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Barbara Kay, Coronavirus

Barbara Kay: Where is the GG during Canada’s coronavirus crisis?

Barbara Kay: Where is the GG during Canada's coronavirus crisis?

2020-04-01 1:39:00 PM

Barbara Kay : Where is the GG during Canada's coronavirus crisis?

In a parlous hour, the monarchy’s role is to encourage and fortify national solidarity, and the Governor General represents the crown here

Prince Harry’s “Meghixt” from official royal status and the couple’s interim stay in Canada demonstrated how detached Canadians have become from “our” Royal Family. After a flutter of gossipy chatter, interest died down. Harry dwindled with astonishing rapidity from a personage into a merely famous person. Now they’re in L.A., and who cares?

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What, you may ask as your eyes glaze over, does this have to do with COVID-19? Well, when we think of national crises, we think about leadership in its several dimensions: political, managerial and moral. In a parlous hour, the monarchy’s role is to encourage and fortify national solidarity.

When we think of national crises, we think about leadership in its several dimensions This isn’t the Blitz, but it is a kind of war. Our Governor General represents the Crown in Canada. But, as I tweeted a week ago: “It just occurred to me that our Gov-General is nowhere in the frame of this crisis, and yet until this minute I haven’t given her a thought. If we don’t need her for this, what do we need her for altogether?” Unusually for me, I had a hundred approving retweets within 24 hours (and many more to follow).

The only contribution to this war I have seen so far from GG Julie Payette is a short, lame video pep talk.In the video, Ms. Payette is wearing what appears to be a zippered tracksuit jacket, with a logo sporting a crown on it. I have no expectation the GG should dress like Queen Elizabeth delivering her Christmas messages, in a cashmere dress adorned by a pearl necklace. But you’ll notice the PM wears a suit for his daily pressers. Let us wear the tracksuits, GG. Look your part.

Payette’s talk is basically a public service announcement. We should wash our hands and keep our social distance (got it). We should be grateful to our “guardian angels,” the front line health workers (we are), and grateful as well “to the journalists and experts who keep us informed” (we are). We should also “trust science” (we do). We must “stay the course” (check) and “stay united” (check), because “we are all part of the Resistance” (All? Um, no, the actual historical Resistance involved a great deal more risk than staying home and wiping down the groceries).

As of this writing, the video had 1,229 views and 25 “likes.” Sad.Well, what is she supposed to do, one might reasonably ask. She has to self-isolate just like everyone else. Sure, but self-isolation needn’t mean invisibility or inactivity. A camera operator six feet away won’t endanger her. The GG could confer with creative types at the CBC and come up with any number of ideas to apply them constructively.

Self-isolation needn’t mean invisibility or inactivity Here’s one. Let Ms. Payette “travel” the country on FaceTime or whatever, connecting with ordinary citizens from every province and sharing their stories. Start in B.C. or Newfoundland and go across the country. Elicit stories that cover both hardship and resilience, suffering and strength. Talk to urbans and rurals, old and young, essential workers and parents dealing with the demands of homeschooling.

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No politics, just Canadians talking to each other and feeling like co-citizens of a single country rather than, as is the case for many of us now, co-citizens of our individual provinces. In such a scenario, Ms. Payette would be fulfilling the role of Crown representative in a substantive way.

Our GG lives grandly, on a fabulous salary of $308,972 (she received an automatic raise today, April 1). Now, of all times, why has she not put herself forward for a nation-binding role in this emergency? Why hasn’t our prime minister asked her to? Why don’t we care? By the way, we also have 10 lieutenant-governors in the provinces. Can any reader name a single one or cite an example of a contribution any has made to this crisis? Good lord: Am I becoming a republican?

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Way past the time the country took action to rid itself of this historical aberration. The citizenry needs to take affirmative action to terminate this once and for all irrespective of the method. This is akin to a tax on the dumb and the poor She went back into space. She was last seen comforting astronauts in the International Space Station. She will return to Earth to give solace to Canadians once the pandemic has dwindled down to being a seasonal flu. Every time the Space station flies over Canada she waves a 🇨🇦.

It's almost as if we don't need the GG. In the country? Maybe not..... Is the GG role to be visible ? It’s more or less a ceremonial role so what could the be or should be doing during this crisis ? GG is probably back in space! Forget about GG. What do we need her for? Don't waste our energy. She's a female replica of Justin Trudeau, hide, hide, hide

You’re confused between someone who takes their job seriously and someone who is 100% incompetent, does not respect the position, has no problem collecting the pay check, dodges every ounce of work whenever they can all under a PM who is hiding & cant do his job by firing her The current GG is invisible. No substance and no idea how to be a statesperson. She has not done credit to the office nor is she anywhere near the quality of former Governor Generals.

Forgot about the gg Watching Star Trek and playing with her Buzz Lightyear toy Not needed now or at anytime. Hopefully at a hair salon. Cdn_Eliana GGJuliePayette was pretty much invisible before this crisis...even more now...down in the Rideau Hall/Rideau Cottage bunker with JT Her appointment as GG has been such a disappointment, especially after the wonderful service that David Johnston provided Canada.

Who cares. GG is essentially a ceremonial position, but you knew that already. Why not stir the pot a bit though, right? Maybe back in M.D jail doing time for domestic assault Dying breed🧟‍♀️ lol Letting the PM and other Goverment officials have the stage during this Pandemic crisis. Who is the GG? totemranch613 Useless & non-essential

Who cares? Might as well ask why the Queen is not comforting us... We are well taken care off and represented by our Government in these difficult times! What do you expect of someone who hit a person with her car, then drove off? Where is Canada's Prime Minister or the Finance Minister during the Coronavirus Prime minister how to set up once a day for 15 minutes like a gopher and appears to be doing nothing else since the crisis started

Not a fuck was given. That's not even really a question. Like Meghan Markle, her unfitness for the role was and is obvious. The job never should have been offered. Staying out of the way as the GG runs the military not the politics or business of Canada as per the British North America act. The GG doesn't have much to add for crisis planning. Like is PostmediaNews getting journalist to write any stupid thing to see if it sticks?

'I’m a monarchist. That was the norm I grew up with. But I recognize I’m a dying breed in Canada.' You said it perfectly, it's a dying breed, there's probably about 7 of you left. No one cares about the GG and the useless position shouldn't even exist. AbolishTheGG

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