Canadians eager for post-COVID-19 ‘normal’, but mixed on how to get there: poll - National |

2022-01-29 12:00:00 PM

The poll suggests one in five Canadians are not sure if they will ever feel comfortable living without masks or vaccine mandates.

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The poll suggests one in five Canadians are not sure if they will ever feel comfortable living without masks or vaccine mandates.

The Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News found two-thirds of Canadians say governments aren't doing enough to get the country back to normal.

COVID-19“Even though we’re saying that we want to get back to something that resembles a normal life, we’re still pretty tentative,” said Darrell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs.Omicron COVID-19 cases appear to have peaked — but ‘prudence’ still vital: Tam

“I would say that where (Canadians) are right now is on fairly thin ice,” Bricker said. “They feel like the ice is thickening up a bit, but still not enough to just kind of run out there into the middle of the lake.”1:35The number rose to 83 per cent among older Canadians aged 55 and up, with 60 per cent or more of younger age groups agreeing.


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Each to their own choice ,masks are here to stay many phobes ! Why dont u tell the real truth ! All I’m asking is to be given the option to choose if I want to wear a mask or not. How can a poll be done when we don’t have the option to choose? Would this not corrupt the data of the poll due to government mandating mask wearing, hence instilling fear into the populace.

Brainwashed people masks don’t work can you breath through them then a virus can get in you’d have to be in a hermetically sealed suite to not let a virus in hello wake up and smell the coffee Sounds like a fringe minority to me FYI masks don't work unless they are the medical grade, respirator type. And the vast majority can't afford it nor can they access it. Just get the vaccine, end of story.

Another rigged poll that will be used to shape a narrative that does not exist nor will be agreed with by the majority of society. We have to get back to normal, if you don't want to get a vaccine I am not going to suffer with a mask on for you. Mass Psychosis Stockholme Syndrom Have you guys completely lost your minds

The fringe minority who are scared to live without fear These people are the reason they are allowed to do what they are doing soooo why are they defacing that statue ?

COVID-19 severe illness trends still rising in most of Canada: Tam - National | Globalnews.caEven though the average daily COVID -19 case count across Canada is down 30 per cent compared to last week, it's not an accurate reflection of the state of the pandemic, Tam says. In BC, it's the double triple injected who are the majority in hospital. So much for the CCP style pass system. Clearly the jabbed are spreaders! Thanks for spreading airborne Covid through vaccines. How many have died ? 17 year old died from vaccine a few days ago, isn’t one enough ? TORTE NEGLIGENCE, MALPRACTICE ! BE HUMANE NOT INSANE ! End all vaccine passports and join the growing trend around the world!!!

I didn't get to cast my vote, so this doesn't speak for all Canadians! I vote No masks. Ever. Again. That 20% should have the right to wear a mask and take as many vaccines as they want, as well should the other 80% have the right to choose what they think is best for them. I call bullshit One in five are a small fringe minority of people holding unacceptable views.

Perfect less ppl in my way So 1 in 5 hmm ( must be referring to children who dont have any say in it) a mere fringe minority then. Unlike the masses of truckers and supporters who have brought their `10` trucks to Ottawa haha....looks like a few zeros have been left off of that figure eh. There is no hope for the 20%, I suggest they should keep themselves locked up for the rest of their lives, I se no problem with that

More “news” from Global.. lol.. gigs up. It should be a choice, if they feel comfortable wearing them then do, if you are sick use it, otherwise for a healthy individual I don’t see the point freedomofchoice 1 in 5 can wear masks.forever if they choose and the rest of us can go back to normal

Trudeau isolating after COVID-19 exposure, says rapid test was negative - National | Globalnews.caThere have been a number of cases of COVID -19 among political staffers, MPs and ministers over the past month as the highly contagious Omicron variant continues to spread. Freedom Convoy about to hit Ottawa and he’s going on « isolation ». WOW. Triple vaxed yet afraid to leave his house. CowardOfTheCottage Plz explain why they are still pushing boosters on us when most had omicron( head cold/flu). We have natural immunity plus 2 shots! We shouldn't even be wearing masks anymore. Ask our leaders this question.

