Coronavirus, Covid-19

Coronavirus, Covid-19

‘Best case scenario’: COVID-19 measures expected to last until July, government document says

'Best case scenario': COVID-19 measures expected to last until July, government document says

2020-04-01 3:17:00 AM

'Best case scenario': COVID-19 measures expected to last until July, government document says

Government officials have been hinting that distancing measures would be recommended – or enforced – for more than just the next few weeks

“Current GoC [Government Operations Centre] modelling suggests as a best case scenario that current measures continue until at least July.”That short line, written in a COVID-19 “Daily Sitrep Highlights” by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on March 30 and obtained by the National Post, is the clearest timeline we’ve seen from the federal government to date on how long Canadians will have to endure measures to fight COVID-19.

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Is IRCC referring to social distancing measures such as encouraging self-isolation or banning public gatherings? Or the closure of the Canadian border to most foreigners? Maybe the obligatory 14-day quarantine for those who return to the country? Possibly all or none of the above?

The document does not specify, and spokespeople for IRCC and Public Safety Canada (that oversees the GOC) did not respond to questions by deadline.But the Government Operations Centre is Ottawa’s brain during a national crisis. During such times, some of its many roles are creating risk assessments, “national-level planning and whole-of-government response management,” according to its website.

Thus, it holds a central role in coordinating all the measures put in place by the federal government to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the ones mentioned above.As of now, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has refused to answer specific questions by reporters regarding the government’s internal projections of the spread of COVID-19.

But over the last week, government officials have been hinting that distancing measures would be recommended – or enforced if necessary – for more than just the next few weeks.It's definitely months, many months “There are obviously many, many different projections of how long this could last, how serious this could be, how many cases we could be facing. But those projections all hinge on choices that Canadians are making today, choices they made over the past few days, choices they will be making over the coming few days,” Trudeau responded to a question on Friday, without revealing any information about said projections.

“We will be able to say more about how many weeks or months this lasts for as we see the impacts of the behaviours people have engaged in over these days,” he added.Later that day, Canada’s deputy chief public health officer, Dr. Howard Njoo, told reporters that Canadians will be in it “for the long haul.”

But again, he shied away from mentioning any specific dates.“It’s not going to be days and weeks, it’s definitely months, many months. And the one thing that other countries are also looking at, and we’re looking at as well, is that is there a possibility of a second wave? Who knows?” Njoo said. ‘We’re looking at all possibilities and planning for all potential scenarios.”

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Another seldom-reported clue that the drastic measures put in place to fight the global pandemic will last until the summer is the fact that the Canadian border will remain closed to non-American foreigners until at least June 30.Government officials did not explicitly mention that date during the announcement two weeks ago. Rather, it was buried in the formal government order that enacted the drastic measure.

Already, some federal organizations are preparing for the fact that Canadians will most likely be told to stay home throughout April.On Monday, the Canada Revenue Agency set out a memo to employees telling them the order to work from home if their work is deemed “non-essential” is extended from April 5 to May 1.

If they cannot work from home because of IT limitations, illness or family issues such as caring for children during school closures, then they are asked to go on paid leave.“We have a long road ahead, and we will be continually taking stock and adjusting our approach to ensure we can continue to provide Canadians with the assistance they desperately require during this time. We continue to be tremendously grateful for your on-going dedication, flexibility and cooperation during this difficult time and as needs and expectations change over the coming weeks and months,” wrote CRA Commissioner Bob Hamilton.

To date, the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) – the public service’s employer – is ordering departments to allow teleworking as much as possible during the global pandemic.That order will be revised by April 10 at the latest, at which point it could be extended, modified or simply cancelled.

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Pandemics often last several months, and also have a couple of waves afterwards..thinking more september november..the more truthful information, the better prepared we will be 'Best case scenario' COVID19 measures break down within a couple of weeks as self-incarcerated families get on each others nerves, start fighting, and go crazy.

