What Do Canadians Think Of The United States?, Are Canada And The U.S. Good Neighbours, Canadian Attitudes About Americans, Canada-U.S. Relations, Pew Research

What Do Canadians Think Of The United States?, Are Canada And The U.S. Good Neighbours

Canadians' impressions of America, in a word: Trump, president, chaos, in that order

Canadians' impressions of America, in a word: Trump, president, chaos, in that order

2020-04-06 11:45:00 PM

Canadians' impressions of America, in a word: Trump, president, chaos, in that order

Canadians, it seems, had a number of choice words for the United States last year -- and most of them revolved around U.S. President Donald Trump.

"President" ranked a distant second, followed by "chaos," "confused," bully" and "disappointing," in that order.The results released today-- part of Pew's ongoing Global Attitudes survey, the latest instalment of which was conducted last year -- predate the outbreak of COVID-19, which continues to put a strain on Canada-U.S. relations.

Wuhan tests 10 million people, finds few infections Trudeau positions Canada as champion of co-ordinated global recovery plan Sidney Crosby: 'What happened to George Floyd cannot be ignored' - Sportsnet.ca

While the survey classifies the top two Canadian answers as neutral terms, it concludes that fully half of the country's respondents held negative sentiments towards the U.S., with 39 per cent considered neutral and only six per cent positive.The balance in Mexico was strikingly different: 31 per cent negative, 40 per cent neutral and 11 per cent positive.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 6, 2020RELATED IMAGESPrime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump take part in a joint press conference at the White House in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 13, 2017. (Sean Kilpatrick / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

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Bahaha yeah because Ottawa’s jerkoff is any better. Pretty sure you could say the same of Turdeau TRUMP IS THE BEST PRESIDENT THAT THE USA COULD HAVE .. CTV IS FAKE NEWS I have one word. DUMMY Two DIPSTICKS. Can’t we please stop bashing President Trump!! There’s enough tragedy and stress to deal with during this COVID19 season. You don’t carry the weight of leading a country. Besides, you don’t have the right to make statements saying this is what Canadians think!!!

America in one word: backward The Canadians are fed a steady stream of tweets 24 hours a day. Eh ? No wonder those Canadians think that way. Trump the Pirate. TrudeauMustGo Trump2020 I would trade Trump to our useless PM in a heart beat... No that’s just your biased, bought and paid for opinion. Canadians who are capable of thinking know you’re 9 times out of 10 more likely to post a story with a negative connotation in order to receive your propaganda bribe from our commander in queef.

Trump just slap him please. Ok Pravda. Disgrace of a 'news' outlet. I'm Canadian and my impression is that there are a lot more competent professionals in the US than here. Partisan shitcakes. Love Trump! We would be lucky to find a leader who puts the needs of Canadians first, who protects are borders, who would push for made in Canada, who brought industry back, who created jobs, who went after child trafficking and the Corrupt politicians.

Instead, how about A--hole, backstabber, anarchy, in that order... The crazies next door! I'm seeing a lot of people in the comments preparing to renounce their Canadian citizenship and move to America. Maybe you should poll Canadians impression of Trudeau. Useless. It boggles my mind the amount of support that maniac gets. Trump's incompetency is the reason things are getting worse.

OK CTV NEWS still waiting to see that video of Pres. Trump saying he wasn't going to supply Canada and Mexico with Masks. Shall the Canadian Media apology to the Canadian public for lying and call it a day? Just more Fake News is what you did clowns. Not mine. America, land of the free and the 🐎🇺🇸 WWG1WGA

Bots are very triggered by this Canadians are so lucky to have Trudeau... Americans are lucky November 8th is so close President Trump gets it done . . . . again: Some of the civilized world's impressions of what's left of Canada: In no particular order: - Trudeau - on vacation - incompetent - Soros' lapdog - blackface - two-faced - hypocrite - Islamic terrorist sympathizer - fascist - dictator - stoned - malaise

Tgat 600 million is going to great leftist use. Well spent tax dollars Trudeau. Traitor Mostly though, Canadians impressions of America are full of hate. Cruel is the next word describing tRUmp. Trudeau is Canada's own cuckoo clock. He sticks his head out same time each day, makes some annoying noises, then goes back into hiding.

