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Cdnpoli, Covıd-19

Canada pledges $27M to Venezuelan refugee crisis amid COVID-19 fight

Canada pledges $27M to Venezuelan refugee crisis amid COVID-19 fight #cdnpoli

2020-05-26 6:52:00 PM

Canada pledges $27M to Venezuela n refugee crisis amid COVID-19 fight cdnpoli

Canada is increasing its support to South American countries coping with the Venezuela n refugee crisis by $ 27 million .

The health care and education systems of Venezuela's neighbouring countries are under increasing strain as they absorb five million refugees while coping with the strain of COVID-19.Newsletter sign-up: Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inboxInternational Development Minister Karina Gould is announcing the additional Canadian contribution, which brings Canada's spending on the humanitarian crisis in its Western Hemisphere neighbourhood to $80 million over the past two years.

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Colombia's Foreign Affairs Minister Claudia Blum says her country has welcomed 1.8 million Venezuelan refugees with open arms, giving them access to health care and allowing children to attend public schools.But she says Colombia needs more financial help to cope with the increasing numbers of refugees, amid the ongoing challenging of fighting COVID-19

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When does this liberal piggy bank end? Before replying to my positive comments with ignorance....I suggest a few of you do some research. I don't need to name call to prove my comments....FACTS What about $27M for our senior residences. So ridiculous. More we as tax payers who can’t afford our bills now will have to cover.

Sure! We have lots of money!!! Send it all out! This has to be fake news! Trudeau is not that irresponsible is he? Can you stop handing out our money you ftard JustinTrudeau We just keep giving it away... And the spending spree continues and the media never challenges the Dictator in charge.. do your job..

We just give 27 million to the Venezuelan military . Zero dollars will go to civilians only government and military. Just like in North Korea . Thanks Canadians now they can buy more guns to kill more people 👌. Someone take away the credit card already!! The UN is playing Trudeau like a fiddle. Dangling the temp seat in front of him and asking for money on ever single world problem. Wake up.

Is that 💰🇨🇦or 🇺🇸? 🤔 Use the 27M to IMPROVE nursing home conditions, hire MORE staff with BETTER wages!! JustinTrudeau its not THAT hard is it? Where are your priorities JT - the CANADIAN seniors or the refugee crises in a foreign land? Tell us please. What more money leaving the country? Funny that all of a sudden there's alot of free cash. PIERE ELLIOTT TRUDEAU RIPPED OFF CANADA. (PETRO Canada), why not Justin

Hey Trudeau, I need some money. With borrowed money our children will have to pay off As all our seniors are living in third world conditions!!! how do people vote for this guy? I honestly want to know What about seniors in LTC? Quit giving our money away FFS. Wake the fck up CTV and hold our clueless PM accountable.

TrudeauNotFitForOffice Why would we give our money away, this is Stupid, we are running massive deficits, millions unemployed, and we are giving money away, STUPIDITY We don't have money to take care of our elders in nursing homes, we have Canadians that are homeless and on the streets, but Trudeau sends millions to help other countries while Canadians sit by and suffer. This is not a leader. Liberals wake up your leaders are destroying Canada

Dead seniors in long term care homes and this is where our govt spends our money People don’t bother to find out why Canada has so much interest in Venezuela. Venezuela is Canada's second largest export market in South America for goods as well as for services. This is the right thing to do! 👍 Thank you, Canada. And for the selfish ones, just letting you know this is the biggest refugee crisis (I can say even bigger than Syria) and the people in there REALLY need the help. However, I don't trust neither the government or the opposition to manage well those resources😔.

And millions go without here . Our PM is a dancing clown You know how when you board a plane and they tell you, that in case of an emergency to ALWAYS secure your own breathing mask first before helping others? This rule applies to countries too. WTF That's.. awesome. I love my tax dollars going to countries 75% of my fellow countrymen will never set foot in.

F OFF I’m all for helping others, but we have to help ourselves firstly. Then we can help others. Don't forget to keep an eye on the bottom line. We still need 500 million to 1.5 Billion to replace those Tutor jets the Snowbirds have been using since 1963!!!!!!! Supposed to be replaced in 2010...then 2020......NEXT?

