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Canada's first 'presumptive positive' case of coronavirus found in Ontario

Ontario's chief medical officer has confirmed Canada’s first 'presumptive positive' case of coronavirus.

2020-01-26 1:53:00 AM

Ontario’s chief medical officer has announced the first ‘presumptive positive’ case of the coronavirus in the province. More here: cdnpoli

Ontario's chief medical officer has confirmed Canada’s first 'presumptive positive' case of coronavirus.

Last Updated Saturday, January 25, 2020 6:08PM ESTSHARETORONTO -- Ontario’s chief medical officer has confirmed Canada’s first ‘presumptive positive’ case of coronavirus.In a news conference Saturday, officials said the man in his 50s fell ill after travelling to Wuhan, the Chinese city at the heart of the outbreak. The patient is in stable condition at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

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Officials in Ontario have been in contact with Canada’s public health agency and are working in collaboration with Toronto Public Health to “prevent any spread” of the virus.For more on this story from CTV News Toronto click hereDr. Eileen De Villa, Toronto’s medical officer of health, said officials are focused on finding out who the patient may have come into contact with and what types of settings they may have been exposed to.

"It is understandable that people may be concerned with today's news of our first case and that people may worry,"" de Villa said in a press release."But I assure you that based on the lessons we learned from SARS now 17 years ago, and given our experiences during the flu pandemic of 2009 and more recently, with Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome, we have learned, shared knowledge and built a stronger public health system that is ready to respond, as needed."

TrackSo far, two coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the U.S. Australia and Malaysia reported their first cases of the virus Saturday, while Japan confirmed a third case. France confirmed three cases Friday, the first in Europe.China's National Health Commission confirmed Saturday that the death toll from the new virus had climbed to 41, with the number of people infected rising to 1,287.

RELATED IMAGESview larger imageThis undated image released by the British Health Protection Agency shows an electron microscope image of a coronavirus, part of a family of viruses that cause ailments including the common cold and SARS, which was first identified last year in the Middle East. (AP / Health Protection Agency)

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Please tell me where in Ontario has the virus happened? We can all be more prepared to deal with this if we know where it is. These types of viruses are around us everyday problem is proper vaccine protocols and kick those anti vaxxers ass for believing nonsense about false study that creates autism!!! The flu kills more people than Ebola!

Why are we allowing any flights from China into Canada now ? CoronaOutbreak CloseTheBorders its possible that china was developing a military virus weapon, and it got away from them. god help us all. wexit Exactly. You come from a hot zone let’s sit you out for a while till we are sure. Off To The Winchester

Can't believe the Corona v. interview i just watched on this station. The 'expert' lied, totally downplayed this. The virus has been linked to the animal markets in China...& this guy in Toronto was definitely sick when he boarded the plane;expert states no fear of spread Try not to sound so excited CTV.

CTVVancouver Moment there is a case in YVR I’m keeping my kids home from school - indefinitely. As it is kids sneeze and cough 😷all over the place, this viruse can spread like fire 🔥 Why are flights or connecting flight from China not quarantined at arrival to confirm that infection are present. Stop the possible spreading of this virus.

Should have kept everything closed and no one in or out, but no Canada couldn’t do that shit, started there, should have kept it there! CTVNationalNews Very easy to figure out what airline brought him to Toronto check his phone for travel email itinerary Presumptive lol either it is or it isn’t! What about the 6 cases in Montreal?

YourMorning CoronaOutbreak why on earth would you call all these NEWS conferences telling the WORLD 🇨🇦has its first PRESUMPTIVE CASE ? it’s assumed ( an ass of you and me) WAIT TILL YOU HAVE THE TRUE FACTS 🇨🇦 Why are we letting them in ...its just going to spread like wild fire... Is this why I always see Chinese ppl walking around in surgical masks?

