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Coronavirus, Carbon Tax

Canada’s carbon tax increasing April 1 despite coronavirus economic crunch

Carbon tax rising from $20 per tonne to $30 per tonne on Wednesday despite coronavirus pandemic.

2020-04-01 2:09:00 PM

Despite the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic , the carbon tax will increase from $20 per tonne to $30 per tonne on Wednesday.

Carbon tax rising from $20 per tonne to $30 per tonne on Wednesday despite coronavirus pandemic .

In Canada, there were 7,424 confirmed cases and 89 deaths as of Tuesday morning.0:50Nearly 1 million Canadians have applied for EI as coronavirus takes toll on economyNearly 1 million Canadians have applied for EI as coronavirus takes toll on economyThe Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association had urged the government to delay the planned increase.

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“Now is not the time to be to be adding to our household expenses,” said Gunter Jochum, president of the farm advocacy group.“Our focus should be on the health and economic well-being of all Canadians.”READ MORE:More than 500,000 Canadians have so far applied for Employment Insurance under the loosened eligibility criteria rolled out as part of the government’s $107-billion coronavirus support package.

Story continues below advertisementHealth experts say there’s no way to know for sure how long the coronavirus isolation measures will last.But many have estimated the timeline will be measured in months, not weeks. Read more: »

Get rid of it all together. Aren't we taxed enough allready. What next breathing tax. Yes Aristocrats tax willing serfs. That is their role. Federal Liberals don't care about public opinion. They changed the national anthem... Global does that poll after the tax takes effect. Cancel it!! Let’s let the next emergency grow so that the next incompetent leader pretend to solve after the fact. We’re slave to the banking system and no one sees it. Lemmings

What is the better action for government to take during our fight with COVID-19? It should be scrapped, it’s just a cash grab😡 Fuck, I meant to hit no... it's obvious we aren't ready for global catastrophes, double the increase since fossil fuels are dying anyway, and use the money to go green and prepare for climate disasters

The whole Carbon Tax concept should be cancelled. Australia tried it and had conclusive evidence, it harmed their Country immensly. The carbon cash grab should be scrapped all together!! Should be removed altogether It should be cancelled permanently !! txa increase and PM salary increase is criminal gauging

The carbon tax hike has to be removed NOW. East Canadians are as dumb as he is How about fuck Trudeau It should honestly be out on hold permanently as it serves no purpose outside of making the government more money! It will not curve pollution by any means! Not going anywhere even for work so will start impacting in few months

The CarbonTax tax is a disgrace raising it now is an insult to Canadians unless of course we all get a nice raise like the Liberals and others got don’t you think that would be fair JustinTrudeau Up it to 100. After you guys bankrupt the country it doesn't really matter how much you charge. We will all be broke

Only reason to Not postpone or cancel this useless tax is that liberal_party is going to need LOTS of money coming from somewhere to pay for all the give-aways announced in March! An overwhelming majority of Canadians think it should be scrapped. Unfortunately, Trudeau doesn't work for Canadians, he works for the U.N.

It blows my mind there's people who want to pay even more tax Maybe Trudeau should put a tax on COVID19 since a tax on carbon makes the pollution go away, maybe a tax can kill the virus 🦠 lol Yes, indefinately. Really? A poll? WTF do you think the answer will be global. This is what Canada voted. Dumb country

Time for a new election The price of oilandgas are both in nosedived since early March. An one notice the price of gas lately. Get rid of fucking trudea and his useless liberal now! Should they have gave themselves a raise And this is the start of our government in getting the billions back in the coffers. Wait for it. Us Canadians are screwed..

People aren’t supposed to be out wasting their cheap gas anyway! We are either serious about climate change or we aren’t! And we should be! Polluters have to pay, end of story! It should all be canceled anyway. It’s stupid Great news! We didnt need our freedoms, or protect the most vulnerable. While Canadians are being destroyed by their government economically,they determine raising their salaries & further taxing Canadians is appropriate. Thank you to our great communist overlords. We would be lost otherwise

Should be cancelled completely. Bad policy. There you have it: Overwhelming majority of Canadians oppose the useless carbon tax. The rebate went up too. Can you report the full facts please? Why send your dog whistle out to a bunch of ignorant people? Who on earth voted no? Da liberals the Carbon TAX Scam should be tossed, and those who push it need to be arrested. They KNOW as well as you Global, the CO2 scam is to cover for Japan and the 4+ meltdowns that ARE STILL HAPPENING, and killed the ecosystem of the Pacific ocean, with thousands of whales washing up.

