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Asylum Seekers Canada, Asylum Seekers Coronavirus Canada

Canada may face legal trouble for turning away asylum seekers coming from U.S.: advocates

Canada may face legal trouble for turning away asylum seekers coming from U.S.: advocates

2020-03-29 12:41:00 AM

Canada may face legal trouble for turning away asylum seekers coming from U.S.: advocates

Last week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that anyone crossing into the country at the Canada-U.S. border on foot to claim asylum will be turned away -- one measure included in the temporary border deal to combat the spread of COVID-19 .

Refugee advocates say Canada could be in legal hot water if the United States deports asylum seekers turned away from Canada as part of a broader deal with the U.S. to close the border to all but non-essential traffic.Last week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that anyone crossing into the country at the Canada-U.S. border on foot to claim asylum will be turned away — one measure included in the temporary border deal to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Ontario records another spike in new COVID-19 cases Millions of cicadas are expected to emerge after 17 years underground China says virus pushing U.S. ties to brink of 'Cold War'

[Sign up for our Health IQ newsletter for the latest coronavirus updates]U.S. border officials told the news outlet Reuters this week any illegal migrants who cannot be returned to Canada or Mexico will be returned to their country of origin.

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LOL I think there's only a handful of migrant Americans desiring to flee to Canada, anyway: Rosie O'Donnell; Whoopi Goldberg; Barbra Streisand; etc. ‘Advocates’ 😂😂😂! So called advocates are lining up to collect their fees. This is an industry, they are the salespeople. We’ll deal with that later. Must stay focused on the more important issue at hand

FU THEM! CANADIANS COME FIRST! WTF ? Canada is now obligated to accept refugees ? When did we lose our sovereignty ? To hell with the UN ! Please do not give them clicks for this propagandist bullshit. And that is why Canada should never NEVER give away its sovereignty to an international organization like Trudeau has. Vote Trudeau OUT Canada.

Let’s risk it. Lol why would refugees have more rights than a country to protect it's borders Fuck the UN. No we wont because those laws arent real laws they arent enforceable. Stop playing the globalist game you propaganda machines need to stop with the bullshit and start reporting this honestly. Tell the UN to fuck off and rip there fake agreements in their face.

Or Canada will face an even serious trouble if they allow infected people in. This is all but common sense. Why should canada be charged America is the country that has ed them into canada they should be the country being sued and they want troops on the boarder to stop Canadians from entering the states where were they then when illegal boarder jumpers were crossing to canada

who runs our country? (Canada)… Trudeau or the U.N.? as the states are a country at peace these illegals are NOT asylum seekers FuckTheUN Global news.... now owned and operated by the terrorist group called the UN... Unrelated, but the beard really suits him. I invite poor ppl to dinner at my house bc of overflow soup kitchen. Get home my house is on fire they say 'still hungry'. How much do I owe them? Am i now responsible bc soup kitchen is now closed?

You can rest assured that the current PM of Canada could go down in history as the best lier the world has ever seen Any govt that committed to something the electorate didnt commit to may face consequences as well. This would have been mentioned in this kind of article in days past, before you were being paid to be their schills. Embarrassing. cdnpoli

The UN may face consequences for overstepping their boundary. why do you spread lies? We should not be taking in anyone, we need to look after our own, let their own country figure it our Last time I checked you couldn't claim refugee status from America. Time to pull out of that stupid UN refugee agreement NOW

Bullshit, they are already in a safe country. Stop schilling for Trudeau. I am sick of your lying to Canadians and officially have deleted your channel from my life. As will many other Canadians RebelNewsOnline Who Fricken Cares! Canadians get some balls, you don’t have to answer to anyone that includes asylum seekers advocates.

PMckinstryl Hey remember these? PMckinstryl Why is it that when people questioned the government officials about signing on to these insane UN agreements, they were always told “they’re non-binding” and nations can decide what’s best for their country? Canadians decide what’s best for Canada, not the UN.

Global news will have to be added to the Traitors of Canada list... Only asshats like you would report & support a nonstarter story like this. When I think of globalnews, pure stupity comes to mind... PMckinstryl What an outright lie. He thinks Canadians are just plain stupid. Like we don't notice his ankle bracelet. Or what he's really up to.

Does it hurt to spew lies everyday in support of this corrupt government? At a time when Canada really needs leadership, we have Justin Trudeau, an utter failure. How about Trudeau grows a sack and tells the UN to 🖕. It’s absurd people leaving the US are considered refugees. With this type of insanity being spewed from the UN we should have left the UN Migration pact years ago.

Right now, who cares. Trudeau is is finally stopping people from boarding domestic flights and trains if they have Covid19 symptoms, but he is still allowing international flights from China and other hotspots to enter Canada without screening or monitoring. He failed again THEY ARE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS PERIOD!

Get a life Nope! We have no requirement to accept Asylum seekers when the country they are fleeing is not the country they are seeking asylum from! From who? Global. The new Toronto Star. Whose homes are the asylum seekers going to stay at? yours? How in the hell can a country get in trouble for refusing entry to illegals? Especially now, absolutely crazy. No one should be entering Canada unless you are a citizen.

Ya right. It's illegal to cross border other than through border points of entry! My VOTE is for EVEN MORE ankle monitoirs :) BS, ignorant news reporting, The first priority for EVERY country is to take care of the basic needs of their citizens FIRST. I still see thousands of homeless and on the street kids just in Vancouver alone. Fix your house first.

Our once amazing country, is unrecognizable sometimes. The UN have fully infiltrated our govt, at the highest levels. We apparently have an endless supply of Northern Pe$os so bring it on. No money Bull shit. BS GIVE IT UP Big deal sue us then we’re broke anyway. At least for the time being, Canada remains a sovereign nation. It is not in “legal trouble” unless it agrees to be.

What a load of shit...stop with the propaganda There are no asylum seekers, just parasites looking for a free life after feeding off the States for a few years. is just short for One of many UN puppet news reading services there to spread UN propaganda & lie to the Canadian people. GlobalismNews is complicit with the federal government's sellout of Canadian sovereignty to the UN.

From who. The UN. Who the hell are they to give anyone trouble. That filthy organization is the only one more corrupt than the liberal party Nonsense! Just send them to Saudi Arabia. Maybe it's time to leave the UN. A nation who can't decide for itself is not a nation. From whom? By turning away ILLEGAL border-crossers, Canada may face legal trouble? What 'legal trouble' Doesn't Canada has its own immigration law STFU already! SecureTheBorder LawAndOrder cdnpoli

WHY is it that we need to take in every immigrant, refugee or asylum seeker? How are we obligated legally? So tired of these advocacy groups dictating what we can or cannot do. NO. If the USA deports asylum seekers back to their country of origin, that's up to the USA. Refugee advocates are trying to create a false narrative that the onus is on Canada. No, it is not.

