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Breakıng, Iran Plane Crash

Canada, other countries issue demands for Iran, including compensation for victims

#BREAKING: Canada and other countries are demanding compensation from Iran for the families of the victims of the plane crash near Tehran last week.


BREAKING : Canada and other countries are demanding compensation from Iran for the families of the victims of the plane crash near Tehran last week.

Canada is chairing the gathering of representatives of four other countries that lost citizens in the crash -- Ukraine, Sweden, Afghanistan and Britain.

The closed-door meeting in London was to begin with a political update about the situation in Iran and the tensions in the region that led up to the crash, said the official.

The official said the bulk of the agenda would focus on the following issues:

— ensuring the victim-identification process measures up to international standards

How you can help the Canadian victims of the Iran Plane Crash

Iran is leading the investigation because the crash occurred on its soil, but there are precedents for handing that responsibility over to another country that suffered losses. Iran lost 82 nationals in the crash, while 57 Canadians were killed.

“The Prime Minister and the Secretary General reaffirmed the need for a complete and thorough international investigation. They welcomed the involvement of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in the investigation,” said a readout of Trudeau’s call with Guterres.

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Iran will divert blame on trump, won't even pay half compensation Yeah good luck with that does anyone really believe that Trudeau has the balls to even try and intimidate Iran,why do you think Iran picked a plane with Canadians they know Canada has no government that would actually do anything unlike the Americans.

If Canada has any Iran assets in Canada it should be seized and sold help pay for transport of victims. So now it's not trump's fault? Are we actually going to blame the country the missile came from? Is 2020 the year shit starts to make sense again? I heard Harvard will be adding the deaths to the Hurricane Marie total.

I repeat: You dishonour the airline, the brave pilots who must have fought to the last second to save their passengers and the manufacturer by calling it a plane crash. It was shot down by Iran. And you know that. 🙄 Our PM went on record blaming Trump for the downed plane. How can we now be in a position to demand anything from Iran? We have children 'leading' this country.

Trump administration should be pitching in. Why do you keep insisting on calling it a plane crash? The plane was SHOT out of the sky. Twice. Enough with your liberal BS. Speak the truth. The compensation should come from the Trump White House 🇨🇦, it’s about ultimate RESPONSIBILITY. The US paid Iran $61 million in compensation after mistakenly shooting down an Iranian passenger plane in 1988. What’s the inflation on that? Whether the Iranian government actually distributed that to the 290 families is another question all together.

Plane crash black boxes ‘are with Iran,’ Canada prepared to help decode: GarneauOfficials have begun their investigation into the downing of the aircraft and is ready to deploy a second team to help in decoding the black boxes, Transport Minister Marc Garneau said. *are ready Liberals need a distraction for something they did or R about to do to Canada & Canadians..Iranians fessed up & admitted to killing 58 CDNS. So begs to ask the questions why spend which will be likely millions on some keystone investigation to conclude what IS ALREADY known! Send Trudeau to Iran, he’s all in favour of getting an advance heads on what’s happening- maybe he should sober up & go himself. The sock puppet could use a dose of reality.

Ukrainian Airlines should never flown that day But, but Trudeau told us it was Trump's fault And whatever compensation we get will go to security for the ex royal couple! That’s a good idea Still wasn’t a plane crash. Still was shot out of the sky with two Iranian missiles. Nice. Families get some of that Obama terrorist funding money from American taxpayers.

This horrific mistake is a direct result of the Soleimani murder. If you assassinate creating a state of armed tension and imminent war, tragedy will follow. 1914. At least Iran apologized and took responsibility. *victims of the terrorist attack near Tehran last week* FTFY Maybe they have some of that 150B left over that Obama gave them to spread around.

Iran must compensate crash victims' families, Canada-led group agreesCanada and other countries are demanding compensation from Iran for the families of people killed when Iranian forces shot down an airliner leaving Tehran last week. Yeah! Get some of those Obama dollars out pay these poor people, we know you got billions in cash from Barry. Didn’t Justin tell us it was trumps fault? It’s not but that’s a pretty quick about face. A Trudeau lead Canadian government agrees with what other countries are enforcing

Universities across Canada plan moment of silence for Iran plane crash victimsInstitutions throughout the country are planning a moment of silence at 1 p.m. EST I've seen lots of flags at half-mast. It was such a waste of innocent life.

Complications Expected For Meghan And Harry’s Move To Canada“The Sussexes’ move also raises the possibility that baby Archie will grow up as a Canadian ... with a local accent to boot.” ✝️🙏🇨🇦🇬🇧Yeah 😀👍👍👍🇬🇧🇨🇦🙏✝️ Leave them be 🇨🇦 How aboot that eh?

Toyota recalls nearly 55,000 vehicles in Canada to fix faulty fuel pumpsToyota is recalling nearly 700,000 vehicles - 55,000 of them in Canada - because the fuel pumps could fail and cause engines to stall. holy shi- Most car manufacturers are screwing around with saving a few dollars here and there with a lot of plastic crap that just does not have the durability. And this applies to so called luxury vehicles. oops

Iran plane crash: Canada’s transport authority ‘cannot confirm’ who has the black boxes“We cannot confirm their location right now”: It's unclear which country has possession of the black boxes recovered from the downed plane. With Canada and Iran investigating this, how could anything go wrong... lmao With Trudeau, McCain and the *entirety* of Canadian mainstream media pushing Iran's false 'unintentional' narrative, the brutal regime knows they can dupe to their hearts content. In fact, they're using Trudeau speeches as they slaughter their citizens. Oops just another 'accident' eh.

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