The tax should never have been implemented in the first place. So yes, if that's the best that can be done. Geez I don’t know. When you get beat up and your trying to walk home should you be kicked in the balls by a passer by just because. Apply the carbon tax to the major polluters Trudeau is a disgrace.

Should be permanently cancelled Is climate change taking a time out too? What an ass peterdowningAB No surprise there. Someone’s got to pay for Trudeau’s “irregular” immigration program, aka open borders. Seems logical it’s the Canadians he’s F-ing over day after day. Don’t worry, his ass is on the list 🥳

Does the PM want to kill the economy? Because you know Canadians love spending money on a hoax taxs. Give me a break. Kiss my assets. SICK!!!! Before you all start complaining because you didn’t read past a headline, the rebates are increasing with it so if you don’t want your money back feel free to donate it

More proof that Junior doesn’t care about Canadians Un Fuckin believable.. has pandered to Trudeau from the get go. How do you 'journalists' like him now? It's unfathomable how your families put up with your lying propaganda bull💩 Gotta pay for his hand out to media, you know, the propaganda wing of the liberal govt some how!! Right

Absolutely ridiculous along with their pay raises. Say it .... it’s theft. Such a BS Tax !!! I’m not surprised this govt chose tomorrows ideology over todays reality again. It’s like a nightmare I can’t wake up from peterdowningAB Because when the government is going broke the last thing they are worried about is their slaves.

The PM should be hauled out of parliament with his underwear band up over his head atomic style. The coronavirus has done more for climate change than any CarbonTax scam ever will. JustinTrudeau is a clown 🤡 How do they weigh carbon dioxide ? Global news, Trudeau person state news. Global is fake news

Trudeau continues to sell out Canada and Canadians with his Communist Climate Tax to appease the corrupt and unelected UN. The UN is the enemy of free people everywhere. Just look at the nations that make up its “Women’s Right” and “Human Rights” councils! Dictators and despots! This headline from Gglobal would be a tad different if it was conservatives raising taxes.

BillTufts They should triple news sites for the amount of BS they spew out everyday. Canada has a carbon tax. USA doesn't. So how come they are so much further ahead at reducing carbon emissions than Canada? Canada is insane and will never recover from this stupidity. Makes sense. Consumers won’t feel it because gas is way cheaper than a month ago. Anyone who complains is just an oil company hatchet man.

BillTufts BillTufts Unbelievable. Truly despicable actions. This is some next level garbage right here. 😂 CarbonTax increase my families grocery bills by more than 50% when it first came out. With this increase... 🤔 Will we be able to eat at all? Wages are not keeping up with all these taxes on big business... They just increase prices for the poor, which in turn does nothing!

Thanks Justin. Ur some kind of friend we can do without. Can't wait for ur govt to fall 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Gotta protect that environment Bad move. Someone’s gotta pay for the corona virus bail out Another stupid made up tax. Just what we need now. Carbon tax is nothing but a fraud on the people. bloody murder ClimateChangeHoax

bribemoney GLOBAL Hey put a Tax on COVIDー19 too... maybe that will help stop the spread.... Another fine job done by the government thanks justintrudeau liberals like we don’t get screwed enough and not even a dinner invitation before you screw people vote liberal Grow a pair and call the idiot Liberals out on this nonsense!

This is completely insane!! Canadians need that money now!!!!! Blackface is demented. Trudeau needs to catch COVID-19 so he can stfu. JustinTrudeau you should be in jail. Period. OMG, i wish the government will postpone this. People are still figuring out how to get the money to pay the bills and this comes in..

Just another reason why I'm not very fond of my government. The country runs on our taxes. A major amount of money is about to be handed out through this crisis. Unless you want to become a very poor country, suck it up. Is this an April fool’s joke? How about a tax that saves us from the sub-prime minister himself?

We end up paying more everywhere. Thanks Trudeau This government is CRIMINAL. This is kicking Canadians when they are down. Only a narcissistic masochist would raise taxes now ! 2.5 cents is going to hurt people? April fools right! climatescam Trudeau is surrounded by climate lunatics that don't actually care about people. They have their agenda and that's all that matters.

