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Justin Trudeau walks with his family in Ottawa to drop the writ, which will dissolve parliament. This event marks the kick-off of the federal election campaign season. cdnpoli elxn43 RELATED:

canada election videos and latest news articles

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Voter manipulation They don't work . polls are rigged i don't believe in polls. they are not precise. i just love the real thing..on oct 21 GlobalBC Polls don't really tell the story, they serve about the same purpose as the rodent does on ground hog day. These people who are referred to as experts can predict about as good as the rest of us. Media would like us to believe otherwise.

Elections are decisions, not races. Intelligent people DON'T care! The only poll that means anything is the one on Oct 21st. The others are just attention-getters, mostly sponsored by media companies. More importantly, which polls are run by close friends of the Liberal Party. GlobalBC Wilson and Philpott running as individuals is really a good thing, each one can now question the government on what appears to be bad judgement.

am640 It entails not running under the Liberal banner of corruption. FM96Rocks Neither of them being elected.

CTV National News: 'It was outstanding'All 24 crew members of an overturned cargo ship are safe and accounted for following a daring rescue effort. JoyCTV has the details: JoyCTV That is wonderful news!

680CJOB If I lived in their riding I would gladly work and vote for them am640 It means they have no voice in Parliament and it’s a possible wasted vote. Don’t know if I could vote Independent. to Actually this event marks another obstruction of justice morningshowca Hope Canadians will vote him out in this election it would make my day

globalwinnipeg They will find time and occasion to head off to the ladies room together at points so they can cry and commiserate. Puglaas can’t take pressure, can’t do the job(s) assigned to her. AM900CHML Flying spouses all over the place at higher than the average rates? AM900CHML It entails them being irrelevant

680CJOB Several Intensive Post-Liberal Showers with Lots of Soap 1 Month RCMP TeamJackwagon 🤡 BecauseIts a GongShow SNCNormanEthicsAtwalKhadrBoyleISISIran TrudeauJr PeterPanPM Sockboy UsefulIdiot2TheWorld PeopleKind MagicKingdom That they are no longer Liberal elites and are open season for the pro Trudeau MSM?

JWR is a money grabber who wastes taxpayers money. Besides I wouldn’t trust her..

CTV National News: Aftermath of DorianSeveral Halifax apartments were suddenly evacuated over the danger presented by a crane toppled by Dorian. Todd Battis has the latest. battisctv I didn't hear of any injuries due to this collapse but hope not any!!

If they win, they will be seated beside Mad Max. That should be a lot of fun. both crooks well you can see this was a planned photo shoot GlobalEdmonton JT walking his green mile JT2019🇨🇦✅ GlobalEdmonton Which will also stop the RCMP investigation, which is also why he’s calling the election a few days early - on the anniversary of the largest terrorist attack in our lifetime. No shame in this man. Despicable.

And here we go 680CJOB GlobalEdmonton He can keep on walking!! Keep walking Trudeau. All the way into your cozy retirement.

CTV National News: Taking over the tennis worldBianca Andreescu's magical run in New York continues as she made the rounds on morning talk shows following her U.S. Open win. HeatherCTV has the story:

Wow! Here’s a person who sold his soul over 8,000 jobs at SNC-LAVALAN, but ignores 150,000 high-paying jobs in Alberta. His statement that he is benefiting all Canadians is a lie. Let’s try this again, Canada. Maybe this time someone can benefit OUR COUNTRY. He has the big cities. It’s a lieberal love fest in the que/ont big cities-sad but true. Debt, scandal, giving away billions who gives a damn when he’s cute! Cda will be forever changed in 6wks if people don’t wake up to the slimy globalist who has forever thrown us in debt/taxes

680CJOB The Useless, Corrupt. Cowardly, Dumpster Fire Ends In.... 1 Month RCMP TeamJackwagon 🤡 BecauseIts a GongShow SNCNormanEthicsAtwalKhadrBoyleISISIran TrudeauJr PeterPanPM Sockboy UsefulIdiot2TheWorld PeopleKind MagicKingdom GlobalBC Keep walking Trudeau, keep walking , Canada doesn’t need you , in fact we’re better off . May God bless our country ✝️🙏

GlobalCalgary He’ll be walking to jail next globalwinnipeg Ugh. We just got done with an election in Manitoba. Couldn't we get a wee break from this sh*t? Like, just a week? 630CHED What is truly disgusting is the Liberal party using the 9/11 anniversary to release that they are blocking the RCMP investigation into LAV-SCAM hoping that the tributes and articles about 9/11 dilute the announcement's impact. These people are beyond corrupt. They are scum.

GlobalEdmonton TrudeauMustGo NeverForget You have absolutely no decorum this is a day of reflection This Is A Day to Remember my wife is a first responder you are a sociopath! You have no regard for the feelings of those who died today. GlobalCalgary I wonder if JT is walking the kids to school to see about a job there. 🤷🏼‍♀️

CTV National News: 'The environment is a huge one'Marking a major shift, the environment is set to become a major ballot box issue in this year's election. Genevieve Beauchemin reports. CTVBeauchemin No it's not. Give it up! CTVBeauchemin Elections matter CTVBeauchemin No it’s not FakeNews

Thank-you and best wishes ☀️🇨🇦☮️❣️ GlobalCalgary I have no idea how he can actually hold his head high after allof the ethical violations and insincere apologies - and finally not doing anything to help the RCMP investigate Mr. Dion’s findings. This is what people who are guilty of something, do...

to Where are his protection officers? I wish in our countries political leaders would walk the same without 20 armed men surrounding them CKNW I think you forgot to mention that Trudeau and his liberal liars control the RCMP GlobalEdmonton Let's get rid of this weak lying forked tongued French man BC1 this is not correct

globalwinnipeg that was him and sophie taking their kids to school. They changed and walked to Rideau Hall. Don't forget the 5 nations accord

WATCH LIVE: CTV News Winnipeg’s election specialWATCH LIVE: Brian Pallister speaks to supporters after Progressive Conservatives win majority government in Manitoba. MBvotes MBpoli He looks George Bush II BridgetST101 Sextrade101 Raheelraza Ayaan DouglasKMurray Jeanlouisroy CraigScottCA alexandrasl maryamnayebyazd calgaryherald bbceducation globeandmail macleans washingtonpost AndrewScheer jfrobergeQc francoislegault JustinTrudeau

I thought he used public transit? I am sure I seen a pic of him on a bus! Yeah get dose bums outta heah

CTV National News: Handmaid's Tale sequel releases35 years after writing The Handmaid's Tale, Canadian author Margaret Atwood has released the much-anticipated sequel. Paul Workman reports. PaulCTV The Handmaid's Tale: Tokyo Drift

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