Should only apply to regular border crossings. There's no legal trouble here: we are under extraordinary circumstances and it is worldwide. It is better for everyone to remain where they are and if that means denying them entrance, then let's be Canadian and provide them with tents, blankets, food and water to help them.

Trudeau isn't the worst guy you could be self isolating with. Don't go there! All you other ladies were thinking it too! Hush! I spent a few hours reading about this and did NOT find anything to validate this as'TRUE' law. It is utter BS for many reasons. And if this is associated with those compacts, who cares. Were we not told they are not binding Nuke the U N

Abolish the U.N. This is because the Hermit PM is in bed with the U.N. Trudeau needs to step down and resign. You can’t seek asylum from a deemed safe country can you? What is with the MSM and their constant need to spread fear? Sooooo true Lets save Canadians and then lets deal with that. Duh So if someone wants to come to my place and have a drink and I say no, would I be in legal trouble?

BS Advocate says'if a refugee [claimant] is turned away by Canada and [returned to their home country] where they are harmed, Canada could be...legally liable.' If an *economic refugee claimant harms Canadians with CoronaVirusCanada /needed med supplies, is their country liable? Last time I checked USA is safe country. They aren't at war so there is zero harm to them staying in the States. UN should go after the American people for voting in a racist narcissist liar into the Oval office. Not against immigrants. I welcome everyone that comes in legal

Gee I wonder where and how this narrative was cooked up 🤨 Note: Missing from photo sitting right of JT Christina Freeland Did they legally apply to live in Canada? How are these people crossing the entire USA illegally to end up on Canada’s border ? Sued by who? The UN ? Useless fucks Why only Canada?

Who care! Finally he actually did something!!!! Four years late though!!! Nonsense. Only if you acknowledge the UN and most Canadians do not! We are sovereign! The UN is not recognized...and any government that tries to impose UN law will find itself voted out. They are not coming from a third world Country, they certainty can be denied and must.

Most True Canadians will have no problem not excepting anymore freeloaders into our country. They have been nothing but an expense on most of the provinces 🤪 Sued by 250 mln refugees UN claims are on their way to invade western countries This shite has to stop. Build your own country. This is pure bullshit! US is not in war, there no genocide in ongoing. No one call pretend to be a refugee and arrived from US. The rule is clear when ask a refugee statue you don’t shopping your country. If you are a refugee in US soil it is in US you have to ask the status.

This isn't really the news we need right now. See all the hateful comments, yeah, maybe don't do this right now. Its nothing more than exploitation of a loop hole in the law. There is no war and persecution in upstate NY. Omg. Just stop Who the fuck cares? Huh? Asylum seekers from the USA you say. I realize that the US has placed troops along the Canadian boarder but I still thought the relationship was still a friendly one! It’s been almost 4 years since Trump was elected! Are disgruntled DEMS still wanting to escape to Canada?

From who? By whom, pray tell? Global should increase the amount of red in their logo. Probably a big payday if they fly the appropriate colours. Or maybe they just want level funding with the CBC, the way Canada is being run you'd think that would be taxpayer funded when you flaunt the correct message.

He is done ! Done! Done! Turn them away anyways. Amnesty International should give their self-righteous selves a shake while they reflect on Canada's track record on the shared border with the US. Amnesty might this time go count the number of children Trump has in cages....just saying The USA is a safe country. The people crossing into Canada are doing so because they overstayed their work permits or they are being sent back to their own countries. Stop the Liberal misinformation!

🙄🙄 See them in court then......who the hell cares, our government is to represent our best interests....period!! Wow, just look at that ratio Fuck that Maybe so when we have a weak and pathetic JustinTrudeau who is failing at trying to be a leader! Along with MSM sucking up for cash! trudeauMustGo notaleader coward cdnpoli COVID19

So much for the 'non-binding' part eh? Fuck the UN bro Honestly the citizens don’t give a care. Right now we have to look after our own country and the people so that we survive this pandemic. If Canadanis more worried about legal issues we’ll than we are effed. Bullshit! No we won't! It doesn’t say where we have to house them, set up a camp in some remote northern location and let the system work at normal speed, the word will get out and the numbers will decline drastically

Legal trouble from whom? To repeat my words of wisdom to the PM last night regarding Earth whatever, bugger off! Tough luck....Keep our borders closed!!! Hey! Trudeau and globalist goons. I immigrated to Canada legally because I knew it was a safe and peaceful nation. Please I need this country to remain that way, stop bringing in terrorist/extremist who are disguised as refugees.

Keep them where they are!!!! Period. And what are they seeking asylum from, exactly? The US is war torn, and impoverished? I think our main focus should be the containment of the virus, not legal issues that come with the measures If they were truly seeking asylum they would enter at legal portals. Keep printing lies for your pm Global.

They can go fuck themselves Why would Canada face legal problems? The asylum seekers are already in a safe country. Bullshit The hell with them! Protect our citizens first. So why is Canada being worried about this when every other country is closing its borders. I see the activists are still whining Sucks to be them.

The corrupt autocratic globalist elitist UN needs to be dismantled! Canada needs UNExit Canada isn't turning away refugees. The order in council is continuing to allow them through. You should have reported this, but didn't. We have to go find it ourselves. The backlash to this may not be good. Canadians are hurting and this is what you push.

So....what exactly will happen? From who? Please explain. Just do what China does when they get sued Tell them to fuck themselves Tell the bums to stay home Give me a break, the trick words that lumps on the bumps trudeau, freeland and blair seem to miss here is 'ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS'. That means it's an illegal act. Send them home Trump, you guys don't want them we don't either.

Legal trouble that will side against the asylum applicants because international law dictates in order to claim asylum they must go to the nearest safe country. Canada borders a single country, that is the USA, it is a safe country. Mexico is also considered a safe country. They and their greedy lawyers who are responsible for promoting this illegal activity can fk off.

Absolutely Fake News Fake News, not a chance, the asylum seekers are NOT THE FAMISHED, HOMELESS people media would like you to believe. They are not in “ mortal danger” in the USA. They would lose any such law suit! Stop with the fear mongering, Canadians aren’t falling for it! Advocates need to learn the difference between war stricken refugees and asylum seekers looking for handouts.