He's a twatwaffle You have got to be kidding. Unbelievable. We are in a pandemic worry about your country not other countries right now! Ffs 🤦🏼‍♀️ We will be the same if Trudeau stays in , spending money like water. No wonder our dollar isn’t worth much. No Canada did not, the Trudeau-lead Federal government pledged tax dollars to a foreign country yet again while Canadians do without. What a scumbag.

Social Democrats helping each other... Canada has no government accountability, any the hell would they want to come here? Canezuela This is outrageous! Election please I'm so proud to be a Canadian knowing Canada helps others!!!! we have tent cities too...feel like paying attention to your own tent cities, Justin? Ah well, that won't get you the international recognition you crave so much tho, will it? Too bad for them I guess.

🤡 That's nice, but could we get our homeless first out of the streets? Put CanadaFirst for a change!! This needs to stop. Where are the other MPs who represent us Up Trudeau’s ass apparently. Wtf!? Why 27 , why not 10 ,something fishy here ! 😷🤑🤮what a fool! How do we keep giving away money we don’t have?

can't afford to give workers in longterm care full-time hours and hire nurses to look after the people we were told to stayhome for. But has their pension money to toss into foreign nations' pockets. Venezuela has massive oil reserves witch a dictator and Russia steel ...leaving there citizains Justin gives the crooks 27 million...he will turn Canada into Venezuela soon....very very soon

Because why the fuck not pay extra to grocery store workers $27 millions can help them DO NOT WASTE $$ Spend spend spend, those money printing presses must be at full capacity! What’s next, 50 million for one armed gender fluid radicals in prison for shooting people? Good lord JustinTrudeau makes me sick!

Why don’t the generosity of Trudeau and Morneau come from the money on their trust fund? This money should go straight to the private owners of the seniors long care homes like harris and harper promised them . I guess the universal bailout will never come ? JustinTrudeau Title should say; Trudeau gives $27million of taxpayers money away in quest for his UN seat. Meanwhile Canada is broke. TrudeauMustGo

ffs Where is all this money coming from Is there no end to the government's generosity? With MY money? Ontario long term care sute could use that $27m No Take care of our own!!!! Where's that money coming from? buthurt white men should stop worrying about other people getting help. help yourselves Oh for fuck sakes!

Seriously !! Just add more debit . You mean JustinTrudeau pledges 27 million. Canada is broke. That is 10x what Trudeau gave Canadian seniors. TrudeauMustGo Are you kidding me Nice to help others. But, not our job. Canada has no future now. thanks for making us broke for generations to come. This is pathetic. Please vote CPC if you want to take our country back.

How about Canada pledge to take care of its senior citizens first? Veterans are asking for more than we can give and we can’t provide First Nations reserves with safe drinking water but we can squander $27M to Venezuela so their corrupt leadership can siphon most of it for their personal use. cdnpoli

still nothing for our own cities that are going broke, are we living in an episode of The Simpson’s Obviously it's Harper's fault, and if Canada doesn't suck up to the 27M payment, they will sue us in the UN court and the legal fees could have us all bankrupt. Absolute BS, all for that goddamn UNSC seat, this country is nuts

Look at that picture and remember this the president of Venezuela that has a seat at the UN. He robbed and destroyed his Country. Now you see what it takes and thisTrudeau’s plan for Canada. Fuck. Enough. Our great grandchildren’s children will be paying off this debt. WHY. let’s focus our $ on 🇨🇦 We are a trillion dollars in debt and JustinTrudeau still handing out money like candy. Does he know how the money is going to be used? TrudeauMustGo

happyfinko Put some/all of that money towards Long Term Care homes for seniors. Disgraceful. Every time a transaction occurs, its an opportunity for Liberal graft and money laundering. The biggest Mafia in Canada is the Liberal Party. Always giving away our tax dollars. At some point, someone needs to remind Trudeau that he serves at the pleasure of Canadians. It isn’t the other way around.


Why? They can manage their own affairs. Stop giving our money away asshole! explain to me again how this incompetent virtue signaller got re elected...oh yeah something about abortion....boy are Canadians so bloody the time that idiot is gone we'll be bankrupt...oh and btw Butts is back! It's apparent with this latest announcement, the liberal_party and JustinTrudeau have decided that Disabled Veterans can go fuck themselves, since there has been no public mention of a Supplement to date. theJagmeetSingh AndrewScheer What say you?!

