Asylum-seekers turned back by Canada at its border will be shipped home, U.S. says

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Asylum-seekers turned back by Canada at its border will be shipped home, U.S. says

Canada Covid-19, Canada-U.S.


Asylum-seekers turned back by Canada at its border will be shipped home, U.S. says

Amnesty International said the Canadian position violates its obligations under the 1951 UN refugee convention

TORONTO — After years of asylum-seekers crossing the Canada-U.S. border illegally to file refugee claims, Canada is turning them around and sending them back to the United States, which says it plans to send them swiftly back to their countries of origin. Canada said last week it will no longer accept irregular migrants trying to cross the shared border with the United States and will instead return them to U.S. authorities, as a temporary measure amid the coronavirus outbreak. “In the event an alien cannot be returned to Mexico or Canada, CBP will work with interagency partners to secure return to the alien’s country of origin and hold the alien for the shortest time possible,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) spokesman Michael Niezgoda told Reuters in an email. “For those who remain in CBP custody, CBP will, to the extent possible, keep them separated. Symptomatic individuals will be referred to CDC and placed in isolation.” Since 2017 around 54,000 people have crossed the border into Canada, many saying they want to evade U.S. President Donald Trump’s crackdown on refugees and illegal immigrants. It demonstrates a lack of leadership Initially, in early March, Ottawa had said it would keep irregular migrants crossing the border in quarantine for two weeks. Last week, it said it reached an agreement with the United States to close the border to all but essential travel. , including a clause on non-refoulement or the return of asylum seekers to places they fled due to persecution, often their home countries. “It demonstrates a lack of leadership. It demonstrates a lack of legal commitment to the obligations Canada has signed up for,” said Justin Mohammed, a human rights law and policy campaigner for Amnesty International Canada. Immigration and Refugees Minister Marco Mendocino’s office referred questions about irregular migrants to Public Safety Minister Bill Blair, who was not available. Blair’s spokeswoman said Ottawa was “committed to ensuring Canada remains a welcoming country for those fleeing war and persecution” and meeting its international commitments. “We must note that these restrictions are temporary, and are constantly being re-evaluated to best reflect the advice of our public health officials,” spokeswoman Mary-Liz Power said in an email. Amnesty International considers aspects of U.S. immigration detention policy a violation of human rights, citing high detention rates, inadequate conditions and the practice of separating parents and children. U.S. authorities said last week they will delay arresting some people suspected of violating immigration laws until after the coronavirus crisis. Returning people to their country of origin will be tough given flight restrictions in the U.S, said Janet McFetridge, whose organization Plattsburgh Cares helps migrants on the U.S. side of the New York-Quebec border near Roxham Road, a popular crossing spot. “If they need to return to wherever they came from, they’re going to have a very difficult time getting there right now,” she said. “It’s an absolutely bleak situation.” Listen to our news podcast, 10/3, on Apple Podcasts Read more: National Post

PopularlyOpined GOOD !!! Well,- Amnesty doesn't have to support these worthless country-shoppers!! As Canadians,- we're sick of them thinking they can just jump our border, and they're in!! Thank you USA for shipping them home!!! FranksBullitts Amnesty international cries foul, claims violation of UN 1951 refugee convention. Looks like they need to brush up on the meaning of the term 'refugee'

Believe when I actually see it! Phuk Amenesty Intl and the UN......We make our laws, not some foreign agency. ddyok Its about time. Controlled moderate to low legal immigration. That’s all we can manage now. RandahArena Maybe they can now paint some lines and put up some signs on Roxham road. Should be the SOP!

We’re not letting them in. That should be good enough, but all of these disgusting RWNJ’s in the comments are not satisfied. They want these people punished for the crime of wanting a better, safer life for their families. Disgusting

Canada Post Reduces Hours, Suspends Service To 60 CountriesThe postal service, while an essential service, will be operating under reduced hours as well.

It’s about time! There is no reason real refugees cannot enter legal .Trudo, Hussen, Medicino refuse no one. LIES. Fu3k amnesty int., and those who oppose this. It is illegal to cross, so just STOP! ...End of story. As it should be. That's the best news I've heard in weeks House safely in CBP facilities separate to protect against Covid - 19. Canada should not play a role in sending anyone back to persecution or violence.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Awesome!! Excellent news!! Send them home! Enough of these freeloaders!! It’s absolutely laughable that these people use the asylum claim, coming from the great country of AMERICA! Go back to where you came from, Canada is closed! illegals FakeRefugees RuleOfLaw

Coronavirus: Travellers coming back to Canada will be mandated to isolate, feds sayBREAKING: The government is now invoking the Quarantine Act -- forcing travelers to self-isolate upon their return. Global_Montreal At last... How will the authorities know if someone on the mandatory isolation list break the law 680CJOB This should have been done early Feb...