Ratiooooooo Nonsense, that could be an excuse to open up the border again Yeah, but don’t worry! Jason Kenney will fix it! Come legally or don’t come here. We have the right to defend our sovergnity. Idiot reporting from global news hard at work. He won’t get his seat? Oh so we are just supposed to keep them coming in while we already have a crisis on our hands? Go too hell

No! Trudeau risks losing his UN Security Council seat. UN can FO Stop this refugee nonsense immediately! Our borders are closed, that means everyone! Why would refugees get special treatment over citizens! This must stop now! How about those advocates SHUT UP and open their own homes financially and take them in. THE REST OF US want LEGAL IMMIGRANTS....NOT WELFARE SEEKERS.

Lol..What is the UN going to do, put Canada in jail! The Liberal Globalnews is a joke! Yeah, cause refugees from the U.S. are so hard done by! You think other countries are currently letting refugees in Get a grip! They can't be asylum seekers coming from the US If they were doing their job right in the first place we wouldn’t be in this position. Give it a rest already. There are bigger issues to report on like large number of people in grocery stores. That should keep your crew busy for awhile. Go check it out.

Oh please! Why can the media for once stop pandering to the globalists.😡 Why does just go out of its way to find things that complicate an already complicated situation Is this from the same 'authorities' that told us that giving Omar Khadr $10.5 million was legal, obligatory and wise? Gotta love global. Just another state broadcaster.

Canadians may face death for accepting illegal border crossers who overload our healthcare system... It's official! Blackfacetrudeau is way more racist than Trump. Slow news day, so let’s make something up. fakenews This is fake news. There are ZERO ramifications for turning away immigrants especially ones who come in illegally. Who is going to take action against us? A organization filled with crazy new world order monsters? Get bent .

🙄 Who's funding the advocates? Who's pulling Trudeau's puppet strings? Soros 1. It wouldn’t be Canada sending them back. 2. We are a sovereign nation with borders. 3. They could apply for refugees status outside Canada. 4. There is 194 other countries in the world, they could try 1 of them. 5. Legal troubles mean SFA for a country.

Who cares we have enough problems keep the iboarders closed You cannot have asylum seekers, seeking asylum from a country where people go to seek asylum. Get it? The United States is a free democracy and not a place people flee from persecution. You can't have migrants seeking to flee into the U.S. while others flee from it.

I would like to see a full accounting for these illegals. How far would these billions or millions go toward helping Canadians to pay for this crisis? I also want an accounting for the number of illegals that walked across our border carrying the corona virus! Libs take credit! FakeNews TrudeauLiedPeopleDied TrudeauMustGo WelfareMedia ExitUN

only country in the world without a backbone! Borders closed into 🇺🇸 these are illegals in 🇺🇸 That is messed up. You can't call it asylum their country has an idiot leader but it's not a reas5for asylum. Sorry neighbours can't let you in right now. fuck them FakeNews FakeNewsAlert bought and paid for by Canada's corrupt and useless liberal_party

it's YOU and your boss Trudouche that will be going down!! YOU are nothing more than the Liberal's Political attack Dogs!! People are waking up...your time is almost up! Who's going to sue us you the US the UN? Do you know how foolish you sound. We can do whatever we want, it’s our country. actually we can. we are a free nation..

Too bad borders are closed BS dig deeper, Canada has control of borders! Just stupid liberals lack of Patriotism! Bullshit, Canada has no obligation to anyone But own citizens. BS fake news pushing Global Jihad yet again..... Canadians do not care about what the UN wants or says. They are NOT our leaders nor do they write Canadian law

Bull-Shit! Why is it that our PM continues to suggest that Canada is not a sovereign nation? Exceptionally disturbing! Who is advising him? Canadians have the right to know. Bye bye U N Legal trouble, from who? So? Bring it on, bitches. We don't want 'em. Oh for the love of God, GET REAL!!! LEGAL TROUBLE EH? Like SNC LAVALIN TROUBLE OR MARK NORMAN TROUBLE OR A PAYOFF TO TERRORIST TROUBLE

Legal trouble? From whom exactly? GO ahead. Explain away our sovereignty. While I feel for these people, we're in a war with something for more evolved that us. These are special times. They're just going to have to wait. Letting them in has a greater risk than letting them wait. Viruses don't care about our social constructs of law or morality.

The last thing we need right now is more of those illegals sapping us dry. Too fucking bad. Money well spent come legally or stay the fuck out. Amnesty’s Neve is another MadeInChina Globalist failure of terrible harmful policy. Freeland’s grandfather was a Nazi. It’s in her blood. Is she playing crony politics disobeying Canada laws, US laws and punishment for illegals breaking the laws? Libranos Corruption

Look people are out of work you want to eat they will work Legal troubles or not, you're not coming here right now, and likely not in the future either if it comes down to 'legal troubles'. This Canadian will stand behind her Premier on this one. They can not claim asylum in Canada if they are already in the US, Canada can face NO legal trouble, global news is publishing the lies of “Advocates”. Very good for your credibility Global

Just keep them out. They can line up their legal complaints after this is all over. Take a number. Not one cent of Canadians money should continue to go to Amnesty International Canada. Traitors who don't give a shit about us. If they were in the US, they were safe. They chose to try and break Canadian law by crossing into Canada illegally. Canada owes them nothing.

Propaganda! Fake news! Keep pushing the lies!! Fucking ridiculous this should of ended before it began and before this pandemic. If Canada only took care of their own like they do the rest of world we wouldn't be borrowing money we don't have for emergency funds, only to pay back at a premium when this is over though taxation

People coming from the USA are not seeking asylum, they are already in a safe country! They are exploiting our weak non existent border and our socialist system for free stuff. If I as a Canadian citizen cannot cross our own boarders, it is ludicrous to suggest that a non-citizen has the right to cross them JustinTrudeau.

According to whom? More global news propaganda UsefulIdiots go first. KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov The government will win in court. Bring it on, but replace the scumbag in power first! How could the liberals win the next election without shipping in their voter base first I'd say 'Bring it on!' If we lose in court at least we can say we did the right thing for Canadians. COVID19

I have to admit that I don't understand - are they being persecuted in the US? What kind of country is our friend Or ....? And the obligations of the government to keep Canadians safe are inconsequential? Our media and government are truly the enemy within...😖! Are we not in a 'State of Emergency'? By declaration alone, all other laws are therefore, tbd.

Jesus Christ. The fucking media cannot stand the idea of a strong border. Can someone please explain that to me? Since when do we take our legal advice from 'advocates'? Ahh no gtfo. As a country we have the right to turn ppl away especially in a situation like this. We don’t know if you carrying the virus, are a rapist, etc. Right now it’s simple to protect the rest of the nation no one is allowed in.

FK em. It's our border, not the fkn UN's poll: who cares Only if we recognize the UN as a legitimate organization that isn't corrupt to the core. Time Canadians reminded the rest of the world. This is our Country. We will look after ourselves first for a change. What a bunch of horse 💩 I can’t handle this shit any longer.

