Bruins' Chara fined $5K for cross-checking Canadiens' Gallagher -

.@NHLBruins defenceman Zdeno Chara has been fined $5,000 by the NHL Department of Player Safety for a cross-check on @CanadiensMTL forward Brendan Gallagher.

2020-02-13 8:28:00 PM

.NHLBruins defenceman Zdeno Chara has been fined $5,000 by the NHL Department of Player Safety for a cross-check on CanadiensMTL forward Brendan Gallagher.

Boston Bruins defenceman Zdeno Chara has been fined $5,000 by the NHL Department of Player Safety for a cross-check on Montreal Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher.

The fine is the maximum allowable under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.Boston’s Zdeno Chara has been fined $5,000, the maximum allowable under the CBA, for Cross-checking Montreal’s Brendan Gallagher.— NHL Player Safety (@NHLPlayerSafety)February 13, 2020

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The play in question occurred at 5:38 in the second period of Wednesday night’s Bruins win when Chara and Gallagher got into a shoving match during a face-off. Chara caught Gallagher on the chin with a cross-check just as the two were about to be separated by officials.

Chara was assessed a two-minute penalty for cross-checking, while Gallagher got two minutes for roughing. Read more: Sportsnet »

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NHLBruins CanadiensMTL DOPS is a bunch of clowns.This organization has to be a NON-BIAS, 3rd party. Parros has had too many knocks on his head. Chara gets $5000 fine for check to THROAT of Gallagher meanwhile Kadri was suspended for the same thing vs the Bruins last year. Clearly there is favoritism

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Why not fine him 2 bucks? Same thing to a guy who has 7 digits in chequing. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL No games? Bullshit NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Him and Marchand should have been suspended NHLBruins CanadiensMTL A TOTAL farce NHLBruins CanadiensMTL He only carries hundreds...

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Chara’s favorite tv show. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL That’ll teach him 😂🤣 couchmoney NHLBruins CanadiensMTL This is a laugh, He should be suspended for rest of this season, what a bunch of crap NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Fire the ref and give the dude a suspension. Gallagher just came back from a concussion. This is a bad look NHL you preach about player safety but only to select few. Take accountability.

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Lol! He can do it Again 5000k It not expensive NHLBruins CanadiensMTL U need to be suspended Chara -__- NHLBruins CanadiensMTL He made that sitting in the box. NHLPlayerSafety is a sham. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL 5000$ off of charas 2 million dollar contract wow. Lets fine him pocket change while other people get suspended for less.

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Really 5K, that would be like me getting a 0.50 cent fine. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Not A fan of either team but Chara got away easy, who is in charge of discipline NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Should be suspended! If that was anyone else they would be! Is it because he is old🥴 NHLBruins CanadiensMTL What a joke

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL But not suspended right? NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Barely touched him NHLBruins CanadiensMTL It’s a joke NHLBruins CanadiensMTL That’s equivalent to a guy making $85,000 being fined $60.00 NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Needs to be suspended as well. A 2 minute minor was a joke! NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Why no action for head hit to McAvoy or Rask. Both have had previous concussion issues. What about refs call for penalty to MMcavoy for puck over glass when it deflected out. Four officials and none were following the puck. Need to add a puck official.

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Oh that cross check that they put BGALLY17 in the box for 2 minutes for? NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Worth every single penny. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL GeorgeParros that’s a joke! Chara is a repeat offender, he should’ve been give at least 3 games! NHLBruins CanadiensMTL How much was Gallagher’s fine from they’re last game ?

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Money 💴 well spent NHLBruins CanadiensMTL He might really hurt someone, someday NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Ofcourse he has ! That’s a suspension , but we’re talking about the Bruins so .... NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Time to monitor all these brutal crosscheck that can maim a player and end their career. NHL

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Fire his ass! NHLBruins CanadiensMTL His brain was Scrambled, that's what's called a Concussion. He just had a Concussion last week. He wasn't protocolEd walsha , NHL what a Joke!!!!!!! NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Team pays it! The NHL is a F&$%¥ mess! That cross check could have killed him if it connected! What comes around goes around Chara you Neanderthal!

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL I wish I could assault someone at my work and get fined $5 (Chara equivalent to 5k) NHLBruins CanadiensMTL The on ice officiating crew also gave him a free pass by evening up the calls. Montreal should have had a 5 on 3 on that play; that could have changed the game, officials should be fined!!

