Canada invests $100 million into 'historic' action plan for 2SLGBTQI+ communities

2022-08-29 3:10:00 AM

Canada invests $100 million into 'historic' action plan for 2SLGBTQI+ communities

Canada invests $100 million into 'historic' action plan for 2SLGBTQI+ communities

The Trudeau government is pledging $100 million to fund what it calls is Canada\u0027s first federal 5\u002Dyear plan to support LGBTQ communities.

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who authorizes this crap and how is this taxpayer money accounted for. What's with his hair a Nerd cut? How are the indigenous communities that you promised to help doing? Waste of money Really...this is not the time for this. Health care is step towards ending universal healthcare. Better to invest in all citizens 🙄 young people and even a worker with low salary can’t afford to buy a house, criminality is growing every day, the hospitals and health system are worst than ever, airports are a mess… But again this a populist and mediocre Gov.

Money for all communities no one in Canada is held back or repressed. If you think you are go see how it is in N Korea or the Middle east. Treat everyone equally. stop using divisive words and creating multiple classes and groups. In the last 7 yrs we've become more divisive But I can't afford groceries for my family!!!! OMG!!!!

Really!! Apart from making pdfs for children to digest adult content in class, useless biased surveys, and smashing Women, Youth and the entire 2SLGBTQI+ into a single new beauracratic costly ministry, where will this money be going?... I'll wait until we all forget or told to look away.

And yet there are still people that don’t have clean drinking water Fail Brain dead, the money could be put to a lot more useful things - homeless - poverty The birth of a new state religion. Can a rainbow inquisition be far off? Repent ye heretics. First on the list, lesbians who refuse to have sex and relationships with trans women.

Absolute BS!!!! $100M in gay propaganda! Sickening! This is the hate Trudope create! No wonder 😡🤦 Resign now! Another historic event JustinTrudeau ffs Wow, living in the most bizarre place ever,… What a waste of money! 🤦‍♂️ What about the 8 million Canadians currently being and collectively excluded, vilified, coerced, threatened, marginalized and ignored?

It is amazing that Trudeau will engage everyone in Canada in fostering a more inclusive future by investing in awareness campaigns to improve understanding of 2SLGBTQI+ communities and issues. This is vital for a fair and equitable future. How sad 😞 What about Health Care? What about Veterans? What about the Disabled? What about our Seniors? What about Housing? You want this use of $100 Million and you and NDP are also pushing for free Dental fee and Prescription ..Are you seriously trying to bankrupt this country?

So you help them but not veterans. Where is this 100 mil coming from? Desperately trying to buy votes. They want the plebs to fight over this. It's historic in what the politicians want as a distraction. WTF!!!!!! Stop stuffing this BS down my throat. Stop spending tax payers money on this shit! Clown 🤡

Giant waste of our cash. So many other things needed and Trudeau picks this! Typical Liberal Another way of 'SPENDING' our Debts+Interests Money! What else can he come out with? Spending $Billions in IMPORTING GAS that we have? Like Oil that we have? Or for some WHEAT that we have! Salmon, for which Canada is famous in the world for the best one!

This man has to go. For so so so many different reasons. Those who vote for him are naive, don’t read and have 0 clue about basic economics 🙈

Depopulation agenda Trudeau speaking on every thing but not thousands of his errors 🙄all the important stuff help vets, nope, help kids who are at historic levels of hunger, nope, help the homeless, nope, help the tens of thousands with mental illness and addiction he caused with the lockdown, nope, I'll help the .005% of people that are already getting heaps of funding tossed at them.

But hey... veterans are asking for more than they can afford tho right lol I hope some of the money could be directed to hormonal disfunction research. The ridiculous spending continues..... So if I decide to suck dick, I get free shit? This acronym keeps growing in letters lol pretty funny shit.

Mr JustinTrudeau , why do the members of LGBTQ deserve more of our tax dollars than my children? Is it not being Black or LGBTQ is our crime that all the money we earn go to someone else while we starve? nationalpost FoxNews CNN JusticeForCanadian PierrePoilievre Vote buy…. Invests? How is this a investment in any sort? We're being sold this steaming pile as 'historic'. This Canadian says NO! LiberalLies mediaLies FakeNewsMedia Gaslighting Propaganda

Liberal insanity. Beyond ridiculous What protections are not afforded to the alphabet people in 2022? What pressing danger are they in? Are they nor more or less 100% accepted by society at this point? Ridiculous waste of taxpayers money and virtue-signalling at its worst. Of course it's the Liberals...