Deranged. Sick. Evil. (in that order) 25theAmendmentNow You are fake news. What do you expect a President with a slogan America first. Something in Canada we don’t know what it means? Experts did say that Canada could well pay for this. Experts weigh in on consequences of Trudeau appearing to mock Trump back in December 2019. Karma is a bitch? cdnpoli

WOW have you got it wrong. This shows how out of touch you really are or are you just trying to convince Canadians to hate TRUMP ,wish we had a CanadianPM like him instead of what we have. realDonaldTrump is working night & day fixing this & other US problems & media 💩on him. Hey you wanna go adore mr trump and be yanks? See ya! Don’t let the boarder gate hit ya on yer way out! Oh ya, enjoy the health care!

And it won’t change until November 2020 Sorry! CTV, (also CBC), why don't you just shut up. You don't speak for me & probably not for millions of other Canadians. You're as bad as many American celebrities & liberal/lefties who savage their own President despite him doing a fine job. Most of the people in states away from the border never even think about Canada.

Nope, more like Canadians impressions of Canada; Blackface, prime minister, chaos-incompetency-stupidity-failure, in that order. Why not use your limited talent pool to evaluate JustinTrudeau's response to the pandemic and highlight concerns of Canadians. Lack of accountability breeds complacency - stop fixating on realDonaldTrump, what goes on north of the US border also matters!

CTV STILL SPITTING OUT THE HATE FOR TRUMP ....CTV CANADA'S BIGGEST EMBARRASSMENT, A CNN CLONE... Not everyone agrees with that, some people can actually see and appreciate all the good he's doing. Not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FakeNews BribedByTrudeauFakeNews TPostMillennial TrueNorthCentre fordnation AndrewScheer MaximeBernier RebelNewsOnline realDonaldTrump Mike_Pence

Canada is not without its faults, but the U.S.? Trump, president, chaos.....that's being kind. Who received this quiz? Not at all!! Trump is a leader unlike our groundhog!! Really, people needed three words US not America give me a break Not my impression. Trudeau is the 1 who caused chaos by giving our money away this week and many times before to hostile international regimes, gave away almost all of our medical supplies knowing that CAN would need them & spending CDN $$ to buy a UN seat. brianlilley

Shut up CTV Yeah well their impression of Canada is we're the little sister that can't do anything for itself and would be nothing without big sister. Absolutely nothing. And that's the damn truth. We'd probably be Russian right now if it wasn't for our southern neighbours. So rude. Our guy in Canada night as well just make the sound CUCKOO CUCKOO every day when he pops out of his little door. It would be just as informative as past babble but it would keep the children entertained

I'll take the Trump Train over the Trudeau Caboose every day of the week. Trump loser creates chaos . Fixed it speak for yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf f/o!!!!!!!!!!! Trump 2020 Get lost CTV.. you do not represent me 👎 F you Funny, as a Canadian this is how I feel about our cowardofthecottage and his three ring circus of too little, too late, ministers.

How about we focus on our own country? Trudeau is a clown your as bad as CNN now...what a waste of airwaves If they watch the narrative presented by the media... Ah nope, more like Trump Strong Leader, trudeau weak little potato. Ya that’s a crock. Trump is 1000x the leader that Trudeau is. at least Trump cares about his country not like Trudeau who has helped to sell out Canada to China. That also goes for all the other failed controlled opposition parties in this country.

Trump2020!!! How many people did you ask CTV? Four or five, lol? How about impressions of our own PM, lol? Here's some suggestions: Trudeau, no flight restrictions, corona virus racism. Hey , how about you focus on the cowardofthecottage? Never mind impressions of America! What abouy impressions of our own country, CANADA? How is our PM's performance?

You don't speak for Canadians, this article does not reflect the views of any Canadian I know, which is many, coast to coast. ChinaTV news Disgusting traitors. Covering for Trudeau 24/7 Taking the $$$$ Typical Canadian attitude real leadership equals chaos. Oh and your fake news pravda style no Canadians do not

Don’t flatter yourself CTV. You don’t speak for me. Firstly, that’s three words idiots. Secondly, I think freedom, patriotism, and strength. Get over yourselves. NOT Canadians impressions!!! But CTV News impressions Misdirection for the LPC. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. You call yourselves journalists? You cannot deny the rise of National Populism throughout the world. The Globalist one world government is a failure as shown by the demise of the EU. People around the world see the USA as a beacon of hope again (Hong Kong) due to President Trump

Which Canadian's not this one. justintrudeau is hiding under his bed. Mr. Trump answers many questions most of them irrelevant The Canadian media’s obsession with Trump is their way of saying, don’t look at Canada’s screwups Liberals called trump an asshole during trade talks. Justin gives 16 tons of mask to china for free. Obama shorted trump of needed masks. Americas are now dying from NO masks. Canada now demands those masks WHAT WOULD YOU DO? I found out what china did with those masks.

