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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Protestors

Canada doesn't tell police what to do, Trudeau says of rail blockades

Canada doesn't tell police what to do, Trudeau says of rail blockades


Canada doesn't tell police what to do, Trudeau says of rail blockades

Amid pressure to end Indigenous protest blockades of vital Canadian rail links, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the disruptions must be resolved through dialogue, not by ordering in the police.

Trudeau acknowledged the difficulties the blockades have caused for travellers and businesses, but he made it clear Friday the federal government had no plans to make the RCMP dismantle them. "We are not the kind of country where politicians get to tell the police what to do in operational matters," Trudeau said in Munich, Germany, where he was attending a global security conference. "We are a country that recognizes the right to protest, but we are a country of the rule of law. And we will ensure that everything is done to resolve this through dialogue and constructive outcomes." Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said the situation had become ridiculous and called on Trudeau to take swift action. Scheer said the prime minister should tell Public Safety Minister Bill Blair to use his authority under the RCMP Act to end what he called the "illegal blockades" by Indigenous Peoples at the centre of a dispute over a British Columbia pipeline project. The disruptions are harming the Canadian economy and the livelihoods of farmers and small-business owners, Scheer told reporters in Ottawa. "These blockades are illegal," he said. "So far, the prime minister has refused to come out and call them that himself." The blockades began last week after the RCMP enforced an injunction against Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs and their supporters, who were blocking construction of the Coastal GasLink natural gas pipeline, a key part of the $40-billion LNG Canada export project. Coastal GasLink has signed agreements with all 20 elected band councils along the pipeline route. However, Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs assert title to a vast 22,000-square-kilometre area and say band councils only have authority over reserve lands. Scheer said a small number of demonstrators cannot be allowed to hold the economy hostage and threaten thousands of jobs. "These activists may have the luxury of spending days at a time at a blockade, but they need to check their privilege," he said. Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau dismissed Scheer's remarks as unhelpful. "This is a complex situation and I think that that does not indicate an understanding of the situation," he said. Demonstrations continue as political leaders look to negotiate solutions, while business leaders, opposition politicians and members of the public call for immediate action to end the disruptions, which have already resulted in more than 80 arrests. Tensions were expected to heat up on Friday with the threat of activists planning to shut down government offices in British Columbia's capital. However, protesters numbered only in the dozens by midday and Victoria police posted on Twitter that the "peaceful" demonstrations appeared to be wrapping up in the afternoon. Trudeau and B.C. Premier John Horgan spoke Thursday about the need to work together to resolve the disputes that have resulted in solidarity blockades in Ontario, Manitoba and B.C. Indigenous leaders in B.C.'s northwest have invited federal and provincial politicians to meetings to find solutions, and said they would ensure a blockade of a Canadian National Railway track near New Hazelton, B.C., would come down during talks. CN spokesman Jonathan Abecassis confirmed Friday morning the New Hazelton blockade had been lifted. The railway said Thursday it was starting a progressive shutdown in the East, while Via Rail cancelled all service on CN tracks in Canada. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney blamed the blockade and subsequent rail shutdown on "angry fringe groups" ignoring the democratically expressed wishes of First Nations in northern B.C. "This is becoming a very serious threat to the entire Canadian economy," Kenney said in Edmonton. "This is a commodities-producing country, and we ship those commodities by rail." Groups including the Grain Growers of Canada, the Forest Products Association of Canada and the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters have said rail delays are hurting members and the economy. Teamsters Canada, the country's largest union in the transportation sector, called on the federal government to intervene. The union warned the impasse could put up to 6,000 employees at CN and other rail companies out of work. Garneau said freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protest are among the most cherished of rights, but added he is "deeply concerned" about the rail disruptions. There is a risk of seeing the stoppages merely as interference with the operations of profit-making companies, yet they affect all Canadians, he told a news conference Friday in Toronto. "It is about people's jobs and livelihoods and about the transport of key supplies like food, propane, heating oil and chemicals for water treatment, agricultural products for export and so many other products." Garneau, who was meeting his provincial and territorial counterparts, as well as representatives of national Indigenous organizations, stressed the desire for peaceful resolutions. Horgan has rejected calls from the Opposition Liberals to seek immediate injunctions to end blockades and protests in B.C. "We can't just use force," he said in the legislature. "It needs to be dealt with by co-operation, by consultation, by discussion so that we can all move forward." B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson said Horgan was taking an "entirely passive approach in the face of implacable protesters who are intent on shutting down constituency services, shutting down the universities, shutting down our transportation arteries." This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. 14, 2020. RELATED IMAGES Read more: CTV News

