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Breaking, Wet'suwet'en

B.C. RCMP open door to leaving Wet’suwet’en territory in effort to end rail blockades

#BREAKING: Global News has learned the B.C. RCMP are opening the door to leaving Wet'suwet'en territory, which could allow talks between hereditary chiefs and ministers to go ahead


BREAKING: Global News has learned the B.C. RCMP are opening the door to leaving Wet'suwet'en territory, which could allow talks between hereditary chiefs and ministers to go ahead

An internal letter to B.C. RCMP members obtained by Global News details plans to meet with the Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs and discuss removing a mobile detachment on their land.

Singh calls on RCMP to ‘stand down’ in an effort to end Wet’suwet’en solidarity blockades

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what a act ...there in bed together all a act ,,, This is what they said, 'the need for a small detachment near Houston, B.C., would be “decreased” if the chiefs and their supporters continue to grant access to Coastal GasLink workers.' “Opening the door to leaving” “Possibly considering maybe” 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

Not a retreat but thoughtful and wise regroup. Horseshit! Arrest them. JustinTrudeau will give them millions. That's all they want. The RCMP should leave and let the indians look into there own missing indian woman and whores on there own. Trudeau will take our cheque book out Just because they block railroads and highways doesn’t make them even 1% right. Why are we negotiating? If I block a railroad am i guaranteed to negotiate a lower income tax rate?

What does blocking the railroad have to do with a pipeline? So Trudeau lied again. Directing his minions to instruct the RCMP to leave Wetsuwenten territory. Blair has always been a yes-man & Trudeau cannot think for or lead himself. What a farce this LiberalParty & government has become. Again RuleOfLaw ONLY applies to majority.

davidakin Unanimous approval is not required, as per SCC . All elected chiefs and councils and 8 of 13 hereditary chiefs are good to go with this project that will benefit their own people as well as the roc . Why is this even a question! progressivehypocrisy

Impaired driving incidents in N.S. on the rise since cannabis legalization: RCMPNova Scotia RCMP report there has been an increase in intoxicated driving events since cannabis legalization, but experts are unsure whether the increase is a direct result of legalization 40% increase but experts are “unsure”... wonder what it will take to be sure? It hasn't happened anywhere else. They would be the first. Impaired experts.

Choo-Choo! Send it through! ClearTheTracks “telling them the need for a small detachment near Houston, B.C., would be ‘decreased’ if the chiefs and their supporters continue to grant access to Coastal GasLink workers” is not a new message. Access for CGL has always been (one of) the RCMP’s goals I thought the government doenst tell the RCMP what to do

Four ceremonial chiefs, who lost the elections based on this issue are, not the 'hereditary chiefs, 65% of whom support the CGL. 85% of the Wet'suwet'en support the CGL. Canada either believe in democratic governance for First Nations or we don't. So the white supremacist sanctioned arm of the police RCMP have backed off for now.

So now, not only are they perpetuating illegal activities, but they're determining terms of agreement? Since when do we negotiate with terrorists? Eco or otherwise? This is so canadadian rcmpleavingWet’suwet’en davidakin Trudeau will write those 4 Chiefs a check and this will all disappear. Thanks Trudeau for allowing this precedent to be set that will now be repeated over every project that the anti-pipeline climate activists want to stop! Now tha majority of Wet'suwet'en people who want the jobs and economic prosperity the Coastal Link lose the most.

Hereditary chiefs say they'll meet with ministers if RCMP get outA small, mobile RCMP detachment in a remote area of British Columbia has become a bargaining chip in proposed talks that many hope could put an end to blockades that have disrupted rail and road traffic across the country. Not sure why we to different class of people with two different set of rules for the different class. It’s absurd, and we are watching it blow up in our faces. If those anarchists don't respect the rule of law, there must be consequences. Arrest them, and give them their day in court. CTVAtlantic They have no authority to meet with anyone

Some hereditary chiefs are in Ontario patting the backs of the Mohawks for holding our country hostage. They are not meeting with Trudeau. So why should hard working Canadians surrender to eco terrorists? MercedesGlobal Great news!! The sooner the blockades come down, the better 👍👏 Don’t do it. Protect the pipeline builders.

wtf is happening to this country MercedesGlobal The government shouldn’t negotiate with terrorists! davidakin So many underlying issues 😢 This country is turning into a joke. davidakin The rcmp are a bloody joke. For all the good they do anymore, they may as well cave to the demands of illegal protestors and get back to turning a blind eye to rural property crimes. At least they’re good at that

Wait for it...once the RCMP leave, the demands will change. Now the 5 Wet’suwet’en chiefs will want (fill in the blank) before they will speak with the government... But, but, but Justin Trudeau just told the world the Govt does not tell the police what to do!

