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'Barricades must now come down,' PM Trudeau says of rail blockades


BREAKING: 'Barricades must now come down,' PM Trudeau says of rail blockades

“Every attempt at dialogue has been made,” said Trudeau, who added that conversations haven’t been successful.Several hereditary chiefs have travelled East to visit Mohawk leaders in Tyendinaga, Ont. who have shown solidarity for the Wet’suwet’en Nation with their own blockade erected near Belleville. They too will address the public on Friday afternoon.

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Liar liar pants on fire Let’s accelerate the process and have the police take down the barricades today. Then the talks can begin immediately. Problem solved. Man of two faces does not have the capabilities to dicide what is right for Canada and all its peoples ? Trudeau is a PM of '...would've, could've, should've, and other confusing statements that hinder Canadaian values unless it's ìn his own personal interest.

They took Canada hostage and should be charged with treason! Give them cut of profits if you using their land and garuntee that if an oil spill happenes the company pays not the tribe not the goverment. Or just move the pipeline since all these non natives are so for it then im sure they wont mind if runs through their backyards and lands.

dagmar_johnson He thought if he IGNORED them the protesters would just go away...much like the 'BUDGET will balance itself. Now he thinks they are going to listen to him, dismantle the barricades and go home! Okay then....😕 Who's going to listen to this guy. After he's done with the liberal party he's got a job with Jeff Dunham for life.

The minute they started to block the railroads was time to act. Sounds like a criminal act to me. Two weeks and counting! Trudeau is making CANADA, a Third world country,,,Who voted this geek into power. .? The onus is on you justin do something, anything for Christ sake grow a set of balls and DO SOMETHING, you want Canada’s support take these ridiculous blockades down by yourself if that’s what it takes, and show Canadians you care not only for western Canada, but rail employees

Lesotho's PM fails to show in court to face murder chargeLesotho's prime minister failed to show up in court on Friday to be charged with murder in the killing of his estranged wife, and police said he might have gone to neighbouring South Africa for an undisclosed ailment.

The little bearded dude still doesn't get it-should of phrased it this way ' government is ready to discuss next steps with 'ELECTED' Indigenous leaders, OTHERS DON'T COUNT. and will this fix the problem Biggest word salad speech to date LeaderlessLiberals aka DoNothingDemocrats Mr. tough guy JustinTrudeau or what? Trudeau

I guess the meeting of the minds the leaders had, sans AndrewScheer was actually a meeting of the mindless cdnpoli The highest seat in Canada just gave a dog whistle to police and white supremacists across the lands that Indigenous title and rights don't matter, Supreme Court Rulings & Section 35 of the Constitution don't matter...only thing that matters is fracking during a ClimateCrisis

Whst s gutless ballless leader! No wonder indians are trampling all over him! The first CPC_HQ person I see saying the liberal_party are taking advantage of the indigenous or something of the nature is going to put me over the edge. Why do I know it will happen anyways.

Indigenous leader retracts rail blockade comments after community uproarAn Indigenous leader in Quebec retracted comments Wednesday about the possibility of ongoing rail blockades coming down -- words that didn't go over well with members of his own community. What does the truth matter anyways. Which Wet'suwet'en First Nation members was he referring to and which environmental concerns ? The few opposed to the pipeline or the majority that approved it and the original route because they felt it mitigated any risks to a greater extent than the alternative So when their leadership is saying what they want, they are the be all, end all, but if they say the wrong thing they are shit on and forced to retract their words. hypocrisy Wetsuwenten bullshit

What a pathetic & negligent PM the Country is on its knees from a premeditated terrorist action and this is the best he can come with Yes. Very late, but , yes.... however the injunctions were sought out in court quite a while ago. The ball is STILL in the police's court. Still Or what? He'll hold his breath? Trudeau is weak. TrudeauMustGo

“The injunctions must be obeyed and the law must be upheld.” My bet is the government continues to do nothing, but if they do act, I wonder how those on the radical left will react. Will they call the PM racist like they have the rest of us, or will he suddenly become a hero? Question I am white, and have no connection to the land that the pipeline goes through, does that make me a hereditary chief?

BREAKING Actions speak louder than words. This needs to be resolved. What's next? Will they be prosecuted, protesters and police for unlawful behavior? Now and into the future. Trudeau is now disqualified from meeting with himself The was the definition of complete waste of time. Stop with the fancy pc word diarrhea and open the door railroads

So the actor playing the role of Prime Minister is saying nothing. Everyone agrees the illegal blockades must come down, but he’s not willing to enforce the laws and court rulings. So then what? Someone please give him some new lines to read for the good of the Canada.

Public Safety Minister Blair says B.C. RCMP have met Wet’suwet’en conditions, offers to move officers awayPublic Safety Minister Blair says B.C. RCMP have met conditions set by Wet’suwet’en First Nation Wimps So when are the blockades coming down? It will make no difference. These people are like Monty Python’s French Taunters. Let’s see what else we can make them do!