From GodBlessAmerica to GodHelpAmerica Fantastic that Trump has Put people in place to coordinate everything necessary. We in Canada have a guy pretending to be a man, in a cottage , without his partner, pretending that he knows our best interests. Ha ha This Canadian wonders how much poutine you're getting for writing shit like that for the LPC?

not a word about all the money he gave to other countries or the or the ton od medical protectionn gear he sent to china Or hiding the fact that the test kits from china for CoronaVirusCanada is infected with the COVID19NS and so are the vents... u r FakeNews fakenews The like on this post would ONLY be ftom Liberal and civil servants union members and refugees living ON taxpayers, hoping they get to vote, to continue the program they’re raised on, not a racist statement because I included civil servants, who are at home ? Going to Tim’s?

It really doesn’t matter what you or your leftwing followers think of President Trump. What are you trying to deflect attention from? The groundhog named Justin that has been “self isolating” for 3 weeks? Canadian only poll. Pick who you’d prefer to be your PM. When you put out that narrative nightly, what do you expect. Your newscasts pretty much thrive on promoting this crap.

Not Trump is awesome ctvnews has jumped on the cnn bandwagon! Tell as many lies as we can !! This is what 600 mil gets us!! Now do the ethics breaking terrorist paying snc blackface groper!! His name is Trudeau. Fake News i would prefer Trump over Trudeau any day,,,, Wow! CTV propaganda at it's finest. Canada would be way better off with Trump's leadership. Our leadership is a virtue-signalling nightmare that seeks and destroys any sense of patriotism and God.

You don't speak for all Canada. The PMO picking up the Red phone again, calling in some distraction op eds...anything to get Canadians to look the other way, ignore the train wreck that is this gvmt. defundmsm Wow ctv that's pathetic. Maybe you should report on how pathetic Trudeau is CTV is still FAKE NEWS. Asshats!

Americans impressions of Canada, in a word: blackface, Marijuana, winter, in that order. the world is going through a pandemic &there are way more people in the US than Canada. No one was prepared for this b/c CCP & WHO withheld vital information. Trump is doing a great job &working with his team around the clock as opposed to our wimp PM who hides under his bed.

No, . Not all Canadians feel that way. That would be applicable to JustinTrudeau and Canada. Watch the daily updates of both - night and day. It's embarrassing. ...actually...who gives a fuck about the canadian media...are there actually people who even follow that shit any more...the stupidity gives me a headache...

What about Trudeau giving all of our supplies to china. Don’t deflect from the 1 issue in Canada !!!! Honestly don't know how you call yourselves journalists. You should be ashamed. Nope! Don't think so CTV... You people are nuts. Ctv news causing chaos, fake news, don't fund. It’s the criminals causing chaos. Democrats are not allowing him to do his job.

disagree- we are in this together- 🇨🇦❤️🇺🇸 Trump is doing a great job at fighting the China virus and MSM fake news media at the same time,plus doing great keeping America safe from it's foes. CTV, your FAKE NEWS, it is insulting to all Canadians even the ones that believe your Lies, that you disrespectfully Push this Phony Agenda of Hate. Trudeau is a Traitor Puppy compared to his Master Trump! We see You.

Nice try CTV. MAGA!!! How about you talk about 'Canadian's impressions with Canada, in a word, Trudeau, PM, chaos'. Who gives a crap about the US. Canadians don’t think like that... They think like this!!👇👇👇👇 Wow there’s a lot of Trump lovin going on here. I didn’t vote fore Trudeau but I’m still hella happy I’m in Canada right now.

