As U.S. accelerates distribution of rapid tests, critics call on Ottawa to catch up | CBC News

As U.S. accelerates distribution of rapid tests, critics call on Ottawa to catch up | CBC News

2022-01-23 2:01:00 PM

As U.S. accelerates distribution of rapid tests, critics call on Ottawa to catch up | CBC News

As Canadians grapple with the highly transmissible Omicron variant and a molecular testing regime that has all but collapsed, rapid antigen tests have become a much-needed lifeline — for those lucky enough to get their hands on one. In the U.S., 875 million at-home tests will be distributed this month.

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Just goes to show that it is not serious enough. If it was, real concerned government would have acted responsibly and prepared. COVID is on its second year. The vaccine was ready within one year. Go figure. Who cares🙄 open the country all ready! Everyone who wants a vaccine knows where to go to get one. This virus is endemic now , it’s not going anywhere. Let’s learn to tolerate a bit more risk and learn to live with COVID so we can back to our lives!

Newfoundland is wasting tests on passengers flying into the province, each person gets 5! Time to give that up and use them more wisely… GovNL CMOH_NL I am from Saskatchewan and it’s easy to get the rapid test kits here. Cbc enjoy your last few years.. Libs will be out as your funding.. ah 2030 NO CBC.. bull shit payed off Garbage reports.

The premiers are sitting on vaccines and tests. Do your jobs premiers! iStandWithTrudeau NeverVoteConservative cdnmedia GetVaccinated Again, blame Brian Mulroney for permitting the privatization of the former Connaught Laboratories. 🇨🇦 lost its largest vaccine producing company at that time AND it's momentum in protecting Canadians!

*impossible to find. I’ve currently got covid and cannot get tested anywhere. I’ll have no decent idea of when to stop isolating. Government now says 5 days but you’re infections for ten. No idea what kind of advice that is Can someone explain how is that after 2 years into the pandemic, Canada testing is hitting a wall?

In BC it hasn’t. They just changed the criteria so they don’t have to use them!

United in death, the 6 Ottawa explosion victims all stood out in life | CBC NewsSome were just entering the workforce, while others were approaching retirement. The six people who died in the Jan. 13 explosion and fire at Eastway Tank in Ottawa may be united by the tragic circumstances of their deaths, but in their lives they were individuals, through and through.

You’d think for a massive news agency you’d be reporting on the massive convoy of trucks heading to Ottawa. Canada's place in the world with respect to testing. The numbers don’t mean anything anymore. How bout we cut our losses and stop testing. Are the critics your fellow media members? COVID-19 is a lung disease 2 proven tests to tell if your lungs are healthy and a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet for lung inflammation to avoid any complications

JPTasker When can we expect your acknowledgment that restrictions are being lifted all over the world? My tax dollars in the toilet JPTasker Let me mention as the Propaganda arm CBC will Not. Britain and Ireland have dropped all restrictions. ALL. cdnpoli Canada Trudeau Ottawa COVID19 Ukraina Liberal Ottawa

JPTasker In the last 2 years I am trying to figure out how we have such high taxes and a healthcare system that is one of the worst in the industrialized world. Recon ing needs to happen, not more funding but the purging of the inefficiencies JPTasker Can't even tell the truth there, rapid test might get to some Americans in 2 weeks, but you knew that you just didn't want to say it! All you're really here for is to divide and conquer! You're not really a news agency are you? The propaganda's agenda! Defund the CBC!!!

JPTasker I wonder how many of those inaccurate rapid tests get brought over the border by truckers 🤷🏼‍♂️ Oops! Never mind… 🤦🏼‍♂️🥴 TruckersForFreedom TrudeauNationalDisgrace FreedomConvoy2022 CdnPoli DefundCBC 🥳

Ottawa correctly staking a moral claim for the integrity of UkraineUkraine’s key shortcoming is its desperately weak air defenses and air force, which Canada is in no position to alleviate without a collective NATO deployment. But, the diplomatic act of virtue signalling is essential for Canada. Don’t think the likes of Putin & Xi Jinping care about what signs the dunce liberal_party cabinet hold up. “correctly staking” It’s a corrupt Eastern European nation with absolutely zero strategic benefit, or any benefit at all, to Canada.

What, bypass the provinces who sat on the last batch?

Ottawa beacon, pipe bands, town criers to mark Queen's Platinum JubileeThe Queen has made no secret of her affection for Canada, which she has visited 22 times during almost seven decades on the throne Now Canada is preparing to honour the 95-year-old royal -- Canada's head of state and the world's longest serving monarch -- with a series of tributes to mark her 70 years on the throne. What a colossal waste. abolishthemonarchy Waste of money in the middle of a pandemic while people are loosing their livelihoods, it’s tantamount to a slap in the face! She is not and will never be my queen....Abolish the royal family in Canada.

Ottawa announces more help for Ukraine, as Russian threat mountsOttawa is loaning Ukraine $120 million to deal with Russia’s military buildup across the border. The loan was one of the Ukrainian government’s requests to stave off “economic destabilization” from increased tensions with Russia, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters on Friday. “We … are looking to do more, and we will have more to […] Wonder why he cares so much about the Ukrainian people and not people in Arabia, Yemen, Palestine... or anywhere his friends are buying arms or dropping bombs on civilians? I think he is pissed, Russian troops are not fully vaccinated, and not locking down?

CBC Radio's The House: Testing the West | CBC RadioOn this week’s show: A Ukrainian MP discusses the threat of a Russian invasion, a Canadian in Kyiv talks about preparing for war and the CBC’s Murray Brewster outlines the state of play. Plus — experts Jeff Nankivell and Sarah Kutulakos discuss Canada-China relations. Laura Harth of the group Safeguard Defenders talks about China’s tactics in forcing some of its citizens to return home to face charges. And a discussion about human trafficking in Canada, after the tragedy in Manitoba. Once again: RussiaDeservesBetter than Vladimir Putin and his circle. Much better.

Alberta premier Jason Kenney wants to pause truckers' COVID vaccine mandateIt\u0027s not the moment \u0027to lose potentially thousands of truckers on our roads, bringing groceries up from the US and who knows maybe (COVID) rapid test kits,\u0027… Kenny needs a win on anything, he’s clutching at all straws, had his head up his ass these last two years, politically wounded, maybe fatal! (CNN)Austria's parliament has approved the European Union's strictest Covid-19 vaccine mandate, making it compulsory for the country's residents over the age of 18 to get the shot. The law goes into effect February 1. Wow, someone has a brain up there🤪

Social Sharing Canada's molecular testing regime has hit a wall — and rapid tests are extremely hard to find