Investing in the promotion of sin is never a good thing for a country! They gonna paint more crosswalks.

How about subsidized housing instead How much of that $100M will PM Blackface skim off the top for his family and cronies this time? 🤔 How about a tax reduction for those making less then $100,000 - I know that’s what JustinTrudeau blows in a weekend but there are many struggling making a lot less then $100,000 a year.

ahh nice....another 100M for the outreach and data collection....more money for the connected liberal lackies 'Canada siphons more money' This man is asking for the judgment of Almighty God They sure like to waiste money while the rest of us go broke Where is this 100 million coming from? Do you even ask that question?

JHFC…. Don’t you think that money would be better spent in the broken healthcare system? Oh wait! You don’t think! That’s the problem!

Who oks this stuff? People can’t put food on the table, fill up their cars, get health care but this. And they don’t understand why people are swearing at Freeland. I can't wait for all these investments to pay off. Sickening, in order to get govt money these days you need to be a 🐓 🍭 ffs I’ll stay poor

The lobbyists are winning and Turdeau is licking ass to gain the LGBTQ4RBISVFTJSB+ and 965 genders votes. What a fucking WASTE of money!!!! What a waste of money What a joke. That's another month, 3 parades and 42 pronouns. And ignores billions in LNG revenue. He takes virtue signaling to a new level. Not amount of training or any pill can fix stupid

Wonder why people are homophobic or tired of this movement? This pm is great at dividing people. Exactly what he wants. Money laundering While tent cities are abudant throughout Canada, hospitals stretched and bursting at the seams, inablity for many to put food on the table and gas in the car…but hey, he has his priorities.

And the rest of Canada can go hungry while he buys votes with money we don't have People who aren’t Tor Sun’s base: Oh, this is nice. Tor Sun’s base: They’re declaring war on us! This is like Christian genocide! Vote buying 100Million for 1% of population if that ? This !! Another 100 out the door for what?

Sounds like more money laundering There is nothing historic in $100 million as part of the spending for reelection and that is using our tax money. Trudeau and his promises that never happened. His economic outlooks are good for utopia but not for real life.

Nonsense '2SLGBTQI+' .. I don't even know what this means anymore. wtf Wow just into 2SLGBTQI communities where are those groups & communities located ? Lol The Prime Minister signaled the government would look at “further protections and support” for people who survived “conversion therapy”, which he called “a cruel and dangerous practice” and which was criminalized earlier this year in Canada. ....replaced with surgery...

waste of money only to secure votes. This will really help reduce the record high inflation- gas prices- food prices- health care etc - YEP nice action plan Trudeau- this should really help out Canada and the millions of families who can't afford to feed their family-why why why Wtf did I just read More money, more laws, more enforcement of those laws, more berating, united we stand or else

As the price of just about everything is at 40 year high Trudeau decides to take $100 million of your hard earn tax dollars to buy votes wow it's time for a Conservative Government that's going to put that money back in your pocket and reduce taxes to help build up Canada More useless virtue signalling vote buying by Liberals. What exactly is the program going to do other than enrich a few more Liberal friends? Is this an example of where carbon tax dollars are going to be spent? We need a forensic audit of Liberal spending over the past 3 years

virtue signalling for votes again there Trudeau ? this one costs the tax payers 100 million ! 😡 Trudeau's always solution, throw money at it! How much money is he investing for clean drinking water for aboriginal communities? I feel 100 million would help a lot. Historic waste of money. Is there a gay Canadian out there that believes this is money well invested considering our current economic crisis? If so, share your perspective.

'invests' Forget clean drinking water, veterans, homeless etc………if you’re a certain sexual orientation and feel victimized, here’s some tax payer money. Trudeau is a stain. What a waste of money for the Alphanum people.. Health care in shambles and Trudeau wants little boys to cut their dicks off so they can be little girls.. You are a sick man...

And still no help for Seniors and disabled Canadians. Cruelty at its finest!

How about putting some money into healthcare and fixing that ? WTF What a waste of money. I’m gonna stop paying my taxes because of this Which letter stands for the unvaccinated? More $$ down toilet What a complete waste of the taxpayers money during a cost of living crisis. He must be removed from power Our hospitals and airports are desperate… so let’s put the money towards pronouns 🙄

Why What does that even mean Losing count with all of these letters. But no budget for clean water,the hypocrisy of this spoiled child..

Remind me to tell Trudeau that he's not welcome here. You mean taxpayers are on the hook for more money we don’t have. We have a health care system that is collapsing but who cares. 😡The Lieberals are taking us off the financial cliff. Inflation is cruel tax on hard working women and men and anyone on a fixed income.