They won't. Asylum rules are quite clear. You can't claim asylum leaving a safe country. Please do some basic research. Or maybe you're just open borders activists? Try actual journalism instead. We aren't sending them.back. The US is. And of course they all claim that they will be in danger if they go back which is BS.

Legal trouble from WHOM? The UN and the NWO? Awww does this mean less Liberal voters coming in and Mr. Socks won't have a job waiting? liberal_party LIES from.a bought and paid for media. Screw all of them. Illegal border crossers have no 'legal' standing. cdnpoli What is the UN going to do... Not give us a seat on the security Council? Who cares!

OMG....FakeNews The media just NEVER stops with the bullshlt!! Let there be trouble . Trump would never help Canadians if rolls were reversed. Show some “ back bone “ JustinTrudeau when it comes to the USA. Don’t worry people, UN have not more power than a French fries stand Can we stop talking about this? Seriously. We have bigger things to worry about, like taking care of the people who are already here. If they're in the U.S. they should file refugee claims there. Canada is way too soft on 'irregular' migrants anyway.

Oh f*ck off. We have every right to protect the health of our sovereign nation at this time. Let the illegals claim refugee status the appropriate way! No more illegals! Asylum seekers from USA? When did the war start? They are illegal immigrants, Trudeau’s new voters is what they are! How’s the 600 mil working for you folks

The UN needs to go! Just a disaster! Just look at the hypocrisy and the cost! The rights of sovereign nations needs to be asserted again in history. People can learn to be good neighbours and tangibly work together without compromising their identity and values. No we’re not! In times like these that’s absolutely ridiculous 🙄 We are at war & honestly we can’t and probably won’t have the ability to save everyone. 🇨🇦 is in lockdown! One will infect 4, who infects 20, who infects, 100, infects 1000! Wanna take that chance? I don’t!

They are Illegals not refugees. If the country they came from is a safe country which the US is, they get sent back!! That’s Canadian & International (unelected UN globalists) law! You’re assumptions are astounding!! Throw them out. Any lawyer that objects - throw them out too. National security. As if. Quit making shit up. We have a border. About time it’s being enforced

Now you think our laws matter? Ffs rail lines blocked or it's a protest yeah right lies, it was a blockade, Trudeau fired 2 women cabinet members for being honest, media nothing, caught being racist barely a word from media. He lied about SNC-L oh no big deal, now corrupt UN..... That's BS. Stp feeding into the liberal lies. A refugee has safe haven in first country. If they landed in USA that's the first country. closetheborder

Legal trouble from not protecting their very own? Legal trouble for putting their own in danger? Legal trouble for stealing from tax payers to provide for anybody but their own? Legal trouble for not doing their jobs? Yup they will Have legal trouble! From the UN? They are a farce now. How about Canada look after its own citizens for once?! The US is a safe country and they landed there first, so they stay there. Period.

There is a special place in hell for your organization. Canadians no longer buy into your bullsh*t. Trump plans to put troops at the border because he says canadians brought the virus into the US and yet Canada would get in trouble for not take asylum seekers who are probably ppl who are carrying the virus :$

Why would we allow asylum seekers from the US? The rule is first safe country. Breaking the law twice before they get here. Sounds like great additions to our society. Plus, I don't know if people noticed, but there's a crisis going on. No handouts until it's done. How can you seek asylum from the USA? On what grounds?

Canada’s international obligations on refugees include a commitment to “non-refoulement” This is exactly why Canada needs to regain its sovereignty by exiting all such international agreements Bahahahaha. Legal trouble ? From who? Turdo just waves his Princess wand and it’s gone. He’s above the law They are in a safe country. End of discussion.

I’m willing to take the risk of legalities, for the protection of Canadian lives. Fake news from global liberal Propaganda machine. It is time to Stop Rewarding Illegal Acts, arrest, deport them. No hotels, no welfare, no rewards, no exceptions. So what. Bring it on. GlobalCCPNews‘ unhinged Globalism fetish is poison.

Aren't they supposed to be quarantined? Lol “legal trouble” cmon man get serious Screw them. Immigrate legally or don’t come. False. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau left the borders open. He’s in hiding, while front line health professionals fight the fight. Leader? is dog shit 💩 Bullshit. . 🇨🇦 is a post national country; as Trudeau calls 🇨🇦. Not a sovereign country, under rule of the UN! Which insists all countries must take mass migration; yet UN comes to Canada for $ handouts because they're broke! Hmmmm 🤔 🇨🇦 Dying a slow death under Trudeau Gov't ! .

That's just stupid. THEY ARE ILLEGAL END OF STORY! So if it were to happen would the US be ok with asylum seekers from Canada? In the present situation they should leave it alone. The US should do the right thing and help them not us as they are coming from the US Why would we get in trouble when we already had put a block on our boarders no one in no one out it was across Canada so maybe try ur timing a bit better next time cause Canada never refuses anyone. Only Canadians allowed back home none Canadians will be sent back home.

NO! The guaranteed Liberal illegal migrant Votes are not increasing by Canada not allowing asylum seekers in. WakeUpCanada The Liberal GOV does not have your best interest in mind. There’s a COVID Crisis and these borders MUST be shut down. Oh ffs What the hell is this crap! The first mandate of any Canadian govt is the safety and security of Canada and its citizens. These ILLEGALS are NOT Canadians! They are a threat to us, aliens, we know not where they came from, where they've been, or the diseases they bring.

Yet they wonder why media outlets in Canada are circling the drain? I am all for Canada’s stance on ALL immigration. But let’s not allow our generosity to turns us into morons. Let’s then sue. These are unprecedented times. Asylum seekers can wait until we put out the fire inside our country. Thanks See that’s a bunch of bullshit! Wtf should have to accept anyone that should each countries right to accept or deny anyone regardless of the reason! It should be illegal to say no! So what if their counties got issues that’s not our problem and we shouldn’t be forced to make ours

Will pale in comparison to the legal trouble the government will face from its own citizens We are a sovereign nation in control of our own borders. The UN can: So fight it in court like they fight the veterans. Not the time.. Why isn’t Trudeau in jail? Enough Canada! What legal challenges our country we make the rules if we don't want you in too bad

LOL Bull shit! You may face some tho! Fine. Let’s deal with that later. Send them back home. Please let me know if we have a country any more or if the liberal backed lawyers who are getting ready for multiple 10 million dollar paychecks to the next offended foreigner, if their that much trouble at the border can't wait till they get here. Law's made to protect citizens

Oh good god. That's the last thing we need to deal with right now. Shut up I’m so sick of his face. Ass above is to blame Time to play Cowboys and Advocates... Asylum my have to stay in your own damn country! Ask your president if he would allow us to run and hide in your country! It sounds harsh but right now that’s how it has to be!