Typical politician doesn't matter which political party they belong to they're going to rip you off Carbon taxes are a fraud. Man made climate change is a hoax. With zero impact on the climate MelanieEresman Continuing with this tax just confirms to is that Trudeau is not concerned with Canadians financial well being. Wealth redistribution and the UN will always be his top priority

I guess this is the time when everyone starts to complain about gas that’s currently at it’s lowest price in decades going up by 2.5 cents a litre How many actually read the article? It’s not a fucking tax! It’s a dispersement of money from polluters! Remember that money eachof us received on our tax returns? What tax puts money IN our pockets?

Okay but $10 extra per person to support $2000/month per person is a small price to pay to help Canadians get by, no? Really.... 🤬 Canadians love being taxed and believe anything they are told. How else do you explain Trudeau's re-election. I’m pumped for my rebate. ClimateActionNow ClimateChange At these economically trying times for the average families, most carbon burning are for necessities, not frills. To implement carbon tax now, is not only unwise, but irresponsible!!

TrudeauDictatorship Economy killing tax and yet none in Saudi oil. Such bullshit Shouldn’t we be more concerned with the actual people living on this planet at the moment. We need to save the people now or saving the planet with climate taxes won’t matter So sad. Business will not survive! Trudeau will not give up his Utopia dream, so food prices will rise, and anything else we the public need. 🖕 He should not be allowed to do any more damage to this country. His negligence, has already created a freaking mess! How I detest this man! 🖕

Totally irresponsible. We were in a recession before the virus, Trudeau will have us in a depression coming out of it. TrudeauMustGo TrudeauWorstPM TrudeauMustResign TrudeauLiedPeopleDied Brutal. He should be getting hammered by reporters on this..... Do your jobs start being Reporters instead of propagandist for liberal_party

Trudeau hates us and wants us all to be bankrupt. JustinTrudeau seriously? So ridiculous...this gov has absolutely not one clue...about anything substantive! Good. pan•dem•ic păn-dĕm′ĭk► adj.Epidemic over a wide geographic area and affecting a large proportion of the population. Cases / population in Canada = .012%

Shame on the media for not calling out the Liberals on this nonsense ! bevrobertson3 Wrong! Wrong and wrong again! No way Trudeau should persist with raising carbon tax in these difficult times. We are struggling enough without that. No carbon tax on Saudi Oil Gloober News? What’s up? Of course it’s going up the government needs their money! They won’t give up their money regardless of the current state of affairs! They don’t care that much about us!

What a way to thank the truckers bringing us necessities. Blackface is proud of taxing 1.6% of world co2 emissions that will result in absolutely no benefit to the climate. Great timing this incompetent government has. Trudeau’s also getting a raise. Scheer and a few other conservative MPs are donating their increase to charity, Trudeau’s not. Trudeau, the rich trust fund brat, is completely out of touch with regular Canadians. TrudeauWorstPM

April fools? 🤦‍♂️ Make it $40.. and build green infrastructure now while oil is dying and people needing work SOB And the media gives him a free ride. 🤬 This also does not include the fuel standard changes. I guess people need to feel more pain before they start to realize that JustinTrudeau needs to go!

Did anyone expect it wouldn’t? The country may approve of the job the PM is doing right now, but did we suddenly forget the last 4+ years? This is not a man, nor a government, who will compromise on their policy ideas in any capacity unless absolutely forced to. Right on, bring it! This province has had every opportunity to get away from the carbon tax. All they had to do was adopt an environmental plan of their own. In the mean time, I expense all of my travel back to my clients and make nothing but pure profit from the rebate. Boom.

Please provide the full story. Thanks, JustinTrudeau . Just what Canadians need right now, to be kicked when they are down. Class act. Trudeau knows what's coming. TrudeauMustGo Our government is arrogant and ignorant. come prime minister fucking rtard has not been arrested for treason yet...he has committed several acts since in power...I bet he could snuff someone on national television in front of millions and get away with it...WTF is wrong with us people...

Gotta have extra money to pay Bob Rae, Ralph Goodale, the U.N. , every African nation that will vote 4 Trudeaus UN bid, and any money left over will be used in a PR campaign telling us how important it is to fight climate change, (without actually fighting climate change)🙄🙄🙄 This Canadian Turd needs to be flushed! He's become famous for his ignorance for the treatment towards Taiwan! No where mentioned about this by Canadian media, enjoy and see what prick this man is!

Canadians get screwed more then anywhere else in the world, not surprised What a government we have,he dosen't give a crap about canadians, y cant they pospone it until things get better Why don't you report that the climate action incentive rebate to families is also increasing. Backwards ass headline...


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