Button: Canadiens have to make a decision on Bergevin, one way or the other

.@CraigJButton: Canadiens have to make a decision on Bergevin, one way or the other. VIDEO:

Washington Capitals

2021-11-25 7:10:00 AM

.CraigJButton: Canadiens have to make a decision on Bergevin, one way or the other. VIDEO:

With Marc Bergevin's contract ending at the end of the season and the losses mounting for the floundering Canadiens, TSN's director of scouting Craig Button joins Jennifer Hedger to discuss what the plan should be for the Habs moving forward.

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CraigJButton They do. Fire his ass! CraigJButton The decision should be simple! Replace him immediately!!!!!!!! CraigJButton He should already be fired and a new gm starting a rebuild CraigJButton Easy! Door let the door hit you on the way out! CraigJButton Lol, but they're cup favourites for canadian teams.....isn't that what was said a few short months ago. Go away.

CraigJButton The whole team is a mess. From the front office on down.

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Quarter-mark review: Canadiens' early-season pain paves road to Shane WrightEric Engels presents a report card of sorts for the Montreal Canadiens at the quarter mark of the season, the kind you’d want to hide from your parents, looking at how they got here, can they change it and should they with Shane Wright as the clear-cut No. 1 in the draft. EricEngels jugger-NOTS!!! EricEngels You forgot that you are supposed to say three good things before any bad things when issuing a report card. But then again, are there three good things that can be said? One is that one-quarter of the year is already gone. Two is not every player has been hurt. Three is... EricEngels They will win just enough to get into that 16-22 range. Not good enough to be great and not bad enough to be terrible. Worst position in hockey

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