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Turkey, Military Offensive

Canada condemns Turkish military incursion in northern Syria as destabilizing


Canada condemns Turkish military incursion in northern Syria as destabilizing

OTTAWA -- Canada has joined its major allies on Wednesday in firmly condemning Turkey's military incursion into northern Syria.

"Canada firmly condemns Turkey's military incursion into Syria today," Freeland said on Twitter.

Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria drew widespread condemnation internationally and across party lines within the U.S. because it is widely seen as abandonment of the Syrian Kurdish fighters who have been America's sole allies in Syria fighting the Islamic State group.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to create a "safe zone" free of Kurdish fighters, which it views as terrorists aligned with Kurdish rebels inside Turkey.

Trump said he would ensure Turkey lived up to a commitment to protect civilians and religious minorities, including Christians, and to prevent a humanitarian crisis. He also called on Turkey to ensure that captured Islamic fighters remain in custody.

Turkey is a member of the NATO alliance, along with Canada, the United States and many European countries, but it is not a member of the European Union.

Canadian special forces worked in close contact with Kurdish fighters, known as the peshmerga, for more than three years to stop the advance of the Islamic State across northern Iraq.

"Not only did they lose control of large swathes of the disputed territories and incur the wrath of just about every important global or regional power except Israel, but they also deepened political polarization in the Kurdish region amid reciprocal cries of betrayal when the curtain came down on the referendum gamble."

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Like anyone gives a sh*t what Freeland and Canada thinks! Our credibility dressed up in ceremonial Indian dress and danced like an idiot in front of the world and then wore black face and shoved a banana down its pants! Good morning sorry the turkish incursion into Syria disturb you so please don't bring any one back.

Oooh Scary Zero influence and Pathetically Powerless Canada doesn't approve!!! Canada 🇨🇦 condemns. Response from the World to Canada 🇨🇦 LOLOLO LOLOLO Canada 🇨🇦 and it’s foreign Policy and Foreign Minister are a total JOKE ! Butts must have woken up the gnome. Unfortunately. So what are we actually doing about it besides commenting on Twitter?

Attempted regime change in Venezuela is not destabilization?. Or, justifying the coup in Ukraine. She kidnapped a Chinese chick for her bosses & caused lots of destabilizing for the economy. Destabilization is part of her job description. 💁🙊🍻 How do we call ourselves a “Nation of Peacekeepers” while selling war technology to the Saudi and sitting idly by while genocides unfold? Get your ass to the UN, sister! cafreeland JustinTrudeau

Will CanadianPM enter a motion to expel Turkey from NATO ? Syria or Iraq? WOW I was so worried we'd not say anything, I am relieved

South Africa demolishes Canada 66-7, all but into quarter-finalsThe Canadians were conceding far worse than a point a minute for the first 30 minutes and 47-0 behind at halftime Globe_Sports That’s just because Canadians don’t care about rugby. Rematch in hockey!!!!

We need to do more than just say that its bad! But the Government of Canada supports Israeli genocide on the Palestinian people and the Israeli Occupation of the Golan Heights. The Government of Canada also supports and supplies Saudi Arabia with arms to murder Civilians of Yemen. Hypocrite!!!!. Bullshit, Canada always backed the United States and its irrational behaviour, where the Fck is the United Nations and the United Nations Security Council, absentee landlords

Canada condemns it’s NATO ally. Ahh yes, destabilizing syria after the US stabilized it with operation timber sycamore Hopefully we'll have a competent government to deal with the world soon. elxn43 Well do something freeland Trump is working for Putin paving his way to take over all those countries, have them kill off each other

Freeland did the very least she could do, and this stage of the 'game' for a Liberal that is best. What trump has done is inhuman.

Truth Tracker: Will Canada actually 'meet and surpass' 2030 climate targets?Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said Canada will meet and surpass the emissions targets for 2030. But a report from the federal government undermines that claim. Who cares? As long as China, India, and the US keep going, whatever we do is largely irrelevant and a waste of money. We're a rounding error. Not a chance not with the lying Libs in charge KICK THEM OUT Going to go with a big no on that one considering the options of who will most likely form government

Trudeau thinks Baghdad is in Syria, I'm sure they can't put together enough brain power to condemn. We send Skelator to the front line. Before we talk, first make Canada great, otherwise who cares. Don’t be delusional. She looks high as a kite in this photo Nobody cares...

‘Your ideas are hurtful to Canada’: Singh tells Bernier he shouldn’t be at the leaders’ debates'You don’t deserve a platform and I’m happy to challenge you on that, because your ideas are hurtful to Canada,” Singh told Bernier during the English-language leaders' debate. CanadaDebates2019 cdnpoli elxn43 How about Trudeau being racist towards ur skin color brother. No objections there eh. Purely personal opinion. Free speech is under attack. Mr. Singh shouldn't have a platform either his ideas are hurtful to Canadians as well. How would you like to be singled out as 'wealthy' and be taxed more because of your own hard work? Hurtful and hypocritical. What specifically is harmful about his views? I am genuinely curious. I can understand why people might disagree with his ideas. But I don't get what's so harmful.

Justin Ling: Like the Americans, Canada is throwing the Kurds under the busThe day has come when America has opened the gates around Kurdistan, letting Erdogan and Assad in to do their worst. And Canada seems blithely indifferent Excellent article. Trudeau's response demonstrates that he is an ignoramus as well as an entirely contemptible blackguard. not our fight. get outta there

Former Portugal under-21 midfielder Stephen Eustaquio back in Canada foldEustaquio is in camp with the Canadian men ahead of their Oct. 15 CONCACAF Nations League match with the U.S. at BMO Field

Statistics Canada recalls data from health survey after New Brunswick court orders disclosureThe data are in the Canadian Community Health Survey, which researchers say are crucial to gain insights into issues such as smoking trends or risk factors in diabetes

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