This is absolutely ridiculous! Families need help paying for food and electricity housing heat ect. This PM thinks this is a good idea!!! Talk about promoting discrimination this just makes Canadians mad! WOW! Just when I think he can’t do anything more stupid he proved me wrong It’s getting worst, someone stop this guy who can. I wish if I was able to 😡

CA need asset control at this point of time, why it's not done? Results of payments will increase & CA natives can spend demand, US-CA rating advantage will grow. LGTBTQ? CdnPressNews globalnews nytimesbusiness WashTimes euronews Instead of wasting $100 million 😱on 2% of the population for votes, wouldnt it be better spent on our decrepit and desperate healthcare system that is the cause of people dying while waiting to get into a hospital, provincial govt’s and hospitals are begging for money

‘Invests’ more wasted money... Holy sht! More Luberal waste of our tax dollars. Time for a change to responsible government.

This is what happens when your government is infiltrated by foreign controlled assets. They launder money and do stupid shit that destroy your country. What a waste of taxpayers' money based on something that ought to stay in the bedroom. Trudeau father took the state out of citizens' bedrooms, they bring it back. Respect is all that is needed. But it was never about respect. They want politics. They want your resources.

Another day another letter added. Canada invests? 🤷‍♂️😂 more like liberals stealing more! When can I stop paying taxes ? 🤡 This Country is a circus 🤡 Our hospitals are dying for staff and this crap is where the liberals spend money.. 🤮 I’m so proud!! Oh puhleeze. What a waste of tax payer dollars. Whats the point of this?

That’s it? Should’ve made it $200 million, no wait, $300 milllion. Can’t put a price on virtue signaling. Sickening Buying votes Why not $100 billion or trillion lol. Please keep the receipt so Polievre can ask you “how much” in the next debate. We should have made it an even 250k ... what did this buy again or provide ?

He's the best when it comes to spending our money for actions that don't do anything else than satisfy his narcissistic ego! Good grief Toronto Sun, you have too many typos in your headlines lately. I fixed this one for ya too! “Make believe PM wastes money we don’t have on ‘frivolous’ action plan for alphabet communities”

Why does it take &$$ to promote inclusiveness? trudeauisabeta

Why? Great. After 2.5 years of a pandemic, inflation, fuel prices, food prices, housing shortages, hospitals understaffed, etc… our walking labia of a PM wants to spend $100 million dollars to make sure mens’ washrooms have tampons? Western society is going to sh1t. What a waste of taxpayer money. Buying votes.

Maybe we can have 2 gay pride months a year now. Stop! What a fkn joke. This clown needs to be gone already. Why? Do they want to change their flag again? Then all the Government buildings will have to replace them again. Harper gave millions to PRIVATE religious groups like: - $4.2 Million to the Newman Theological College - $3.2 million to Youth for Christ in Winnipeg - $2.9 million to Redeemer University College - $2.614 million to Trinity Western University 1/2

No money for nurses and doctors but now this U R so pathetic! Is this just to ease you mind over the women you’ve hired then screwed over or is this just a continuation of you’re war on women! The alphabet brigade are continuously invading womens spaces & rights & now you’re funding them! Misogynistic much! TrudeauResign

Nothing like a PM who’s priority is up his ass! Remember when Trudeau told veterans they were asking for too much?! This is purely a distraction from more pressing issues ailing this nation. We are governed by virtue signalling fools. 🇨🇦 is not a serious nation in 2022. Stop spending! Doing what? Washrooms? I have been seeing lots of retired ppl at dollar stores buying food while this 🤡 blows money out or ass on f**ked up s**t

Yet he can't fix our water issues or provide for our vets. Most wasteful government ever.

Ridiculous How does anyone vote or poll liberal? We are witnessing a madman run this country into the ground. Buying the only votes left to buy? Maybe spend that kind of money on lowering crime? Not on ways folks can have same gender sex? They don’t need help on that issue… What about money for the struggling Canadian try to get by in life? The older generation that made Canada the nation that it is, this nation is falling apart, becoming more divisive under this Government.

Meanwhile, working families are finding it difficult to feed their families and these yahoos are throwing money away. What is wrong with this government? How about spending that money for all Canadians who now need therapy to deal with all the hardship this government has imposed ? On the bright side baby boomers won’t be lumbered paying one way or another for the debt he’s racking up but everyone with their hand out for the Monopoly money will. Good luck.