Further proof this government has never thought a damn thing through and why progressive/socialist politics is bad policy. Fakenews When did refugees demand to come into a country! It's a privilege, not a right to be a Canadian!!! And sure they hell don't want US covid pandemic spread more into Canada!!!

Too fuckin bad Here we are doing our part to advert covid but yet government wants to let it in the back door , total B.S. Get the fuck outta here. Seriously. More globalist bullshit. In trouble from who? This is Canada, Canadian laws apply, Canada is a sovereign nation, the end. Why are they allowed anyway! This has to stop !

That’s bullshit and a risk Canada is willing to take to protect its citizens from this vile pandemic. Borders closed, period. Asylum seakers from the USAwhat a crock of crap!! Fuck them Suck it up 🇨🇦, you voted for this! Really? From whom? The anti-vaxxers who are particularly quiet lately..🤷‍♂️ The compact was non-binding! 🇺🇳🇨🇳

Oh please No neither did the USA... don’t even go there So unlikely it should not be in the news. Nah. I don't think so. Doesn't Afghanistan shoot border crossers? So be it. Don't care. Our borders are closed. End of story. Nope we won’t be the the ones facing anything. Key word: ILLEGAL No we won’t. They’re coming in at illegal entries. Time to stand up for Canadians and keep us safe from more germs.

🖕🖕 Doubtful because of the extenuating circumstances in these challenging times... Seriously? During this! That is total BS being thrown around by left as some excuse. TrudeauLiedPeopleDied TrudeauNotFitForOffice TrudeauTheCoward TrudeauTraitor Even Canadian citizens struck outside because of COVID19 at this time ,,,why these stupid just doing their politcs...

Canada is not returning them to their Country. The U.S. is. Tough beans Lot of exceptional stuff going on because of covid19,Canada should have right to save his own people Leaving a first or second world country for a first or second world country because you are scared of the government is not worthy of asylum seeking. Illegal crossing is still illegal and should be turn back right away.

So letting these people In(that are coming in ILLEGALLY) and endangering the lives of Canadians, including REAL refugees is ok They are in NO danger in the US. THIS IS BULLSHITE!! Give your heads a shake... Globalnews are you drinking the koolaid again? Or have the liberals pulled that much wool over your eyes? Seriously would quit publishing all this liberal crap

So letting these people Iin(that are coming in ILLEGALLY) and endangering the lives of Canadians, including REAL refugees is ok They are in NO danger in the US. THIS IS BULLSHITE!! Give your heads a shake... Just Fuq off already I dont give one fiddlers fuck about someone illegally crossing our border to jump on Trudeau's gravy train. This is more about meeting UN quota by the Liberals. That UN seat will be drenched in canadians pain and suffering.

What has happened to news in this country ? CBC CTV and Global , just trumpets for the Libs, we can't have secure borders because of legal trouble ? What is Canada advantage to be part of a corrupted organisation like the UN? Its seems to create Canadians a lot more grievances than building a better future as intended.....Are there any personal interest at stakes? 🤔

Bull shit !!!! Good thing no legal trouble sticks to Justin. Nope, no legal president. Try again. Omg whatever lol. Deport their sorry asses. Simple!! Our country, our rules. If you cant enter legally then you should not enter. Not sure how an asylum seeker can afford a lawyer, or why this is anyone else's business to dictate to us.

Change the law!!! Good Luck Advocates, this is Canada 🇨🇦 not UN!!! 🤓 Absolute rubbish. You show your hand Sirs. I suggest you return to balance+except that this is a real country not one ruled by some unelected bureaucrats sitting on their fat arses in New York. The UN, I assure you , has a dim future if they attempt such a move PierrePoilievre

...thats OK we will lrt justin suffer for our sins... Trouble? From who? Fuk the UN and fuk for more fakenews I’ll reuse this tweet. It’s appropriate. Ask them if the letters F.O. mean anything to them,from Canada with love Anyone who’s bored & needs a good laugh should read the Global TV story. It says the asylum seekers from USA who illegally came into Canada are pissed that Canada & US have shut down the Border & more cheaters can’t get in. You can’t make this insane shit up Trudeau’s media again

I doubt it JackNationalist Legal trouble from who The US is a safe country - are they going to sue Canada? Who cares. Tell the UN 🇺🇳 to Get Lost! bribemoney CTV. Alex Neve, secretary general at Amnesty International Canada. This guy is an another clown, this is his upmost concern at this point,, we are in trouble Seriously ? What ? , did we skip classes at school and got caught.

I have 2 words for this dude in the time of crisis,, they start with F and O and they ain't Florida Oranges We are trying to stop sick people from coming in. Forget the legal problems and make canada safer. Keep them out. I mean, if the most common of Canadian sayings ever had an appropriate circumstance...

How? They are already in a safe country (USA) and must apply for sanctuary there. If they were legitimate they would go to a proper border crossing. The only ones more dishonest than these fake economic migrants are Canadian immigration lawyers and the Canadian Liberal Party. Bring it. We should have turned them away long before now!

Fuck it. Let him face legal troubles. Plenty of lawyers with integrity know legal from illegal Easy. Change the laws then. If Canada is known for one thing it's our generosity with asylum seekers. This article is a non-starter for me. 'Asylum seekers'? What are they getting away from in the US? When they cross the border ILLEGALLY, they should be sent back to theirs country of origin. They are travelling into the United States, a “safe country”,they should have to claim asylum there.....shouldn’t be are problem if they are rejected, there probably is a reason.

Legal trouble? Seems our politicians need to write some laws that help Canadians. Like hell asylum seekers can stay these people are not legal . There’s a deadly Coronavirus in effect that is affecting all our lives . Do the asylum seekers understand that . Bring it on. Lock the doors. Just hope sock boy doesn't just pay them

While the ones in quarantine are doing a hunger strike? Come on now. What are we supposed to do? Whatever.......there’s a pandemic going on. Maybe these asylum seekers should stay put since they have been in the USA for long periods of time and are illegal visitors now threatened by Trump so they are seeking an easy way to stay anywhere( my opinion)

Bullshit, Canadian Laws; Not UN. cafreeland, we - as in citizens of Canada - elected you. Not the UN or some “global governance”. Cut this crap please. Illegals should be deported. And we are thrilled America is going to do it for us! uspoli cdnpoli Da fuck is this... 😒 Their president closed the border

Does it mean Trudeau goes to jail? If so I’m down for it !! What utter bullshit! Turn them around, they are entering our borders illegally, end of story!! TrudeauTraitor Spare me your indoctrinated rhetoric. Canada is sick of living in fear. Our weak kneed prime minister needs to take off that Blackface he loves to wear and grow a pair of oranges

Shove the word salad up your arse 'Irregular = Illegal.' As in not legitimate asylum seekers, but rather Criminals. I think you’ll find Canadians are quite done with this Globalist Crap at this point. Bring it on UN! Ever notice how the fake news never names the Liberal’s or Trudeau by name when there is a negative story about them. Once you notice it it’s obvious.

