Astros' Francis Martes suspended for 2020 season following drug test -

An Astros player has been suspended... for doping.


An Astros player has been suspended... for doping.

Houston Astros pitcher Francis Martes was suspended for the 2020 season following his second positive test for a performance-enhancing substance under baseball's major league drug program.

pitcher Francis Martes was suspended for the 2020 season following his second positive test for a performance-enhancing substance under baseball’s major league drug program.He was suspended last March 12 for 80 games following a positive test for Clomiphene, a women’s fertility drug that has been used by some athletes to counter side effects of steroids use. Martes returned Aug. 21 and made two starts for the rookie level Gulf Coast Astros and one for Quad Cities of the Class A Midwest League. He was 0-2 with a 6.75 ERA in 5 1/3 innings.

"Throughout our system, players are educated through MLB’s drug prevention and treatment programs," the Astros said in a statement. "We hope that Francis will learn from this experience moving forward."

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They'll never stop cheating Boy the Astros got off on the wrong foot this year That's where they draw the line I guess. No it couldn’t be doping. There must have been something else in those Gatorade pails we kept hitting with our bats I'd rather you let the players use HGH to keep their body in perfect condition than the sign stealing. Yet no punishment for the stealing but year suspension for someone trying to better their body..

As if they needed the spotlight any more and this happens. Baseball Players in 2020 ....... - Doing drugs (1 year ban). - Cheating to win a World Series (Stern talking to from a terrible commissioner). Cheating in multiple ways. This teams resume gets better and better. The entire team should be suspended.

I don't know how any PR firm even starts with this mess. Astros players will have to bring out 25 puppies at the start of every game

Houston Astros' pitcher Francis Martes suspended full season - TSN.caMLB announced Monday evening that pitcher Francis Martes has been suspended for 162 games after testing positive for performance enhancing drug Boldenone, which violates MLB's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. What? The Astros would NEVER cheat!!! Oh what....Astros cheating. Wait what no way. Not possible. AstrosCheated dodgers2017champs bannedforlife

Check all the players for doping Just ban the team for the 2020 season at this point And the hits don't stop coming. Employee of the month. Lmao. Cheaters Wait a second... I didn’t think they were allowed to be suspended... Doping is pretty much cheating... from an Astro you say... go figure. How about suspending the whole Astro’s team for cheating.

I guess the buzzers and banging from Center field wasn’t giving him enough of an edge....🤷🏿‍♂️

Mike Trout says Astros cheating scandal is ‘sad for baseball,’ says players should be punishedTrout didn’t make a suggestion for what the Astros players’ punishment should have been, but the scandal obviously touched a nerve in the Halos’ brilliant centre fielder, who has spent his entire career playing against Houston in the AL West

OverdoseDay Multiple players cheating team wins World Series 0 suspensions Positive drug test suspended 1 season Both have ruined the integrity of the game yet one is permissible the other forbidden An Astro’s player cheated! No way!!! This why I stopped being a fan. Tired of all the cheating. Sure hope you guys jump down Boston’s throat when their report drops.

Well it only took MLB 20 years to get doping suspensions right it means we are only 17 years away from them getting cheating right. I guess the Astros are covering all forms of cheating. MLB and Olympics have alot more in common than I thought. Just suspend the whole team for the season and be done with it.

Rob Manfred: No tolerance for beanballs in wake of Houston Astros' scam - TSN.caWith baseball ablaze over the Houston Astros' cheating scandal, commissioner Rob Manfred met with several managers Sunday and told them to knock off any notion of get-even beanballs. Ok boomer This is both deeply unfair to pitchers and inconsistent with the history and culture of the game. The only way to eliminate self help retaliation in any rules system is to mete our effective and fair punishments in the first instance. Manfred is shifting blame for his own failure 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

PEDS is another way to get them, we will see how the umpire call the strike zone for and against them and the plays on the field. Cheating in the Astros way! Hoooooo...its not as if the Astros have a history of cheating... I wonder what his holiness JustinVerlander has to say about all of this...he hasnt been flapping his sanctimonious gums about 'cheating' so much lately...wonder why? Oh well, I'm sure gutless robmanfred will reverse the suspension, after all public outrage is punishment enough

How could the league give all players involved in this sign stealing and the 2 teams get all pardons and cant be disciplined. What a joke MLB... joshsberry more cheating

Rob Manfred: Retaliation in wake of Astros scandal 'will not be tolerated' - Sportsnet.caWith baseball ablaze over the Houston Astros' cheating scandal, commissioner Rob Manfred met with several managers Sunday and told them to knock off any notion of get-even beanballs. Who cares. I’d still plunk Astro hitters and my chances. I feel there should be a website of all the players and as they get plunked during season they get 'X' ed off. Manfred really should stop choking on Astro nuts. A real commish would have stripped the title.

Holy Astro Player actually got suspended. A cynic may suggest that this is the first positive drug test for which the athlete studied and passed with flying colours (fitting for Astros historical uniforms). The Astros dilemma will get worse before it gets worse, and the whole organization deserves the retribution

It just keeps getting better. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahshshahahahahahahah.........hahahahahahahahahah They were stealing signs AND using PEDs. Ugh. They prospered! HockeyTrekker

Houston Astros' Dusty Baker accepts that no one is moving on from scandal - TSN.caHouston Astros manager Dusty Baker has gone from hoping aloud that fallout from his new team's sign-stealing scandal would go away quickly to accepting that the back-and-forth is lingering. Soon it will racism fueling animosity towards the Astros

astros 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 How dumb do you have to be? It is not like Astros are not going to be under the microscope. Lmfao and so it continues Uh oh let it begin It never ends😂😂 Their pitchers were cheating too?

Astros' Baker accepts that no one is moving on from scandal -“You realize it’s going to take a while to move on.' While Astros manager Dusty Baker wishes the fallout from the sign-stealing scandal would go away quickly, he also understands why it will take time. astros Sorry. If Astros thought hiring him or anyone was going to tamp down the justified criticism, they're badly mistaken. Baker knew what he was doing so no sympathy astros Pete Rose. Now that is punishment!

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