Coronavirus, Bc Resident Stranded İn Wuhan, Wuhan Lockdown, Global Affairs Canada

Coronavirus, Bc Resident Stranded İn Wuhan

B.C. woman calls for Canada to help extract daughter from quarantined Chinese city

B.C. woman calls for Canada to help extract daughter from quarantined Chinese city


B.C. woman calls for Canada to help extract daughter from quarantined Chinese city

An instructor at a Metro Vancouver university says her daughter is stranded in the quarantined Chinese city of Wuhan, and she's asking the Canadian government to join France and the United States in their efforts to evacuate their citizens from the area.

Lily Liu, who teaches at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, told CTV News Vancouver her daughter Fiona Dong left for China on Jan. 10 to visit her father and grandparents in Wuhan. She was planning to stay through the Lunar New Year and leave China on Feb. 10, but changed her departing flight to Jan. 27 as the outbreak of a novel coronavirus first identified in Wuhan began to spread, Liu said. Related: Officials announce first 'presumptive positive' case of coronavirus in Canada Then, on Wednesday, China cut off all travel into and out of Wuhan, and Dong's airline cancelled her departing flight, leaving her stranded in the city. "She is my only daughter," Liu said. "I'm worried every day. Also, all my family members who are in North America, we are so worried about her." She said she has been speaking to Fiona daily since the city was quarantined. She said media reports her daughter has seen in China have suggested the city will be closed "at least eight weeks." "The longer she stays there, the more dangerous," Liu said. "She's healthy now, but we don't know, you know, what will happen to her … If she can't get out now, every day her life is being threatened." Liu spent much of Saturday morning on the phone, talking to relatives and trying to get assistance from the Canadian government. Since cutting off trains, planes and other links to Wuhan, as well as public transportation within the city, China has steadily expanded the lockdown to 16 surrounding cities with a combined population of more than 50 million. That's a greater total population than that of New York, London, Paris and Moscow combined. On Friday, France confirmed three cases of the coronavirus within its borders, the first three cases reported in Europe. Cases have also been recorded in the United States, Japan, Australia, Malaysia and elsewhere. French automaker PSA Group says it will evacuate its employees from Wuhan, quarantine them and then bring them to France. The Foreign Ministry said it was working on “eventual options” to evacuate French citizens from Wuhan “who want to leave.” It didn't elaborate. U.S media sources, including CNN, have reported that the United States is working on chartering a flight to get Americans out of the country, but the U.S. State Department had not confirmed those efforts Saturday. Liu said she hoped Canada would make similar plans, but her calls so far have not been fruitful. She said the Canadian government's advice to travellers so far has been to follow the instructions of the local government in China. "I'm so frustrated, because if the government doesn't take any action to help, for us, personally, we have no way to get out of the city," she said. Global Affairs Canada has warned Canadians to avoid all non-essential travel to Hubei Province, where Wuhan is located and the novel coronavirus was first discovered. CTV News reached out to Global Affairs to ask about what plans, if any, Canada has for evacuating its citizens from affected areas of China, as well as how many Canadians are currently in the country. In a statement, the federal agency said it is "closely monitoring the situation." "GAC is closely working with Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada to provide guidance to our diplomats serving abroad and their families for staying healthy and safe," the agency said. "Canadians in need of emergency consular assistance can contact the Embassy of Canada in Beijing at 86 (10) 5139-4000," the statement continued. "Canadians can also call the department's 24/7 Emergency Watch and Response Centre in Ottawa at +1 613-996-8885 or email" Global Affairs Canada said it is aware of multiple Canadians who are currently in Hubei province, but it couldn't provide a concrete number. With files from the Associated Press and CNN Related Stories Read more: CTV News

Sue the federal if the government will.not help.. sue for billions and retire in peace. If she is under quarantine than she should stay put until the quarantine is lifted I got a idea . Hop on a plane and head to China and hang out there with your daughter until this all blows over No absolutely not...stay healthy and carry on your business...why does Canada need to spend money on this..🤨

Ummmmmm no Um, no. Do not bring Chinese troubles to Canada. Stay quarantined So she is ok with possibly condemning numerous Canadians so her daughter can come home? Kind of selfish! Although I understand her concerns, I do not think she understands the purpose of quarantine, neither the backlash that would unleash if her relative were to come and bring the virus. It is not like she is stranded in a war zone and at peril.

Ummm NO!! Hell NO

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Oh yes let’s bring her back. How stupid!!! Fuck no! Sorry but until the quarantine is lifted that's a horrible idea. Umm - no. She needs to stay there until there’s asssurance she poses no risk. At least China is doing something. Too bad our PM is too busy taking the day off. Extracting her from quarantine is a bad idea. Let her stay there till she is cleared. Don’t expose everyone else to it. Mother is being selfish by putting others at risk!! Send mom to her if she wants to be with her daughter so badly.