And.... If they cross at legal boarder crossing,what legal action are they referring to. Read the Sign Defund the UN. They are un-elected, pigs at the trough. Tinpot dictators running a shake-down of anyone they can. Canadians do not answer to these opportunists. Canada is not a dumping ground. I'm sure China will welcome them.

We shouldnt if we are truly sovereign! Fake news What is wrong with him, we’re a sovereign nation, not governed by the UN Legal trouble from who ? From you UN masters ? Go place the whole thing up your dirty a$$ and tell Justina Castro Turd-eau to do the same. Is rhis what Trudeau wanted you to tell the public just before he backtracks on not letting any illegals to cross over?

TOO BAD Because the UN said so? He just wanna protect Canadian, permanent resident, Etc. I just can’t believe it. I am immigrant also and I believe in this country, the primer minister and Canada’s law. So, this gov't takes veterans to court, to squabble and deny benefits...I'm thinking if as a nation we face 'legal trouble' for turning away asylum seekers during a pandemic, we challenge it in court. We will then find out if Canada is a sovereign nation or a Corporation of 👑

Canadians losing their shirts , and lives and global worried we might make the UN mad . Should the focus not be on the USA being the ones doing the deporting? 99% of.them.are fake refugees, people has a lot money can come to usa ,approved for Visa, wealthy people. Naive Canadians believe they are refugees.

Send them home. Starting your life in Canada via illegal means is no way to start a life. Proper border crossings or stay home. Canadians have a right to do whatever it takes to protect all of us.. so this move by the government is very much appreciated!!! JustinTrudeau CanadianPM That sounds like a bunch of crap. Where the hell did you get that information?

How many legit cases would that amount to really? An American seeking asylum for persecution (from what?) when they’re contemplating releasing prisoners from jail? And if too many come over we’ll have to put them into refugee camps... well that’s a death sentence right there. There is so much Canada can do! We need to save us first! We can’t allow hospital resources to be used for anyone other than Canadians right now. It’s reality. amnesty needs to calm down!

Hopefully, with Brett Kavanaugh presiding. Hahahhahahhaahhhahahhaha Trudeau and the liberal party has been a complete disgrace to Canada, our closest ally, and the international stage. The stupidest country. of coarse ..canada only help out terrious ,,,drug dealer ,,,other flock of same feather , Blah blah blah

Who the hell cares? We are protecting our citizens first b It’s a Pandemic. New rules. Let America deal with its own shitshow. Too bad acted to many acts so good luck I don't fcuking care. Send them back JackNationalist The Cdn gov (UN) are gonna be facing far greater and realer 'legal' trouble soon. Traitors, all of them... and Global Fake News as well.

Global News looking for leads And the problem is? Need to protect canadian first. Why don't we put them inside the Global News building and see how these media feel about it or put them inside these media's home. We are trying to contain the virus and you are still concern about it. You definitely don't care about us, the Canadians.

All these “advocates” can eat shit. These treasonous 'advocates' should be investigated. Who do they serve? Cross the bridge when it happens. Meanwhile closed. Thanks Trudeau for inviting them to jump the queue, here’s your thanks. Won’t get mine. The border is close due to Covid. How come Canada can end up in trouble when the US started to ban all flights from almost all over the world 🤔

Oh well. Then they should stop sending them here if they don't want them returned to their own countries. Who cares, saving lives of citizens more important than being politically correct. As the world changes so do outdated agreements Rubbish. All sorts of countries are closing their borders. This is North America, not Africa or the Middle East or Latin America. Any asylum seekers will be just as safe in the US as in Canada until this blows over.

🖕 Globalist treaties are not democratically binding and prove that this experiment has been a failure. Deport! From who? The racist U.N? Time to leave the U.N then. We shouldn't be FORCED to take people. Then every lawyer in this country is by definition an idiot. If the asylum seekers will bring danger to the Canadian people, so it’s the government’s duty to protect them and there will be no legal consequences, it’s common sense

Safe 3rd country, and showing up at our border coming from the airport via taxi doesn't help the whole refugee/asylum optics. Not to mention using the RCMP as bellhops too. Who cares In other words, our worst nightmares are true. Canada isn't a nation, it's the worlds creepiest religion. Believe in the high level government drunken a-holes or else.

Asylum seekers = attempting to avoid criminal charges in USA. Bullshit So that guy who flew into New York the day before from Africa and takes a taxi to Roxham Rd with a suitcase claims he fears for his life if he stays in the USA is going to get Canada in trouble? Not arrested for immigration fraud? Fake news from the useless bought off media....working hard these days to cover up incompetent trudeau and his past crimes...all for paycheques, disgraceful DFriesenGlobal FakeNews Canada MediaSellouts MediaBias TrudeauGroupies TrudeauWorstPM TrudeauMustGo HarperWasRight

First safe country they were in was the USA. Feck off. Would that be the same 'legal trouble ' the US faced with Mexicans? Advocates can house and finance their stay if they feel govt is not doing their part to keep borders open. 😒 Nonsense. That’s essentially saying anyone that comes banging on the door must be let in. Not going to happen.

Why seriously? From who? The UN? But America keeps kids in cages and they get a slap on the wrist? Not even I call bs Globalist News What bunk. We have agreements with the UN, and some may be legal. If you really want to know, check their website of with Amnesty International. It sucks but that’s where we’re at. We have to fight for our autonomy from the UN. So many reasons why.

This is nonsense, they are in the United States and don't face certain death. International agreements are just that, they are not forever binding. It is time internationalism, globalism dies out when it threatens the ability of 🇨🇦to protects its borders & citizens. Trudeau’s only mandate to head the Federal government for the betterment of Canadians only

F’ off with your stories! JackNationalist From who. Canada is a sovereign country we do not answer to anyone and can break treaty’s at will These are unprecedented times and no treaty would have contemplated this pandemic else we would have a treaty specifically addressing a pandemic. In the future, many agreements will address COVID-19 and/or pandemics.

No we won’t if we someone with a set of balls running the country. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), which, though recognizing (article 14) the right “to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution,” does not explicitly provide a right of asylum. Yes we will and Tudnuts pay them millions in damage 🤣😂🤣

From who? LPC is in trouble money whores Don’t worry Trudeau will pay them off Trudeau May face legal trouble for knowingly permitting the pandemic 2 rage Somebody should let Greece know that! You are pushing globalist sh*t nonsense. They can stay in the US and receive help from them if they are legitimate refugees. There is absolutely no need for them to come to Canada.

