Canadians flocking to food rescue apps to reduce grocery bills and waste

Canadians flocking to food rescue apps to reduce grocery bills and waste

2022-01-23 8:15:00 PM

Canadians flocking to food rescue apps to reduce grocery bills and waste

In light of inflation and supply chain woes, Canadians are using 'food rescue apps' to reduce grocery bills and waste.

Users of apps like Too Good To Go, Flashfood, Feedback and Olio say they have paid anywhere from $3 to $10 for prepared lunches or dinners, a week's worth of vegetables and fruit, several loaves of bread, pastry boxes and even, entire pizzas or cakes.

The app, which is used by supermarket conglomerate Loblaw Corp., was started by Toronto entrepreneur Josh Domingues in 2016, after his chef sister threw out $4,000 of food following a catered event.But those methods still leave grocers responsible for a quarter of the country's food waste, so Flashfood targeted that portion exclusively, said Tribe. (The app does not divert food from charities, he added.)

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Canadians flocking to food rescue apps to reduce grocery bills and wasteSeveral apps look to connect deal-seekers with restaurants and grocers eager to keep aging food still fit for consumption out of the trash in exchange for a small fee Id love to write an article for you

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