Burlington establishing six-week indoor mask requirement for city employees

2022-11-24 1:06:00 AM

Burlington establishing six-week indoor mask requirement for city employees

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Burlington establishing six-week indoor mask requirement for city employees

The mayor of a city west of Toronto says municipal employees will have to wear masks for the next six weeks amid rising illnesses among staff and in the wider community.

She says the decision to bring back masking for city workers was made in light of a "perfect storm" of illness in both the community and among city staff.Meed Ward says increasing staff absences due to illness have made it difficult to deliver city services and the situation is causing burnout among those remaining who must cover the work of their sick colleagues.

She says the masking requirement will be evaluated in the coming weeks.Meed Ward says the requirement may be lifted sooner if health conditions change in the community and among staff.This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 23, 2022.

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Jesus Christ, Canada is such an embarrassment. Masks help save lives not only your own but the life of others as well. If you are sick stay HOME!!!!!! alanmor28600079 Take them to Court, the Volumes of Peer Reviewed Studies proving that masks do absolutely nothing and actually causes infection like lung, sinistitus...is vast. This info will destroy them

Way to destroy more people’s immune system Shame on all ofyou not listening to science. Masks destroy immune systems do not wear Race to their own slavery.guess fresh air not good? Don’t comply people!!! It's just a mask It's just 3 weeks to flatten the curve It's just one Christmas It's just one lockdown It's just a jab It's just two jabs and a booster It's just a vaccine passport It's just delayed surgeries It's just mental health It's just the economy It's just a Big Lie

Hope there’s a strike looming… This shows you the kind of garbage politicians you guys in Burlington voted for. You deserve them. 2 weeks into almost 3 years to another 6 weeks lol think the science has failed long ago This whole mask thing is redundant unless everyone is masked. Why bother?

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Idiots Sickening Legacy Media is an accomplice in what will be remembered as a truly terrible period in human history. trudeaumustgo DiedSuddendly Hey 24 what ever happened to Monkey poks did that just vanish ? Ooooh and what’s happening in 6 weeks? This is just simply dumb. No one should comply to this.

Lmaooo 🤡🤡 Looks like those boosters are working great. To flatten the curve? Put on your Avon C50s. Anything less and you're an amateur.

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Just to flatten the curve. Lmao. When is this agenda going to stop being pushed. Oh ya when Canadians start to stand up to it. Hopefully soon. As if we needed any more proof our mayor is utterly incompetent. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ He guys its just me MariannMeedWard not wearing a mask after telling my employees to wear one.

Ah yes the great North American tradition of too little too late 👏👏👏 Isnt masking what caused this problem in the first place? Everyone now has an immunity dept. Now is those actually vaccines worked, this would not be necessary, right? Yup I quit Wrong! I'm glad most people have woken up to this nonsense. I was out yesterday shopping and felt estatic 90% or people were NOT wearing masks! The other 10% were probably vaccinated. Tell me how they are safe yet still wear a mask? 😂😂


Video: Small meteor cruises through the GTA, crashes near BrantfordSonic boom woke slumbering residents as far away as Burlington

Really .. wow Because they're so effective... Because that's really going to assist the overwhelmed children's hospitals lol Parents: we need fever medication and access to physicians/walk in clinics Government: okay, let's wear masks 😑 From two weeks to flatten the curve to 6 weeks. What evidence was presented? None.

🤡 Canada . You are the worlds clown So Mayors are now making manditory laws ,,that’s so wrong ,,here’s the thing NOBODY SAID NOT TO WEAR A MASK so why would this be right,, rember put some one in a bubble for 2 years and release them into the world ya there going to get sick ,,just sayin Wow Wear your .ask into the bathroom after someone has dropped a load and see if it works.

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BRUTAL fire every member of council and replace them immediately People in my workplace have to wear masks when circulating in the office or in meeting rooms. But we're all going to a holiday party together. 🙄🤡🤡 Comply or else peasant. Lots of masked clowns around. Glad I moved out of this province 9 years ago. Good luck Ontario.

Do not comply Refuse! This will just keep going on and moving the goal posts masks do not stop the spread! What’s the point in city employees wearing them at work when they don’t have to anywhere else in the city? Mandates don’t work! Not sure how mandating masks for just Burlington city employees is going to do anything but make a statement. It's just another feel good, look how great we are message. The mask has become more a political symbol than a tool.

Anyone else concerned with how quietly and easily China took over Canada? We didn’t even put up a fight.

Raccoon escorted from major hospital in downtown Toronto for being a raccoonWith the weather outside getting colder and a canine distemper outbreak now formally declared, the raccoons of Toronto are starting to visit human-... pitsukai are you okay? was the guard rough with you? 🥺 Slow news day. photocreds?🙏

That will do it, the mayor of Burlington has solved covid. That is absurd! Why do the powers of this City believe or any elected official say they know whats best for everyone? A brave and sensible move. We'll done Burlington! Meanwhile at the euro cup Thank you Burlington for your leadership. Leaders need to make tough decisions and you did cityburlington

Ok Kieran The employees should strike en masse. What bs. That’s pathetic! Pushed by fear in the media and the sheep follow Imagine already being a minumum wage public sector employee, treated like crap by everyone - and now at the flick of a pen, the out of touch masters from on high are forcing you to wear a germ filled facemask... not because of science... but because they want you to suffer.