She needs to get a grip & realize that is NOT HAPPENING, is she nuts, sure bring her daughter back after days in the city where it all started, sorry but she should not even be asking this, get real.. read my lips... QUAR-AN-TINE! We should allow her to come back! It will help to spread the coronarovirus in Canada Coronavirustoronto

Hahaha, blackface can’t even get 2 hostages freed. please don’t.

$22,000 Basic Income Would Eliminate Poverty In Canada: ReportIt would virtually eliminate poverty, but at a cost to businesses and higher earners its almost as if businesses and high earners need poor people to exist to be successful. This could be a very good idea. Poor people spend every penny they have (not by choice). So the money goes back to economy and to businesses. I’m okay with that.

Let’s see who gets repatriated first. Her or the 2 Michaels Nooooo. Not til the corona virus is beaten. As others have implied, perhaps a trip to the dictionary is in order. NO, absolutely no way in the world should we step in to remove one individual from a quarantine city.! too bad. I've zero sympathy for this chinese mom. Your kid is there, and probably INFECTED!! We don't need her here in Canada posing a high risk to contaminate the rest of our country! Better she die over there, than hundreds die here because of it.

Yeah.... Thats a solid NO! Ahhhhh..... no No thank you. Stay there so you don’t spread your disease here. Nope

Obama talks Trump, Thunberg and his favourite thing about CanadaEfforts by the Trump administration to undo fuel-efficiency standards for vehicles are a setback to the battle against climate change, former U.S. president Barack Obama said on Thursday. It’s Rush. RIPNeilPeart War criminal. Who dont chinese people give a shit about ANYONE else? NO! SHE SHOULD STAY. Bearded lady trudeau is on vacation drinking corona beer! Best to leave her there until things settle down, or we will end up bringing the epidemic here. Leave her in China until it’s not risk to Canadians Until we know more and contain the virus she has to follow the rules that everyone else stuck there

Keep the virus out of Canada. Only can come in if proven no virus, otherwise enjoy extended vacation wherever, but not here! This story is sickening. Stay the hell in China. While I would want my daughter back too she would need to stay there until the quarantine is over. Come on lady this how this stuff gets spread.

what a selfish woman, who’s willing to put our health in danger for her daughter.

Canada Can't Quarantine A Whole City To Stop Coronavirus: Experts'In Canada, such a broad, unspecific quarantine measure like this would certainly violate our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms because it would be a restriction on people’s rights that are not justifiable.' EVEN IF this was a big enough threat to the safety of Canadians it would be doubtful Canada would have the balls to restrict travel from a certain area let’s alone quarantine a city .. the city in question would go feral Rights & freedoms don't exist once one is contagious with a potentially lethal infection. Quarantine = confinement or isolation. The degree to which confinement occurs depends on the extent of the epidemic & the lethality of the infection. Public health laws exist in 🇨🇦 cdnpoli Fear Porn BigPharma

Or we could wait until the quarantine ends. that's not how quarantines work. Of course not! It’s sad but there are others to think about Hell no but knowing JustinTrudeau they probably will and it won’t end well for all of us Close the borders. If this woman is not infected she could be transferred to a quarantine facility offshore until she is cleared. Nobody should enter from China/Asia unless they pass quarantine procedure. Nobody. National security threat.

Why on GOD'S Green Earth would the Canadian Government do such a thing. You want to infect us all. No country should be “extracting” their citizens from the quarantined area in Wuhan. Im of the opinion that all travel to and from hot-spots during outbreaks should be completely stopped as soon as they are discovered. coronavirus commonsence JustinTrudeau

I think we should purchase one way ticket for the mother to see her daughter Sorry, but, all Canadians there should complete incubation and quarantine. Your child is not more precious then anyone else, from Canada, who’s there.

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No way Why would we do that? So we will have to pay for? That’ll be a NOPE Is she living under a rock. The whole city is in lock down she can go over and join her as you can get in, but the 2 won't becoming out from the city. On official government business you say? Leave her there That's pretty much the point of a quarantine. SMH She needs to stay put.

obviously this outbreak has been around for quite sometime, china gov lie and cover it, but I am sure the people who lives there would know, and if this girl knew.. why the hack she go back, that was your own decision and at your own risk. why beg and plead now?!

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I'd urge her to buy an ONE WAY ticket to china and to reunite with her family. And expose anyone the daughter comes in contact with to the coronavirus. Wow, that’s so sweet. Uh no You have got to be kidding me. Not a chance. Why is that Canada’s problem? Ppl need to realize coronavirus can live on clothing, counter tops you name it. Hence why it’s such a deadly virus. Smh, just bc you don’t have the symptoms doesn’t mean there isn’t a danger

Why. So she can maybe bring the flu back and make everybody sick Not till she is clean Not a chance Send the bearded Boy Wonder to the Rescue

No They love Canadians in China. Just wave the maple leaf flag... All the way to prison :( daughter Um no. No way man. Keep it contained! Don’t see why. She went there on her own accord. She can get out on her own. No way. I don’t want her here. You go over there ya take your chances Look at all the comments LOL. I think we found our answer which I agree with.

