Canada suggests non-essential Canadians leave Ukraine

2022-01-25 6:15:00 AM

Canada suggests non-essential Canadians leave Ukraine

Canada suggests non-essential Canadians leave Ukraine

As other countries begin to withdraw embassy and diplomatic staff from Ukraine over heightened concerns of a Russian invasion, Canada is suggesting any non-essential Canadians should leave.

government acknowledged that some embassy staff and their families were being withdrawn in response to the growing Russian threat.On Oct.Social Sharing.FARGO, N.

When asked whether Canada was planning to do the same earlier on Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was noncommittal.“We are following the situation in Ukraine extremely closely… There are many contingency plans in place,” Trudeau said.Canadian diplomats and family members posted to Havana, Cuba, have reported difficulties since 2017, including headaches, loss of memory, inability to concentrate, cognitive and vision problems, noise sensitivity, dizziness, nausea, sleep disturbances, mood changes and nosebleeds.“The safety of Canadian diplomats and their families is of course paramount, and we will continue to be there for Ukraine and ensure the safety of Canadians and Ukrainians.” Trudeau said that Canada would be making its decision around pulling out Canadian staff based on “safety on the ground” as it relates to Russia’s amassing of troops along the border.Several U.Citing security considerations and their policy to not discuss “operational details,” Global Affairs Canada did not comment on how many Canadian diplomats would have to be evacuated should the situation escalate further.border and the warmth of a sanctuary idling on the other side.

“Global Affairs Canada takes the safety and security of our personnel, their families, and our missions overseas very seriously.personnel who worked in Cuba have reported similar health issues, commonly known as Havana Syndrome.Global Affairs Canada works with its missions in the development of prudent contingency planning for any type of emergency situation, and continuously monitors the security situation at its missions abroad,” said spokesperson Patricia Skinner in an email.Heading into a three-day virtual cabinet retreat, Trudeau was also asked if the Canadian government was any closer to answering Ukraine’s calls for Canada to expand operation UNIFER, provide defensive weapons, and impose more sanctions on Russia.S.“I'm sure there will be more announcements to come,” the prime minister said.Asked how much longer Canada needs to weigh Ukraine’s other requests, Trudeau said it’s going to be a topic of discussion at cabinet meetings over the next few days.“There continues to be ongoing media coverage of unexplained health incidents experienced by U.Shand, of Deltona, Fla.

“This is something that matters deeply to us,” he said.Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole said that Canada should be providing military assistance “in any way our Ukrainian allies feel is helpful,” as well as further sanctions.government staff abroad, which has understandably generated concerns among Government of Canada employees around the world,” says the November note to Joly.“We need to send things that can help Ukraine stand up towards this aggression… If our Ukrainian allies need more, need things to actually repel an attack or save lives, we should provide what equipment we can,” O’Toole said in an interview on CTV News Channel’s Power Play.Asked whether he thinks it’s time for Canadian diplomats to leave, O’Toole said that if Global Affairs Canada cannot assure their safety, then Canada “should look at plans to make sure that we can help our staff on the ground, but also Canadians that may be at risk there.The RCMP and Canadian Security Intelligence Service have sent similar messages to their staff, the department says.” RELATED IMAGES view larger image A woman walks past a security guard at the British Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, Monday, Jan.S.

24, 2022.“In alignment with Global Affairs Canada protocols to respond to any unusual events affecting Canadian officials abroad, CSIS advised its employees accordingly,” said intelligence service spokeswoman Keira Lawson.Britain on Monday also announced it is withdrawing some diplomats and dependants from its embassy in Kyiv.The Foreign Office said the move was"in response to the growing threat from Russia.“For privacy and security reasons, we cannot comment on the specifics of the ongoing investigations, individual cases, nor on specific security measures,” she said." (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky).

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Does that mean operation hashtag isn’t working? Sh$& Such strong words from such a strong country... to leave Ukraine and stay in Russia. Can't they just hashtag it

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