Build a few more jails, cuff them and throw them in! 1) SoTrudeau said there won’t be a quick fix to the crisis! What is this kind of leadership? Does he know already how long it is going to last? Why even buying the pipeline if it is not to find a solution to develop it ASAP? Why not gathering everyone,

In Europe, it would get messy if a company was invoking a protest for firing its employees and that would be a good reaction. Such a move is also feeding division, hatred between communities. Since CP is a government company, I conclude the government approves this strategy.Yuck In Europe, it would get messy if a major company was invoking a protest for firing its employees and that’s a good thing. Such a move is also feeding division and hatred between communities. Since CP is a governmental company, I conclude the government approves this strategy.Yuck

'.....the impasse could put up to 6,000 employees at CN and other rail companies out of work'. Really? It‘s really unfair. I am against this protest but how is this legal? A company telling they will fire people if the protest doesn’t stop...That sounds like political coercion Except in the case of SNC Lavalin. wink wink. 🤦‍♂️

What do we have a military for ? A coup is taking over We’re governed by complete idiots No they don't but they expect court orders to be enforced weakasspm Unless of course its for confiscating firearns from law abiding citizens

VIA Rail cancels trains across Canada, CN shuts down Eastern Canada network amid pipeline protests Via Rail is cancelling its entire passenger train network across the country until further notice due to ongoing pipeline protests. But JustinTrudeau is off in foreign countries again, busy trying to build up his international reputation! He obviously doesn't much care about important domestic issues like having NO rail service in Canada! Wow! Good Now let’s get RID of PMJT

They tell the justice ministry what to do. They tell border services what to do. They even tell Judges what to do but not cops because that makes them look militaristic. Controlling the courts and the justice system only makes you look like China. I only tried to tell the nations’ top cop, the AG, to not prosecute a corrupt company that bankrolls me...

Trudeau is lying. More lies. Trudeau is a sham, a light weight and the most incompetent corrupt politician on the planet. TrudeauMustGo No, but Canada (Trudeau) tells the Attorney General what to. God JustinTrudeau’s a twat 🤦‍♂️ TwatTrudeau YO JustinTrudeau grow a pair and clear the protesters TrudeauMustGo

Only when it’s a peoplekind coverup or corruption

Canada doesn\'t tell police what to do, Trudeau says of rail blockadesCP24 NOW - Live and interactive, watch Toronto's Breaking News for the GTA, with CP24 Breakfast, Sports, Video, Traffic Times and Weather and more. WATCH LIVE: RCMP providing an update now on CRA telephone scam investigation

Unless it involves SNC Lavalin Fix the problem you created jkenney More liberal lies and bullshit Nor should Rex Murphy nationalpost & Opposition CPC tell Canada & our Prime Minister what to think and do. JustinTrudeau only tells rcmpgrcpolice what NOT to do - like investigate his personal illegal activities with snclavalin

Moronic Trudeau = Zoolander. Baby boy Trudeau still has no back bone to stand. He’s a coward and jet sets away when the heat is to much. It’s know wonder y the world is laughing at Canada ,look who we have represented are country..... COWARD.....

John Ivison: Canada is turning into a mob city while Trudeau remains silentSomebody in Ottawa should be pointing out that along with the right to protest there are certain responsibilities to allow other people to go about their business Oh....i was going to read it but it's the Sun....😁😁😁 LOCK ALL THESE ILLEGAL PRICKS UP and throw away the key!!! asshole PM

And this guy wants to lead the world lol If normal citizens go to remove those punks and their blockades it means Trudeau can’t tell the police to stop us ? Unless they're going investigating him or his cronies. Then they tell them what to do trudeaumustgo Bring back Mike Harris and the snipers. JustinTrudeau please explain how all police agencies across Canada where these protests are being held, have all decided simultaneously to permit illegal protests to continue. Including CN &CP railway police services. I get it now. You told David Lametti and HE gave the order.

FKING BULLSHIT Doesnt the PMO appoint the RCMP commissioner? So if the current one is not doing their job could he not appoint a new one? Isn’t he going to “continue to fight for those jobs?” A national railway is a federal problem! Time to get home and deal with issues here,Trudeau.