SBelliveauCTV Quarantine China....or is it Ji-Na?!? F**ken WHO Saying don't worry. 🖕🖕it's a pandemic. Close the borders to china Stop all outbound flights from that country before its too late. Dammit, as someone across the pond in Ohio I'm not intensely worried It was nice knowing everyone I love you MeLlamoSantii HoodieJudge99 and mzzzzzzzzzlfc

can the hospital reveal where and when this patient has been to in Canada The public must know such important information Because a plague is what’s missing from our current hellscape. CTVNationalNews Here we go.... I'm surprised the colonizers didnt spread it faster This makes me so angry!! 😡 At what point do we stop flying to China for awhile? Or is that also “offensive”

It's possible. Potentially possible. Not impossible. In an infinite Universe it could potentially happen. Maybe. Presumptive positive? Is that a yes or no? Stop all flights from entering Canada from that region, this is complete bullshit!!!! Hey Justine! Wake up and do something!!! Why are flights in and out of China still happening?! The first sign of this virus, those airports should have been on lockdown. Did we learn nothing from SARS?!!

Better release Huawei Executive Meng Wanzhou, or there will be more confirmed cases!. But seriously I certainly hope this is properly taken care of for the health of all Canadians! The CMO and team can't even get a microphone working what hope is there of them tracking the 300 people on the airplane with this infected person? DoomIsOn CanadaIsInfected CoronaOutbreak

Sarah_Stephen Ohh no What makes health authorities think that they can detect this virus by checking the temperatures of incoming travelers? We’re boned. CTVVancouver That’s it yvrairport CanadianPM let’s lock it down until further notice. Did we not learn a thing from SARS? 'Oh you were at the epicenter of this outbreak? Awesome...our doors are always open'

CTVVancouver “Presumptive positive”? They couldn’t confirm first? Not a single person from China should be allowed to travel to Canada until the situation is under control. It's a no-brainer. coronarovirus Screw YearoftheRat2020 it should be Year of the Bat 🦇 FFS coronavirus outbreak 😷😷😷😷 Spadina Avenue Asking for a friend.

had to be the most populated province, bruh MindOfDvs stay safe👀👀👀 Happy Corona day ontario

Canada announces first confirmed ‘presumptive’ case of coronavirusThe patient is a man in 50s who had travelled to Wuhan said Dr. Barbara Yaffe, the province’s associate chief medical officer of health Civil liability. Trudeau and health minister Ned to be held accountable chinese snack food Medical Definition of presumptive: expected to develop in a particular direction under normal conditions coronavirus cdnpoli

Canada Can't Quarantine A Whole City To Stop Coronavirus: Experts'In Canada, such a broad, unspecific quarantine measure like this would certainly violate our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms because it would be a restriction on people’s rights that are not justifiable.' EVEN IF this was a big enough threat to the safety of Canadians it would be doubtful Canada would have the balls to restrict travel from a certain area let’s alone quarantine a city .. the city in question would go feral Rights & freedoms don't exist once one is contagious with a potentially lethal infection. Quarantine = confinement or isolation. The degree to which confinement occurs depends on the extent of the epidemic & the lethality of the infection. Public health laws exist in 🇨🇦 cdnpoli Fear Porn BigPharma

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Canada preparing after health officials say coronovirus will ‘likely’ hit countryChina's National Health Commission reported the death toll from the new coronavirus has climbed to 41, with the number of people infected rising to 1,287. Sure lol people do not stay home if they are sick. this is wishful thinking. as if self reporting will work LOL They stopped doing that on cruise ships as people would lie through their teeth or they wouldn't get on the cruise.

Canada prepares for the new coronavirus as the death toll in China keeps risingAs the new coronavirus claims more lives in China, health authorities in this country are trying to reassure Canadians that plans and procedures are in place to protect them. Good luck finding masks. They're being bought up and sent back to China. Have we banned travel to and from China yet or are we gonna wait? How are we getting prepared? Has Canada put a travel ban from China. Would be infected travelers could be roaming the world as we speak. Not to say the rest of North America are doing their part to contain the flu.

Canada prepares for the new coronavirus as the death toll in China keeps risingPublic Health Ontario said Friday that it is indeed “likely” the coronavirus, which comes from the same family of viruses as SARS, will arrive here I'm glad our politicians are now not pretending it wont show up here Apparently this is downright batty! When the communists leader just this morning called this a grave situation, you know this is really bad. Is this going to be the black plague?