Good. Just wait until it is actual American citizens seeking asylum in Canada...... LONG OVERDUE. Why doesn't andrew and other shitbags in media get concerned about the of Cdns who can't find affordable hpusing because oir cities are becoming overcrowded holes “Asylum-seekers” in designer clothes. About time!

You 'it's about time' people do all realise the US will be sending a lot of these people their deaths, right? Good news! canukcookie Not asylum seekers if they are walking across the border! I have no problem with that

Canada to begin enforcing 14-day self-isolation for travellersDeputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said more details to be released later Wednesday globepolitics Well hope you are at Pearson NOW meeting that plane from Peru. Help those people and educate them please for their sake and ours!!!! globepolitics Now is the time ? To little to late, what about the thousands of travellers that have come through just in the last day or two, how can this be enforced? Sadly these are empty remarks...saying that you are relying on the honesty of Canadians is nice but not a reality... globepolitics How can you force them for a 14-day self-isolation? I see lots of people still walking around freely. How would you know for sure?

The UN is a dangerous globalist organization. We should not be listening to them in any way shape or form. They are more concerned with overwhelming the western world with migrants than they are to fix the the dangerous extremist rulers in the developing world About time. FINALLY. A BORDER! So now all the illegals in the USA that are about to get picked up by ICE can head to Canada for a comfy wait in a Hotel until Canada will fly them home to Country of origin. By Flying is banned in most of those countries and our civil servants are doing other duties from home.

Allow them in using the process the way it was meant to be at regular border crossings, like so many Canadian immigrants already have, its called controlling the border If they’re crossing from the US, it’s not our problem. canukcookie It took an apparent pandemic crisis, years of inaction, and the impending economic collapse of Canada ( not to mention action by the US ) for average canadians to get a partial break from the ORGANIZED assault on our wallets and culture. Either way, GREAT NEWS!

Amnesty international .. a terrorist supporting org .. can fk off. Cdns are tired of being taken advantage of by ppl claiming persecution when there clearly isn’t and are really economic migrants ..many criminals .. looking for an easy target. And for too long it’s been Cdns Disgusting Let’s keep it that way

COVID-19 in Canada: This is how each province is handling the pandemicWhile Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hasn't ruled out invoking war-time measures to handle COVID-19 in Canada, he has so far deferred to the emergency measures invoked by provincial governments. Here's a look at how the provinces are responding. Hey , your COVID-19 coverage has been quite excellent. Thank you. I still haven't quite forgiven you for 'The Trouble with Tracy' yet but I'm renowned for holding a grudge. This daily update from Dr. Bonnie Henry & adriandix is my go to for the straight goods on COVID19BC. No spin. Calm, fact-based delivery with absolute clarity on what's being done...& why. Here's the March 24th briefing:

Good! YourServiceYW AI is great supporting leftist causes, not others. Have seen it while working in religious persecution environmt. It would favor Marxist Zapatista rebels over tribal members who didnt share majority faith in communities in Mexico. AI is NOT end all authority on human rights. Thats excellent news!

Keep thus Americans in America. Especially with there outbreak no thanks stay there Good Lets call them que jumpers Illegal immigrants not irregular, please stopthebullshit we have had EnoughIsEnough already!!! It is tile to MakeCanadaFirst and StartTellingTheTruth. coronavirus COVID19 StayHome cdnpoli ontpoli TrudeauLiedPeopleDied CANADAFIRST TrudeauCanRotInHell TrudeauMustGo

Well if they really wanted to claim refuge they should of gone to the YS border control instead of crossing into Canada illegally. It that simple. Trump is going to make sure Trudeau actually does his job this time My understanding is that many of these people are in the US legally with valid visas and the like. What will become of them?

Mandatory Quarantines Coming For Travellers Returning To CanadaHealth Minister Patty Hajdu says the measure will provide “clarity” for people re-entering the country. unless you work in construction How will they enforce it? By giving them a pamphlet? Two weeks too late

Economic migrants better off $$$$ than most Canadians. Sorta kinda like / damned if we do - damned if we do Excellentl Thank you ICEgov !! ABOUT F'IN TIME! Is it me or is this the first time they have used a photo of 'white' people trying to cross over? Those people are crossing the border illegally. You need to fix the headline, NP

Believe it when you see it. Why does Canada have several daily flights from China into TOR, Van...our hot spots.

Canada Goose to make scrubs, patient gowns in battle against coronavirusRetailer will begin distributing them to local hospitals free of cost next week Very cool. This is the shit that makes me laugh. Will they be more stylish than the usual fucking clothes. Maybe America doesn't want M4A. In Canada our Health ministry is so incompetent its a challenge to get treated by a Dr who isn't naked. Since they can’t sell to the Chinese might as well milk the Canadian government. Must keep gmbutts wife floating in cash.