Stop pointing fingers at Trump, a true leader, and DO YOUR JOB by asking JT the tough questions...like why he’s still hiding at home with an ankle monitor on. He’s an embarassing disgrace. Earning your $ deflecting for Skippy. Shameless. Why don’t you ask Skippy why he’s hiding and only comes out once a day like an effin’ cuckoo, spews platitudes, and answers scripted questions? We should be so lucky to have a leader like realDonaldTrump.

Trump administration call Trudope a little punk. I think they’re too kind. Ya right. WRONG! You’re FAKE news! Americans are blessed to have a president that loves his country. What do we get?A communist wanna-be that actually thinks he can dictate 😂😂😂 he’s a pathetic, coward and an embarrassment. We see why he doesn’t want us to gather; afraid on lynching

JustinTrudeau and his hostile stare I am Canadian My word, Trump ,President, GOOD ! Not necessarily in that order ! Patting yourself on your back? I’m embarrassed for America. The biggest idiot in the highest position during the biggest event of our lifetime. What could go wrong? More fake news from a Canadian media full of propaganda! Trump is up in front answering questions daily for long periods, not 30 mins of bullshit like the golden boy under house arrest.

Hey is Trudeau still allowing flights from China, Roxham Rd still open? Or does $650M say those questions won’t be asked? USA = Trump, Strength, Freedom Meanwhile back home, in a word: cowardofthecottage in no particular order. Not this Canadian Why don’t you ask us what we think of Turdeau? Turdeau is the most corrupt PM in Canadian history and he bought the media with taxpayers money..Maybe instead of posting about Trump do some investigating in Turdeau's many underhanded dealings...including deals with China.

Canadians’ impression of Canada in a word: abused, frustrated, awakening, in that order. FakeNews GodBlessDJT I'd gladly trade Trudeau for Trump. Trudeau isn't a leader. Heck, after Trump phoned Modi, India made an exception & is exporting HCQ to the US. Trudeau annoyed Modi by removing references to 'Sikh extremism' from our Terror Report. Modi isn't likely to do Trudeau a favour.

JustinTrudeau is a chicken 🐔 🙏🏿 This is garbage journalism. Whoever is writing this stuff should re-evaluate his or her life. Now do Trudeau. You’re Canadian. Report on Canada. Let the US do their thing. Hey, ctvnews, stop with this nonsense and keep your focus on the disaster who’s currently running this country into the ground.

My impression of Canada, in a word: Trudeau, inept, disaster Bullshit FakeNews tons of us 🇨🇦 Love realDonaldTrump 🖕🖕🖕 Would love to know what an unbiased (MSM not influencing and running distraction) 🇨🇦’s impression of our USELESS Tit PM would be. Without CTV, CBC, Global etc trashing trump each time the little village idiot JT screws up, the people of 🇨🇦 would and should be alarmed with JT!

Taiwan ended exports to the CCP who were hoarding the worlds ppe supplies... What do Canadians expect when we have a P.M. who mocks the Leader of the Free World and is so stupid doing it that he gets caught on tape?brianrmitchell4 alan_poirier geoff_buxcey brianlilley FarmerRob17 torontobaghead Fivstars Toronto_John63 CousinEddieEsq

And by Canadians you mean who? Dont lump me and millions of others with your bullshit.FCKCTV No, that’s only your worldview ctvnews. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, you don’t represent me, and you don’t represent millions of other Canadians, so don’t you dare put those words in my mouth. FCK YOU. CTV. Yeah he shoots his mouth off b4 he thinks sometimes. But had The US of A clicking on all cylinders b4 China blind sided the world. Best economy in Earth meanwhile your blackface bumbling fool for A PM cant do nothing wrong!!! Scandal after scandal for Trudeau SNC?

Criminal, extremists, cult LaurentianNews Americans, thankfully, do not care about what canadians think of us. Canada now is a Marxist country and we have Fidel Castro as a PM Judging by these comments!!! Canadians overwhelmingly disagree with the socialist bought and paid for fake news CBC This is utter bullshit. The constant orange man bad narrative coming out of our media is tiresome. Time to kill all bailouts to all of these medums and let the free market decide if they survive. Trudeau took away the power of the people to use their pocketbook to decide.

