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Canada schools debate removing common cold symptoms from coronavirus checklist

“Kids get sick from a lot of stuff and it’s probably impossible to keep all symptomatic kids out of the system indefinitely.'

2020-09-25 2:35:00 PM

“Kids get sick from a lot of stuff and it’s probably impossible to keep all symptomatic kids out of the system indefinitely.'

The long checklist of symptoms that Canadian schools and daycare centers use to screen children has emerged as a major point of contention for parents

This week, British Columbia removed a number of common cold symptoms from its checklist, including runny noses and sore throats, saying those symptoms in isolation should not keep kids at home.Read more:Epidemiologists supported the move, and Ontario and Manitoba are now reconsidering their stay-home checklists. Doctors were less sanguine.

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[Sign up for our Health IQ newsletter for the latest coronavirus updates]“I’m sort of surprised they’d be doing this as COVID cases are going up,” said Dr Anna Banerji, a pediatric infectious disease specialist in Toronto.“A lot of kids that get COVID don’t have a fever or shortness of breath,” she said, pointing to symptoms still on British Columbia’s checklist. “I think you’re going to miss a lot of cases.”

Trending StoriesWearing a mask may reduce how sick you get from coronavirusNew COVID-19 infections have surged in Canada in recent days, with an average of 1,144 new cases reported daily over the past week, up sharply from a daily average of 380 in mid-August. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared that the second wave had arrived.

Story continues below advertisementThe surge, coupled with the reopening of schools for the new term, has led to long line-ups at testing centers in many major cities.Canada’s official opposition leader, Erin O’Toole, slammed Trudeau’s government last week after facing a long wait at an Ottawa testing center and called for rapid testing. He is now in isolation after his test came back positive.

3:24More concerns over exposures at BC schoolsMore concerns over exposures at BC schools“Sore throats and runny nose are symptoms of COVID-19, but they’re also symptoms of other well known viruses,” said Vancouver doctor Funmi Okunola, who is pushing for rapid home testing. “The only way we can tell the difference between the two is through testing.”

But home collection kits are still being reviewed by Health Canada, leaving daily symptom checklists as the best screening option for now, though epidemiologists said the kitchen-sink approach may not be realistic.Story continues below advertisement“Kids get sick from a lot of stuff and it’s probably impossible to keep all symptomatic kids out of the system indefinitely,” said Raywat Deonandan, an epidemiologist and associate professor at the University of Ottawa.

2:18Coronavirus: What parents need to know about sending kids to school in cold, flu seasonCoronavirus: What parents need to know about sending kids to school in cold, flu season“It makes sense to take a few symptoms off the table,” he added, noting the focus should be on screening for symptoms like a fever, the most common indicator of COVID-19 in children.

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But physicians warned that research is still limited. Read more: »

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It's been changed in some places. Our school sent out an updated daily self check list and runny noses has been removed as well as a few others. Give everybody the choice of proper remote learning without withdrawing kids from school. Class size would be smaller hopefully like it was in June. Parents who can keep kids home should do so while kids have chance to connect with friends online. Hire ppl to support teachers.

ZERO DEATHS IN TORONTO IN SEPTEMBER This is the dumest thing I've read today . Is it sinking in yet? All these efforts are in vain. We either open up or we dont. Everything else is Esthetics. Sweden is realistic leadership Is it that worth it taking the risks? So close all non essentials but leave schools open?

Leave the kids alone. Protect elderly and those with underlying conditions. Everyone else should get back to normal. The return to in-building learning has come with confusion and risk.Full time teacher directed online learning is the safest way we can all thrive at this time.The only thing that can be done reasonably in the building is hand washing,masks, and surface cleaning.SurreyBC

That’s all well and good. Keep blurring the lines. We eliminated the runny nose, headache and sore throat in B.C. for KIDS. But now I know adults that apply those same criteria to themselves that are going into work with sore throats and colds. Tempest in a teapot 1. If people would smarten up & stop ignoring public health rules, no-one would catch a cold OR Covid, & folks wouldn't have to miss school or work due to being sick. But too many ...

How more incompetent could our health officials be, not to have predicted this and planned for it? Kids with runny noses... lol Chase your tails, run in circles trying to stop something that's already gone... Lol Ppl just don’t get it. The system requires healthy educators. If the teachers get sick there are no supply Ts available. What do you not understand. Kids cannot come to school sick. Schools will close for safety reasons not Covid.

It's the same where I work get sent home even from a minor cold. I get the idea but it's hard to expect parents and employees to stay home and wait for a test everyone someone has a runny nose. Doesn't covid have different systems usually then a runny nose or stuffed up? And this is the reason I am homeschooling. With my childs allergies he'd be sent home everyday.

Yes they should remove them.I work in childcare and we sent home 14 children in 2 days for'runny noses' we know some of them were from teething and such.These poor parents have to take time off of work because the children can't return until symptoms are gone.Straight from AHS. Here is the media looking for sick kids in school. No awereness eh. Won’t be long this will ilkegal

And how comfortable will students and teachers feel with a student in the class coughing and blowing their nose? And how is a parent to make that decision that it’s a common cold? There is no debate. Make it happen. lol I said this would happen Shut the public schools down and fire all the useless public union parasites. We can school out own kids without the government and their pets.

Their body temp is key. Indicates an infection, come on man. 😀👍 So when they realize the guidelines don't make sense, they change the goalposts. This is all a charade We Runder an attack The freedoms + economy we had are gone. This is just the beginning of the Great Reset. IMF teaser full vid Every time a kid is sent home with a cold they’re out of school for atleast a week waiting on test results confirming it’s just a cold. Missing out on their education and becoming more stressed because of this.

I am exactly in that dilemma. Kid, 14, has a cold during the weekend, stays home mon and tue, wed thu returns to school until she coughed in phys-ed running with a mask, teacher complaints to vice principal, cannot go back to school until negative test, now all family is in hold. Try not to burden the runny nose children with the 'diseased parasite' moniker.

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One thousand refugees welcomed to Canada during COVID-19 pandemicAccording to a report from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees released in June, more than 30,000 refugees came to Canada in 2019 I’m next I would love to see it back up to 20,000 Well isn't that just great. Closed the boarder with the U.S. but opened the floodgates from everywhere else.

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Canada ‘on the brink’ of coronavirus surge, second wave underway in some regions: TrudeauBREAKING: Thanksgiving gatherings are likely already lost as many regions of the country enter the coronavirus second wave, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in an address to the nation as cases spike. Sorry, Trudeau. My family is getting together for Thanksgiving and there's nothing you can do about it. They are going to illegally lock us down again and out the final nail in the coffins of the economy. Just last month Canada list over 200,000 jobs But he'll run to the cottage anyway and celebrate with his family and whoever else he pleases.

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Canada adds 1,085 new coronavirus cases as Trudeau warns of second waveThe new infections reported Wednesday bring the country's total case count to 147,612. Ya well let it roll! Corona Chinese virus will do us all in then the commies will take over Canada and JustinTrudeau will greet them with open arms! Lol JMO