Less then 200 years ago there were no Nations. No borders. We roamed freely. Just a thought🤔 All you saying close border dont realize how much crap we bring from the usa don,t give a shit Turn them around Bull shit, they are foreign nationals with no rights or privileges in Canada. Nice try! If they’re turned away, they aren’t asylum seekers!

Yeah, well, they can bill us. International Law was not set up to deal with pandemics and mandatory quarantines. Have you read the 'Safe Third Country Agreement'. If so maybe apply that and close the loophole they are using by not crossing at an ILLEGAL port of entry. If Canada faces legal trouble for trying to protect Canadians from asylum seekers during the coronavirus, F!K off and stay out we don't want your Trouble making asses here to begin with!!!!

Or not. WFC ..... let them sue !!! Don't be stupid Total BS! Says who? GFY From the corrupt United Nations? LOL Sue us Send them all the Global news building Amnesty International can piss off.... when they start sending funds to support the medical , shelter and costs of living for these folks .... then they can have a f’n say in what happens in Canada... till then ...🖕

What kind of legal trouble we facing. Already we are in the ditch, from people coming back? Can we freeze that for atleast 2 months Good to know borders don't mean anything, bring on duffle bags full of handguns! This is ridiculous, he is trying to protect Canadians! The public health of their citizens during a world wide pandemic should be priority 1 for any country. Globalists that don't think that way can go to H.

Sorry. It is a privilege to be able to live in Canada, but it is not a right that anyone can just walk in & stay in Canada. It is totally not fair to hundred thousand of those other each year follow the right rules & regulation through proper application. This create lawless Who cares. Close the loophole!!!!! Plus it’s not a legal entrance to Canada!!!!!

Am I missing something? Who is seeking asylum from the US into Canada? BS. Ppl who have no legal right in our country should not have any rights within its legislation. They r coming frpm US and are returned to US. Lots of financial promises from a government that can’t even pay their own public servants ...hmmm

We don't care ..... We have been too generous. Seriously? Please stop. It the UN and the liberal government who should be brought to task for threatening the sovereignty of Canada If these pple have enough money to take us to court than they must be doing fine and can go back to where they came from The law is manmade, the disease is organic, do the right thing, lets help Canada first and then we can focus on fixing the rest. Self Care!

Oh that's crap canadians do not want these back door asylum seekers. it is a federal election platform.. it can be dissolved. Legal ? From who ? GOML we need an amendment to an outdated agreement from 1951 that is not in the best interests of Canada.. change it. That's fine. We have no choice to save many lives

Advocates will be in bigger trouble At this situation there is no such bad decision. It’s for our health. Because USA uncontrollably having virus. You can't seek asylum from a safe country. Globalnews is going down the 💩'er like the rest of the MSM parroting UN globalist talking points and fake 'experts'. Go pound dirt. Your day of bankruptcy is coming soon and I'll enjoy every bit of it.

What else is new lol Frankly, I don't give a s**t! Send every one back! DeportThemAll Why?!?! This is ridiculous. They're seeking asylum from the US authorities. Some have lived in the US for years. This shouldn't be a Canadian govt problem. Seriously! The government can literally break the law & wear shoe polish & everything is cool. You can block trains for weeks & nothing happens. Laws don’t matter. Give it a rest already. Is Canada going to take Canada to court for trying to save Canadian lives? Sorry, Peoplekind? 🤦🏻‍♂️

Canada is paying heavy price with Covid-19 because government waited so long to stop international flights & closing borders with US. Being hesitant & afraid of other International organizations criticism on account of Canadian lived is not acceptable. Legal trouble from who This is a special time! CoronaLockdown

We have enough troubles of our own: We don't need someone else's. Sound greedy and Narrow minded? Survival means that you after Number One first. You can't help the World, when you can't look after yourself first. It's that Simple! I’m guessing the “legal trouble” will be a whole lot less expensive than the Asylum seekers from the US. There is NO SUCh THING as a refugee from the US. Period

Are moving companies going to be closed down? During unprecedented crisis you are allowed to suspend any agreement for the sake Health & Safety of Canadians. Look to President Trump what he did to protect Americans. I can see the “ambulance chasers” hard at work now. How much will this cost taxpayers ?

Bullshit. They're coming from a safe country. Fake news and bullshit. ChinaVirus Why are we quoting activists and not lawyers? As I thought I still under WE run our own country not the corrupt POS with the UN. Did anyone sue Poland when they shut down their borders to everyone No. So sue us - courts should reopen sometime around June, 2023.

Legal trouble from who? The UN? Canadians do not recognize the UN law Only minority trudeau voters UN can go to hell CanadaIsBroken No judge in their right minds would allow such a challenge with the world in crisis as it is! Canada is doing the right thing for its citizens at this time. Get over it!

No refugees at this time. May be when things get normal this can resume. This joke is boring, next!!! Refugees from the help pls No this is the right thing , Canada is always a welcoming country but it is time for Canada to take care of its own people We just spent $100 billion to keep the country going for another few months, I think we can afford to pay a few lawyers to crush that lawsuit. Also I hate to break it to open border advocates but a country with 35% unemployment doesn't need new migrants.

There it is, folks. You don't live in a country anymore. You live inside of a cog in the wheel of the unelected UN bureaucracy. Funny, I don't remember ever being asked to give up my country's sovereignty? 🤔 Such bullshit ... when will Canadians be protected? Disgusting us from who...not m. Trudeau I am really hoping that the people see you for the liberal propaganda arm you are

Oooo, legal trouble, scary C u in court Soros! Deal with that when the time comes. Border is closed don't come. Everyone knows it so your fault if you try to illegally enter Canada. Not a legal issue at all Canada is closed. Oh, no, what is Canada going to do? Come on, keep the eyes on the ball. 'asylum seekers coming from U.S.' pure insanity.

only because lawyers smell money. May they all fuck off and read our immigration policy Stop trying to scare us into accepting migrants. We're still a sovereign country (for now) and we don't want them, can't afford them, and we're IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC. Please do not risk our lives. The US president ignored precautions. Why are they always the one to call the shots? NO!!! AS A CANADIAN CITIZEN THAT PAYS A LOT OF TAX, close the border and let the US TAKE CARE OF THEIR PEOPLE. THEY ALWAYS CLAIM TO BE THE BEST!!!!