But veterans are asking for more than they can give What is the money for? For healthcare JustinTrudeau doesn’t have money or if he gives money he wants the control of it.

Our healthcare systems are broken, no money to help the provinces out but yea, plenty of money for this. Every gay person I know works, has a family and a moral code. This is Trudeau funding radicals to stoke more division. He's a nasty piece of work. So we're spendimg 100 million to increase the already outrageous levels of anxiety, depression and suicidality in these communities but further embracing and affirmimg degenerate sexual morality The lifestyle is responsible for these problems not the views of others

His goal is to bankrupt Canada. He needs the gay vote. He typically breaks these type of promises. How do we stop this looser in spending /wasting tax payers money ? Please vote him out !!!! More vote buying on the taxpayers dime. Could of used it else where that’s actually needed. Absolutely obscene waste of money.

How about a handout for the hard working Canadians that pay for all of this in the end? Just sayin like even a token gesture would be nice. Did R2D2 get any money? If money is truly unlimited and meaningless now how can we not fix water issues on reserves or homeless in every major city as well. Sick of this bs

JustinTrudeau can we please invest my taxes in Veterans Native communities Healthcare education police? Spending in MORE socialprograms like LGBTQ is wrong at this time. Tax religious fanatics onpoli Canada ontario toronto the6 EnoughIsEnough TaxTheChurches But sure veterans are asking for too much JustinTrudeau 😡

This is totally unnecessary, just fuelling divisiveness and wasting money. Money should go to healthcare, not more to prop up this ideology. May as well go for the entire alphabet! Sick sick sick. Could you maybe stop spending historic amounts of money we don’t have for a little bit please? STOP SPENDING OUR MONEY FOR STUPID THINGS

TrudeauHasGotToGo seriously TrudeauHasGotToGo The abbreviation just keeps getting longer Bahahaha this guy... And what about the seniors? And the clean water for first nations? JustinTrudeauMustGo Odious debt. The 123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxz+ community More money down the garbage What are you trying to fix? You are really bad at fixing anything!

Let's see: 1. Well attended Pride festivals each year across Canada 2. Most major corporations running with DEI initiatives and targeted hirings 3. A show is not made without DEI representation And yet we need to drop $100M to promote diversity and fight hate? Huh? cdnpoli This is Trudeau, once again, using our community as a pawn to virtue signal for more votes. sickening

Wtf? What an embarrassment to Canada this guy is. Lets keep buying oil from the saudis... It will teach them with their homophobia What an absolute waste of money 'Canada invests' lmao! Nah, just this Liberal government. What Why did they start it with 2S… I mean I’m up on the alphabet people. But if they’re gonna keep changing it I’m not going to keep trying to keep up…

What exactly does that mean? Yahoo more money. Who wants some? Canada has lots! The CBNC must have received some fresh ink. Do you remember they threw a few paltry million at grassroots programs across the country that work to reduce violent crime? The veterans were also asking for more than what they could give? And walked away from a once in a lifetime deal for LNG ? Yea me neither.

Alphabet piss money.

The way he flagrantly throws money around, you couldn’t be blamed for thinking he was born with silver spoon in his mouth. TrudeauIsDestroyingCanada And you wonder why over 65% of Canadians find him divisive? SMH 🤦🏻‍♀️ Manufactured victimhood.the vast majority don't care if someone is gay Canada is the new sodome and Gomorrah.

LGBWithoutTheT Woke larp is a genius grifter Complain about Fearland being yelled in Alb and cite a picture of Pierre randomly shaking hands with some anti-semite Then turn around and steal $100 million from tax payers for those allege hates, and wash it through the Woke Larps in the LGBTQS2+ You know that part in Austin powers where he yells 'WHY WONT YOU DIE!?'

Well on the down side of the collapse of Canada. By the time this debt is paid off, including interest, how much will it cost Canadian taxpayers? Folks, when you pay $2 a litre at the pumps so you can go to work, remember that you are contributing to the striped crosswalks and you should feel better. I’m so glad I’m leaving this country soon!

🤦🏼‍♂️ I am not entirely certain that Trudeau didn't time this announcement just to troll Post Media readers... We can’t afford this farcical government anymore. Enough already. Prophecy fulfilled Freakin' Hell, do we have THAT much money to spend? Why don't you go learn some sh*t in economics and come back later?

Does this complete clown ever stop spending money on utter nonsense? Why why why did Canada vote him in again? Are you sure they didn’t add another few letters or numbers recently? Absolute piss away of money.