Hahaha whatever!!! no it’s not !!! Trumps a man !! Then you have a soy boy lol really Not my impression at all. FakeNews cowardofthecottage CTVblows Far from how this Canadian feels, Trump is doing a fantastic job, all the while navigating an extremely aggressive media, it’s a shame your pro-China/anti-American propaganda is being used to cover up the incompetence of our own government

For CTV, Canadians = Toronto, Montreal & Quebec City More FakeNews from the branch of the TruGropeMedia so much evidence of being BoughtandPaidFor EnemyOfThePeople Get a hair cut! Both of ya! 🤣 You do not speak for all Canadians but speak as a mouthpiece of the brainwashed leftists, so blinded by your self-aggrandizing egos that you lose any credibility as critical thinkers. OP ED writers ctvisfakenews

The world laughs at trump, not just Canadians 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Canadians impressions of Canada, in a word: Trudeau, PM, moron, chaos in that order The challenge is, of course, we will never know whether HillaryClinton would have been any better. We may get 2 see if BernieSanders will be any better. CTV once again goes ORANGE MAN BAD for the tax credits

So your continual propaganda effort is successful, in your mendacious eyes. Trump for Americans Trudeau for Iran and China!!! And the worthless drama teacher Trudeau hiding in his cottage? His incompetent surrogates? Canada’s impression of CTV - Fake, Corrupt, pointless... the order like the company is irrelevant.

hey ctv. Stop pretending to do journalism, ok? Nobody buys it any more, literally. Without taxpayer handouts, you'd cease to exist, which would be awesome. Canada started to acted like rejected lover . Because we were nice to are partner . We thought they had the same heart ❤️. People should know that Trump is cold hearted baster in dealing with 👿

Perhaps. But a S**tshow in Ottawa while the compliant media stands by like bobbleheads listening to this joke. Don't speak for me you commie HACKS Trump for PM You’re a province of China now, right? And when Trump reads headlines like this from the violently Anti-Trump Canadian media, it makes his decision to restrict 3D Masks that much justifiable. Since the election of the Trudeau government, we have become a fair weather friend to the US, and only when it serves us.

My impression of CTV News in any order; Fake, biased, liberal, left, propaganda, anti-American, not worth watching ! No PPE and you Liberal extremists at ctv call America choas Of course then we have FakeNews who seek far left ideals and false narratives instead of the truth to justify their existence. You can't even come up with TOUGH questions. Trudeau is the leader of the LeaderlessLiberals

Because the news feeds them bullshit 24/7 Oh paleeze cbc i mean ctv Canadians' impression of Canada in a word: Trudeau, traitor, commie, cowardofthecottage, in that order!! This Canadian will NEVER watch CTV again--FakeNews Canadians are dying every day due to our Gov't's complete mishandling of everything related to this terrible virus ravaging the Country right now, restricting our daily lives, accessibilty to basics, loss of jobs & wages, uncertainty about the future, and you want 2 talk America?

Unbelievable.... Serious journalism like this to cover regarding our own government, and what does CTV report on? 'Do Canadians like Trump?' (Seriously, WHO TF CARES?) Do your job and report real news CTV! If that’s correct it’s only because of fake news like CTV. Canadian msm lost all credibility you make me ashamed to b Canadian

Fake mainstream news - Fake reports, paid narratives, fear mongering & Cover ups. Too many proven incidents now. Of course it’s the fake media pushing this chaos Oh like we can talk here in Canada with our asshats CTV is stupid to put this dribble news on... but more than that CTV is Jim Acosta stupid to put this dribble news on. Why not put Liberals gave 16 tons of medical equipment to China and is getting poor quality back so had to acquire 500,000 good quality masks from US.

Stick to fixing our media here. U.S. will be just fine. Liberal owned media is getting very boring. Wrong. Again. Trump, President, jealous. Trump gives me confidence that we will get through this. Our groundhog and dr. Tran are a joke! No, not me. Watching trumps press conference now, it’s been nonstop details. Our leader, vague positive talk. I have the opposite impression CTV

Oh sweet Jesus! There is no low that Canada’s MSM won’t stoop to. They have zero credibility and yet they keep doubling down. What did we do to deserve such utter corruption? Bot Trump lovers, weird universe we live in The guy in charge of the b.s. constantly streaming from CTV is randylennox7117 He must be friends with Crooked Gerry to allow the kind of trash on the CTV network.

