Canada Campaign For Un Security Council Seat, United Nations

Canada Campaign For Un Security Council Seat, United Nations

Canada keeps up push for UN Security Council seat during COVID-19 crisis

Canada keeps up push for UN Security Council seat during COVID-19 crisis

2020-03-29 11:45:00 PM

Canada keeps up push for UN Security Council seat during COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic ended the secret handshakes and deal-making in the world's power corridors, but Canada's campaign for a temporary seat on the United Nations Security Council is full steam ahead.

They say Canada's voice on the world's most powerful decision-making body is needed more than ever because of the big decisions that lie ahead in managing the pandemic and its aftermath.Newsletter sign-up: Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inbox

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Canada faces tough competition from Norway and Ireland for the two available seats for a temporary two-year term that would start next year.Both countries are viewed widely as having an advantage because they spend far more than Canada on international development to poor countries and have far more military personnel deployed on UN peacekeeping missions -- two key issues for UN member countries.

Champagne and Gould say that Canada's international stature has grown because of its response to the COVID-19 outbreak, which so far includes a $50-million foreign aid package, but some ex-diplomats say Canada needs to spend more in that area to win votes.

"The UN Security Council is the body that determines how the world reacts to issues of global security and instability," said Gould, adding that it has never been more important to have a "rational voice" on the 10 rotating, non-permanent members of the council.

"It just demonstrates why it is important for Canada to sit on the UN Security Council. That campaign carries on, but in a different way."After taking part in a teleconference with fellow G7 foreign ministers this past week, Champagne said Canada's membership in that exclusive club of leading nations would help it in the ongoing UN campaign.

"Canada has been chairing or organizing a number of calls with G7 countries," he said. He said Canada has "a voice that is much needed in the world where we need to co-operate, co-ordinate and work together. I think Canada brings something unique to the table.

"I think more and more countries want to see their voice amplified through Canada."That includes during the pandemic itself, he said, "but also once we will be in the post-COVID world (we) will need countries like Canada to be there."

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Canada's international credibility has also risen in recent months because of the role it has taken in leading the quest to get answers from Iran about its January downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane, as well its recent completion of a new North American trade deal, said Colin Robertson, a seasoned ex-diplomat.

"The new responsibilities of middle-power status, especially G7 and G20 membership, differentiates us from Norway and Ireland," said Robertson, vice-president of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute.Canada's shortfalls in peacekeeping and foreign aid remain a crippling factor in the UN bid, but the COVID-19 crisis gives it an opportunity to make up for it that, said Stephen Lewis, Canada's UN ambassador in the 1980s.

Canada received negative reviews for its "brief peacekeeping mission in Mali" and for pulling out earlier than the UN wanted, said Lewis, who remains active in UN circles as one of the leaders of an international organization trying to stamp out abuse by peacekeepers.

"Although Canada may consider that trivial, it registers deeply with the international peacekeeping community around the world, countries whose vote Canada would want," said Lewis.That can be rectified by giving cash -- "several hundred million" -- to the African Union for its peacekeeping operations and increasing its foreign aid contribution to COVID-19 well beyond the current $50 million, which Lewis calls, "woefully inadequate." He said Canada's fair share would be $140 million at minimum.

"The government espouses generosity: in fact, they're begrudging pretenders," said Lewis.Spending matters more than ever, especially during the pandemic, and especially in Africa where 54 of the UN General Assembly's 190-plus countries hold a crucial bloc of votes in the Security Council election, said Bessma Momani, an international affairs expert at the University of Waterloo.

So far, Canada's $50-million pledge looks modest, and individual African countries will want more, she said."If I were an African government expecting COVID-19 to knock on my door any minute now, maybe if you're choosing between Norway and Ireland, I would use that as leverage ... If you want me to vote, where's my help?" said Momani.

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Canada should campaign to address a more pressing need at the Security Council -- the fact that it has been missing in action in combatting the pandemic, according to the Canadian-led World Refugee Council. Its leading members include former UN ambassadors Allan Rock and Paul Heinbecker, and Lloyd Axworthy, Canada's foreign minister when the country last served on the council two decades ago.

"The Security Council's silence is a troubling symptom of the deep dysfunction that has beset its 15-member body in recent years," the group said in a statement."As Canada campaigns for one of those seats in this year's election, it should pledge in its platform to bring the Security Council back to life and face up to its responsibilities."

The pandemic raises questions about whether the General Assembly, whose members are to hold a vote in June, will be able to meet to hold an election.The Security Council has been meeting recently via video conference so it is conceivable that the General Assembly could convene that way in June, said Adam Chapnick, a Royal Military College professor and author of a new book on the Security Council.

"That said, there is a real chance that this pandemic will be significantly worse (at least in the global south, where it is only beginning) in a few months, so I suspect that we will be in unprecedented territory by the time the meetings are supposed to be held," Chapnick said.