Your polls are a lie and a joke, nobody believes them and been set up to sway peoples thoughts to your agenda. Your coverage of Tyranny is over. The journalist that speaks the TRUTH will prevail. Support THE PEOPLE, SUPPORT THE FREEDOM CONVOY 2022. GOD BLESS ALL It's time to ditch the masks. Let the individual decide.

Sorry global news but you spelt that wrong, it's spelt 'poll suggests that government propaganda and brainwashing is successful in one out of five canadians' there ya go, that one's free 👍 Good damn small minority of 80% would live with our mask and mandates. One in five media posts illicit an emotional response so they can get ad revenue

That means 4 in 5 Canadians are ready to move forward with their lives. If the 1 in 5 are scared they should stay home. We need to get this show on the road. Life is too short for this shit! Sooo you’re saying 4/5 Canadians want you to fuck off? Harm of bad policy? One in 5 Canadians can continue to wear masks, not travel, not see friends and sanitize hands aftet touching a door knob The rest of us want to get back to normal pre-2020 life End VaccinePassports End MaskMandates Lift All COVID19 restrictions Reopen Canada cdnpoli

You should do a poll on how many people are tried of hearing media lies and misinformation!!

Some provinces begin easing COVID-19 restrictions as hospitalizations stabilize - National | Globalnews.caSeveral Canadian provinces are revisiting COVID -19 protocols to ease restrictions as hospitalizations continue to show signs of stabilizing. Very much Bullshit with this co vid program Get Back to Work

I’m embarrassed to be Canadian … never thought I would say that but the majority of our country are complicit and weak … it’s sad A Twitter poll would gather a larger volume of responses to this question- and likely a different result. Why are pollsters conducting these surveys, when Global news could simply ask its followers to respond to these questions online?

Wow…80% are ok with it! Great news! Global News is clickbait the poll suggest FOUR OUT OF FIVE CANADIANS ARE AGAINST MASK MANDATES! Please stop with these polls Why not comfortable without vaccine mandates? sounds like one in five canadians can get shots and wear masks for the rest of their lives, nobody's stopping them

I think quebec has enough room for every 1 out of 5. Voulez vous avec masque failedfrench Ever? How old is that percentage 95? I ain’t living my life with a mask let’s be real

COVID-19 pill will be available to thousands in Britain in February - National | Globalnews.caPfizer’s antiviral treatment Paxlovid has been shown to reduce hospitalization and risk of death by 88 per cent, Britain's health ministry said. Science works, bitches! Could just be me, but I read 'pfizrs new treatment could make them billions more once they scare everyone into needing more drugs...!'

it's called being TRAUMATIZED and you did that to them, as did CBC and CTV and of course, the PM and his witch medical officer sidekick. Now that is truly funny🤣😂🤣 Hahaha! OMG! 🙄 Do you actually believe your own bullshit or is it just paid content for you? I have worn my mask ever since we were requested to do so by the BC government. I went and received two Pfizer vaccinations and the Booster shot. Today I was diagnosed positive with Covid! I am an 82year old widow and have done everything that the government said I should do.

They can wear them no one will stop them . This is personal choice , thats the whole idea. Just like vaccines must be choice. what? you have to got to be kidding me? there is no way people could have lost their minds to that extent! I am 100% willing to try You can thank the media fear machine for that. Glad only 20% are that brain dead.

Poll suggests 1 in 5 Canadians are neurotic as fuck. What Canadians are asked?

Omicron COVID-19 cases appear to have peaked — but ‘prudence’ still vital: Tam | Globalnews.caCanada's top doctor says she's waiting the Omicron wave to end for more data about levels of immunity and the impact on hospitalizations. Why the black out of the truckers rally? I suppose your pharmaceutical overlords would not approve See needs to be stripped of her job and left out in the cold. But there’s a new Convoy variant that your daddy Trudeau was exposed to, and needs to self isolate even after 3 shots? When will he get his 4th does to protect the people around him?

