Canada's long-term care system failed elders, before and during COVID-19: report

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A new report on the COVID-19 crisis in long-term care homes has concluded that Canada failed in its duty to protect its elders.

The report released today by the Royal Society of Canada found the pandemic was a "shock wave" that exposed many long-standing deficiencies in the system.

The group's COVID-19 task force of scientists and researchers said the causes of the failure are complex but are rooted in what they call systemic and deeply institutionalized attitudes about age and gender.It found that 81 per cent of Canada's COVID-19 deaths have come in long-term care homes, far higher than what is reported in comparable countries, including a 31 per cent figure in the United States and 66 per cent in Spain.

The authors say Canadian homes have allowed staff-to-patient ratios to drop and have increasingly shifted to an unregulated workforce in recent years, even as patients are living longer with diseases that require increasingly complex care. Their recommendations include implementing national standards for care homes, better data collection and infection-control standards, as well as higher pay, more full-time positions and better benefits for workers, including sick leave and mental health support.


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Give the workers full time jobs.., drop the ratio... pay them more...stop for profit care!!!...( and let me in to see my mother)

Very sad.

And will continue to do so

Politics took negligence to a new low. Death for profit was driven by us. They were the pawns. Again.

Oh the stories I could tell....

We need to spend more time investigating theses homes. God, if you if you have a restaurant or sell food, there is a more Concentrated Effort of Investigation than there is for the Elderly.

They don't make money and nobody cares. That's exactly what is going on and it's gross. My GF works in the system and it's horrible. Part time workers not giving a fuck. Gross wage to be a social worker/nurse/caregiver/friend. She cleans you Dad's ass while you have BBQ. Soak in

No crap. Had we spent a fraction of the money we spent on cerb on improving these places we would have save more lives without hurting the economy.

...and after.

4UWell Whats that mask for ? Presumably decoration. More likely to spread other bacteria and viruses 99% people had no clue about and from this disgraceful picture seems they are remain so uneducated they still don’t! How disgraceful.

How far does it have to go before you start speaking up for Canadians & telling the truth. TELL OUR GOVT TO STOP EXTERMINATING SENIORS! What kind of ppl are you? canpoli

Like the US & the UK, Canada is EXTERMINATING SENIOR CITIZENS! There is no god damned virus, they just needed an excuse to murder old ppl & steal their wealth & pensions. If you think this is only touching ppl you don't care about, just wait, they'll get to you too! canpoli

... You will Never get me in any of those 'mouroir', I swear...

Only in Ontario and Quebec ! The 2 provinces who dictate who Canada's prime minister will be 🤔

So fix it already. I tried to make a difference 20 yrs ago and quit this field. If any good comes of this I hope our senors get better care now.

This system has been broken for many years and provincially here in Ontario the Conservatives have been known for their cuts to health care and Nursing Home inspection. Liberals haven't fixed problems when in power. So we're all accountable for the mess SHAME on us all.

No kidding? We knew this weeks ago.

Caring for our elders has become an industry. When the profit becomes more important than the care our Seniors receive it is time revamp the system.

Yes , I know they killed my 96 year old war vet uncle he was in good shape before

Maybe Trupope could step it up and get WE to run our retirement homes and social security budget 🤔😎🤓🤪

This video details the scathing severity of the military report on the criminal conditions in 🇨🇦 nursing homes. How many deaths were tallied up as COVID? (80% of deaths came from nursing homes) Could there criminal intent? This is bigger than we know.

Established by the President of the Royal Society of Canada in April 2020, the RSC Task Force on COVID-19 was mandated to provide evidence-informed perspectives on major societal challenges in response to and recovery from COVID-19.

Sad it took covid-19 to bring this issue to the forefront. The system has been failing seniors for decades. The people whose blood, sweat and tears moved the country forward.

Thank you for covering this CTV. Though, it's a sad day when we have to thank our largest Canadian broadcaster for covering the largest failure of our people in decades if not ever. We are also failing our kids in the opioid crisis

Why didn't you start reporting when criminal Anbang was given contracts to run our senior homes years ago? You went right along with the politicians promising oversight and never delivering. Can't say can you? Cause you're paid by the enemy to keep the public ignorant.

So you only want to report on the elderly and not the dissabled?... all news broadcasters will be complicit with Doug Ford for murder

By Canada you mean Trudeau & his refusal to restrict travel & implement isolation & PPE requirements while calling anyone who disagreed with him racist. Stop blaming CANADA for Trudeau's failure to lead!

The future will judge our response to this now. All of Canada , and the world, can see how lacking our elderly care is. Time for talk is over, JustinTrudeau needs to act. National guidelines HAVE to be made.

The JustinTrudeau govt also failed Cdns by not closing the borders Jan-Mar, and using racism as an excuse to keep them open. 000s of Cdns lives unnecessarily lost because of Trudeau.

Sending COVID patients into nursing homes is what failed elders. But that was the government and health care 'experts' who made that decision, so let's scape goat the nursing homes.

I've said this since the 1990s when all levels of government abandoned the elderly and wanted to throw them in closets and look the doors. LTC in Canada prior to 1990s was No.1 in the world!

Having seen these homes for years and always asking questions and filling out surveys and talking to exhausted staff - big yes to this COVID simply shone a light that everyone saw at once.

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