doesn't say when they left to go. If it was before all this went down I might feel sorry for them. But if they left amidst all this sucks to be them. Foot the bill or stay there. Another person(s) wanting to be victims. Got to love this socialist liberal society! Y not just stay there

You should have gotten yourselves back to Canada when it became obvious that being in India was going to be risky. Waiting until the end of March was at least a month too late. No reason why the Canadian public should foot the bill just because you did not take proper precautions In an interview she said it’s usually $1400-1500 but it’s now $2900. It’s an empty plane heading to India so it’s more expensive

Bot out of line. Seems fair. You play you pay Sounds like more of an Air Canada problem than a government problem. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 It seems fair to me as others why not Why is this news. Stop trying to fire people up I had to spend $1000 to get one father in law home from Costa Rica before Westjet canceled the rest of their scheduled flights. Two people from India for $2900 doesn't seem to far fetched to me.

Stay there🤬 Book your own flight Seems reasonable to me.. The airline has to pay a pilot, staff and gas to make a special trip there. Should have come home when the government warned people to. Oe better yet not travel at all. You do assume a certain risk when you travel. I don't understand why people are so stubborn?

Pay $2000 for a regular flight then. Their lack of planning isn’t the Canadian taxpayers problem. 🤦‍♀️ No sympathy from me, their own fault for not listening to guidelines. My travel agent is charging me more than that for my trip to DR next year. I guess he is bullying me right? Pay the fare or stay where you are.

When's the last time an airliner flew around on free fuel? In Pakistan, they’re told to pay $4000 Always complain. Never satisfied- the entitlement- why is it the government’s responsibility to look after people all the time?! Look out for yourselves Yeah, so. They can choose to stay in India or take the flight back. China lockdown should have been a wake up call.

I don’t see any problem with that 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ are they looking for free flight back to Canada? 😒😒😒 Waaaaa pay the damm $. My sister paid $4100 to get home from Barcelona a couple weeks ago. It is what it is. They aren't being bullied into paying this money. It's a choice, just like their choice to travel in the first place. If you don't want to pay shelter in place until this is over and catch another flight back. Some people 🙄

Pay your own way home I’m not sure what the issue is here? They want to take the $2000 flight instead? If so, why don’t they? And? if you don't like it , find your own way home to Canada Really? She feels 'bullied' by the airline? I paid $3000 for a flight to the UK on short notice when my grandmother died. That's just what it costs. Also: Who thought it was a good idea to travel to India? Don't have all the details of when they went over, but MAN ALIVE!

They have the option to wait for a seat sale Oh well... And what is your point? Leave Canada be responsible for your own passage back. A very simple concept. Go to a downtown bar and you can’t get a cab home, should Canadian taxpayers pay for you to get home? Idiot reporting! If I were them I would just be happy that there is a way to get home being created for me. I'd pay 3K to get back to Canada in a heartbeat.

They have a choice. Stay or not. It’s easy. So Do they stay in India and only come back to Canada when it's convenient? Good, actually stay where your at, even better. And So what Imagine complaining about this. I guess they should have come home when Canada said 'come home now while means are still available'.

That’s not that expensive for the result you will get. I hope they say thank you.. lucky people.... The $2,900 seems entirely reasonable to me. There is risk to additional travel costs at the best of times and people have to accept there are risks when they choose to travel outside of Canada. Totally reasonable. The key words in this story are 'special flight'. why didnt they come home sooner?

A steal at twice the price! And why should Canadian tax payers fund ur trip You went on vacation, and didn’t come back before all flights were booked. Suck it up this isn’t news worthy keep this crap out of the news! Tax payers don’t have to bail them out, if you can’t afford an emergency you shouldn’t go on vacation to begin with!

Seems reasonable to me. Maybe see if India will pay for it, I’m sure they are Indian citizens too What is the problem? fair price Safer in India, total 21 day nation wide lockdown Why is this news? Canadians were told they needed to pay for return flights anyway. Pay to play. Seems fair to me. That’s actually normal right?

Reasonable. When they have to fly a plane over empty to get a bunch of holdouts.

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Opinion: An Air Canada bailout should stick in the craw of Canadian taxpayersThough the coming months promise to be painful, no one should shed a tear for Air Canada’s shareholders or executives, who have been richly rewarded in recent years globebusiness When was the last time you heard “stick in the craw” used? Never I bet. globebusiness How many jobs are lost without it?! G&M is trying to promote its far left agenda, again. Sigh. globebusiness Nationalise it. Bailouts are now purchases.

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Canadian airport authorities won't have to pay rent for the rest of the yearThe federal government is providing some relief to Canada’s air transportation sector, one of the many industries hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. What about real people? not companies with millions.... How NICE for them with their Coffers of Billions of dollars. what about people on ODSP & other provincial Disability programs who have to pay EVEN MORE now then ever for food they CANT AFFORD ?! Thank god the Billionaires & Millionaires will be ok! JustinTrudeau fordnation And small businesses!