what a crock, I am certain somewhere in fine print what the world is experiencing today this would be justified... They are not asylum seekers from USA. Refugees by law get to move to first safe nation. None of those is Canada, for anyone. BULLSH*T Global, following the star down the toilet. You can’t seek asylum from the USA 🙄

Trump can go to hell Buncha bullshit. The un crap is non binding. Want to place blame on anyone, see the un Gimme a break. There won’t be legal trouble because nobody will attempt to leave the safety of America, and risk deportation. Bullshit! Orgs paying for the lawyers? If they are in the U.S & documented at any crossings, their refugee status/claim would be at that border, ie, U.S. Stop the window shopping for social services & who offers more bullshit. Canadians are not the world's piggy banks. cdnpoli

we should be suing him for allowing illegals in, and not doing anything sooner in the name of not being racist. the boarder should have locked down last year, when the Chinese scientist were caught stealing. Nice ratio again global A legal bill worth paying to dispute. Hey are coming from the US and by law they should be claiming asylum there.

a lot crossing on Roxham road, travel to USA on tourist visa, with the intent of walking across into Canada..a leg amount of Haitians.......has to stop!, we have legal ways to live here. Nope! I double dog dare you to try to get that lawsuit going MAN UP JUSTINE!!!!!!! Doubtful Thats bullshit why would we be held accountable for people who came from U.S.? These people left the states and should return. There for the states is responsible for those people and do what they want with them. Makes no sense why we get slapped in the face for the states fault

Can't seek asylum from The US. What are they escaping? Freedom and Liberty? YES They are seeking a welfare state that will pay them till they die. We will deal with that when it happens we have enough to deal with now These are exceptional times and though I’m extreme left and all for immigration and asylum, these are different times. Extreme measures. I have no problem with total border closure on this temporary basis and Trudeau is making the right call for the best outcome for Canada 🇨🇦

Canadas biggest problem is pictured above, along with those who don't do their job & provide cover for him. Oh so sue us! They could be carrying the virus. We are such a sucker nation. I don’t see the US concerned about turning away and deporting asylum seekers. The UN wouldn’t dare going after them. Trump and USA have some responsibility here.

Legal trouble with who? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 how can anyone seek asylum from the USA Who the fuck cares. The safety of Canadians takes priority. We are in unprecedented times. I don't understand why we would be required to accept anyone across the boarder if it's closed. Advocates need to sit down. Fuck em ! Time for changes.

Act like a con, and face charges... Trudeau shouldve known better Oh yeah. For sure. FakeNews Keep on spinning the crap, Global. Who gives a crap if we face 'legal troubles'. Fake refugees are fake. The US should deport them all. From who? The useless UN? Canada must amend these ridiculous laws. Only if our activist courts hear them.

too bad you don't need asylum from the USA. You might not like the policies but they are not at war, not in are not being religiously prosecuted. you stay there and figure out your own problems Some people seem brain dead. The U.S. ships the asylum seeker to the country but Canada could be held accountable?

We need groupbuy with Mexico about that wall Hahahahaha..GET LOST AND STAY OUT Time to change the laws This is scaremongering by illegal immigrant refugee advocates who make money representing these illegals. These refugees are illegals, not irregulars (term used by Liberals, just like 'dreamers' used by the Democrats).

let's just take our chances and make it a hard pass Noooooo. Whats the worst that can happen, it's not like Trudeau would pay millions to.....oh wait. I call Bull Shit on this paid and bought for narrative by the Canadian Government in this 'news' report. ffs get a grip. Garbage. 1. That is a risk most Canadians are willing to take. 2. To sue, the plaintiffs will have to disclose their true identities which they will reveal their ineligibility for refugee status. 3. Trudeau, Freeland, and Blair are like still covertly allowing them to enter illegally.

Global fake dummy news: There is no such thing as seeking asylum from the USA into Canada. USA is a free constitutional republic. Anyone who is not there legally is an illegal immigrant, which means they are not asylum seekers or they would seek asylum in USA. Fking morons. Funny, we USED to govern our own Country however one psycho decides to turn our sovereignty over to the UN which now dictates how our once beautiful and peaceful Country is run! Terrible!!!

Complete bullsht. America is safe they can stay there with their gucci luggage. Stay the fck out!! Is this some kind of fucking joke? No matter what, the media pushes the same agenda. OH NO! Good. We're full. You reap what you sow. 🤔 We better not. Its because we are in the middle of a horrid pandemic. This farce needs to end once and for all. Anyone who does not make a refugee claim in the US while there is not a real refugee. Refugees should not be entitled to country shop.

Canada is not legally allowed to decide who enters the country Legal trouble! We got bigger issues on our hand. Why can every other close borders and not Canada? By who the clown court that is the un Such bull 💩 Absolutely not. No more. This nonsense is over. Better to face a little 'legal trouble' than allow more diseased people into our country.

Netflix reduces video quality in Canada to lower internet bandwidth useNetflix is lowering video quality for its subscribers in Canada as it attempts to reduce soaring demands on internet bandwidth. Why ? Facebook também Rude.

Ottawa considers shutting down Service Canada Centres as employees refuse to workJob losses have exploded in the past two weeks and people have been struggling to apply for help. As a result, many have gone out of frustration to Service Canada centres despite warnings to stay home globepolitics Great. Hopefully they never come back and we can save money. globepolitics I’m sure any grocery worker would gladly replace them and their wages to remain open. Pathetic globepolitics Make sure you do t pay them then

Canada to slash number of troops stationed in Ukraine until COVID-19 pandemic is overThe training mission was launched in 2015 after Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula and started to support separatist forces in Ukraine This is sad.... Everyone running home. Is that what this is ultimately about?

Abortion access will be maintained across Canada amid COVID-19 outbreakAs hospitals across Canada begin cancelling and postponing surgeries to contend with the spread of COVID-19 , provinces and territories have deemed abortions an essential service. Best use of medical resources during a global pandemic. Make the conservatives cry, give them diapers too. Thank goodness

Asylum-seekers turned back by Canada at its border will be shipped home, U.S. saysAmnesty International said the Canadian position violates its obligations under the 1951 UN refugee convention Then it is time for Canada to withdraw from the UN. They aren't asylum seekers, they are economic migrants trying to use the flaws in our immigration system to get in. Send them back Excellent.

Service Canada to shut down all in-person centres over coronavirus concernsThe Liberals say the move, announced late Thursday night, shouldn't affect most unemployed workers who seek EI benefits since the majority of applications are done online. Just get back to work already Too bad the online services are over stressed by so many trying to get in and work worth shit! I hope the Government will work to fix these issues because it does and will affect many Canadians!! Totally agree with closing the centres but this brings to light the bigger issue of inequalities in this are folks to access online services without internet and expected to wait on a cell phone with payasyougo service? time4change