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Hey Burlington. Read the label! Non-medical means that masks do not work. If you are not feeling well, simply stay home in bed until feeling better. Influenza 101. Do not comply. Masking is a visual indicator of a populace that is agreeable to more invasive measures. Stupid. This is why there was so much opposition to masking initially during the early days of covid. Because we’d never be able to move on from it again. It set the precedent that wearing mask during illness season is normal.

Lmfao Ontario is a clown show. Coming to an Ontario city near you. 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Nazis. How many people do you think the government murdered with the clot shots via extortion? 6 weeks to stop the spread? We all know where this is going.... 100% lie. No municipal works employee is working to hard or exhausted lol. What a joke right there. Most of us do very little to nothing daily

Whoever the disturbed individuals are who decided this be removed from their jobs now

Thus it begins again. Kienan Moore's 'strong suggestion' to wear masks, which HE doesn't have to follow, as he is special, is the excuse people will use to try and lock us down again. So what happens after 6 weeks, covid leaves Burlington for a new destination? 🤔 🤦🏻. Fear mongering at its finest 😑

Your staff is sick because you forced them to take an experimental gene therapy last.year!! 📺🐑💉 is the VIRUS Remember back in 2020 when they said mask mandates were only for a few weeks, turned out the mandate lasted almost 2 years Some have taken 4-5 shots and still masking and think the vaccines work

starz4 This is what happens when the city is run by “Covid Karen” Sat on TTC yesterday 3pm..student city..but they were not wearing masks..carefree..TTC..make it mandatory Part of the SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!!! approach to public health. 🤡 What good is that? They leave work, stop off at a grocery store on the way home, pick up the flu and take it home.

CP24 what a garbage news station no wonder all there employees are leaving DonNotComply NoAmnesty Wow. People have had over two years of a fake PLANdemic to do the research necessary to understand that masks are not effective against coronaviruses or respiratory viruses regardless of how many times the corrupt media, politicians, and paid “experts” claim they work.

Criminals. Embarrassing criminals. The western world is laughing at us. Now I know where not to go. Bunch of funny people in this world Didnt your jabs work Read the f’ing box people! Stop wearing masks and watch how people build their immune systems back up. FFS immunitygap Or they get fired

Being a proudly unvaxxed individual i think buy now i should have shit enough bricks to build myself a nice little cabin out in the woods. Well one city gives a $hi! - come on Ottawa- come on _MarkSutcliffe show us why so many supported you ( ok not me but I am willing to give anyone a chance for a bit anyway)

Ridiculous useless and authoritarian. I think we should mandate remote work for those who don’t wanna go into the office anymore. Commuting is a waste of money The vaccine worked great 😉🤡👍🏼 Oh yea that worked the first time LOL S T U P I D Liberals cityoftoronto this would be great for Toronto to! :).

CamGuthrie erin TRyanGregory WDGPublicHealth

I guess these employees will hibernate at home until thier next shift.. it not like they will go out without masks after... rendering this as just covid theater... Virtue at its best. CCP That's canda now. Québec is probably right behind Ontario... Covid Nazi's strike again Lol just six weeks? This is ridiculous. I just had Covid. Hospital said I wasn’t contagious 24 hours after my fever broke. My doctor didn’t wear a mask to examine my ears and syringe them. It’s time to get back to our normal lives.

cityburlington based on what Science is you mask mandate based on? All levels of government have no masks mandates or wear diapers on their faces woke propaganda onpoli canpoli Canada Do not comply.. end the Circus Don't comply. The courts have set precedent. They dropped thousands of previous charges for not complying. I know this to be true as it happened to my family.

😂 dance monkeys dance! Pathetic.

Lol what is this country doing 2 weeks and we flatten the curve 🤣🤣🤣🤣 What do you expect from a failed federal Liberal candidate as mayor? Same one that barricaded streets to allow a BLM parade with thousands of young people crowding together in the early panic of covid in defiance of Ontarios State of Emergency orders. Virtue signaling garbage.

I bet it's a LIBERAL mayor Why. What an embarrassment AndreaHorwath how about Hamilton?! BringBackMasks Jokes This is a dictatorship. TrudeauIsTheNewHitler 😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡 Covidian cult mask theatre. No compliance

Dont do it. Six weeks will turn into indefinite karsatov Smart Has anyone read the dam side of the box? Jesus. Nice to see that they learned something about their 2 weeks to bullshit. fuyez Why 6 weeks? Glad I don’t work for Burlington they can take face diapers and shove em A city of Karen’s

Absurd. Three years to flatten the curve. Now we’re literally attempting curve flattening for common colds and flu. Dummies. 👏So maybe Burlington will have a chance at a better Christmas as a result. All should be making the same effort. Only two more weeks folks This is so pathetic Revolting. I need more bullshit and lies from the anti-maskers. It’s delicious.