What poll I wasn’t asked. I just checked with everybody I know and they weren’t asked either and I know a lot of people Well they can continue to wear the mask and stay home while the rest of us continue 4 out of 5 Canadians are totally sure they’d feel comfortable living without masks or vaccine mandates

Theyre worried their vaccines dont work to protect them, then. All the more reason for no more mandates. Do these people listen to themselves? Absolutely pathetic, they can bunker themselves in their bomb shelters while others move on Sounds like a fringe minority with unacceptable views to me. Then they should move. Paranoia doesn’t suspend the charter !

GlobalCalgary Leave the sheep in their basements, scared. it sure would be a different story if this had been about abortion eh?! There are no laws/mandates saying you can’t wear a mask or get the vaccine - But I don’t want to wear a mask or be forced to get a vaccine/booster that I don’t want = FREEDOM to choose

Action launched against 3 more Toronto doctors for COVID-19 misconduct | Globalnews.caAn investigation has been launched into a Toronto doctor and two more have had further restrictions imposed on their licences due to alleged COVID -19-related misconduct. How is it misconduct if it saves lives? WAKE UP PEOPLE! Providing false exemptions aside did they cause anyone to become sick with ivermectin? AM980News Sad. Canada is short on doctors as it is. This isn’t a free country

masksofffeb1 How many Canadians are willing to tolerate permanent emergency measure dictated and the erasure of our parlimentry process and severely weakened charter of rights and freedoms. I know the sole surviving co-author of our Canadian charter of rights and freedoms thinks otherwise. This is a glaring example of the mental health issues the restrictions, and the government and media messaging has created. Shame on you all.

How can you actually state such utter garbage? Are you seriously paid to say this? What was the exact question/questions asked? How was the poll done and how many were polled? So 4 out of 5 would feel comfortable without masks? Why don’t you use these figures? After 2 years of abuse. They act like victims. Sad. But not surprising.

Totally JustinTrudeau's base! They can isolate indefinitely at cottage. He can entertain them daily with fearful reports of mask-less, unvaccinated mobs spreading disease. TruckersForFreedom2022 Well, take a bow Global, You had a hand in that. If it's true. Which it probably isn't. One in five Canadians also has herpes. This is no coincidence.

Perfect. Step aside weenies and let me eat your lunch.

I don’t believe your polls. People's opinions on this stuff are overly influenced on how they internally construct the entire thing as a left-right battle of the political spectrum. Sorry Tories but the science wouldn't be any different if our voting choices were different, that's not how it works :P Those people need to seek mental health assistance for their agoraphobia and germaphobia

Let them stay at home and wear their masks then. Their choice. Easy, done. Let's move o People will adapt just as they did when we needed to wear masks. We didn’t have antivirals and rapid tests when the pandemic started and best practices to protect vulnerable. The fear narrative ending would help, but media and Trudeau don’t want to let it go.

GlobalCalgary Happy New CANADA DAY!!!!!! The name “Canada” likely comes from the Huron-Iroquois word “kanata,” meaning “village” or “settlement. FreedomConvoyCanada !!!! NoVaccineMandates Then they can wear a mask amd get as many vaccines as they want to pay for and the rest carry on with life. So, the 80% wins, yay!🤯🥳🥳

WEll let them if they want to. ME I'm different. I would love to be done with this pandemic. That still has not been aswered for yet!!!!!!

Sounds like the other 4/5 want no mandates or masks… not such a “fringe minority” I guess. Maybe you should fix your headline… Here’s the good news, that 1/5; they’re welcome to mask and vax all they want. But let’s have the other 4/5 go back to normal. Wear your mask if that’s what you want! Allow others to go without if that’s what they choose. If you are protected, what’s your problem!

They like working from home. So 4 out of 5 people are ready to move on? They can wear 3 masks if they want. Don’t mandate us to do the same. It’s call freedom of choice! Oh for gawd sake! Poor things! Wear a stinking mask for the rest of your life if you want! Your choice. Now give me back MY choice! The fact the govt has made people so afraid they are begging for restrictions… it’s the beginning of tyranny!!

It's very simple. They can wear their masks and we won't. That is called choice. Then they can wear them forever This is an outright lie and another attempt of manipulation through the controlled media. I work with almost 150 people and talk/interact with each of them at least once on a weekly basis. Every one of them has said we need to drop these mandates and masks.

