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Canada Defence Spending, Chargé D'affaires

Canada ‘not on course’ to hit 2% defence spending pledge: U.S. official

The embassy official says the U.S. views hitting the two per cent target — or at least getting close — as crucial in order for Canada to be taken seriously.


The embassy official says the U.S. views hitting the two per cent target — or at least getting close — as crucial in order for Canada to be taken seriously.

Richard Mills , the U.S. chargé d'affaires , said while there have been positive spending steps by the Canadian government on defence, the view south of the border is that Canada will fall short in hitting its promised investment of two per cent of GDP on defence.

In 2017, Ottawa announced it would boost the annual defence budget to almost $33 billion within a decade, an increase of 70 per cent.Canada currently sits at 1.31 per cent in terms of how much of its GDP goes towards defence spending. That’s up from about 1 per cent in 2014.

“But to be listened to, there has to be something behind you and that requires investment in the military.”Trump would nominate Dr. Aldona Wos to serve as the new ambassador.

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We don’t need to spend money on weapons. More can be done if we spend on human dignity at home and abroad. What did you expect with a leader like just Trudeau? He’s to busy bowing to Iran to do what’s needed here Canada can’t afford 2% because we can’t get our act together and back the sale of our oil and gas which would help hit the target set.

We don’t care , shut up ....... Are funds spent on peacekeeping included in in the defence amount? Working around the world towards order and peace is proactive. I don’t know that the US is in a position to suggest that other countries might not be taken seriously. There’s more to being an international leader than walking around pointing out how big your dick is.

Of course we aren't...Fancy Socks is spending Canadian's money elsewhere to buy himself a seat on the UN Oh please, nobody takes Canada seriously. Who cares what the USA says

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