Supreme Court of Canada to hear appeals on solitary confinementThe high court will revisit decisions in B.C. and Ontario courts that said the federal law allowing prolonged solitary confinement in prison was unconstitutional GlobeBC Sometimes you need a time-out.

Bull Sh! can’t pick and choose when you want to follow the law. Oh yeah, you’ve been doing it for 4 years now Unless it has to do with: serial, snclavalinscandal Private isles payola w lobbyist Aga Khan khan proAssadConsul viceadmiralNorman ClamScam What police force? You mean like the Royal CANADIAN mounted police? Not like it says right in the name what they police and who makes the rules for them to uphold. Or maybe they are governed by the UN now. Most of us if you haven’t noticed are not out there with these idiots. DYJ

Didn’t the government tell the police to arrest the Huwaie executive? Write the FN a cheque But he does control the Military, Airforce and Secret Service. Push the buttons. Shut off services to these communities, like hydro, water, blockade all deliveries. Where ever these lazy bums are from. Hope USA gets involved for messing with their railway.

Justin needs to revoke his Testicles. Coward. Then tell the army what to do.... Justing needs to revoke his testicles and or grow a pair. Coward. Bring out the bulldozers.

Blockade tensions rise as Wet'suwet'en solidarity protests continue across CanadaProtests over the Coastal GasLink pipeline slated to run through Wet'suwet'en traditional territory in northern B.C. have triggered days of railway blockades... Shut off their electricity and water. See how they like it! Shut down their electricity and water. TIT4TAT! These radicals are ostrsizing, scaring and bullying their own people who actually support this project. Why is their concerns not being addressed?

I’m calling BS. Skippy always tell the RCMP what to do when it serves his interest. But they’re ok trying to shut down prosecutions against SNC Lavalin? Canada's last Attorney General says otherwise, she said that the PMO tried to tell her what to do with the SNC Lavalin bribery and corruption prosecution. She said exactly the opposite of the lies you are trying to spread.

That is an outright LIE! Not to their face but behind closed doors with little pumpkin Brenda🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽 Bullshit. Their telling police what to do with law abiding gun owners, and what to do with recivivist violent offenders by repeatedly letting the back onto the street on bail or after a shortened jail term.

However he has no problems at all directing the AG to protect precious QC corporations. He only tells the commissioner what to do. So the ELECTED CHIEFS, EIGHT OUT OF 13 Hereditary Chiefs and a Plebiscite of the Wet'suwet'en in which 80% of members APPROVED the pipeline is OVERTURNED by 5 Hereditary Chiefs (2 of whom ran for Chief and lost)? And the media is COMPLICIT in covering this up and Trudeau WAFFLES.

Unless of course they’re investigating his donors or friends or he needs a political enemy silenced.

Canada, Iran haven’t talked about re-establishing diplomatic relations in more than two yearsThe prospect of Iran and Canada returning to the discussion table ground to a standstill in January when the Iranian military shot down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 outside Tehran globepolitics What ever happened with that plane they shot down? Remember that or is that old news now and we move on and forget about it?

How about Canada blocking their roads since they are blocking ours. Cut off their supplies as they are doing to us. Just temporary. Really? Who tells the police what to do? Criminals? So far the police have enabled illegal protesters. That is anarchy. 85% of the Wet'suwet'en are strongly in favor of the gas pipeline. Why are Liberals and police siding with criminals and anarchists? TrudeauMustGo

Who is Canada? 🐥 Good thing his father wasn’t as feeble minded when it comes to dealing with criminals. When the government begins ordering police action against Canadians exercising their right to peaceful protest, that’s a police state and a totalitarian government. We aren’t there, folks. Nobody should want us to be there.

Unless it involves an investigation against you or your “buddies” right Justin That may be, but the head of that police force should be fired immediately for not doing her job. But JustinTrudeau said he would always defend Canadian jobs! (Re: SNC) How many people’s livelihoods will be, or already are being affected by these blockades? Trudeau is an inept gutless leader. RuleOfLaw TrudeauMustGo

Like Trudeau didn’t tell the AG what to do with SNC Lavalin then fired her when she refused. But there u go RCMP you’ve got the green light from the PM to enforce the law so get up off ur butts and do ur job. cdnpoli Except when intimidating & silencing opposing voices in the media.