No, that’s just what you’re trying to make it look like. Your entire news division is... Hmmmm, Canadian media ... lets focus on our OWN leader ... or lack of. What Canadians? The ones with TDS even though Trump is not our leader? Why have you, , never ask one hard question of Trudeau? Why the attack on Trump when our own leader has been in hiding for 20+ days? fakenews

You bet corn hair The fawning media with their feigned indignation is a co-conspirer in this by broadcasting President‘s press conferences and lies. The blood of misinformed Americans is on President Pot Roast’s and the media’s hands. Pointing to FOX is the pot calling the kettle black. CTVNEWS Your headline proves the effects of MSM media on Canadians.

What Canadians are you talking to? I’d take America over anything eastern Canada has to offer any day of the week. CBCNews globalnews TorontoStar “And remember while it’s very important to destroy these news outlets and ensure that the sacks of human excrement they call journalists end up eating cat food alone in the dark, its also important to have fun!”…

No criticism about Trudeau. The Liberals were aware of the CCP virus in 2019 and did nothing to prepare for it so now that the truth is out there lets start with the hit pieces on Trump. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT FAKENEWS I WOULD TAKE POTUS OVER A WEAK TWOFACED SOCKBOY PEOPLEKIND TRAITOR CTV is staffed by very stupid presstitutes or they think their viewers are retards. Either way the proverbial iceberg will sink CTV. Which is very good.

Thx for the info Pravda. This Canadian is not one of your sheep, Trump best president ever. Always remember... Hmmmm it's almost like your being PAYED to deflect from Justin the dictator... Oh right I forgot...YOU ARE. BoughtAndPaidMediaWhores cowardofthecottage TrudeauLiedPeopleDied As a Canadian I stand with Trump

Where’s Canadians impressions of PM groundhog? That’s 3 words. I'd trade him in a second for trulander, and I'd throw in the sewage pit canadian media for free. cowardofthecottage That is how Fascism and Dictatorship happen. Not through the will and strength of the mythical Strongmen, but through the utter lack of any moral conviction in the throngs of the weak and cowardly

It’s obvious most of eastern Canada, are not capable of choosing a leader. Canadians should focus on Canada................................... 'An “F“ from Oxford study to Canada’s response to Covid19' PandemicPatty TooLateTam Canadians aren’t haters like fake news CTV likes to claim . Many Canadians see the MSM as the dividers they truly are.

Yep! Canada could end tomorrow, and the USA would be effected very little. We need them far more than they need us. Try some real journalism you liberal schills. Curious when you're going to ask Trudeau about all the people he's killed and going to die because of his mismanagement of this crisis? cdnpoli

CTV, you’re beginning to sound as bad as CBC. Is Canadian news too boring for you? 🙄 Don’t group us all into that category, you don’t speak for all Canadians....id trade Justin in a nanosecond We see what you're doing media and smart people and non liberals won't fall it. Once again paid state media is making Orange Man Bad to keep Canadians angry and deflect from the cowardofthecottage failures No mention that 3M was price gouging for cash I'm still in Texas; week 4 of self quarantine. We have drive up testing with results text with 24 hrs

Fake news. Disgusting. How about a focus on Lavscam or any Canadian factual news? Nice click bait. Its what the bought and paid for shills are reduced to. Our leader is a complete embarrassment. If only “Canadians” would scrutinize their own government with the same honesty Only thing worst than an American trump supporter is a Canadian one.

CTV News working hard to deflect from where the blame should be: Trudeau He failed to prepare CDNs since January. No PPEs, N95s, face shields, No recommendation: masks No closing borders His media now trying to blame Trump for OUR OWN incompetence Canadians are bombarded with fake news from the bought and paid for liberal main stream media. Or Canadians are just suckers. 🍭

By any metric US has double the COVID problem Canada does and Trudeau did mishandle the crisis badly at the onset. Trump is an unmitigated shit show. All trolls extolling his virtues are invited to NY City for a COVID party. Pack up folks! Destiny awaits! Canadians reaction... My impressions would be America: Trump, Strong, Leader

Lets call back all canadian doctors and nurses back to canada if americans dont want to give masks or ppes CrapTV Check your wallet CanadianPM Direct wording of America towards Canadian: Propaganda and more hate. Just what the world needs Thanks for nothing CTV propaganda hate mill. What Canadians are you talking to