I for one can’t wait to get rid of my mask, so done with all of this only 1 in 5 are your loyal lemmings? you gotta try harder. goebbels would be disappointed with you They can hide in their homes or go live in the woods So much for a 'fringe minority' Fak them Polls who has time to do them that's as accurate as Trudy lol

Ok, the one in five can wear masks, hide in caves or do whatever they want with their bodies. The rest of us just want to move on with our lives without mandates, 'vaccine' passports or imposition of any kind. And who’s fault is that? Looking at you Global, CBC, CTV, etc. FYI, if they want to wear masks they can, if they want to have their 50th booster they can. Nothings stopping them.

Bullshit! You word it in the most liberal way possible because you know they won’t understand that only 20% want to be submissive to the government. Why not say 4/5 people think the shenanigans are pointless? Oh yeah, left wing media.

One in Five need mental help, they may never recover, but they can still wear the mask and have all you can jab vaccinés freely !!! 1 in 5 is hardly “mixed” Or: 4 in 5 Canadians feel comfortable lifting all mandates and restrictions. The media will support whoever fills their pocketbooks, big pharma & the feds. It should be important to remember who's controlling them. Groups like World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, The Blackrock group and others. It's basically public knowledge.

Lol That means 80% will. You’re on the wrong side of the story. Those people never felt comfortable in society So… 4 in 5 don’t So.. 4/5 are fine with it… This is what you’ve done. You, the CBC, CTV. From day 1, you’ve done nothing but fear monger. Some saw through your bs from the start. Some have only recently decided that enough is enough and are fighting back. But many have been deeply scarred. I hope u are proud of yourselves.

So...fringe minority? Let them stay home They don't represent the majority. They represent the misogynist liberals and racists The protest in Ottawa proves this poll is a lie. Nice try Global, sit back with CBC and watch your ratings plummet. Cool, since Canadians have social healthcare then it won't be a problem to get their PTSD treated

Dam!! I can't wait to burn mine and I'll buy a full box and burn that to... Fuck the masks 😷.... We’ll fuck the one in 5 they can wear their masks we don’t want to anymore “The Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News” ok sure show us the results Poll suggest 4 of 5 Canadians are ready to move on

I think this small fringe minority of people should stay in their homes while the rest of us return to living like normal people. After two years of government sponsored hysteria, 20% are so radicalized they need therapy before they can walk in a shopping mall. Pretty fringe. Fake news JustinTrudeau fringe minority

That's cool . Easy peasy masky if you pleasy That means 4 outta 5 Canadians are gonna be comfortable living with out them … 🤦‍♂️🤡 Hey perfect those 20% can wear masks forever and the rest of us will move on. So 4 out of 5 Canadians will have to cater to that 1? GlobalEdmonton One in five? That’s not newsworthy.

You, the mainstream media is responsible for pumping fear into normies for 2 years straight.

Bullshit Bulllllllshit! What poll. I didn’t vote. We’re the “experts” in available? Or are the words “poll” and “experts” interchangeable now? Fake news… In my world people can’t wait to get rid of the masks not sure who you’re polling! Masks are good if used when needed and not use it when unnecessary. Same one out of five who’s life goal are now living off of Covid subsidies? 🤔 DoneWithCovid

GlobalCalgary I am. Too bad. Get serious. Throw the poll right here right now! And show the results! That poll could also read 1 in 5 Canadians need to investigate their source of fear beyond what tax payer funded 'trusted media' tells them.

Extremely disappointed with your coverage on the Convoy, Global! These people are standing up for your constitutional rights and freedoms too... at the very least learn how to add properly “4 out of 5 Canadians will feel great when mask and vaccine mandates are over” There’s the correct headline for you. You guys are a big part of the problem. Fearmongerers! TruckersForFreedom2022

Who the heck did they poll? Who wouldn’t want to be free of masks and mandates? OhCanadaLady MISINFORMATION. reported. Good go live the rest of your life in the basement Unbelievable stupidity 🥴 Yup LOL One in five can stay home. I don’t want man-dates either. If people choose to wear a mask for the rest of their lives, that's not an issue to me and should not be an issue for anyone. That's their choice. The keyword here being CHOICE!.