Lets see what he would say if the airports were blocked 😂 Liar Notice your boss is letting you take the fall CommrRCMPGRC? Hope he’s been worth your career. rcmpBrendaLuckiresign Yeah. The RCMP wanted to be bellhops at the Quebec border. I know you are paid to report what the PM and PMO supply you but here

Yet the moron has no qualms in sending ex RCMP to harrass those who write critical books about him. He's handing this complicated matter the way it should be treated, by trying to achieve a peaceful negotiation. You want him sending in the RCMP like a John Wayne movie? Probably. John Wayne diden't usually care about the Indigenous peoples either.

ViceAdmiralNorman Canada is becoming a joke and twice elected idiot Justin so it kind of deserves its fate. CTV I guess this was pretty clear with the SNC episode....

Weird.... in most countries around the world, government usually sets the rule of law and expects law enforcement to enforce it. In a democracy Thats right! The PM only tells the AG and courts what to do. Like giving friends of the liberal_party 'deferred prosecution agreements'. snclavalinscandal hypocrisy TrudeauMustGo RuleOfLaw

Ah communist dictator Fidel Castro’s son trying to turn Canada into Cuba But this liberal government does , whenever it benifits the liberal government they get involved and control the rcmp So you think this would happen in the USA? Not a chance. Weak leadershit Only when it comes to liberal investigations

He is passing responsibility and throwing the provincial police under the bus. Trudeau can end this if he wants to JustinTrudeau you sure didn't hesitate to tell the Minister of Justice what to do for your SNC buddies! TrudeauMustGo

...holding back progress in their province is totally appropriate. ...negotiations. There are probably lots of reasons why government officials would ask for the involvement of the police. Are they always right? No. But, we work on that regularly. In this case, for the BC government to ask the RCMP to remove the illegal blockades that are...

What exactly do you do? Perhaps he should have a better transportation minister. Might help a bit in this gong show And then there was the Barney and Honey Sherman double murders. So tell us again what Trudeau does and doesn't order the RCMP to do. More more more. Money beads whiskey. As an American let me say a couple of things 1. Damn JustinTrudeau is good looking 2. If there was a Presidential trade option we'd gladly give you ours we'll even throw in a helmet, sippy cup and day care.

Liar. Is that right? Here we see the municipality did just that, banning the compilation of racial crime statistics. Weird.

If this was a truck convoy protest, I guarantee this would have been shut down and they would have been removed and arrested. Why the double standard? JustinTrudeau continues to lie to Canadians. He’s telling the police what NOT to do, just like he did with snclavalin. He’s telling them to look the other way, and allow the blockades while he’s spending Canadians’ $ in Africa. cdnpoli

The Canadian government writes the laws that police enforce. It is literally their job to tell the police what to do. Says the lying Prime Minstrel.... Vice Admiral Norman and his defence team: What a putz. What he says is news but what he does isn't. Do your job. For once. Let's hope our government doesn't tell police what to do. A police state is a government that exercises power arbitrarily through the power of the police ... normally imposed by a constitutional state. Canada

What about the rule of law. Does the PM not think it’s OK to uphold the rule of law? Its a no brainier we need a vote of non confidence and get rid of the liberals very soon. Is that so. lavscam rcmpbaggagecarriers

So who does, can I please. And did you bother questioning that at all? They are clearly breaking the law standing on & blockading roadways. So why don’t a group of citizens arrest t th em and hold them for police? It must not be feasable for the police to arrest them, which means it could fall under 🇨🇦 cit. arr. laws.

So it should be very legal to block his airplane from leaving to fly anywhere TrudeauMustResign Let’s spread a rumor that 9 jobs in Quebec will be impacted by these protests and they will be disbanded immediately! He knows that once he gives the police the order to act, his minions may wake up from their Trudy induced spell and thus realize they made a huge mistake voting for the wanna be king. LinnieRants HaveWeAllGoneM1

“Peace, order and good government” implies respect for the rule of law. Nice of Trudeau to finally admit before the entire nation that his administration believes in neither the Constitution nor the rule of law. Time for this corrupt, anti-democracy govt to be replaced. Ya right. It appears as if Trudeau is running the RCMP from his office.