Now do Trudeau Even 30 times the deaths than Canada (which is 1/10th the size and physically attached to the US) is not enough to convince Trump's People's Temple that they are on the wrong side of history. Scary to hear so many live here too. Impression of CTV...Fake News LaurentianNews Total fake news from bought and paid for press by TrudeauMustGo American view of Canada; Trudeau, weakness. Marxist/Socialist, drama teacher over his head CTVNationalNews CBCNews

Came here to see the Canadiantrumpians come out to defend the numskull, you would think they would pack up and move there, oh wait health care! Weird... I'd use the words Patriots, Freedom and GRATITUDE. If it weren't for the US we'd be fckin Chinese you dumbcnts. Of course you'll receive those responses if you only ask Libtards that hate the 'Orange Man'. Why don't you survey people with some intelligence?

I like the way PM Trudeau is looking at Trump...I’m sure he’s asking himself how...how on earth is this orange numb skull responsible for a country That because fake news such as yourself are a huge factor in influencing the public. This is not news, and it’s organizations like yours that create chaos for him.

Only thing worst than an American trump support is a Canadian one. Canadians Impression of Trudeau in a word: Pedo, Castro, Traitor, in that order. Trudeau is the worlds idiot. Ctv becoming more like propaganda everyday. Americans' impression of Canada, in a word: Trudeau, punk, failure, in that order. He makes for a good excuse for people looking to justify their own extremely low standards The people I know are far more concerned about our own governments incompetence than they are foreign leaders though

fakenews You guys are complicit. CTV reports more on trump than JT, wonder why, oh ya trump can’t fire them. I have not heard or read a critical story by our msm of Justin since I can't remember when. Even Churchill in ww2 had newspaper critics. You forgot ignorance Dumb as a door 😂😂😂😂😂 Now do Canadians impressions of Trudeau

Yah, okay... I love President Trump!! Jussie , incompetent, corrupt. CTV and Canadian media are engineering negative narrative on Trump not Canadians to keep attention off an incompetent trudeau WHAT ABOUT THE TRUDEAU CIRCUS YOU CLOWNS Just stopping in to laugh at triggered Cons...😂 Is this the best story you can come up with after you got 100 million from the liberals?

Canadian impression of Canada, in a word: Trudeau, PM, feckless, in that order. cowardofthecottage You mean corrupt CTV’s manufactured narrative of our impressions. Fack Trash Media. You want chaos, look no further than our Slack-Jaw PM who’s still in hiding, aided by Enemedia. Three words: Focus on Canada

Not my impression. But I don't glean my opinions from fake news. I'll form my own conclusions, thanks anyway. You slapheads can believe whatever you wish. Media, Democrat, lies, hysteria, FAKE NEWS Bullshit, Canadas Terrible Viewership network making more fake news every day. Not this Canadian. Trump, MAGA, Trudeau/Canada sucks by comparison.

that's funny...………. Oh CTVnews you are being way to kind...look up the open letter to Trump by MoetleyCruee ... Remember that time Trudeau was the back stabbing high school girl on the world stage...pay back is upon us You only interviewed those who only watch CNN and CTV. Both fake news. I would take trump every day of the week over our current piece of shit prime minister.

Canadians' impressions of CTV in two words: Fake News Yes because Trump embodies everything that is GREAT about America. Loud, proud, unapologetic, and a winner. Yet a plane full of maskless Chinese are on their way to Vancouver right now, no temps take, no responsibility accounted for. CTV state media lol

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U.S. official who dealt with whistleblower complaint ‘disappointed’ after Trump fired himMichael Atkinson is at least the seventh intelligence official to be fired, ousted or moved aside since last summer. Surprise! Who cares

Oil demand shredded by coronavirus pandemic threatens shut-ins all over the world‘It’s going to be Russia, the U.S., Canada and parts of Latin America where you see the real damage’

Morning Update: First Nations grapple with confirmed COVID-19 casesThe Globe and Mail's Canadian coverage. Get the latest national news featuring Canadian events, politics and perspectives. Though this was top new. We already know that this spreads from people to people. Wash your hands and self isolate . I'm sure the government will be giving you guy extra money when this is done. They are kind of busy right now

240K Canadians Apply For Emergency Relief Benefit Within 1st Few HoursThose of us with later birthdays can apply in the coming days

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The weakest corporate pension plans now have even bigger problemsThe weakest corporate pension plans now have even bigger problems GlobeBusiness