Lol Can't wait for the lawsuit against the City of Burlington.

We are the most ass backwards nation. and i'm sure it'll only be 6 weeks. Fascist liberals DO NOT COMPLY Masks are the liberal equivalent to the “MAGA” hats. China completely shuts down its cities and can’t control it. Why would city employees masking make any difference? Fucking joke I live in Burlington…and I do not understand this at all.

So don't do buisness in Burlington.. got it! Authoritarian anti-science is Burlington’s motto

Ridiculous Masks don't do sh1t. There is so much evidence proving this. All about control. Look's like the Covid shot is working as intended...to fuck up the immune system, Illegal Power is a hell of a drug. Remember when men fought and died from freedom. All the men need to do today is not comply. No bloodshed required. Easiest war we've ever been in I'd say.

When is the diaper mandate coming out? Embarrassing. They saving us from Covid! 🥰💉 6 week to flatten the curve

Anti science is that even legal? Do not comply...It ends when you end it. So they will be working from home? Fight back you wimps! Burlington is FILLED with Karens and most of them are divorced. FACT. I don’t know what that has to do with masks 😷 but yah. Smart move. Don’t comply And this is one of the reasons we are such a useless nation. Pretty much anyone in even the remotest of power can institute a mandate on masks. Who is supposed to enforce the law. Slippery slope. This country is slowly reducing its people to nothing more than obedient zombies🤪👎

Marxist Lmfao ! A requirement? What's that? Hopefully there employee's will refuse to comply. This will never end until the silent majority stand up and say enough is enough. After 3 years it's total insanity to keep pushing masks that do nothing. There's a reason everywhere you go 90 % are unmasked. People are done.

And it will change nothing lmao If it's so dangerous that masks are required, shut it down and work from home. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Pathetic... Virtue Signalling 1.0 Nothing more. Next they'll be mandating the wearing of garlic leis.

I’m pretty sure a city doesn’t have the legal authority for such nonsense The city employees could 'quiet quit' but nobody would notice. Same people who used to say follow the science. Have now completely abandoned the science. The same person who put the mandate back in place. Will be partying it ip this weekend, without a mask anywhere in the building. God i hate liberals now. Stick the mandates up ur asses.

Wear one if you want. No need for mandates. Why not give City Workers extra paid sick days so they don't come to work sick? Wouldn't that be much more effective? Ridiculous superstitious nonsense. cityburlington going to this conference sometime in the future How about, don’t come to work if you’re sick!

Not a bad idea! 👏🏼 citymississauga BonnieCrombie please note….

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. I was for mask being a personal decision…Now it is being abused and should be illegal! Based on what science? Do not comply If you allow them; they’ll test your compliance every flu season. Disgusting Any mask? Or fit tested N95 or better? Or just a piece of garbage on your face for virtue signals. I'm guessing garbage on your face.

Do not comply!!! FFS!! 🐑🐑🐑 This should be against the Charter of Rights. I know, after seeing the EmergenciesActInquiry these government fascists can't help but be buoyed by the way The Liberals can lie and run roughshod over rights... Well done Burlington!!!

That will stay until April. Idiots 😂🤡🌎 That has got to be one of the most heavily indoctrinated populations in the West. Compliance is life. Life is compliance. So now it's six weeks to flatten the curve? Burlington is Ground Zero for Covidian lunacy. Marianne Meed Ward, mayor of Burlington, Ont., says masks will be required for all employees in city facilities, with some exceptions, but will not be required for members of the public at those venues. SHOULD OF VOTED HER OUT!! So if you voted for her you deserve to wear a mask

rexglacer Burlington is in deep mass formation😵‍💫 rexglacer No means no Sad

Elect a Liberal Mayor and you get this Clown show. Idiots Why? Lmao oooooook Paranoid Pathetic. Here we go… Chinada Ontario sure loves its covid theatre..

“Tyranny Grows Slowly, and asks us to retreat in comparatively tiny steps” - jordanbpeterson

Marianne Meed Ward, mayor of Burlington, Ont.The report from Rentals.Between 9 a.BURLINGTON — Many Burlington and GTA residents were shocked out of their slumber just before 3.

, says masks will be required for all employees in city facilities, with some exceptions, but will not be required for members of the public at those venues. She says the decision to bring back masking for city workers was made in light of a "perfect storm" of illness in both the community and among city staff.8 per cent increase year-over-year. Meed Ward says increasing staff absences due to illness have made it difficult to deliver city services and the situation is causing burnout among those remaining who must cover the work of their sick colleagues.m. She says the masking requirement will be evaluated in the coming weeks. According to the report, the average rent for a studio apartment in the city last month was $1,904. Meed Ward says the requirement may be lifted sooner if health conditions change in the community and among staff. The meteor was captured as it hurtled through the sky across Toronto by the Earth Cam trained on the CN Tower.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. Read more:. Read more:. 23, 2022. Related Stories .