Bullshit. See what happens when you re elect a boy.Wake up Canada . Doesn't tell police what to do? LOL. Except when it comes to blocking investigation into his role in LavScam, etc. What a liar. It would seem Judge Chalmers does not agree with JustinTrudeau Its time the OPP where held in contempt. Man he is the king of passing the buck

Trudeau just tell Jody Wilson Raybould what to do break the law Trudeau leapfrogged Brenda Lucki over senior rcmp to become leader of RCMP. Yes he has them in his back pocket. Trudeau is a manipulative liar. You see what you choose to see. But you have no right to inflict your vision on Canadians. LisaLaFlammeCTV MarciaMacMillan

Because he is a weak figurehead. Hey GlenMotz have you seen this ? Isn’t he about to give the rcmp power to start a gun confiscation by OIC? What a load of crap. In a situation like this it is the governments number one job to stop it. He is lying again.

GlenMotz yet he’s going to direct the rcmp in a gun confiscation? 🤥🤥🤥🤥 Waste of a Prime minster.TrudeauMustGo It's TRUE! I only tell the attorney general what to do. Want to know an easy way to determine if something is a lie? Trudeau's lips are moving. Why do I get the feeling police are being told exactly what to do by this government already. Afterall, when police are being asked why protestors are not being arrested for breaking the law, their response is 'it's complicated'. To me that sounds like - we were going to but...

Jussie is a bully, of course he does. Yeah right! Unless it is to save SNC-Lavallin isn’it? Or the Aga Khan gifts. Why don’t you ever DO YOUR REAL JOB YOU ARE PAID FOR?😡🤬 Not serve as parrots but reporters and CONFRONT HIS HYPOCRISY?🤬🤬🤬 I think i will have to call this ANOTHER LIE If true, in this situation, we need a strong PM willing to tell the RCMP to enforce the court orders. Trudeau needs to step aside.

These are foreign motivated anarchists. If the police won't deal with them then send in the army. WTF do we have security forces for if we can't use them. The situation will be a lot less controllable if/when citizens are forced to take the law into their own hands. I think i will have to call this ANOTHER

Why Canadians are not demanding a leadership review or a confidence vote from the Liberal Party of Canada is confusing. Do they not realize the damage he is creating to the party? Where are the opposition, why are they not demanding more of government? Bazinga 🤣 Tell that to Vice Admiral Mark Norman...

What a lazy answer, he should step up and say he has a team in place and that they working on it. But I don't think he has anyone worth it to work on it anyway. Mob Rule is wrong for anyone, the laws of the land come first. Then you take them to court to get the proper results. If that was true the RCMP would have investigated him over SNC-Lavalin scandal.

Only turdeau could come p with something that stupid. Well than who does give the orders? I would like to know Who’s the RCMP Commissioner? Oh right..she’s a UN shill!

But he’ll tell the AG what do...what the ever living.... That is exactly what we should be doing. Our tax $$$ are paying their wages. They are CIVIL SERVANTS. If they are not representing the law abiding majority, tax paying citizen then GTFO. Move along. Liar. Pass the buck liar. Bullsh*t. No confidence vote asap!

He sure would be telling them what to do if these were white people JustinTrudeau is a coward. JustinTrudeau uses and manipulates Canadian agencies for his agenda and goals. Laws are the last thing JustinTrudeau wants to enforce Canaduh is a farce. They remove people wearing ‘I love Canadian oil and gas’ t-shirts from parliament hill....but not terrorists blocking railways.

Trudeau can’t lead shit. Zero responsibility, zero ownership, zero credibility. PMJT needs to give the RCMP a written directive to stop these anarchists with assurances that he and the government will have their back when the shit hits the fan! The RCMP are too politically savvy to do this without assurances!

Worse PM ever ! TrudeauMustGo But you tell what to do to a minister of justice. Lolllllllll He has no idea what he’s doing. As PM, his sole purpose is ego-building, now fully funded by the CDN tax payer. He must be removed from office. TrudeauNonConfidence So the front line police are just so well trained they know to aid criminals and go after regular citizens in the name of “diversity and inclusion”? Bullshit. The problems we have with law enforcement are entirely your doing, with some help from local versions of you.