Yah, Canadian seniors 300$, seniors residences full of cockroaches and filth. Way to go trudeau. Cant we protest on the streets and kick this fucker out yellow vest time Veterans again. Asking too much. Wait what...I thought Canada was now Venezuela North... Should we not be funding ourselves? FCK that UN seat, Eh Justin? cdnpoli

If the country has a deficit - why would politicians continue spending - makes no sense to me chevymo The paid-for media is complicit in Canada's financial crisis. A corrupt government giving away more money it doesn't have while refusing to be accountable. So, basically donating to ourselves in the near future... ok, got it! 👌

Everyday. TrudeauWorstPM The irony is too much. The money tree just keeps blooming from all the 💩 being done by Trudeau. Taking advantage of a crisis by further driving our country into debt & feeding his narcissism. Bird5Ca What is going on with out Country. This is getting stupid . Canadians will be the next refugees with this Liberal Govt in power

I can’t believe Money Trees grow so well in Ottawa. Is Venezuela a homeless camp near Vancouver or Toronto? One wannabe socialist government paying for the devastating results of failed socialism in another country. LeftistStupidity Why doesn’t JustinTrudeau first stop marching us towards Venezuela North status?

Money press is working overtime. Yet our seniors are being neglected. Blackface has to go. Ahh Canada doesn’t need the money or anything 🤔 🐂💩🖕🖕 unfuckingbelievable Im sure they’ll redistribute it well Question, can we look after our own people first? No? Well Sweden and Canada will be the first to go.

lporiginalg My CPP Disability 29-Jan-2020 CANADA Pension Plan $652.37 from $640.21 patients while we suffer the corrupt greedy politicians' cash in povertybydesign deathbydesign bcpoli cdnpoli WTF? why are Canadians such worshippers of Bullshit? TrudeauMustGo Might want to save that money for when we become Venezuela, isn’t that what the liberals are working towards

We will be joining them … just look at their history. Once one of the wealthiest countries in Latin America until their government followed the socialism pushed by Liberals, NDP & Green party. This will get into the hands if the corrupt no accountability no money! Wait til.that conference thursday with UN head

Don’t say Canada honest for once.... JustinTrudeau pledges your money! That UNSC seat keeps getting more expensive by the minute! Canada has a lot of homeless people in the middle of the pandemic. No we don't, no one asked me. Please put Canadians first during a pandemic when many Canadians are unemployed.

🖕🖕🖕 Basically giving 27 million of taxpayers money to a bunch of criminals Wow,wth This freaking liberal incompetence is overwhelming. Every other country but Canada!!!💩💩💩 I thought we were in venezuela. Why.....why.....why.....? What about our own Canadians, there are many parts of our country falling apart. Take care of your own first.

Hey about you put that $27M towards nursing homes. Money well spent So as a Canadian who is only allowed 4months of CERB and still can’t go back to work due to the pandemic... benefits cut off because the gov of Canada has to save the world with tax payers money!? 🤔 Might want to save that money for the Cdn refugees in a few months.

Looks like Moss Park our homeless could use that 27M Because Canada has a village idiot in charge that won’t leave! Take care of Canadians first! Only when you take care of yourself can you take care of others. And the projected 1 trillion dollar deficit doesn’t sound like any Canadian has the money to be giving anything away

That money just goes to the corrupt government. Old JT just trying to buy UN counsel seat still. Please stop giving money away to countries that aren't following the law and treating their people right. So we’re giving money to a corrupt country? Great to see our PM wasting more money That's what you get when you vote a clown to run your country

Support for Venezuelans suffering from a humanitarian emergency is about more than denouncing the conditions they flee. It must entail a commitment to defending and restoring their rights within the country and in the places they flee to. Thank you Canada! Borrowing money to look compassionate to the world for that ridiculous UN seat while every penny could be better used in Canada.