NOOOO WE NEED TO LET THE NIGERIANS INNNNN I HAVE TO FREE THE PRINCEEEE Finally. Sorrry, but that is not true! Canada has every right to deny access to their country. THIS IS DISGUSTING. We have an obligation to International agreements and under our commitment to Human Rights to accept asylum seekers and hear their case. Turning these people away without due process is NOT the Canadian way. SHAME ON US ALL.

Good finally, there is a right way to do this Hooray!! The first person sent back as shown by Canadian media Sucks but if you want to come to Canada go through proper channels This is the right thing to do finally. We are in a pandemic situation so who cares what amnesty international thinks of our sovereign policy making. This is about protecting our citizens not the illegals that don’t enter the country properly.


Should have been happening since day one! I can’t imagine the horrors they’re escaping in a first world country! Those ripped designer jeans, OBVIOUSLY last year’s fashion. Oh the horror of it all! 😩 Last week, JustinTrudeau said Canada will no longer accept irregular migrants from the United States, but only as a 'temporary measure'. Next week, justitrudeau will hit Canadians with a 50% tax increase as a permanent measure. RoxhamRoad carbontax

This is the way it should always work No such thing as asylum-seekers at Canadian border. Vast majority, if not all, are economic migrants. Papers should. be reporting this honestly. Who would have thought a tiny little Coronavirus could topple Liberal Marxist policy so easily....with zero force other than fear. Never judge size for its power. A small thing can become a big thing, very, very quickly.

rexglacer sorry to Amnesty International who are puppets of the UN and who have a history of turning a blind eye to violations by despots in certain parts of the world! Canada and the US have a law and the UN does NOT control sovereign nations! The US is doing what we should be doing. Sending them back. If they want to come here let them apply.

Take a hike A.I. This must become a permanent policy, not just during the Covid 19 pandemic. This is a ridiculous and self-destructive policy that Canada has adopted in some juvenile attempt to look good to the UN and Amnesty Intl. Is why Trump wanted to militarize the border. ILLEGAL migrants!

It's not a violation. They are coming through the US. The US is safe. They can remain there. We don't turn them back aren't you paying attention FreemasonWatchn USTradeRep larry_kudlow keep us updated, many Canadians agree with this. The Canadian border does not belong to a failed Trudeau government. The border belongs to the Canadian people. Transatlantic organizations often based in New York have been interfering here. Remediate. TY

Excellent Great news we're full Gotta be a fake photo...every true report showing those border crossers are a whole lot DIVERSE! Can we believe this he is always lying about everything “It demonstrates lack of leadership. It demonstrates a lack of legal commitment to the obligations Canada has signed up for,” said Justin Mohammed, a human rights law & policy campaigner for Amnesty International Canada.” Justin hoo? ☝️☝️a paid activist - Amnesty a foreign NGO?

Nope, we don't take orders from Amnesty International. And that Migration Treaty says first safe country reached. If you've come thru the US that means the US. These are primarily economic refugees. There is a process to be followed. No line jumping.

Finally US shows some strength. Skippy is a total sellout to UN. When I read the headline I thought the asylum seekers are American 😂 About fekin time! Before giving them the heave-ho, take fingerprints and DNA so they never ever get into Canada again! Back to Lagos. The comments are horrid. The Third Party Agreement need to end. This literally drives people to their graves (follow what happened to ALL the El Salvadorians who got deported from the US. Spoiler: every single of them were killed).

Good riddance. It only took a Global crisis for our government to apply some common sense. Should have been doing this since day 1 not letting them come take advantage of tax payers

Fake news. Canada will do that after they go through the legal system so what’s the big deal. ? If they played the American system for many years and they refused them and now they try to come in2 Canada and play this system for many yrs I don’t know if that makes sense. So will the RCMP that were stationed there as bell hops have to apply for the CERB now?

Sleepless nights for JT, look at all those votes turning around and going home Anyone actually believe that PM Selfie Drama Queen would allow that? Maybe asylum-seekers should try come to Canada by legal means, doesn’t it make sense Good! All ILLEGALS should've been turned back since the very 1st day Trump said he wouldn't accept ILLEGALS in the US, but idiot justintrudeau announced he welcome them! If they were ILLEGALS in US, why Canada let them in CitImmCanada marcomendicino TrudeauMustGo CBCNews

realclearisrael Good. About time! All those bellhops, I mean RCMP members will be out of a job? 😂

realclearisrael Good realclearisrael Good realclearisrael SundanceConstr1 As it should be. I don't think that was the deal. FO Dog food industry hurting. The world's refugees usually are bedraggled working people, children in tow, terrified of bombs rape, guns and mayhem. In this case faux refugees arrived at the border in air-conditioned taxis and waltz into the largesse of JustinTrudeau at our expense

It's their own fault. If they're abusing the hospitality/immigration laws of the US and just using America as a stepping stone to illegally enter another country, then of COURSE they'll get kicked out! Every country in the world has strict laws about immigration/foreign entry Good....enough of these welfare cases!

