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Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein

'Ask him to call the FBI': Message on school bus targets Prince Andrew

'Ask him to call the FBI': Message on school bus targets Prince Andrew


'Ask him to call the FBI': Message on school bus targets Prince Andrew

A yellow school bus with a banner depicting the face of Prince Andrew drove past Buckingham Palace on Friday, urging him to testify in the investigation of the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein .

Andrew has stepped back from royal duties following a catastrophic BBC interview in which he categorically denied having sex with a teenager who says she was trafficked by Epstein. Britain's newspapers and social media commentators slammed the royal for defending his friendship with Epstein and for failing to show empathy for the convicted sex-offender's victims.

The statement by Berman, the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan, was the first official confirmation that the leading U.S. law enforcement agency had sought -- and failed -- to obtain evidence from Andrew, third child of the monarch, despite his pledge to co-operate with legitimate law enforcement agencies.

The American prosecutors have since stood by their statements.

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They can talk the have a lot of criminals in the U.S hiding under the diplomatic immunity, once they answer for there crime's all over the world then they can say something, fucking hypocrites. I don’t know where my reply is....🤔 but I’ll say it again. This should have NEVER been approved to be placed on a school bus....NEVER!!!!

If you see the wife of an American diplomat who killed a young motorbiker in England, ask her to return to face the family and the court. Perhaps he will trade if the US sends their diplomat's wife to the UK to face her charges for killing a man. Maybe the message should be ' Hey FBI see the guy pictured, if FBI has any facts, proofs and evidence against him-charge him and arrest!

This should never have appeared on a school bus.....never!!!! Do former Prince Harry next. Pain is coming in the near future for that 🤡

Prince Harry, Meghan decide not to use the word ‘royal’ in their brandingThe decision follows weeks of talks between the couple and the royal family about how they will present themselves to the world in the future Do they agree to a 100% wealth tax if they really want to be even? Don’t care

Prince Harry, Meghan to drop brand name ’Sussex Royal’ from future business venturesA spokesman for the Duke and Duchess said the decision was based on British government rules around the use of the word ‘Royal’ The queen wielded her whip. Good Who gives a flying fu*k. Just keep them away from my tax dollars. Buh bye Sussex Royal!! royalnomore

Longtime school bus driver laid to rest in school bus casketGlen Davis, a Minnesota school bus driver, ferried kids to and from school for 55 years before his death. His casket is an homage to his best-loved job. Awe! So sweet!❤ How fitting is that....R.I.P...😥🙏❤️🇨🇦

Fashion school apologizes after catwalk accessories called racistA New York City-based fashion school has apologized after a model complained that the accessories she was asked to wear on the catwalk were racist. Whatever. Ya knew what you were doing Maybe she should have been fired! Shut up 😂

Ontario teacher given six-month suspension for making racist comments to studentDiscipline records show the incident occurred at a school in the Peel District School Board just west of Toronto four years ago where Martin Bonello was a construction technology teacher How is one not fired for that? People are fired from their jobs for racist remarks made outside of work. Let an adult in authority saying that to a child. If another student said that would that student be expelled? Just a slap on the wrist. Only reason this teacher is being punished is because they got caught. They'll brush it under the rug tomorrow. They probably did it 'for the kids' I'm sure.

Majority of Canadians want an end to the blockades, support police intervention, poll findsMost Canadians want tougher action against the protesters, reflecting the thinking that got Andrew Scheer banned from a meeting with Trudeau I don’t support police intervention at all! Two tiered Justice. They'll just start arresting innocent folks and give the criminals a free pass....kinda like Caledonia Then why are so many Canadians on the frontlines w Indigenous folks protesting? I call bs!!

Diane Francis: Canada should reciprocate Trump’s medical export ban and bring our doctors and nurses home

Canadians' impressions of America, in a word: Trump, president, chaos, in that order

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E-Learning begins for students across Ontario today as COVID-19 closures continue

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