1 in 5 of a 1,000 person study. Obviously that low number represents all Canadians. I always fear when I get into the Leviathan, that it's going to break and I'm going to fall down! Its their choice and we need to respect that. There's a massive protest happening right now CTV fake propaganda news. MASSIVE SMALL MINORITY!! FREEDOM, ALL ILLEGAL MANDATES WILL END IN THIS ENDEMIC FLURONA SEASON!!!

Sounds like more bs from the media to feed the narrative Wake up people. Don't listen to this drivel on corporate media propaganda Networks. They are lying to you they're keeping you locked up and it's time to start waking up. I will never forget the fear based narrative that you spewed while people looked for answers. SHAMEFUL.

BS 1000 people polled is not a consensus. It's anecdotal at best. This can also read “80% of Canadians are comfortable living without masks or vaccine mandates”. Interesting you had to spin the way you did. fakenews Keyword suggest. Kinda like liberal modeling hahah global news is spiraling into fringe status

Because they are brain washed The scaredy cats can all fuck off and live on an ice flow together as communal hipsters forever. Translation: Most Canadians are ready to move on without masks and mandates The level of selfishness, ignorance and entitlement displayed in the tweets to this article is embarrassing. I thought my fellow Canadians were better than this.

mental illness That means 4 out of 5 want us to get back to normal. Stop reporting the negative side of every story. This is why people don’t like legacy media. 🙄 Oh well they can keep wearing a mask. Doesn’t mean everyone else has to BreakingNews Poll suggests an astounding 80% of Canadians are comfortable tossing out their masks and the vaccine mandates. Honest, more accurate/positive headlines make a difference. MSM does nothing but FEAR MONGER TruckersForFreedom2022

This level of anxiety has been completely conditioned by media Studies have clearly shown depression and anxiety have dramatically increased over the past 2 years. MentalHealthMatters TruckersForFreedom2022 Thanks media! Thaen they can just wear one. Simply. No judgement. Everyone's happy That’s what I can a small minority of people 😂

Or alternatively, 80% of Canadians are ready to move on? JFC… 🤦🏻‍♂️ I am ashamed of ‘one in five Canadians’. Spanish flu was worse and somehow, they got over it. I guess that is why we call them the greatest generation. End all restrictions now. Those people have mental illness. TruckersForFreedom2022

Let them. Let me do what I want. This isn't complicated. Let the one in five wear masks forever. It should be a choice. Let's move in with our lives and if you are sick or have symptoms stay the F**k home. It's easy 🤦🏻‍♂️ Let the ppl make that choice. If a business wants to open with no restrictions they should be allowed. Those who only want 2 vaxxed 3 boosted to come in to their business should be allowed to make that choice. freedom of choice!

People who love wearing a mask while inhaling to much of their own carbon dioxide turn out like this 👇 Sounds like a small fringe minority with unacceptable views to me... No Mans Dates… 🤔 Dont go around licking people/door handles, breathing in peoples faces, and wash your damn hands... personal space is a thing..

Is telling the truth? Let's see by way of this poll. Will you ever be comfortable living without masks and vaccine mandates? I don’t know where you come up with those numbers, but let’s ask the people on Twitter. So 4/5 want it over now. Good Fringe minority

I assume the poll was taken in Toronto . It's a fact that single dog can herd a flock of more than 100 sheep . And… You surveyed just “over a 1000” Canadians….not a good sample size to make the claim that “1 in 5 Canadians will continue to wear a mask”….just stop. 1 in 5 Canadians are brainwashed from the relentless media lies around c v 19, how many times did you completely change your story ? Atleast 30

Well that fringe minority can surely wear all the masks they want but it’s time to get back to some normalcy. Freedom spoken from those in the free-est land on the planet. Canada has done much better than all but a couple of countries in its handling of Covid-19. Move to UK or USA with 3 times as many deaths per million When does the press mention how well we are doing compared to others

I HATE MASKS and I hate seeing our kids in them more! I don’t want to wear a mask . And will risk getting sick not wearing one . Excellent. It will give us a purpose for all the quarantine camps that were built. Put the 20% in the camps where they will feel safe and secure, and the rest of us will go back to our f$!&ing lives.