What happened to that we don't negotiate with terrorists well I guess our prime minister now is negotiating with terrorists that just opens the door doesn't it He's all yours, Toronto. You wanted a gutless soy boy PM and that's exactly what you got. Please someone look up Ipperwash before committing to a comment,history did that pan out in the end...exactly...or out here in New Brunswick over shale gas...Trudeau is saving the RCMP from yet another inquiry over it's actions as a whole or just 1 officer

That’s right, only the natives tell them.... Shut down CTV propaganda They did what he told them to do when it csme to investigating him. Justin wants these protests so he can cancel TeckFrontier and meet his stupid Paris targets, or blow Soros,.... I dunno. What we should do is all the people on the right in North America get together under Trump and the retards get together under Truturd and let’s see what happens.

Canada has no laws. We have noticed. Trudeau completely and utterly clueless. He does however know how to pass the buck. Then who does tell the police what to do? Court injunctions do not seem to be obeyed by the RCMP or the OPP. Is there a Quebec police force? Who guides them while they stand and do nothing?

Then someone better give them a job description

Does the rule of law have a timeline or deadline Unless it comes to their many, many, many scandals at this point (or election fraud) This man is not fit to govern our country. TrudeauMustGo Didn't he tell them not to investigate him? Who is paying the protesters to protest and who is paying the police to not do their job?

Gerry wasn't home to sign the orders then? Jimmy even the police have no balls. Just instructs the AG who to prosecute...and RCMP who not to investigate...

No but the law does. And canada has the right to enforce those laws, even against a handful of FirstNations and a bunch of useless millennials. The law is on our side and requires the police to do their jobs and arrest anyone interfering with the trains and highways. Heaven forbid they do their job .... well I guess that is par for how we have a crime minister who doesn’t do his job 🤷🏼‍♂️

Ya right...... Well then who does Enforce the law, laws that already exist, that's all we are asking. That really means blackface told the police to stand down.. Worst PM ever. So one minute he can tell them the next oh I have no control..... Justin just interferes with Attorney General investigations, and attempts to frame innocent Navy Admirals. What an absolutely useless PM this twerp is. trudeauworstpm

Canada damn well better be telling it’s police to back off and not invade a Sovereign Nation. Bullshit..ask Admiral Norman.

No, no, no, we just tell the attorney general of Canada what to do, the police are just below us Didn't he shut down investigations into himself tho. Hasn't he had rcmp help illegals cross our borders. Canada is a joke. A bad, politically incorrect one. MrTrudeauWAKEUP Before any talks begin the Govt should demand they end any and all illegal blockades. Otherwise we are simply offering legitimacy to such tactics which in future will be used by any group with an axe to grind.

What a fucking cop out My god this has got to be the dumbest thing he's ever said. Why even bother having the courts and a government if you can't enforce any decisions you make. He's still not ready, never was and never will be. The best thing that he could do for Canada is resign. Wait... the police say they have orders from the higher ups not to do anything...But JT is saving he doesn't tell the police what to do... But the higher ups take their orders from gov't officials... Who the hell is telling the police to stand down and not arrest?

Criminal code section 423 (1) blocking a highway is illegal Criminal code section 422 (1) delaying or preventing the running of a locomotives illegal.

What? just the attorney general A truly small and weak leader. Horse 💩 Does little potato ever open his crayon hole without lying? Is he trying to say that he would never interfere and tell the RCMP what to do? Bwahahahahahaha Just what not to do!! 😡 SNCLAVALINSCANDAL The who will? Despicable liar! TrudeauMustGo BrendaLuckiMustResign

You BS your friends and I'll BS my friends, but let's not BS each other. Why bother with the pesky police when you can tell the AG what to do. Laws just don't apply to BlackFaceTrudeau. He just hires the RCMP commissioner who does tell them what to do. Female leader, think she'd want to prove herself instead she is fulfilling the stereotype of being a soft woman.

Me Trudeau, you are an embarrassment to this entire country. You sure like tell others what they should do. Trudeau is a liar. Uh huh! Trudeau is a spineless waste of skin. Brenda Lucki can tell the RCMP what to do ... and she should. Canada doesn't but Trudeau does. That's why he's not in jail yet for corruption. TrudeauCorruption TrudeauMustGo TrudeauMustResign

Show some balls! Sounds like something he would say. He's not too bright. SNC-LAV? Shut down Justice Minister therefore arm of the law No words. Incompetent fool JustinTrudeau This is the stupidest thing I have heard ..... as Pm he can direct the RCMP to stop the terrorists from blocking the railways That’s a cop out

He only tells the Justice department what to do not the lowly police Last time conservative Mike Harris directed the RCMP to interfere, an officer was shot and killed. You heard him Canada. Its up to companies and provinces to handle this. Get busy guys. But Canada certainly tells its Attorney General what to do when it comes to prosecuting cases that affect the government. LavScam

SNC Lavilin Mark Norman come to mind Police follow government made laws! Are you not in government? Except when the RCMP are investigating you then you obstruct them and refuse to allow anyone to comply with interviews. Someone is telling the police what to do. I didn’t know Ralph Macchio had dual citizenship.

