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Canada could give 75% of adults first vaccine jab by mid-June, NACI says

Canada could give 75% of adults first vaccine jab by mid-June, NACI says

2021-04-07 5:41:00 PM

Canada could give 75% of adults first vaccine jab by mid-June, NACI says

If provinces stretch vaccine dose intervals up to four months, as NACI recommended Wednesday, 75 per cent of Canadian adults could get their first jab by mid-June.

up to four months, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization said Wednesday.The advisory committee doubled down on its four-month recommendation in a Wednesday morning report, which comes as the country struggles to roll-out vaccinations quickly enough to stem the tide of a

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.Read more:‘We must all speed up’: Trudeau offers help to provinces as vaccine rollout trails deliveriesBy allowing for these intervals, nine out of 10 adults over 50 years of age and 75 per cent of adults aged 16 to 49 will be able to get their first vaccine dose by the middle of June, according to a summary within NACI’s decision.

Trending StoriesOntario considering provincewide stay-at-home order, closing non-essential retail: sources“Extending COVID-19 vaccine dose intervals will optimize vaccine rollout and protection of the population by allowing many more people to gain protection against COVID-19 by receiving the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine earlier,” the summary of NACI’s decision read.

Story continues below advertisementCanada’s top doctor stresses restrictions needed for a while longer amid variant spreadCanada’s top doctor stresses restrictions needed for a while longer amid variant spreadHowever, they’re still calling for second doses to be offered “as soon as possible” after all eligible populations have been offered first doses.

NACI officials will be holding a press conference at 11am Wednesday to expand on the decision. Read more: Global National »

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Yeah this isn’t something to be proud of... rolling a vaccine out at snail speed compared to other developed countries, not to mention administering the doses outside of the company’s recommended timeframe. Yikes Canada. You mean to stretch dosing, the very thing that the vaccine creators have said NOT TO DO! 12 weeks from the first to the second dose-Professional doctors. Our federal and provincial governments failed on a rollout- stretch it out because we FKD up and don’t listen to science🤷🏻‍♂️

NACI SHOULD BE SUED for not following the manufacturer’s strict guidelines for the second dose of the vaccine. They’re going against Pfizer’s scientists and the CDC. You’re putting us at risk of creating new variants. This is POLITICAL to get your vaccine numbers up. WAKE UP! GlobalBC Live look at Canada’s vaccine rollout...

GlobalBC What a joke this roll out has been !! I know policeman and firefighters in Surrey who can’t get an appointment for vaccination or they are constantly getting canceled, But Surrey teachers who are on leave are eligible to get theirs WTF Is going on jjhorgan Fraserhealth How is this breaking? We shouldn’t need to drag out second vaccines. The feds should have procured enough to begin with. fail

Tomorrow's Global/MSM BREAKING news = 'Canada could give 100% of Canadians their full COVID-19 vaccine dose if provinces start to 'cut it' with saline solution' Money money money the American dream .you ask any people crossing southern border.Maybe usa makes deal with mexico first befor us not sure.lets cross our fingers .U.S.A almost done whole country they saying end of month.who was major supplier out of all of the vaccine companies.

IF american government half a brain they will start sending it quick so we be done quicker .And open borders quicker money money money money. The Americans want are border open so does Canadian government.both countries losing a ton of money every day keep playing border closed till all canadians vaccinated.

K not sure why when united states almost done by end of this month they are saying.Then these compines there can send to us i hope befor other countries.we are there neighbors we share border.If not keep border shut till we all vaccinated.Why is this so hard to figure out. GlobalDurham Is this supposed the be good news, bad news, or some “creative accounting” style math. We can have 100% of people vaccinated EVEN FASTER if we spread the 2nd dose over 2 years..... Does this also classify as a groundbreaking news?

GlobalNational Should be lots of SNAKE OIL VACCINE, many people don't want the population control program put into their bodies. If we have ass it we can get it down twice as fast. Great plan Canada 🙄 GlobalCalgary Will the 1st dose people at 4 months then require another or be more susceptible to COVID while waiting

Canada’s rollout and handling of this virus has been pathetic...tempted to pack up and move to Florida at this point...getting so clear direction or leadership...Ford had no clue what to do 21 days not 4 months between the first and the second dose What if it takes 6 month for all eligible to get 1st dose? Would they stretch 2nd dose to up to 6 month? I mean how stupid or desperate this approach is? Like “Stalingrad battle only every other person would have a gun” desperate? Where is federal state of emergency then?

Not fast enough, Not fully vaccinated until End of October. notgoodenough johnhorgan drhenry This country is a fucking joke GlobalBarrie Another shit show ffs 🤦‍♀️ GlobalCalgary Man how about just letting people who want the shot get it! “COULD” LOLOL TrudeauVaccineFailure FordVaccineFailure GlobalCalgary Don’t count on kenney and shandro. They’ll screw that up.

AM980News Breaking. We wouldn’t be here if we, like Africa and Latin America, we not relying on the myth of globalization and neoliberalism. Note that every other OECD country has its own or a direct line to vaccine production. Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it — for a disease so deadly you have to be tested to know you have it.

So a fancy MSM way of saying 'our federal government failed to procure enough vaccines, so we now have to stretch out our supply to exceed the manufacturers recommended interval' to That’s a good start but we still need to do this faster. Not good enough 'Stretch dosing intervals' Is that Orwellian speak for ignoring science?