They can go hide under their beds with thier bedazzled masks on but we are going back to living free if you like it or not. TruckersForFreedom TruckersForFreedom2022 live life as a coward You can rephrase it as: nearly 80% of Canadians feel want to live without mandates. Fake news A small fringe group of Canadians? The Polls keep getting taken down when it doesn’t fit there narrative.🤡 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 🤣🤣🤣🤣bullshjt FreeDUMB is fascist ideology. This is universally rejected by Good Canadians.🇨🇦

Well fortunately there are countries in the world they can flee to. China. Glad to say I am not one of those 1 in 5 I want the whole mask mandate gone! So sick of worrying about a damn mask so sick of breathing right back into my face, so sick of sweating and itching under the fucking mask! It’s time for them to go! The rest i don’t care either way!

Bullshit I'm one of those Canadians. If it weren't for idiots life wouldn't have to be like this. But yet they continue to let this virus continue to morph. I’ll bet they’re also believers that climate change is going to kil them. And 4 out of 5 think there fucked What of those who died from getting vaccinated ?Does anyone care ! Are they not human too ? BE HUMANE NOT INSANE !FREEDOM FORM GOVERNMENT TORTE NEGLIGENCE NOW ! FreedomConvoy22 JustinTrudeau fordnation JimWatsonOttawa CdnHumanRights IWO_org WSIB wsiat CMA_Docs ONgov

It's a minority and no one cares according to our PM. So? Yes, and we need to leave these people behind. Those are unacceptable views, I feel 110% comfortable. And it starts Today! What were they doing before? Have they never left the house during their entire existence ?

I sincerely feel bad for the 20%. The government and media have been scaring the shit out of them everyday for 2 years straight. Many of them have children so just imagine what's been projected onto them. Who's ging to try and make this right? I could do without mandates but have found that helped with seasonal illnesses like colds and the flu.

Fear, manipulation and control. Wake up Canada! This poll = only 1000 people across the entire country? How about just doing a Twitter poll instead lol. Step aside… the rest of us have lives and relationships to rebuild. 1 in 5. Sounds like a small fringe group. Majority rules. That's a win for the rest of Canadians. Those 20% can wear their masks and get jabbed as many times as they see fit. Let the rest of us move on and live our lifes.

Then they can stay home and let everybody else who does feel safe go back to living So they can seek help for their anxiety, let the rest of us 80 percent move on with our lives FFS Wow! 2 years of this and only 20% have been brainwashed Surely we can do better!! More mandates!! More passports!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 one of them is probably you….😂😂😂I am out.

BS...we DO NOT ACCEPT experimental vaccine and unhealthy masks! This a new lies from media stream, Everyone that I know where I go feel comfortable with that and more this is not important anymore! Shocked? Nope Or as an alternative. 80 percent of Canadians want an end to mandates Ever? Wow A small minority, they're outnumbered

Copy article link Copy link Canadians are eager to return to some version of “normal” after two years of living through the COVID-19 pandemic, but a new poll finds mixed opinions on how to achieve that.COVID-19 case count across the country is down 30 per cent compared to last week, it’s not an accurate reflection of the state of the pandemic.Trudeau had also said last month he was self-monitoring for potential symptoms after staff and members of his security detail tested positive.COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to show signs of stabilizing.

The Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News did find some consensus, with two-thirds of Canadians saying governments aren’t doing enough to get the country back to normal — even if they can’t agree what politicians should be doing. “Even though we’re saying that we want to get back to something that resembles a normal life, we’re still pretty tentative,” said Darrell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs. Theresa Tam says targeted testing policies and reduced testing continue to underestimate the number of true infections, noting severe illness trends are still rising in most jurisdictions and hospitalization rates are increasing across all age groups. “The thing that they’re really saying to us at the moment is they still believe that there is a significant risk out there, particularly with the Omicron variant. They were not asked specifically about Trudeau or any advice issued in that case.” Read more: Omicron COVID-19 cases appear to have peaked — but ‘prudence’ still vital: Tam Story continues below advertisement While one in five Canadians surveyed said they already feel like life is returning to normal, an equal number said they’re not sure if they will ever feel comfortable living without masks or vaccine mandates for businesses and workplaces. View link » Story continues below advertisement Health Minister Christian Dube says the government-run platform will help Quebec better track COVID-19 transmission in the community, given that publicly run PCR testing is reserved for people in high-risk groups. “I would say that where (Canadians) are right now is on fairly thin ice,” Bricker said. Trending Stories Police warn of ‘consequences’ for violence as trucker convoy nears Ottawa Story continues below advertisement Indoor dining at restaurants, with capacity limits, will also resume in New Brunswick starting Saturday, and students there are to return to in-person classes on Monday.