"Still, I can't imagine that an election won't be held, because the seats do have to be filled."This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 29, 2020 Read more: CTV News »

What a friggin joke...people are dying and front line worker's do not have enough PPE for Dr's , nurses in both hospitals and nursing homes etc... forget about that damn seat and worry about what's happening here!!!!! Our Trump Jr. Takes a page from Senior's book. All about him at the root. Just disgusting that this is what he is worried about while Canada is falling apart!

Correction: Trudeau wastes more taxpayer money as he keeps up push for UN Security Council seat during COVID-19 crisis Good ! We do not need a seat in the UN, they seem to be controlled by despotic countries, but then, Trudeau likes that, admiring both the Chinese and Cuban systems of governance. Liberals lied, Illegals continue allowed in, because UN wants open borders and Trudeau wants to sit with disgraced racists, misogynistic, anti-Semites, condemned by Amnesty, accused of war crimes, political disappearances and judicial killings. Nothings changed, Libs♥️Thugs

Ridiculous. Focus on Canada for once JustinTrudeau not your self-promotion My vote would be for Taiwan and South Korea. JustinTrudeau No Confidence! Canada? Trudeau... No, Canada doesn't keep up push - TRUDEAU keeps up push. Fixed it for ya. karinagould you are an embarrassment to Burlington and Canada. People are dying and this is what you’re worrying about. Shame on you.

Not 'Canada', just JustinTrudeau !!!! this is why Trudeau keeps giving away Canadian's money... he is hoping to buy a seat UN seat.. call for a federal election soon. we can go in to vote one at a time. Assassination would be fine, because if he gets this seat were fucked UNExit TrudeauIsPushingForThisSeat TrudeauIsAGlobalist NotCanadian

CTVTrudeausLibranosRepeaters NotReporters As a wise man once said...the world needs more Canada. Omg... embarrassing. Screw that seat. Disgraceful Why join the organization tjat accepts criminals ad Maduro got a seat last October... Fuck! How much pay for that garbage? Of Course Trudeau is!! Not Canada let's be clear about that

“foreign aid contribution to COVID-19 well beyond the current $50 million, which Lewis calls, 'woefully inadequate.' He said Canada's fair share would be $140 million at minimum.” These guys are crazy. One big bribery!! Fair share my butt!! We are now experiencing Trudeau’s Post National State. Trudeau’s obsession with fhe UN will guarantee that Canada will be a puppet of the corrupt UN.

“Canada's international credibility has also risen in recent months because of the role it has taken in leading the quest to get answers from Iran about its January downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane”, .. I can’t believe they used this..he bowed to those slim balls Does anyone at ctvnews ask PMJT why...?

ctv start doing nation wide polls in your website about how many canadians want the security seat. What purpose does this serve?!(rhetorical question). We are experiencing Trudeau Post National State right now. His global pandemic isn’t as much fun as he thought it would be. Makes sense. Trudeau thinks his legacy has more to do with what he accomplishes internationally than domestically.

Birds of a Feather! Canada deserves that status Cause priorities, right?🙄 Trudeau sits at home on the phone to countries buying vites for a UN seat Yeah, the world keeps turning Disgusting. At a time like this? Trudeau need to go. Change Canada to PMO and the headline is correct Total BS, not necessary. If the UN wants Canada on its UNSC all it has to do is ask. We should ot be spending billions trying to buy a seat.

'Canada'? Don't you mean the Trudeau Government? Please correct. Jambro01 Canada needs to develop an isolationist stance. First up, withdrawing from the UN. F*ck the UN and the globalist ideology that led to this heath crisis and the upcoming economic disaster. Time for isolationism, nationalism to be guiding principles. Only deals that directly benefit Canadians.

How can get a UN security seat whan u I the house and not lead a country in it time of need?¿ Not Canada.... but Trudeau. TrudeauMustGo No trudeau is. Not canada Why I could care less what con bots have to say about this cuz I can tell they are all activated by these dog whistle tweets now. What I would like your organization to do is provide us with journalistic info about why 🇨🇦 would benefit from a UN seat right now!

Which part of CANADA does not care to be part of.... dont you get We need this now more than ever. You mean 'Trudeau keeps up push for UN Security Council seat' Criminal agendas come first to liberals Canada? No, Trudeau. I have never heard anyone talking about wishing we were on the UN Security Council. It’s a personal goal of Trudeau, nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of Canada.

Life and governance of Canada domestically and on foreign issues still need attending How much of this is Trudeau 's ego? Omg weez got to get invites to the U.N. eh. Free beer!!! So you hosers let us canucks take care of the security, and the fridge with the beer eh. CANADAdeservesUNSecurityCouncil Criminal Trudeau seeks a seat on the organized crime council as people die and his country goes under.