Ehhh nooooo

Viral warfare in my opinion The novel coronavirus can now be carried by healthy people and spread to others. It's unfortunate that her daughter is stuck there at ground zero but it is not worth the risk. I don’t think so Sorry daughter is stuck there does she really think people are going go to get her daughter 😳 where a deadly disease is killing People and spreading

Leave her there. Hell no! Quarantined for a goddamn reason Quarantined means quarantined 🤔 ...and why should we because we are Canadians? and we have no concerns for our own kids how selfish for her to ask!! 😡 She better stay there until the quarantine is over. Evacuating from a quarantined area, as the Americans + French are doing, is counterproductive. The best course of action is for those people to stay put, and perhaps our gov't should send additional supplies for Canadians in the region to be distributed via our consulates.

Couple Canadian me. I. China would like to come home after being held captive for the last year too!!! Oh well Ummm nope! Give Trudeau a one way ticket to go get her. oh hell no. sorry but she gotta stay there. Are you crazy!?! NO It's quarantined for a reason! So wait it out! Sending out thoughts.... No. Ummm.... NO

Uh it is quarantined for a reason!

Wow, that's to damn bad I feel she should stay there for eveyones saftey Outta your God damn selfish mind Selfishness Nope. How about extracting the entire uighar who is imprisoned . Ya bring the disease here . What part of “quarantined” does she not get? .. No one is allowed out! .. no one! Canada. ctvnews

She is kidding right! Canada needs to think twice here Ain’t no one getting her babe ..... shitty to even think or say but there not going to risk millions of people in Canada

Ya went there stay there No! Ok but your coming back a on a long boat ride (Cruise ship) and when the three weeks are up and one is sick welcome home! Uh no,, She can stay in the city.. Bringing a person to Canada from the hotspot of this disease... NO She is quarantined for a reason. 🤨 Why would Canada go and get her? The city is shut down to prevent a flu spreading, a flu....she isn’t in danger, unless she already has an underlying illness, is a child or elderly like most flu

good luck with that.... skippy not having much luck with the Chinese these days... Maybe you should go to China and get her yourself by the time that you get Canada to help you you could be gone and back regardless of the quarantine or your daughter can get the hell out of that city and find a safe spot and come home from there

Lady get on a plane and go to your daughter, you have some nerve asking for her to come back here and possibly infect another country. Everyone in the comments saying shes selfish.. what if it was your daughter..your child!! Damn right youre going to be selfish. LOL, insane

Absolutely not Um.. no it’s quarantined for a reason No. Just no. She’s quarantined so let her be until things die down..... how about no! No! Not until it’s all over should she be let out! What does this women thinks really? She’s not “stranded” she has family & a place to stay. It’s unfortunate but best to hunker down and follow instructions for everyone’s safety in China and Canada. SARS was no joke!

Uhhhh nope 👎🏻 No. What part of quarantined does she not understand? coronavirus No Way!.. And Canada can't even get Canadians in prison out of China.. Well if we let her out of the quarantine...we'd have to let everybody out of the quarantine.

Safer to leave her there. If she gets out she could possibly infect everyone on the plane she flies on as well as many others. Nope. 1 life isn’t worth millions Ah no ! Not a chance! It must be hard for her mom, with the quarantine and people getting deathly ill. Mom has to be realistic about this and she may not have the symptoms. But what if she is allowed to leave, gets home and comes down ill? Please think of the rest of us, she would be spreading it.

Typical... no care for the rest of us Umm....we have a couple of Michaels there stuck in a Chinese government po0litical game - more concerned for them first. No thank you. Stay there. What does she expect us to do? Histor. large quarantines do not work for illnesses with long incubation (wks!). 1st healthy people will be responsible & stay in those areas for the good of everyone, restlessness sets in & people will get out. Can. Has quarant. procedure for whenever we get herback.

Mom should think that if her daughter's sick she needs a medical attention and not to travel & exhaust herself. Not to mention spreading the desease among other passengers & Canadians. Quaranteen means she might be contagious and must be isolated until incubation period's over!🙏 Why would she be so special to receive preferential treatment? It's called a quarantine for a reason.

It’s called quarantine for a reason. Flights from China should be banned from Canada. Carriers of the virus might not present as being ill. Disease is spreading faster than anyone thought it would. Scary being ‘trapped’ but can’t chance the alternative. She ain’t allowed back in until this shit is over! 😂❌

NO Don’t bring it back here maybe hitch a ride: The U.S. government is reportedly preparing a charter flight this weekend to evacuate American citizens and diplomats from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the latest coronavirus outbreak. ... Getting her out of quarantine is literally the worst idea 🤦‍♂️ Canada should help keep her in china for now.