“They feel like the ice is thickening up a bit, but still not enough to just kind of run out there into the middle of the lake. Alberta recorded its second-highest rate of COVID-19 hospitalizations with 1,418, one day after an overall record of 1,443..” The poll, which surveyed over 1,000 Canadians across the country last weekend, comes as a convoy of truckers descends on Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates and other public health measures. Yet the results show a strong majority supports the underlying reasons for those mandates, with 71 per cent agreeing that “we need to slow the spread of Omicron to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed” — even if that prolongs restrictions. 1:35 COVID-19: Multiple indicators say cases have “peaked” in Canada, Tam says COVID-19: Multiple indicators say cases have “peaked” in Canada, Tam says The number rose to 83 per cent among older Canadians aged 55 and up, with 60 per cent or more of younger age groups agreeing. Trending Stories Organizer of GoFundMe campaign for trucker convoy withdraws $1M, company confirms Story continues below advertisement An even stronger majority — 81 per cent — said the top priority should be to ensure that hospital intensive care units are not overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients, rising to 87 per cent of older Canadians.

How to protect those hospitals appears to still be up for debate, with not even a majority of Canadians supporting mandatory vaccinations as a way to end the pandemic. The poll found just 38 per cent of those surveyed think mandatory vaccinations would be the best solution, while border closures and rapid tests in the workplace each garnered. 14 per cent support. Read more: Some provinces begin easing COVID-19 restrictions as hospitalizations stabilize Even fewer Canadians who answered the poll supported more extreme measures. Ten per cent said allowing COVID-19 to spread through the community would be most effective, while nine per cent said they would support penalties for unvaccinated people like Quebec’s proposed health tax.

Just eight per cent said all non-essential businesses should be shuttered to stop the spread of of the virus. “What we’re finding … is opinions that were pretty solid even six weeks ago are starting to get a lot more, I would say loose,” Bricker said. “The consensus that we had previously about what we should be doing in all of this is not as strong as it once was.” Story continues below advertisement The sentiment that governments aren’t doing enough to get the country back to normal was most strongly felt in Alberta, with 73 per cent of poll respondents there agreeing. 2:26 Ottawa ramps up security as ‘risky and significant’ protest convoys arrive Ottawa ramps up security as ‘risky and significant’ protest convoys arrive That compared to roughly 69 per cent in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia, with just over half of those surveyed in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces saying the same.

Bricker didn’t mention the trucker convoy, but suggested Saturday’s protest won’t be the last call on governments to address the growing fatigue and frustration over COVID-19 measures. “They’re really holding the governments to account, to try and find a way to get us back to normal,” he said. “And I think over the space of the next four weeks, we’re really going to start seeing some pushes on governments to start to make some moves.” Story continues below advertisement These are some of the findings of an Ipsos poll conducted between January 14 and 17, 2022, on behalf of Global News. For this survey, a sample of 1,001 Canadians aged 18+ was interviewed online via the Ipsos I-Say Panel and non-panel sources.

Quotas and weighting were employed to ensure that the sample’s composition reflects that of the Canadian population according to census parameters. The precision of Ipsos online polls is measured using a credibility interval. In this case, the poll is accurate to within ± 3.5 percentage points, 19 times out of 20, had all Canadians aged 18+ been polled. The credibility interval will be wider among subsets of the population.

All sample surveys and polls may be subject to other sources of error, including, but not limited to coverage error, and measurement error. .