Finally, it only took a pandemic

A step in the right direction. That would be because they are not real refugees........we are suckers for opportunists. Good. No-one can seriously be considered seeking asylum from the US. Why have they not seeked asylum from US unless they have entered US fraudulenty for the purpose of going directly to CAN for better welfare benefits and Trudeau’s post-national vision.

“Since 2017 around 54,000 people have crossed the border into Canada” 54,000 people who were handed money when they walked across-many coming with nice clothes, cellphones & footwear-so egregious I can’t even.... amnesty nutjobs need to back off Trudeau Thank goodness for Trump Not our business. We should not open the door to the US and Canada interfering with each others immigration and naturalization laws.

Refugees have a right to claim asylum at borders and we've signed treaties to that effect. Turning them away when the US is about to be ravaged by a pandemic from which it can't keep either its people or its detainees safe is criminal. FFS you are all so hard. Are you really that happy about this? Showing your glee seems so wrong.


The border is closed which to asylum seekers might mean sweet f all....there's enough to worry about without gate crashers making it worse. Excellent news. Seeking Asylum from USA? 🤣 Are reporters allowed to follow the bus or are they going to get pulled over? Great news. Good. Is THAT what the army is at the border for?

It’s about time the US took care of their illegals. Always complaining about Mexico not taking care of theirs whilecompletely ignoring the illegals coming from their country. It is a very difficult time. I'm not sure what the proper action should be. Finally ..... Yea!!!!!

Your move JT It should have been done several years ago. The USA is hardly dangerous for these migrants to claim asylum there. It’s about time it’s closed. Screw the UN That's awesome news! 👍 'Irregular' migrants? 🤔 Nice word for illegal. True-Dumb doesn't know the difference. 'Irregular' blockades, 'irregular' SNC Lavelin money exchange. Liberals: 'irregular' Gov't ! 🇨🇦 dying a slow death under Trudeau Gov't ! .

Ask the majority of Canadians what they think of the UN ruling right now in this crisis? They will tell you FUDGE ALL! So what? How can a person entering from the U.S. be considered as a asylum -seeker. I' seeking asylum from a democratic country to another democratic like country!

Too little, too late. Finally!! Stupid Trudope came to his senses! About time. 3 years too late... This should have been happening all along Great news but how do we know if anyone is turned away at the illegal border crossings? The media is no longer allowed near the crossings. Have a feeling that Canada is still letting them across just not telling us the truth. Why the cover up?

Good Dont feel bad, we have legal channels for legal migration. 'bout time. Everyone of them should be permanently banned from both Canada and the US

To my understanding flowing around the internet it’s gonna be a mix of the military and ICE. JustinTrudeau and the liberal_party could not do it. It’s the perfect mouse trap. I don't trust this. BillBlair & cafreeland had claimed that before, then reversed it & told us they were allowed in but under 24 hr. observation and then 14 day self-quarantine. Is it for REAL this time?

About bloody time! 🤬Shameful that the US has to do what we should have been doing all along! Well it is about time someone grew a pair and did the right thing Long overdue. Are these refugees given a proper hearing in the US before being returned? I'm assuming not which supports the position of allowing irregular border crossings to happen (or at least continue after Covid19 has run it's course)

It's about friggin time. This should have happened 4 years ago but Trudeau looking to keep un happy not Canadians

'Shipped' Good They're probably US citizens trying to escape Thankyou US. Thank you Americans!! You mean those U.S. troops aren’t there to make sure these people leave the U.S? so now Skippy will let them come right in They gave every right. the whole COVID panic is a gross exaggeration of reality, which is a very similar one to the Global Warming Scare!

Thank you Mr. Trump and let’s hope that when you dispatch the military to the border, your soldiers will preemptively block those trying to enter into Canada illegally

We need to stop being the doormat for the world. It is time that our first priority was our own well being. To that end Trudeau must go. Good. Next time stay in the line like the rest of us. we need an amendment to that refugee is a thorn in Canada's side. FTrudeau FTheUN Good Excellent. They aren't asylum seekers, they are economic migrants trying to use the flaws in our immigration system to get in. Send them back

Then it is time for Canada to withdraw from the UN.

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