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Bush league punishment. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL And Kadri got suspended in the playoffs. What a joke. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Ridiculous! NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Did he pay it with change found in his couch? NHLBruins CanadiensMTL At $7 million a year, he gets to cross-check 1,400 players in the throat.

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL He should be suspended. He crosschecks players in the back and the neck on a regular basis and doesn’t even get a minor penalty. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Brutal... NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Someone tell George Parros to chill out NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Once a hack always a hack.

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL At least it’s something. Chara is filthy. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Real fucking joke ! 5k it's like 2$ for me. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL In the last couple of years, all Zdeno Chara has done is crosscheck everyone. Time to retire and spend your $100M! NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Embarrassing response to an extraordinarily dangerous play.

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Chump change for a rich goon. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL 5 games...not 5,000$ that's pocket change to him. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Reason why the leagues a joke reason 402 NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Lmao. Good. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL So they are awake up there. NHLPlayerSafety

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Remember when Torts was fined 4x that amount for just (deservedly) criticizing the refs? $5K is nothing to these guys. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Good. Next time, give him a package to retire before he actually hurts someone NeverForgotten NHLBruins CanadiensMTL It’s Boston and it’s not Marchand. They would never suspend him

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL That was a dirty cross check. Sadly, happening to often in the NHL. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Well worth the money. Go Bruins NHLBruins CanadiensMTL He has a history of taking cheap shots. Just revisit the shot he did on JT right at the end of the second period in the Leafs Bruins series. I think it was game 7 but not sure.

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL These fines are silly. That’s like fining me 50 cents. I really wouldn’t care and it wouldn’t teach me a lesson. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL He’s twice the size of Gallagher. Using his stick like that should be his last resort. Both Chara and the disciplinary committee should be ashamed of themselves.

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL That's like buying a lottery ticket for him and winning. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL NHL are you serious, you gave him a $5000 fine. That's disgusting he should've got suspended, any other player would. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL A joke NHLBruins CanadiensMTL WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!! NHL, your bias is showing........this was a violent cross check to an unprotected area of the body!!!! Minimum 3 game suspension should have happened, and would have if it was a different team!!!!

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Yikes! I’m neither a Bruins fan or a Gallagher/ Habs fan! But the Bruins have gotten away with this bullshit for about 10 years! This wasn’t the only incident last night where the Bruins deserved a councidental if not an extra penalty! NHLBruins CanadiensMTL So Kadri did this same thing, almost identical cross check to a Bruin last year in the playoffs and got 3 games. Chara does pretty much the same thing in the regular season, and does it say the NHL rewarded him with $5000 LOL

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Chara is a bitter old man who needs to retire or just die NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Probably paid it from the change jar NHLBruins CanadiensMTL He got off easy! NHLBruins CanadiensMTL That will teach him! NHLBruins CanadiensMTL No surprise, this guy gets away with murder in the playoffs.

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL That’s bullshit. I like hitting and fighting in hockey but that was violent to watch. He could have crushed his lungs or even kill him. That is a 3 game suspension but it’s Boston so it’s 5000$. If that was 43_Kadri you guys would have made him sit the whole year out NHLBruins CanadiensMTL

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Suspensions have gone out to other players for far less. If they're trying to eliminate hits to the head as they claim, this blatant cross check to the head is prime example of deserving at least 2-3 games. It's sickening giving veteran players a walk and slap on the wrist.😡

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL No Almost anyone else and they would have been given couple of games. NHL player safety is a joke. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL How isnt that at the very least a 1 game suspension should be more than one l, leagues discipline is a joke NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Peanuts to him he made more than that for the game

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL That will show him! Fuckin joke NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Thats it!!!!! So you're saying go and do it some more!!! NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Punishment in the NHL is a joke. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Ya, that’s like me or the average wage earner in Canada spending 5 cents. Ohhhhh it’s going to break my bank..... your so tough nhl player safety....

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL He should be suspended.. NHLBruins CanadiensMTL I love Chara but he should be suspended NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Pocket change for the big guy NHLBruins CanadiensMTL That’ll teach the millionaire! NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Alexx1397 this was what i was saying last night... fuck i hate chara

NHLBruins CanadiensMTL NHLBruins CanadiensMTL LOL NHLBruins CanadiensMTL like that’s gonna do anything NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Explain to me how that was any different than Kadri last year? NHLBruins CanadiensMTL Fines dont resolve nothing....just says to he player do it again see what happens....sickening

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