CKNW I think they're hoping to shorten that with more vaccines.I guess when the USA really gets ahead of there vaccinations ,there might be a lot more available.I get the impression some CKNW talk show hosts want a total lockdown. Do you agree?Maybe it's just for outrage for ratings. 680CJOB Unless you live in Manitoba.

GlobalBC Lol to Who cares. Where are the education workers? Factory workers? People without paid sick days . Wtf we waiting. Meanwhile 50-60years olds who work from home get it first 🤔 Other countries get two doses on time. Beggars can't be choosers. AM900CHML Hotspots age 50 vaccination !where ?when ?how ? for residents of L8W , L9C in Hamilton Web Portals not working yet!

This is breaking? Which vaccine? Is there choice which vaccine one is to get? 24 hour vaccination clinics. Get more vaccinations. Allow anyone and everyone who wants to get vaccinated now. Vaccinate everyone not age dependant priority. Vaccinate Vaccinate Vaccinate Show us the scientific studies that are peer reviewed and published in legitimate medical journals that provide demonstrable proof that stretching out the vaccine will cause no harm to people and will result in the same or even better immunization in people.

 In December 2020, two COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna) received Emergency Use Authorization from the Food and Drug Administration.*,† Both vaccines require 2 doses for a completed series. The recommended interval between doses is 21 days for 1/2 California has already completed 20 million+ doses. Nice work Canada.

GlobalBC Do it Clap clap!!! Is this supposed to be an achievement!!! Let us also know when the second dose is coming. Anything to make the provinces look bad. We all know this is a lie. GlobalDurham Ontario is doing that. COVID19 COVID19Vaccine to It's incredibly sad how badly the Canadian government under Trudeau has bungled up the vaccination drive.

What do Pfizer and Moderna have to say about this? Are we wasting all of these first vaccines? So incompetent. If they disregard manufacturers and medical professionals advice you mean to I'm waiting for the opportunity to get my prescribed 2 dose 3 week interval like many others. justintrudeau believes Canadians are fools altering the proper vax distribution

So let me see if I understand. The vaccine is reported to be effective for about 6 months (after both doses). But, if we're getting our 2nd dose 4 mos. after the 1st, how long will the vaccine be effective? Is it 6 mos from the 2nd dose or 6 mos. from the 1st. 'NACI says' what? We've been told the vaccine doesn't protect you from catching Covid. No fukcing kidding. There is no 'cure' for viruses because they constantly mutate. This has always been known. The only thing these DNA altering vaccines do is mark you. Like an animal. A slave.

Breaking News if they extend the interval for a year every adult could get a dose or better yet wait two years and the entire province regardless of age will qualify. GlobalCalgary Our government has turned us into a country in need by not showing a bit of foresight or leadership in this. Let just ration vaccines ... next is food stamps. No leadership at all.

GlobalCalgary Why so low? We are supposed to have 44 million doses in country by June. That’s enough to give 100% of adults first dose and 50% of adults a second dose. GlobalCalgary we are basically a 3rd world country!!! CKNW Seeing's how we are only on 1950 in BC, I find that hard to believe. It could be true for those who fit into the essential worker category, or those who can take the AZ due to their age range. At this rate, we will take 8-10 weeks for the 1950s.

GlobalBC It is stretch to 4 months. Me and my mom got vaccinated the other day and they told us we come back in 4 months to get the second one. Canada isn’t going fast enough. We need to get on these companies to ship us more. Look at home good the US is doing right now. Step it up Canada Why is Ontario not following the Vaccine Clinical Advisory Group (VCAG) Recommendations on Exceptions to Extended Dose Intervals for Covid-19 vaccines? Still will be loading the ICU's with those most at risk

630CHED when an authority like DrFauci says no to delaying the second dose , i think NACI must pay attention 'If'...? Which provinces have not stretched the doses out to 4 months? Ontario certainly has, including for the elderly & immune compromised (bad idea) and they still can't seem to get vaccinations into arms effectively.

Stretching the second shot out to 4 months isn't recommended Too little...too late for many Canadians. globalhalifax What ever happened to evidence-based medicine rather than emotional. Especially as we see slots go unfilled and million doses sit in freezers ! Why are we so behind the bag in this?! Most countries tries almost have vaccinated so many more than us?! Come on!! The States have done millions and millions!!!!! More than our population for our entire country and then some!!!! Stupid!!!

Maybe closer to November! I hope I am proven wrong! Global_Montreal Not good enough yup totally ignore the science to cover for JustinTrudeau Which equals the entire ABLED population. What a disgrace! PWD Stopthekill Canada can give all them people vaccinations and entertainment live for hometown people 24 June and 1 July and getting the best jobs and actually getting it done

GlobalCalgary Breaking: the liberals own the news apparently what a joke 680CJOB Where? Which province! That’s hilarious! Where are the studies showing that efficacy is maintained with that dosing interval? I had my first shot this morning. Next shot scheduled for July 28 - was told this is per provincial guidelines (Ontario)

GlobalBC Oh ya sure AM980News What is the good part of this idea? Worst part Canada ordered millions of doses. But didn’t secure them. Step 1: Go to Google Step 2: Type 'Covid Cases Canada' Step 3: Click 'Deaths' and 'Cases' Step 4: Compare Step 5: Search Globally Step 6: Search USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, Etc. Step 7: You Decide