If Canada was telling the police what to do, it would be over already. The problem is that JT & friends, who don't give a 💩 about Canadians, are telling them what to do. Just lie after lie out of that idiot Trudeau’s mouth. Just prosecutors. snclavalin Because he is lost on how to deal with the blockades.

TrudeauMustGo Liar. He tells the RCMP what to do when it suits his needs. Trudeau and his libertards are the ones telling the police not to do anything!! The woman Trudeau placed in charging the RCMP must be fired. A superintendent of our national police force has been responsible for the lack of action. Trudeau’s Gender Equity has put incompetent people in very important positions. We can now see the result much like SNC Lavalin.

OK, I may not agree with Liberal Ideology but as a Citizens of Canada YOU PEOPLE MUST SEE that the Leader is a Lunatic Hell Bent on Destroying this Country! VoteOfNonConfidence canpoli TrudeauMustResign Trudeaumustgo What a fucking tool🤦🏻‍♂️ What an absolute fool. Yet in the coming months he’s going to direct the RCMP in a gun confiscation by OIC!!!

JohnGormleyShow What a moron. Trudeau's reply is code for: 'We don't tell them what to do... most of the time, or at least when it serves our purpose not to.' Bullshit. .... unless the police are investigating Trudeau 🤷‍♂️ But I told JWR what to do, it was in my best interest. This is costing businesses millions and disrupting countless lives across Canada. It’s past time someone does something about it. If the police can’t do anything, maybe the military should stop this lawless behaviour.

Who does? We have shit police that aren't enforcing the law then. What else is Zoolander saying ? Oh who cares keep breaking the law it’s obvious Canadians have no leadership We know. Trudeau’s puppet masters tell him what to do. Who owns CN rail? No the UN does

This is a lie, like pretty much anything JustinTrudeau says. He has enormous influence over the rcmpgrcpolice NoConfidenceJT TrudeauMustGo TrudeauMustResign then why aren't they doing their jobs? waiting for you to have a meeting LIAR Trudeaulies LiberalsLie Corruption abounds in liberal Canada

This comes as a shock to all Canadians. “But we have been known to tell the Attorney General what she should do” -JustinTrudeau SNCLavalin cdnpoli jwr JodyWilsonRaybould Yes they do. Justin paid off the media and the police. He is now traveling the world BRIBING countries for a seat on the Corrupt United Nations. Wasting taxpayer money pursuing HIS DREAMS not those of Canadians. Sad excuse for a PM.

BullShit! Bullshat. So wha5 are the6 waiting for He doesn’t obey laws or rules so why should anyone else !

This is the correct answer.⬆️ He needs to stop telling law enforcement to stand down, not the other way around. So who's running things up there? BS! ''We are not the kind of country where politicians get to tell the police what to do in operational matters.' How many investigations did this gvmnt quash & how many NDAs have been signed? How many people have been muzzled & how many RCMP officers have had their hands tied?

But he will tell his attorney general what to do. JustinTrudeau, there are already laws in place. RCMP have the authority to enforce those laws however when you dictate they cannot arrest, they're left with no choice. You are a spineless and corrupt weasel. Loser Yah he told the police to stand down. We are not stupid!

But he trusts to tell the AG what to do

Excellent buck passing skills So incompetent and shameful... No balls Trudeau. Instead of arresting people blocking railways how about stopping yearly payments to the First Nations until the mess caused by their band members is cleaned up and also deduct whatever expenses are incurred by them off of these yearly payments and I’m sure it would end quickly

When the RCMP read this, they must realize they look incompetent. Either the PMO is hanging them out to dry, OR the RCMP is incompetent. Uh yeah we fucking do we are the tax payers ... So this is admitting the police never worked for the public they only ever works for the government which explains the lack of police getting arrested an held accountable for their actions that and being freemasons.

