Blockades, Rail Blockades

Blockades, Rail Blockades

Blockade protests show signs of settling into cycle of crackdown and escalation

Blockade protests show signs of settling into cycle of crackdown and escalation


Blockade protests show signs of settling into cycle of crackdown and escalation

The demonstrations, sparked by opposition to a proposed B.C. gas line, have already become the defining challenge of Justin Trudeau’s second term as PM

Those blockades were only a few of the many that have popped up across Canada since the OPP raid Monday. In Vancouver, demonstrators seized an intersection leading into the busy commercial port Monday afternoon. They remained in place until police forced them out late Tuesday.

In Montreal, several hundred people took to the streets in support of the those protests, while outside the city, Mohawk demonstrators temporarily blocked the highway at Kanesatake, near one of the key sites of the 1990 Oka crisis, according to CBC.For now, the strategy seems to be: Crack down on one, inspire another and just hope the other side runs out of patience first. It remains to be seen how successful that gambit will be. It isn’t yet clear how deep and how broad the appetite for mass protest is in this country — by both those doing the protesting and those inconvenienced by it.

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Arrest protesters, deport any foreigners involved Should be immediate crackdown and jail time If we give them more lands, let’s make sure railroads are not passing there, right ?🤣 Time to invoke the War Measures Act like daddy did. Just after we removed Judge Begbie's statue... Our gov’t must respond to terrorism (intimidation of civilians for a political purpose)

acoyne Sparked by indigenous people asserting their rights on their territory. Media is getting played big time.. This is DIRECTLY Trudeau’ fault... stimulating fake ‘negotiations’ , putting pretentious, self-adulation for righteousness above legitimate interests of citizens Clearly, the consequences (immediate and long term) need to be far more severe. I will support any official (or candidate) who commits to not allowing this country to be held hostage by any special interest.

Speed up the crackdowns

First train runs through Tyendinaga as cross-country protests mountThe first train since Feb. 6 ran through Tyendinaga after police dismantled a Mohawk blockade and arrested 10 people who were protesting the construction of the Coastal GasLink natural gas pipeline in northern B.C. Acting against the wishes of the Wet’suwet’en First Nations community itself who not only voted to approve the pipeline but have also made it very clear that the protesters do not speak for them is NOT solidarity It is exploitation in pursuit of personal ideological agendas

When did a tarp garage replace the teepee? Lol It’s become a cycle because there are no real repercussions, heavy fines and possible jail time as just implemented in Alberta is the answer. It wouldnt if the arrested protesters were actually charged. Second offences would then bring stiffer penalties. acoyne RECONCILIATION is over ! I'm exhausted !

Some protestors seem to have been waiting for an excuse to protest acoyne Arrest and detain, jail until bail, and court date along with an order to stay away from protests as condition of bail. In time, it will stop. Mark Miller won’t be happy with all the liberal racism on here If it’s cold, hose them down, if it warm out, use hot water

“Illegal blockades” fixed it for you.... Why are we screwing around with these terrorists? Lock them up immediately. Not dealing with them for two weeks has resulted in them thinking they can do whatever they want. Time to disabuse them of that view.

Haiti police exchange fire with troops near national palaceHaitian police officers exchanged gunfire for hours Sunday with soldiers of the newly reconstituted army outside the national palace, in a dangerous escalation of protests over police pay and working conditions.

Lovely! Hard to negotiate with a someone that has nothing to lose. Before bargaining can get under way, the federal government needs to point out to the FN what the downside is to this constant disruptive illegal activity. Two things; 1) money and 2) liberty. Both need to be on the line. Time to get rid of the Indian Act and for the Feds to sit down with FN and establish true self governance whereby they take control over their HC, Ed, housing & infrastructure, police & social services. Feds to transfer money to a national FN government, as they do to Provinces.

Terrorists. The lot of them. Maybe a talking rock will help the situation. Protesters can't take our economy hostage. Blocking the railways has a serious repercussion on our economy and our country. They need to clear the tracks now otherwise, the government should force a solution. It’s time to end all treaties in Canada with indigenous people they were based on mutual respect and co-operation that no longer exists. cdnpoli

WAMA1 JUdges need to hold all arrestees without bail. THAT will break the cycle

Trudeau convenes Incident Response Group amid blockade arrestsPrime Minister Justin Trudeau has convened his Incident Response Group to discuss the current blockades, as the Ontario Provincial Police move in on a Mohawk blockade in Tyendinaga, Ont. THERE IS NO LAW IN A LAWLESS STATE Trudeau will regret his criminal actions and violence on Indigenous People CTV Fascist News still calling us Protesters Mr. Prime Minister bring down the blockades and get the economy moving again, along with the trains.

Lorne Gunter: Teck Frontier cancellation entirely Justin Trudeau’s faultThe fault is clearly with the Liberal government’s entirely spineless response to blockades across the country So weird, that’s not what Tek said at all I'm sure sunlornegunter would have written a different article if he actually read the report. 😂 What does one expect from an American owned Conservative newspaper? These 'reporters' write what they are told, nothing else. FakeNews cdnmedia gaslighting No dear. It's called economics, and economics will never be favourable to toxic tar sands bitumen ever again in a carbon constrained world... sweet crude, cheap & unleashes a fraction of the carbon of bitumen. Do better propagandists 😜

Wet’suwet’en hereditary chief ‘optimistic,’ ready to talk with RCMP on blockades'I feel optimistic': One of the Wet’suwet’en hereditary leaders says the current plan is for RCMP to phone into a meeting with hereditary chiefs later on Tuesday. eamorris_ Bring in the OPP They get the job done! What the Hell is RCMP LOL a Joke LMAO!! Lol this is so dumb 😂 They may be optimistic but I am fed up with them. I have lost all respect for them.

Chanting Wet’suwet’en supporters defy injunction; return to B.C. legislatureChanting Wet’suwet’en supporters defy injunction; return to B.C. legislature GlobeBC GlobeBC Go home You have made your point GlobeBC Why don’t they listen to the matriarchs who say that the “hereditary” chiefs forced them out? Why don’t the listen to sub-chiefs who indicate they are not allowed to make decisions w/o consulting the people, as was indicated in the SCC Dalgemuukw decision? Anti law? GlobeBC If they actually supported the wetsuweten, they would appreciate the majority who are in support of the project. These shameful people are keeping First Nations in poverty.

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