There will be rioting in the streets if that is the case....this Chinese virus is terrible!!! Just enough to time to get all those towers in place If Canada doesn’t vote this jack ass out on the next election can we please have a military coup up there Until July? There's going to be a massive rebellion before then.

These plans and recommendations are worthless given that they can't model where we'll be that far in the future. There is no way people are going to continue staying inside for another three months. This is wise. And because of this, I'll hold off making flight arrangements to Toronto until it's clear that Americans can travel to Canada. I miss it so much.

Any business that goes under because of this lockdown should sue this government in a class action. Is Justin going to say in isolation until then. And they accused Harper of hiding in a closet. Please dear Lord bring Harper back. The way this is being rolled out is a practice for future pandemics. First they say 14 days then the government keeps extending it and get people use to being locked in there homes. A practice of a more upsidedown world.

The lockdown is about something else then the wuhancorona-virus. Don't be fooled. This will never stop as long as Stupid people can’t be handled! Ummmm No Trudeau is trying to finish of the Canadian economy if there is no big surge in the virus and the hospital are not over run in the next two weeks go back to work the USA hospital should be over run right now and they are not the corrupt liberals are trying to kill our economy

When are world leaders meeting (online) to make a plan for massive debt relief around the world? LisaBlokland Dig in save your money help your neighbours and find out what is important to you in this life If you're keeping people home, be ready to pay them full wage. I’m betting on a year at least: Typical Trudeau Liberal & BC NDP government grotesque virtue signalling incompetence pre COVID - post COVID they are a train wreck of biblical proportions - who in their right mind voted for these colossal dunderheads? They are Canada’s best & brightest? Really? God save us all.

September !! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Surely we all expected that! Now we know how long his ankle monitor will be on. sunlorrie Bullshit .... today Newsweek projected Italy will have no new cases by mid May and we are at most two weeks behind them. We will be up and running by June 1st despite the media and skippy’s desire to drag this horror show on as long as possible

Fuck that shit. 5 schools in my area. ZERO cases in my area. Come on. Let the people behaving at least get the kids back in school. If a PM Scheer made the same best case scenario would your remarks be the same ? If a PM Singh made the best case scenario would your comments be the same ? Is that when TrudeauDictatorship gets off house arrest

notgonnahappen We will NOT cancel Canada Day So you are reporting that Trudeau is going to be hiding until July? Unbelievable onpoli Liberals SunnyWays topoli Cdnpoli COVID19 Mr Hampton: Im pretty sure there will be rioting if that is the case. Yeah elderly parents and grandparents need to see their family members as that's our call not his and I will wager $10000 right now with him that justin and his kids see his mom and in laws before June. I know he's got it. So do I.

They don’t fudging know🙄 If that is the case, we are all f&ed!!! 1Should build square cabin hospital to seperate confirmed and pending patientS from regular hospital.. 2.dont have to rely on testing kits if you dont habe enough. A lot of experienced doctor can confirm the case by ct scan and that where China successful did.

If July can from the imbecile it’s because he wants to take it easy make a few calls , press conference , smoke a joint , relax , repeat ! Sadly, people will turn violent if this is the case. We need to do our two or three weeks and get back to work So goodbye to this country. This is the most ridiculous thing.

Time to wake up. StayAtHome StayHomeSaveLives Quarantine HealthcareHeroes StaySafe Can we say Depression now? I'm thinking this country is too cold and I'm too white to be this poor. Can't help but pity the poor migrants that just got to Canada for a better life and now the weather sucks. Criss/Cross I'll be migrating to where they left from. There is a beach and coconut tree calling my name !

This can’t be for the less than 50 years old. I never really liked being a first world nation anyways. Too much work and not enough beach parties. Although i do think this would be easier to accept if Canada was in the tropics. I guess i could just migrate to a more pleasant place to be poor. There will be nothing left of Canada. 98% of people have a MILD case. Time to get back to work and school and life.

Well if trudeau keeps letting in flights from China without screening, yeah it'll be awhile. So, no Canada Day celebrations allowed? 🙇🏻‍♀️ Prediction (maybe wrong): the economy will suck, taxes go up, public unions want more, pipelines don't get built, government tries to forego legislation and form dictatorship every 3 months, it will be hard to tell when measures are over.