Canada doesn't tell Attorney Generals to drop prosecution of corrupt corporations in Trudeau's riding. Canada doesn't fire the Attorney General for NOT politically interfering with the courts. Canada doesn't tell the RCMP to arrest Mark Norman. Canada doesn't tell the RCMP... CTV propaganda machine in action.

So pays the police? The taxpayers that means they have to enforce the law. This isn't rocket science. Trudeau should just resign he doesn't even know the law. Well who is JustinTrudeau ?

Just write them a cheque and get it over with So if Canada doesn't tell the police what to do then it is ok for local provincial or the RCMP to remove these terrorists by any means as they deem necessary by the agency. At least your old man had the balls to call in the army during the FLQ crisis. Jerk Soros creating chaos again

No.....just when it is to cover the asses of the PM and other politicians. If police are not policing (i.e. enforcing the law) in the face of law breaking that is resulting in national economic, safety and security problems, then there are two options. Discipline the police leadership, or put supervisors in their place who will enforce the law.

So the police should do the right thing Like father like son no back bone and sucks up to the few and forgets the masses glad I know a snake oil salesmen when I see one grow a pair and do the job your paid for or get out The RCMP, Police are not doing their job here or they are still figuring best action still? They are supposed to arrest and charge right? They are supposed to prevent crime and stop crime in progress, right? It could use some support from the prime minister of canada, ya?

He certainly has no problem telling them what not to do. He is smoking too much pot, fed and provincial governments can ask the police to enforce court orders and laws, problem unions and they want support if they have strikes, etc. so they don’t do nothing. The Fed government makes the agreements with natives so they need to fix this

What ? The Canadian police that are paid by and work for the citizens of Canada? Lol so who does? There UN? You're just admitting to whatever scheme you're part of. Good job. SNC lavalin? Hello? What a Leader. Go back on tour 😃 And this is why he is a great leader. No one needs to get hurt here. R.I.P. Canada. It was a good run.

Hey copy cat! Trump doesn't tell the DOJ what to do and Trudeau doesn't tell the police what to do. Monkey see, monkey do. This putz is totally incapable of original thought. anyway

How much more BS have we got to take from Black Face APTNNews JorgeBarrera CNNPolitics TheTyee IndianCountry windspeakernews perrybellegarde UN CdnHumanRights wow, MORE *LIES* ? he 'passed the buck to provinces' to do as they please 😏 which incl. using FED police rcmp in 'military' gear- hv permission f. alternate ROUTE

Andrew Scheer using the word 'luxury' regarding IndigenousRights and Indigenous people in Canada just shows that Dwight Ball and Hobo Trudeau aren't the only idiots in Canada. Andrew Scheer is just as much a POS as they are. cdnpoli nlpoli Wow!!! I guess, what do you expect from a drama teacher...drama! :)

They did when it came to the politically motivated attack on Admiral Norman “Enforce the laws” - seems reasonable. Someone must tell them not to.

Rail shutdown restricts supply lines to Maritimes, creating some empty shelves

'Barricades must now come down,' PM Trudeau says of rail blockades

MacKay calls Edmonton counter-protesters 'Good Samaritans'

Intelligence officials say Russia is interfering with 2020 election to help Trump: NYT

Quebec rail blockade abandoned by protesters after riot police arrive to enforce injunction

McDonald's to sell candles that smell like Quarter Pounder ingredients

U.S. Costco stores to enforce members-only rule at food courts

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Rail shutdown restricts supply lines to Maritimes, creating some empty shelves 'Barricades must now come down,' PM Trudeau says of rail blockades MacKay calls Edmonton counter-protesters 'Good Samaritans' Intelligence officials say Russia is interfering with 2020 election to help Trump: NYT Quebec rail blockade abandoned by protesters after riot police arrive to enforce injunction McDonald's to sell candles that smell like Quarter Pounder ingredients U.S. Costco stores to enforce members-only rule at food courts A swarm of nearly 40,000 bees attacked police responding to a single bee sting report California inmate says in letter that he killed 2 molesters in prison Alice Munro among Nobel prize winners urging Trudeau to deny oilsands project 61% of Canadians oppose Wet’suwet’en solidarity blockades, 75% back action to help Indigenous people: poll Tartine's Morning Buns are something you'll want to get out of bed for | CBC Life