Here’s a plan- start a train- drive it forward- pretty sure it could clear the tracks- then add them to the middle class tax bracket to help pay for it Or what wee man But it's up to the indigenous to do it. They put it up you seriously think they will take down bc he said so 🤷🤦 stop playing your jacobin hegelian dialectic crap trudeau, just RESIGN already

Really should rework that Indians Act Ooooh, tough guy now. Week after week you’re weak weak weak The PM has spoken, attempted dialogue has been made and they haven’t been fruitful, that's another term saying other side is not listening or give a ratz a$$ don't know about the rest of Canadians, I kinda do not think we have seen the end of blockades and barricades

Someone's looking at their internal polls!

Trudeau promises update on blockades as Wet'suwet'en chiefs meet Mohawk supportersEveryday is a new promise. RESIGN!

Strong words from a VERY strong leader 🙄 I like this one better , it shows the 3 stooges ! TrudeauWorstPM and it only took 3 weeks and 40k jobs Now things get interesting. Let’s see if Skippy has finally earned that beard. I recall Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition saying something along those lines only a couple days ago, when their leader was turned away from the cool kids table. Nothing and flailing about seem to be the 2 speeds this Liberal government operates at. cdnpoli Wetsuwenten

Sounds good, but what will JustinTrudeau actually DO to make it happen? About time...people are loosing their jobs, prices will be going up and our farmers can’t transport goods....NOONE wins here....NO ONE....❤️🇨🇦 About time. Trudeau once again is much to little way to late

Protesters maintain rail blockade south of Montreal one day after court ordered it taken downPolice patrols passed by the blockade in St-Lambert, Que., regularly overnight but there was no sign of a mobilization Friday to eject the protesters from the site on Canadian National Rail way tracks Montreal needs to take a lesson from Alberta’s good ol’ boys. These people aren't native. ... arrest them At least they admitted they couldn't care less about the Wetsu’wet’en First Nation community itself and that they have an environmental agenda More than can be said for most of the lowlifes exploiting this

Were sending our crews to remove your mean illegal barricades He received instructions from Legault I have chills. Almost Churchillian. Gonna guess this doesn't work, unless of course he has made some backroom deals Please make him answer your questions! He full of hot air will not do anything cause is not good for his image and make a bad photo opp

Well the UnPM has spoken so I guess all the barricades will be down by morning Eh? 😂 Time to send in the rcmpgrcpolice So what you're saying is dialogue failed. Stop all funding to FN till the trains start up again. Problem solved Oh boy... we're close now folks... it's strongly worded letter time!!!!!

To the news media...Please make this bozo answer your questions...listening to the newscast he has not answered any of your questions...are you media fake? Make him accountable!

Morning Update: Queen’s fires coach after his U of Guelph remarks; Democratic debate highlightsAlso: The latest on the anti-pipeline protests and rail blockades Did Queen’s forget about their own policies on freedom of expression? VIA_Rail MikeBloomberg Of course with the blockades on the go, would Ottawa warm Alberta about their emissions. What a joke. Nows not the time.

See how the coverage compares against other news outlets on Ground News BREAKING JustinTrudeau Protestors Oil&Gas Videos Why would they take the barricades down now, after the PM took use of force to do so off the table? The PM gave away his leverage and backed his position into a corner. Quebec has spoken!

Oh now they come down-why? Is it starting to affect Quebec and they are angry? If only all of Canada matter that much. JustinTrudeau Puglaas Too late to make the obvious decision. You need to be the PM, not everyone s buddy The End of Trudeau Govt is near . Didn’t Sheer say that over one week ago? We've reached the point i asked about last night. Enough is Enough. The blockades must come down now. Even the PM has said it now. Action must be taken, swiftly, like any other Canadian citizen. There must be consequences.

Wow!! Finally !!! Let’s see how this goes!

CTVLondon Or What ? Everyone should protest with hereditary chiefs, once bc gov can sell gas to china Vancouver/Victoria will be forced to use Hydro for heat at a cost 300% more than it cost today in order to pay for Site C boondoggle, protest now stop pipeline imo When asked how far he was willing to go to stop the FLQ, [Pierre] Trudeau replied: 'Just watch me.' ....hundreds of suspected FLQ members and sympathizers were rounded-up. In total 497 people were arrested

spineless No action on his part. Of course he'll say that, because business needs to come first, right Mr. Trudeau? I don't envy the challenges our leadership faces, but we need REAL change, not surrender! yeahh!, 1 week and 1000 layoffs late CTVLondon Barbados

Totally outrageous and sad Everyone should protest with hereditary chiefs, once bc gov can sell gas to china Vancouver/Victoria will be forced to use Hydro for heat at a cost 300% more than it cost today in order to pay for Site C boondoggle, protest now stop pipeline imo 'But please be reassured I will call anyone who does anything about it a racist!'

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