Canada still needs to engage with China despite its human rights record, experts say | CBC Radio

Canada still needs to engage with China despite its human rights record, experts say | CBC Radio

2022-01-22 1:46:00 PM

Canada still needs to engage with China despite its human rights record, experts say | CBC Radio

Canadians with experience working in China say Ottawa must continue to engage with Beijing despite its ongoing concerns about the country’s human rights record at home — and new evidence of its efforts to coerce dissidents living abroad to return.

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chrishallcbc chrishallcbc Trudeau, do you agree that feminists have no right to exclude or intimidate men or discriminate against men, or make laws that do same? Do you agreed that feminists have no right to obstruct equal political representation for men? What is your position?CBCOttawa chrishallcbc Males are constantly abused by hateful feminists, practicing discrimination & insulting us by calling it equality. Men it's your right to SAY NO to feminists' hateful, abusive sex laws, child custody laws, affirmative actions laws, & bias, all discriminating clearly against men

chrishallcbc off course we do, Canada not perfect either but we try our best, we must work with everyone chrishallcbc Trudeau leave Melaine Joly at home she does nothing to enhance canada & you. We know you like blonds Less tension with no 🇨🇦 hostages to bias our response to a genocide-led regime! All Canadians should exit China! Be careful TeamCanadaPR!

China is involved in an active and on going genocide in Xinjiang . Its not a minor issue. 🇨🇦 🍁 🇨🇳 Why? If you can’t practice human rights in all your activities, don’t preach to others, at least. Los chinois trabajaron duro, no fue gratis,

If we can do so much for and with China, then we need to do as much, if not more for Cuba, we need to help facilitate the end of the embargo, Cuba, is proud and beautiful and the people are their greatest asset, we all stand by and watch the people suffer than blame themselves. Canadians lined up like it's 1914 against the Kaiser..... Sad

Canada still needs to engage with many countries despite Canada's human rights record, I don't understand the headline. That’s how China wants to play it right now, they’re flexing as their economy grows at the world’s expense. No. It’s going to take at least a generation for trust to be reestablished w China. Probably the ending of the CCP.

F China 🖕 Wish the media and politicians cared about Canada's Human Rights abuses as much as they do other countries. NativeRights are HumanRights Why do we have to have a relationship with them? Just because they get a huge market? But if they are Nazi? There are no two countries. There is China a country and there is an American puppet called Canada.

Boycott the Olympics! The Globalist “Little Potato” may not be so envious these days littlepotato TrudeauMustGo Canada need to work with China to embrace the futureca/chi/_ future chrishallcbc Financially, China owns major cities such Vancouver...localities just work for their fortunes as they wake up and commute couple of hours per day. Smart financial strategy by China, yes we are dependent on them with other trades as well so we need to engage.

chrishallcbc I think you meant to say: 'Relations between the two countries remain tense — even after China's release of Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, two *Canadian spies* ... Canada's detention of Chinese business executive Meng Wangzhou on *an illegal* U.S. extradition warrant.' chrishallcbc Canada's human rights record should definitely make other countries hesitant, I agree

chrishallcbc Of course, we can’t live without costcocanada or Walmart chrishallcbc Are we talking about the human rights record of Canada or China? Canada is owned and operated by China. Wake the hell up!! Headline 1938: “Great Britain still needs to engage with Germany despite its human rights record”, appeasers say.

canada does have a pretty shady human rights record. hopefully china can look past that.