No thanks

Is she serious To bad so sad No Really...what are we thinking here.... Dual citizenship should be illegal No Sorry, the quarantine exists for a reason, no exceptions!!! Nope. Unfortunately the best place for this woman’s daughter is where she is at the moment. I hope she has all the appropriate remedies at her disposal in order to sustain through this issue.

Dont you think she waited bit to long to leave? Now it's Canada's problem

沒有 Stupidity at it's worst!!!! Umm...they are quarantined for a reason! 🙄 The public jury has spoken. She stays there. Next! No! All of these sicknesses seem to originate in China. PM Blackface is on Vacation & probably a few bottles of wine and an ounce of weed deep. Check back later. No No!!! She stays there!!!

Just had a guy that only decided he was sick after he got to Toronto. Whole plane load of people probably now exposed.

How stupid to even run this story. As a mother I understand her pain but as a educated person this WuhanCoronavirus should be taken very seriously. Um, no Stopping flights from China coming to Canada would cause a large economic shock. The disease has a high survival rate and the facilities & infrstructure here are far better. I get people's outrage but it's not a smart move.

That’s how the ball bounces in a massive quarantine lock down. No way! Stupid woman..irresponsible too. Wondering how she can be a university professor since she doesn’t have basic human common sense. I’m sure he was feeling ill at Pearson airport the day before 9-1-1 was called to his home. So I’m shocked that our “screening” by asking questions of passengers of any symptoms garnered a false response.

Quarantine comes from 'quarantaine' French and 'quaranta' Italian for 40. That was the number of days a ship had to sit in the harbour before unloading if it came from a known illness zone.

Before this was even identified by name but there reports of people being ill from that region, all countries should have refused all flights from China to contain it. Do you seriously think that's a good idea uh no she can stay there until the quarantine is done. Good luck on that. She’s there for a reason, to keep that crap out of Canada, sorry she’s stuck but, honestly keep this at bay, we don’t want it.

I’m not sure she understands the point of the quarantine... 🤣 she should be quarantined. Nope Oh FUCK NO!!!!!!

Trudeau probably already send the plane there, that’s just how competent he is. Quarantine means to be separated and or isolated for the general public’s safety so no - definitely not a good idea to let her fly back Please ask her daughter to wear a mask and ensure she washes her hands repeatedly after any contact。then after the quarantine is over、come home。

Yah no thanks. Sure bring her over so she can infect everyone here. If you miss her so much than you can go there and keep her company. Totally understand your worry but everyone else is worried about their loved ones too. Selfish to disregard others & only care about your own Another “Pity Party”. Quarantined! What don’t you understand?

It’s not like she’s on the street. She’s young and healthy and can take care of her grandmother if she becomes ill and come home after the quarantine period is over. What’s the big deal? How selfish Although she's a University Professor, I think she's misunderstanding the word 'Quarantine'.

quarantine get it? No Honestly while she wants her child returned she isn't thinking of the possibility of the infections catching others within Canada this is really selfish thinking right about now. Haven't she not read or heard or watched the news that virus is spreading rapidly and so much died. Anyone being evacuated from China should be quarantined for suitable time before being permitted to freely walk around in US, Canada, or other country.

BC women, it's unfortunate, but there's a lot of risk to us right now Maybe we can send Justin to the rescue Nah it’s ok. Canada doesn’t need it spread there. Let her get better in China before she comes The daughter should stay in wuhan until situation is completed. She should not come back and spread around.

Fuuuuuuuuuuck no

Yeah..... NO No way. Keep that stuff over there. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 No and he’ll NO Bs I feel for this woman, her daughter is currently healthy and stuck in a place that has an outbreak. Everyone's worst nightmare for a family member. Sorry, it’s better to stay until quarantine is over. Hopefully she doesn’t get sick.

No Canada shouldn’t help! Not our problem She can come back once the crisis is over.....not before! Hell no. The entire country should be quarantined. Don’t bring her back until the virus is eradicated.

this is how it spreads... Sorry she’s trapped there, but as there’s already a “presumptuous” ID of Coronavirus at Sunnybrook Hospital as of NOW, why would Canada risk everyone’s lives just to bring more of the flu back here!? Leave it there! BIG NO! No, she is not going to risk endangering all of us. Sorry. I thinks it is insanely selfish of her to ask.

HELL least not now...there is a reason why tWuhan is now quarantined... Two words. hell no She can’t stay right there Why are flights from China still being allowed into Canada Thats alright She can stay , enjoy your life in China ! inhale that WuFlu

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