B.C. Teachers Federation wants smaller class sizes, stricter mask policies in back-to-school plan

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The union representing B.C. teachers said reopening plans do not go far enough, and some of teachers’ main concerns have yet to be addressed

Earlier this week, the B.C. government announced students in middle and high schools would need to wear masks in common areas like hallways and school buses where physical distancing isn’t possible. But the union wants masks mandated for students as young as 10, including in the classroom, labs and libraries.

Ms. Mooring said in an interview that teachers aren’t looking for a specific class size, but want a plan to ensure physical distancing is possible. He said the government's restart plan has adhered to health guidelines established by the BC Centre for Disease Control."We will continue to work with teachers, parents, support staff and education partners on the steering committee on the safe restart plan."

“We anticipate the number of families that might want to access remote learning for medical reasons is going to increase quite a bit, so we see the need for that to be organized provincially, or at least that option be something that the province agrees should happen in every school district,” Ms. Mooring said. “And school districts need to dedicate teachers specifically to remote learning.”

He said the government should offer both virtual and in-person learning, and install physical barriers in schools. Mr. Fleming said an orientation week Sept. 8 to 11 will help students, teachers and staff adjust to their new routines, find out about their learning groups and practise safety protocols.


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Article says class size 1-3 capped at 20, should say 22.

So, in other words, they want more money and time off.

The bctf is staffed by clueless idiots who wouldn't know science if it hit them in the face. Masks are useless and with a virus that doesn't adversely affect 99.5% of the population they're demands border on totalitarianism by dunces.

Masking and muzzling children is child abuse Socially isolating children is child abuse Covid Cult of Hysteria is insane. Canada will pay dearly for this madness Communism has arrived. Your life as you knew it will never return. You should have objected - Selfishly you didn’t.

I think we need random drug / alcohol testing for teachers After all it is a safety sensitive position

Then school is now 12 months a year, 1/2 size classes every other day for 12 months. All good.

They sound like grade 4 students. I want I want I want

I want skinny teachers who are rated 10 and remove all fat teachers

And nurses want fewer hospitalizations, trash collectors want more composting, police want less crime, and weather forecasters want to be right just once.

I hope everyone properly washes their hands when putting on and removing a mask...Does not toss it on counters, desks, car seats or hang on rearview mirrors next to other masks...but masks work, right? This mask propoganda is ridiculous...wake up ppl

Sure. As soon as teachers don’t bring any politics into the classroom, and stop using kids as pawns in their labour disputes.

Watch for this trend. More kids will go to private school, be home schooled and teachers unions will be possibly demolished.

They literally want to be able to suffocate our children.

Also, they should mandate all teaches be fit (via PE test), have an acceptable BMI, be non-smokers, and have no co-morbidites. Our children need their teachers to lead by example

Fire them. Give jobs to teachers who want to teach

And better haircuts!

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Canada Latest News, Canada Headlines

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