Case of alleged RCMP secret-leaker could head behind closed doorsProsecutor Judy Kliewer said Wednesday the Crown intends to ask that observers be excluded from a March 17 pre-trial hearing in the case of Cameron Jay Ortis, contrary to the usual principle that courts operate in the open Judas will give him an award for helping sell the country out !

Now the Hereditary chiefs, kind of the indigenous equivalent of Queen Elizabeth, run the country? The whole population of the Wet'suwet'en territory is 3,443. The majority are in favour of the pipeline. So Canada is being shut down by the will of an absolute maximum 1,700 people davidakin So if Queen Elizabeth oversteps Trudeau that would be acceptable. That’s actually attractive as she has more balls than Trudeau.

CDNs have financed billions in consultations, studies and re-studies, with all the right people, now it’s time for our govt and police to act accordingly They just came to this epiphany all by themselves, and absolutely were not instructed by the government... With Quebec, we are already two nations, in one. Trudeau is making us three in one.

The RCMP being reasonable? I can hardly believe what I'm reading. Ah what the hell. No more police, no more courts, supreme court can be ignored, rule of law ignored....just be totally lawless. Good luck everyone! Lol One planet people one race Hahahhah. Our nation is a joke Government controlled. Not what JustinTrudeau or jjhorgan have been saying.

National-secrets case against alleged RCMP leaker could be moved behind closed doorsProsecutor Judy Kliewer said Wednesday the Crown intends to ask that observers be excluded from a March 17 pre-trial hearing Everything is in this country no shock there. Who is Trudeau protecting now.

That's what hereditary chiefs demanded in Wet'suwet'en territory. These chiefs need to also own up to the disruption and divisiveness they have caused. The great gains in reconciliation of many bear steps back. So much for equality. Separate rules based on race. Pathetic. Great give in...what a horrible country

Why aren’t we banding together and removing these idiot protesters? Why leave it up to the now useless RCMP. We the people should take this into our own hands and remove them. Strength in numbers.monkeynutstrudeau I guess the RCMP didn't get their man. bcpoli vanpoli britishcolumbia abpoli polqc ontario ottawa onpoli topoli canpoli cdnpoli politics

Does that mean Alberta Rangers will move in to keep the law? ABlefty_JS About time... that's the only way to resolve this and should have happened a long time ago. When the RCMP points guns at unarmed civilians the civilians rise up across the country. This is what makes Canada great and free!! Time to put the guns away and start over.

Yay! I hate jobs and canadians prospering! I will only be happy when we are all poor and miserable. Wexit from Trudeau's Canada and join Trump's America and restore order 5’3” inch Asian chick RCMP are withdrawing!! I’m shocked!!

Wet’suwet’en protests: Emergency House of Commons meeting underway over rail blockadesOn Tuesday, Trudeau offered no clear answers for what action the government would be willing to take, other than being available to speak with protesters. He offers no clear answers because he’s over his head. Likely feels a good hug for everyone and tears will make it all go away lol The Wet’suwet’en community voted in favor of the pipeline. The protestors are not Wet’suwet’en and do not represent the best interests of the community members. I like TOTALLY agree with this oil field protest thing.. he he he If anyone wants to get together and discuss our liberal ideologies together, just let me know🥰🥰 I really really really think oil is bad for us! He he he

Chicken shit RCMP 5 unelected chiefs are dictating Canada holding us hostage. DuaneBratt The real story! 'If You Want Peace, Prepare For War'. David_Moscrop Yes! I thought that we dont negotiate with terrorists? Holding the countrys economy and transportation and supplies hostage is just that. These are foreign activists they will never stop.

I love those conservative tear. Keep them coming! The real ones or the fakes? KarlBelanger Let the lawsuits begin So breaking the law works in Canada? I see how it is

Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs travel to Ontario amid rail blockadesFive Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs are travelling across the country today to meet with the Mohawk First Nation at Tyendinaga, near Belleville, Ont., amid ongoing protests and rail blockades that have shut down much of the country's rail system. Lmao. How are they getting there? Someone should block them. Hereditary chiefs? You do mean paid protestors in which the people of Wetsuweten do not recognize as their own? Correct? Can we please have the time and route of their travels? Asking for a friend.

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