Of course because PM Turdo 💩 needs to bribe his way in to feel powerful No surprise Trudeau still cares far more about optics and narratives and not nearly enough about Canada and Canadians No. JustinTrudeau is. Where is the Canadian Dollar? Oh right...... Somebody has to stand up to the USA, and conservatives opposed to this, are upset about it! cdnpoli

That is priority it would seem Treason. raising taxes also Disgusting. Trudeau needs to get his priorities straight and think about this country first. Borrowing money to give away is insane. The corrupt UN. Who cares. Globalists are finished. He pushes his own agenda at the cost Oslo the taxpayer and he doesn’t care. He is the only one who cares.

Its the only thing Trudy really cares about. Not canadians just the empty chair. Corrupt individuals the lot of them. Has anyone ever taken a vote on if Canadains want a UN seat? Or do Canadians know how much Trudeau has spent to date in his personal attempts to get this seat. Work on your relationship with USA first.

It a disgrace to be Canadian...Can I please have my taxes back? Yup, Trudeau in a nut shell Just more proof that UN seat is more important than Canadians to him Justin pushes for global spotlight, not Canadians. Why do we want this Can someone explain logic’s behind this? Wtf is Skippy JustinTrudeau going to do. The fool has no balls anyways. The UN is a has been globalist organization. Wtf has the UN done lately to help nation's in need. Nothing at all unless it's something in it for them.

The UN just needs to be dismantled! It's a corrupt organization, that serves no purpose in this world, and Canada does not need to be a part of that debacle. We dont deserve one with a weakling leader we have ...he has been a EMBARRASSMENT to Canada ... Canada is done, there are two many dummies in the cult now that think Justin is wonderful. I am shocked every day how many people can’t do anything but what Facebook and celebrities tell them. We should be so far away from the UN that we don’t even know who belongs.

A bullshit seat that nobody wants. Give it up the majority of Canadians could care less! Only Trudeau wants it! Why not? I said I’d bring the beer to them meetings about security guards, so listen you U.N. Hosers, just let us in eh? Trudeau's priority, not Canadians. Can we focus on the virus and keeping our economy from failing...the UN is an outdated organization that has accomplish very minimal in the last 15 hrs at least...JT focus please!

Disgraceful Canadians are in peril and dying, a self centred and negligent Government wanting to sit with dictatorships and murderers Of course Trudeau is He is still far too concerned with optics and narratives and not nearly enough with Canada and Canadians And so it bloomin well should!

Canada keeps up costly campaign for UN Security Council seat amid COVID-19 crisisTo help secure a seat, Canada be expected to give ‘several hundred million’ to the African Union for peacekeeping and increase its foreign aid for COVID-19 Notice that this a large gathering and no one is maintaining the proper social distancing standards. Value is more expensive than price Forget the UN security seat. Get your priorities straight JustinTrudeau CANADA needs your full attention and complete dedication to the homeland crisis.

Canada keeps up push for UN Security Council seat during coronavirus crisisCanada faces tough competition from Norway and Ireland for the two available seats for a temporary two-year term that would start next year globepolitics Of course Trudeau is. He needs a backup plan after he’s ousted. globepolitics A bullshit seat that nobody wants. globepolitics Can someone please explain to me what's so important about having a UN seat. What would that accomplish by having one

Coronavirus: Developing a rapid COVID-19 test is in the works in Canada, globallyCanada has allocated millions in research dollars towards the new coronavirus, including a rapid point-of-care diagnostic test for the 'quick isolation of those infected.' Wow Dr. Tam. You are such a brilliant out of the box thinker.😂 You play chess instead of checkers You see things 5 moves ahead.🙄 Light from a star🌟 Doctor and poet I’m confused... if there’s already rapid testing kits created in other parts of the world, why can’t we get them shipped over or get the blueprints for them or whatever? 🤔🤔

A provincial breakdown of COVID-19 in Canada: 5,576 cases and 61 dead as of SaturdayCases of COVID-19 in Canada have nearly doubled from Friday figures. Here’s a breakdown from some of the provincial updates Let's take a deep breath. Test results are only catching up from the past week and the fact that the numbers aren't rocketing upward vertically, is good news. Not saying we shouldn't continue to remain on course, but we needn't panic yet. How many were admitted to hospital and released?

The latest developments on COVID-19 in Canada: March 28Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne says the MS Zaandam cruise ship will be allowed through the Panama Canal to its final destination of Fort Lauderdale I'm happy 😊. Canadabuster We should see her with Justin Now ?...oh no, they split lately !

65% of reported COVID-19 cases in Canada related to community transmission: latest dataAccording to the Canadian government, a community case occurs when the virus has passed within a community, rather than contracted through travel. That's because our moronic leadership in this country left the border open for weeks while people from all over the hotspots came into Canada because Trudeau couldn't do what Trump did Because that's racist 🤣 Then they closed the border Closing barn door after horses got out This is so stupid. If you were on vacation or outside the country you contracted it through community transmission. For fucks sake start telling the truth media. Not closing the borders in February was criminal.