I don’t/can’t accept that wavetop This seems like resonable time line. As in China which just opened and then had to close again its theatres. Wonder how long it would have been if they had actually been on the ball back in January? 0 weeks of these measures? $0B of money in supports needed? Apparently they're still letting people in at Roxham Rd - but only if they have COVID-19 - seriously! TrudeauMustGo cdnpoli

Anyone who has been paying attention to the global situation with this virus, understands that minimum July is sadly not a surprise at all. 2/2 a plant ffs! Like a palm is a necessity? And front of apt bldg - 2 women and child pull up, been riding with windows up sharing air. Guy meets at door and 1 woman wraps herself around the guy... at least the other woman had sense to keep some distance... but jebus ppl dumb

1/2 We need to make people do it. Had to go to Home Depot (leaking pipe).. lined up 7' apart to get in - great! Once in people were just walking up beside other peope becasue they wanted to look at the same shelf area and just couldn't damn well wait. Others there to buy a plant. Is it brought to you by the authors of “Viruses know no borders”, “Restricting flights are racist” and “Masks don’t work”? Because after losing on that horse 3 times, Canadians would like another horse to bet on. How many times can you be wrong and keep a job?

Have fun getting people to go along with this. This is over-the-top government control of the people and the economy. If this report is true we are headed for major economic depression. The side effects of this will be far worse than the virus. TrudeauWorstPM TrudeauDictatorship This isn't surprising, just look at Wuhan. Only starting to finally open back up (and by opening, it's very limited) after 3 months. And they took lockdown to the extreme. Surely we can't expect us to open back up quicker than that when we have only been doing half measures.

That might be longer than the Trudeau government lasts. That must be why they wanted unlimited powers until 2022 Need testing to ramp up until it’s a daily opportunity for anyone. This government just loves these scare tactics and emergency measures. Nobody is reporting on the failure of this government anymore, regardless the screwups the continue to perpetrate daily

Clearly we require a new strategy. The current situation is not sustainable until then. Nope Eventually people will just do what they want. Need to close the the borders to America spiraling, even the essential commuters So we can expect Trudeau to make excuses to stay home until then. Yippie. Best case scenario : Trudeau resigns

Absolutely ridiculous Fuck Translation: 'Till we get out sh*t together'.

Air Canada memo says it will lay off 15,000 workers due to COVID-19Air Canada will start to temporarily lay off more than 15,000 workers this week as the airline struggles with closed borders and the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an internal memo. This is happening everywhere! Not good for workers trying to keep paying their bills. CTVToronto makes sense, people shouldn't be flying. Should be at your destination by now Anyone else notice that when bombardier laid of 7000 workers lib MPs Rodriguez issued a statement that the feds have their backs, no such statements for other impacted companies.

Advisors step up to provide free advice to Canadians impacted by COVID-19 falloutA group of advisors has come together to offer people actionable advice on budgeting and managing their cash flow at a time when they need it most

John Robson: Big thanks for small things working well during this COVID-19 isolationAs I try to stay sane cooped up at home, I give thanks for my coffee maker, my laptop and my really cool new power bar Balcony-ville. Its a fantastic refuge. Small things are big stuff in tough times.

Who gets a ventilator in the COVID-19 crisis?As the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies and hospitals prepare for possible shortages of ventilators and ICU beds, ethicists are grappling with how to advise health officials on making heartbreaking decisions on who gets to live and who dies. Me! People that pay tax I wonder how many wealthy people have one stored in their basement just in case.

Marni Soupcoff: We need better, clearer communication from our governments on COVID-19It’s still not even clear to a lot of Ontarians whether it’s OK to go for a walk or to visit a pharmacy while self-isolating because the directions from their public officials have not been absolut… They should have been telling people a long time ago to wear a basic mask when out in public, and donate your N95 masks to hospitals.

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