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Canada election: Promises Trudeau, Scheer, Singh, May and Blanchet have made

What exactly have federal leaders promised Canadians? Here's a comprehensive list.


Here are the latest cdnpoli promises from the major federal party leaders. cdnpoli elxn43

What exactly have federal leaders promised Canadians? Here's a comprehensive list.

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LOL Global can hold Trudeau accountable to being open and transparent. LOL How many times did you do blackface since 2001? I’m suspicious of these little advent calendars... Haha, you guys put a picture of Blanchet, but not MaximeBernier. There no other party with a better platform then the PPC. 2019 Electoral Platform - People's Party of Canada

TrudeauMustGo made sure his bought and paid for Presstitutes refuse to even acknowledge MaximeBernier and the peoplespca WelfareMedia FakeNews TrudeauMustGo PPC2019 ChooseMaxime You didn’t even put up a picture of the leader who, by far, has the best flaform in Canada. Hilarious, that’s why you are fake news

Missing Maxime More bought and paid for WelfareMedia BS. Vote MaximeBernier and the peoplespca a party for ALL Canadians! PPC2019 I hope you won't continue omitting MaximeBernier as we approach his appearance at the televised debate on October 7th. Annnnnd no one is going to do what they promised. This is not a partisan issue. It's an issue within politics itself. elxn43 cdnpoli

These campaigns are total shit to begin with. If Canadians don't know the leaders after 4 years & haven't already made a choice based on performance & ethics Canada's in trouble. It's the candidates history one votes on. NOT ridiculous debates & the media predicting the outcome!

People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier explains his party's election platformPeople's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier explains his party's election platform. justanother socialist ... Let's be honest. Does any one really care? PPC_Retweets MaximeBernier

scheerstupidity reimbursing ppl for kids sports when they can't afford to put them in sports initially... mootpolicy no reimbursements = no cost to govt. seewhatyoudidthere Remember kiddies....all promises that cost money are funded by you...! MaximeBernier Still missing a party leader Well! I think AndrewScheer is keeping his promises to continue lying to Canadians! Aho! ChooseForward ScheerLies elxn43 CanadaVotes

Canada has the greatest leader in the world !! The whole world loves and respects Trudeau the only people against Trudeau Canada and the world are the conservatives!! You might as well just start including MaximeBernier to your articles! People want to hear a real debate. Not a a bunch of payed off, social justice, climate alarmist propaganda leaders arguing over their inability to lead and who to blame.

Don’t-pay-til-you-die reverse mortgages are booming in Canada as seniors binge on debtAlready carrying debt, many seniors can’t downsize because they can’t afford high rents, so turn to reverse mortgages for a new source of income The real cause of problems here in Canada. And then they vote conservative to try to save a couple of bucks in taxes while draining the healthcare system I don’t see why we should leave anything to these young people anyway. Theyd just waste it on avocados and iPhones

Globe editorial: Issues dear to Canada are at the heart of the Democratic candidates’ debatesHealth care and gun control are two key topics on the table for those jousting to fight Donald Trump in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. most of those Democrats can’t even vote in Canada fyi

Taylor Pendrith earns second Canada Life Canadian Player of the Year honours - TSN.caFor the second time in four years, Taylor Pendrith earned Canada Life Canadian Player of the Year honours on the Mackenzie Tour – PGA TOUR Canada.

Hot Button Issues: Gap is shrinking between Canada and USACraig Button joins James Duthie foe Hot Button Issues and explains why the gap continues to shrink between the number of Canadian and American players drafted each year. CraigJButton They only have 10x the amount of people, bout time they caught up. CraigJButton The US has a massive population advantage over Canada. As hockey grows in the states it's only a matter of time before they produce more players than Canada.

People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier invited to two broadcast debatesPeople's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier has secured an invitation Monday to two official leaders' debates in October.

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