This BS is beyond ridiculous. 😡 Debt....the story of your enslavement Relax. It's only paper. worldmonetaryfunds This is an example of money that should be staying home. Justin where is all this money coming from? Canadians have yet to here a plan from on this. CTVNationalNews how does it make sense that Venezuela has 5 million refugees fleeing to countries with MORE covid19 cases? lmao. more fake news from western media or what

Sanctions hurt people Venezuela is Canada’s future. Have you forgotten that Canadian are sleeping in the streets? Take a walk outside as there all around your parliament. Why doesn’t our Government ask the USA 🇺🇸 to take those crippling sanctions off of Venezuela 🇻🇪 and let them get back to business as usual. The only reason people are suffering in Venezuela 🇻🇪 right now are because of those sanctions.

I hate being a tax payer! Whyyyyyyy Not sure what Trudeau gona do when we all stop paying taxes to fund his spending of our money Fuck em keep the money here ffs This is treason Come on, it's only $27M. He found that under the couch cushions Ask Trudeau to take that out of his family funds. Enough with these free money nonsense. Millions of Canadians are out of jobs now !

I cant wait till our taxes go up to pay for all of this. Sure that picture is Bogota? Looks like downtown toronto Idiot in charge we have no money to give away you dont borrow money to give to others till you take care of your own I FMforgot when your born with a silver spoon money is an abstract concept not a necessity like for everyone else

Tell me why I should give a fuck about my Canada student loan again? $27 m to Venezuelan But Seniors are living below the poverty line in Canada TrudeauDictatorship We know were mr black face's priority's are..500 mill to casinos. 27 mill to illegal aliens. billions to useless teachers. All this while the elderly, homeless, people losing jobs.. Good job Mr blackface ! We need TAXPAYER REVOLT. Why is blackface running around with a boner..

What Will they even see that money That country is so corrupt! Prime Minister Justin Trudeau JustinTrudeau keeps giving away $Millions to foreign countries The fact Canada doesn't have this money, and it has to be borrowed, where the principal and interest falls on the backs of Canadians, doesn't really matter to him How does this happen?

No we should keep that $27M for us they are oil rich let their government take care of the people they have money Is this a joke? TrudeauWorstPM Why doesn’t Canada protest against the American economic embargo of Venezuela then? Oh that’s right fear of American economic embargo. I wonder how much will get donated once he fines out he is not getting his seat - this is ridiculous spend it at home

The picture looks like my own backyard in Victoria, BC. Money to give away but not taking care of Canadians. Despicable!! That is 10X what JustinTrudeau gave to seniors in Canada...the country is supposed to work for. Sure working hard for that UN seat. The flood gates stay open While Jussie takes a similar path as Venezuela.

Foolish for the Trudeau “Liberals” to do this during a pandemic that has resulted in the largest run of debt since the last world war as well as a completely decimated economy. Whaaaaat That money should be spent in Vancouver and Victoria as they have the biggest problem of homeless in Canada Let’s take care of the Canadian homeless problem first.

Meanwhile in canada. People cant pay their rent JOKER throwing Canadians money at part is not good, it is when Joker gasses the people to blind to see the CON happening to them. COVID CON 2020 We sure are a rich country suddenly.Generous to a flaw even. Jc borrowing money and giving it away.

Oh for fucksake

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Air Canada CEO’s compensation cut by more than half to $5.8 million due to COVID-19Air Canada CEO’s compensation cut by more than half to $5.8 million due to COVID-19 GlobeBusiness globebusiness Oh... I'm so sorry for his pain and sacrifice globebusiness That’s not enough as he has done a pretty shit job in the last year and the way he has dealt with this pandemic, it has been abysmal globebusiness And they wonder why the company isn’t making any money? Start here.

Trudeau will push provinces to give workers 10 days of paid sick leave as Canada grapples with COVID-19Trudeau says the Liberals will also work on other long-term measures to make it easier for workers to stay home when they’re ill Singh & Trudeau has no brain in their heads, full of shit, they think Money grow on trees, another way to make business very difficult in Canada and push it to move south How could this work and who would pay? Stay in your lane, labour law belongs in the provincial responsibilities. You're not going to survive long in prison JustinTrudeau

Canada Post swings to first-quarter loss despite 10 per cent growth in parcels revenuesCanada Post swings to first-quarter loss despite 10 per cent growth in parcels revenues GlobeBusiness globebusiness Wtf globebusiness Shut it down. It's monopoly on letter post must end. globebusiness Union? Hmmmm

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