Bad bosses prompt 2 in 5 Canadians to quit a job, survey finds | CBC News

Have you quit a job because of your boss? | @CBCToronto

2019-10-09 7:00:00 PM

Have you quit a job because of your boss? | CBCToronto

New research conducted on behalf of staffing firm Robert Half found that 39 per cent of respondents had quit a job because of a bad boss.

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Toronto There are definitely bad bosses out there but sometimes the boss is executing on the expectations and policies of a “bad company”. Toronto No, but every single job I have ever gotten was because of my boss. Toronto Yes. Toronto A couple, good jobs too. Toronto Have been forced out by one incompetent woman who mislead on her qualifications. She was later fired ... two other times I left before I was pushed.

Toronto It takes incompetent HR departments about 5 years on average to address a problem any problem. Toronto People don't quit jobs, they quit bosses Toronto No, but came close once. The boss retired, before I could find another job. Toronto I had a boss (vice-principle) in the educational system who was abusive and a bully to staff and students. Several people including myself left the system because of her. The system always protects the one in the highest chair.

Toronto Yes. Walked out and did not look back. I loved the job. Hated the owner. Always flip flopped on the rules. I never knew from day to day what my responsibility was. Toronto Not because of my boss, but definitely because of corporate interference in how my boss was able to run things. Toronto No but I switched jobs twice because of two dinosaurs.

Toronto Worked for a company for 21 years. The last two years were unbearable due to bullying from management and my manager in particular. I started to call in sick too often and eventually quit. Even after a great career of 20 years, these bullies would not give me a reference. Toronto Yes, and I should have quit even earlier.

PeelIWG Toronto YES! The public was my boss. Then there were the 5 other levels of bureaucracy that was willing to hang me out to dry. I’m a much less stressed person today. Toronto Yes Toronto Oh yes. Toronto Just stating the obvious, this study is. Yes. I've quit two jobs because of bosses. One who didn't train me properly and was disorganized and screamed at me for messing up. One who would scold me for being behind then scold me for skipping breaks to catch up.

Toronto Would you leave your boss CBSold? Toronto I eventually left the workforce entirely. Too many toxic employees and employers in an increasingly aggressive world. I was lucky to find a different way to make a living. Toronto Every single time. I see the boss 8-9 hours a day. If I don’t like you, I gotta leave.

Toronto Technically, yes. I had 2 weeks left to a contract and I was allowed to take it in stress leave due to my toxic supervisor. I was lucky my skill set was desirable at the time so I was snapped up rather quickly after I left. Toronto I’ve left jobs because of bad bosses and bad work environments. Life is too short to waste so much of it in a place where you’re miserable.

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