Canadian intelligence assessments of Saddam's Iraq got it right, new paper says

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A new research paper says Canadian intelligence assessments on Iraq were generally accurate in the run-up to the U.S.-led invasion of 2003 -- unlike reports produced in Washington and London that were used to justify war.

Almost nothing has been said outside government circles about Canadian judgments that Saddam Hussein had no active weapons of mass destruction program, the paper says -- partly to avoid embarrassing American and British counterparts.

Barnes also drew on documents released by key federal agencies over the years -- though much classified material remains under wraps -- as well as interviews with 11 managers and analysts from the intelligence community who were involved in the assessments. It concluded any remaining chemical agents or ballistic missiles from prior to the 1991 Gulf War could only exist in very small quantities, and would likely no longer be useful because of poor storage conditions, Barnes writes.

The extensive sharing of intelligence meant that analysts in the Five Eyes alliance -- the U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand -- were largely working with the same body of information in trying to make sense of things. "The knowledge that many allied analysts shared similar reservations about the quality of the information on Iraq's WMDs gave Canadian analysts and managers greater confidence that they were on the right track," the paper says.Canadian Security Intelligence Service analysis of Iraq's mass-destruction capabilities tended to support the claims coming from Washington, Barnes found.

In contrast, National Defence analysts had extensive knowledge of these issues, gleaned from participation in the earlier UN inspections in Iraq and "intimate familiarity with the available intelligence over the previous decade." Chretien, skeptical of the U.S. rationale, took the position that Canada would support military action against Iraq if it were sanctioned by the UN Security Council.


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And Americans want to elect Biden who pushed hard for this war...

Didn’t we all know this already? Colin Powell integrity irreparably harmed!

Now do one on the Xi Jinping's CCP China who are the clear, present danger to the free world.

No Harper here kissing American ass

They wanted a war regardless of the intelligence. The issue was not about WMD's, it was about selling the Iraqi oil in a currency other than the dollar plus a geopolitical reshaping in the region.

It does not excuse the long standing corruption in Iraq

Yeah, the Mossad assessment was wrong. Oops.

Thats the last liberal PM that this country saw. Now we are stuck with a corrupt and ethical violator incompetent teacher that takes the taxpayers money to give it to his family members and relatives.

I’m glad we didn’t participate, we saved our soldiers from this senseless war. Liberals made a great decision.

How on earth was Jean Chretien trusted with anything more important than picking up lunch?

CSIS for the win

Further, would be Republican StephenHarper wanted Canada to sign up for that pointless exercise at the time. Thank goodness Jean Chretien was smarter than that. cdnpoli

Many average folks were certain that stupid Bush's 'weapons of mass destruction' line was bogus, no study required. The big American military hardware companies & the mercenary, I mean 'defence contractors' businesses needed to boost share prices.

One of the best things we ever did was stay out of that gross folly.

So now let’s trust Cdn Intel on Huawei.

Where are all those big guys anymore What a life 😢

So WMD was USpropaganda for oil and mines? For weakening middle eastern countries?

One of Jean Chretian's greatest moments keeping us out of that war as most of our allies dove in. This decision wasn't obvious. Also like to think QC opinion polls on the Iraq War had something to do with it. Credit to the Cdn. intelligence community for wanting more evidence.

I remember calling into Adler on 630CHED saying we don't have the moral authority to invade and it would destabilize the middle east and I was called all sorts of all things by the other call ins to the show. Toldjaso.



Thanks Jean.

Time to charge GeorgeWBush with WAR CRIMES everyone knows it was war for OIL

We i wonder if the Canadian intelligence assessment of the carbon tax is a lie? What say you.

So why did Chretien secretly offer troops to assist in the Iraq invasion?

uspoli cdnpoli pnpcbc UKpolitics auspol polcan eupol nzpol CTVpp Canadian intel was not better than the UK & the US. Jean Chrétien did not agree to color the intel for Bibi.

Thank goodness Chretien didn't allow our military to become war criminals

Apart from the White House and 10 Downing Street, I think everyone knew there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. One notable exception in Canada, of course, was Stephen Harper.

Doesn't really matter now! Thousands dead and millions homeless. Not adding the killings by Isis.

Any well read news junkie knew there wasn’t any weapons of mass destruction, it was a made up reason to invade Iraq. I was proud and happy with the Canadian government stand with the Iraq invasion.

Jean Chrétien stood firm against US and British pressure while Stephen Harper caved and advocated joining the war in Iraq.

davidfrum has blood on his hands

American Republican “warmongers”...😳😳 Fact...

And we have the orange duatang to prove it

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