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Canadian WHO official appears to dodge reporter’s questions about Taiwan in viral video

Canadian WHO official appears to dodge reporter’s questions about Taiwan in viral video

2020-03-30 12:36:00 AM

Canadian WHO official appears to dodge reporter’s questions about Taiwan in viral video

Taiwan is not a member state of the WHO , which is what prompted the reporter to ask if the organization would ‘reconsider Taiwan ’s membership’ in light of the coronavirus pandemic

Washington ExaminerA top official with the World Health Organization appeared to feign connection issues when a reporter asked about Taiwan and implied it was not a part of China.A reporter with Radio Television Hong Kong was interviewing senior WHO adviser Bruce Aylward, a Canadian doctor. Aylward seemed to redirect and divert questions about Taiwan during the interview that went viral on social media.

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‼️WOW‼️ Bruce Aylward/@WHO did an interview with HK's @rthk_news & when asked about #Taiwan he pretended not to hear the question. The journalist asks again & he hangs up!She calls back & he said "Well, we've already talked about China."

ENJOY+SHARE THE MADNESS! #CoronaVirus— 😷Hong Kong World City 🖐🏻☔️ (@HKWORLDCITY) March 28, 2020China claims sovereignty over the island, although Taiwan has its own government and refers to itself as the Republic of China. Taiwan is not a member state of the WHO, which is what prompted the reporter to ask if the organization would “reconsider Taiwan’s membership” in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Aylward stares into the camera and doesn’t answer the question before saying, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear your question,” he eventually said.“OK, let me repeat the question,” the reporter responds before Aylward immediately replies, “No, that’s OK. Let’s move to another one, then.”

The reporter continues to press and said she is “curious” about “Taiwan’s case.”No, that’s OK. Let’s move to another one, then Aylward then appears to glance down at his keypad before the video feed suddenly shuts down. The reporter decides to call him back and address the issue once more.

“I just want to see if you can comment a bit on how Taiwan has done so far in terms of containing the virus,” she asks.“Well, we’ve already talked about China,” Aylward responds. “And you know, when you look across all the different areas of China, they’ve actually all done quite a good job. So, with that, I’d like to thank you very much for inviting us to participate, and good luck as you go forward with the battle in Hong Kong.”

The Washington Examiner reached out to the WHO for comment but did not immediately receive a response. Read more: National Post »

Love4Alberta YES, thank you for not cucking for china! TaiwanCanHelp Makechinapay Shame on him Seems to me that Taiwan must have some “secret formula” to succeed that well... 🤗🤗 WHO appears to be China’s mouth piece. Do better! cdnpoli Disgusting Is that a chewed pen in his hand? When this pandemic is behind us, the WHO, the UN and the Communist Party of China have a lot to answer for.

Of course that d-bag ends up being Canadian... disgusting. doesn't even dare to say the word TAIWAN Appears to Appears? Yet another embarrassment for the WHO and Canada. Pathetic Old news . He thought Taiwan was a part of China! & He's with W.H.O. ! . Exactly , who . “Appears”. Journalism is such a joke today. Even National is for the global, the liberals, the Gov’t, the socialists. Not the average working person. Not pure freedom.

Good lord we have produced some real low life’s in this country. What a piece of 💩. He is only a WHO official, not a politician. Why can not he refuse to give comments about Taiwan? By the way, you guys have rights to dislike China, while he also has his own right to not offend China. That is the real freedom of speech, got it? Please don’t judge him. Thanks.

Mr Aylward, you just put shame on all Canadians. Other then traitor, I do not know any other word to describe you …. On another note NP please refrain calling W-H-O the Who. The Who was a british rock band, and shouldn't be linked to this dirty org. He has Yuan- virus! Wuhan Health Organisation. ‘appears’ to be a good choice of words if you are not watching or listening otherwise it should read ‘official dodges reporter’s...........’

Seems to along w/ this report where Dr. Tam stated 'We are a signatory to the international health regulations and we’ll be called to account if we do anything different.” - Jan. 29th. I am ashamed of this man. Appears? That’s like saying water appears in the ocean. WHO as corrupt as the UN Appears to. Hahahaha..

He acted like he had a gun pointed at his head, figuratively or literally. If he did not, then he may have been cooperating willingly in some way with a regime undertaking what may have been the worst crime against humanity in 50 years. Canada wants answers. 我愛台灣。 Taiwan isn’t China. WHO Damn thats embarrassing to know he was a canadian, better not show his face around canada wont be able to shut his computer off.

Appears? Are you high? He clearly does dodge questions and bends truth, and he’s an embarrassment to Canada. Yup.. very obvious WHO is pro China .😬 This is so sad for me as a canadian. Disturbing, that a Canadian top doctor is in CCP's pockets. Why does it matter? Quit politicizing this health crisis. What exactly changes if Taiwan has membership or they don't? They're still on all the conference calls, they still have access to all the same information... This is not the time to worry about politics.

WHO 🤡 Disgraceful! He needs to answer reporter’s question on Taiwan. Bruce Aylward is a bloody coward. Lies to avoid the question once then hangs up the next time. A bloody, whimpering, useless coward. And I'd tell that to his face, too. Wow! Speechless Dodge? It was like he conveniently had a TIA (transient ischemic attack) and blanked out when asked about Taiwan....... unbelievable.

MariaK46861456 What's his name? MariaK46861456 What a headline. Actually use to read this rag A puppet... shame - treachery - disgrace. Recall him He could have said ‘I am not in a position to comment on Taiwan’s international standing’ even though the truth is more than that: the world refuses to use a succes model because of polictics and people are dying.

National Post appears to almost get it right..... PLawrenceMP Quite straight forward. Taiwan is not a full member of the UN based on China’s objection. WHO is a UN Organization. Aylward is a UN employee. Does it has something to do with China by any chance? Let’s go with that Shame on Canada I would like to know if this video was edited.

He praised CCP regime he would like to be treated there if he got infected with C19. “Appears”? Is that reporting? 😂 Shut down the useless WHO. Politics in healthcare .... dirty business Appears? It was pretty obvious when he pretended not to hear the reporter and then proceeded to end the video. CBCNews JustinTrudeau realDonaldTrump Pay him for answer your question? He must be expensive.

🤮 Well of course, the WHO are in the pockets of the CCP A gutless Canadian, but a brave, card carrying Liberal. shameful WHO UN WHO UN are the globalist puppets of China & MiddleEast. Athena1944 APPEARS?!?! Chinese Communist Party propaganda organization, the WHO, refuses to acknowledge Taiwan. “Appears”? Are you kidding?

Traitor Or draw on it. Bad hygiene. Bought off and sold out to China. China lied, people died. Shills for China What a group we have as top political doctors in Canada, one says we are all racists, the other can't see evil right in front of his face. The global apparatchiks are terrified about upsetting their Chinese paymasters.

Liar n cheats. Appears? He turned off the transmission. 😂😂😂 Sir, don't touch your face.

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