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As economic impact of rail blockades grows, protesters say fundamental rights are at stake

As economic impact of rail blockades grows, protesters say fundamental rights are at stake


As economic impact of rail blockades grows, protesters say fundamental rights are at stake

Rail blockades in Ontario, Quebec and B.C. are stalling the nation’s economy, warn business leaders, but protesters say the real issues are Indigenous rights and livelihoods.

The halting of CN Rail service in eastern Canadawill impact businesses of all sizes, along with employees and consumers, said Ryan Greer, senior director of transportation at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Propane reserves are at about five days in Atlantic Canada, mining companies are curtailing operations and agricultural exporters say Canada isn’t being looked at as a reliable supplier, so commodity prices are falling, Greer told CTV News Channel Friday. “Not only is it bad, but every hour and every day it goes on it gets worse,” said Greer. “It creates more backlogs, it creates more uncertainty in global markets, and it impacts not only our collective wellbeing, but the reputation of Canada in global supply chains.” The ongoing protests in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en First Nation against construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline have caused blockades across the country at government legislatures and major rail crossings. Dennis Darby, president and CEO of the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association, says rail lines are crucial supply links east to west across Canada and south into the U.S., and in a world of just-in-time delivery, the sudden and unexpected shutdown of rail freight will quickly cause havoc. Darby told CTV News Channel Friday that Canadian manufacturers rely on about 4,500 rail cars a day and produce about $200 billion in GDP annually. “So any day that we’re not at full tilt we’re losing millions of dollars” and losing ground to producers elsewhere, he said. A rail shutdown means that companies can’t get goods to market and can’t run production lines once inventories of parts, commodities, and raw materials are depleted. That will eventually shutter plants, he said. “The issue, of course, for rail is that you can’t substitute most of these things on to other forms of transportation. They are just too big and bulky,” said Darby. Via Rail’s cancellation of passenger service across Canada also hurts business, said Greer, because that means tens of thousands of people can’t get to their jobs or travel for business. He is urging all levels of government to work together to end the blockades immediately. Hope and intent are not enough-- outcomes are what matters, said Greer. “It’s one thing to call a blockade illegal but until rail service is resumed, all levels of government are not upholding their collective responsibility to uphold the rule of law in this country. And ultimately it’s Canadian businesses, communities and workers and their families that are paying the price,” he said. “No one wants to see violence or anyone harmed, but at the same time this cannot continue uninterrupted.” Ta’Kaiya Blaney and Kolin Sutherland-Wilson, who took part in the blockage of government buildings in Victoria this week, say protesters are resorting to blockades as a last resort. “We stand for Canada to uphold, observe and be accountable to its promises to negotiate in good faith with Indigenous nations and that cannot come with the conditions of coercion, military invasion, exclusion zones that bar them access to their territory,” Blaney said on CTV News Channel Friday. “That is unconstitutional how it’s been conducting itself within Wet’suwet’en territory.” Blaney, who is a member of Indigenous Youth for Wet’suwet’en, said the disruptions to rail traffic wouldn’t have been necessary had Canada conducted itself as it promised and that protesters are seeking to protect the livelihoods of their Wet’suwet’en relatives. Sutherland-Wilson, who is of the Gitxsan First Nation, said the provincial government has infringed upon Wet’suwet’en rights and title on their territory and is “essentially saying that as Indigenous nations we do not have the right to say no, that we do not have the right to good-faith negotiations and that’s very problematic.” He said First Nations across the country are banding together to make clear to the province and to Canada “that it will be far costlier to allow this project to run its course than to revoke the permits.” RELATED IMAGES Read more: CTV News

WHERE IS THE MONEY $$$$$$ This issue could very easily bring down this gov as it seems they are not interested in dealing with it. as i white guy, if i ever pulled this shit i’d be in jail..One land one rule and the cops need to do their jobs. That's rude to try build pipelines, I'm against every decisions to end train I love the sound of trains to hear bad news over a blow out from pipes smh Sask powertoladies

Production cost $67 US$ Sale price $35 US$ SO we are LOOSING $$$ 32 us$ FOR EACH BARREL WE SOLD= THE MIDDLE CLASS LOOSE $32 us$ PER BARREL This mean $32 US$ x 2 millions barrel = We trow $ 64 millions US$ each day PLus IMF 2015 fossilfuel subsidies canada $$54 billions Fundamental terrorism, anarchy, blackmail, idiots!

The fundamental rights...of who Fundamental rights? In 2012, Health Canada spent $1.1 billion on supplementary benefits such as dental care, vision care and pharmaceutical drugs for eligible First Nations and Inuit Canadians. Most other Canadians must spend out of pocket for such items. Hey idiots. Get those fools out of the way, for safety sake, and get those trains rolling. One thing or another on those trains Affects thousands, many thousands.

Ontario rail blockade holds strong after more than a week of protests“My people did not invade Europe. We’re home and we’re not going anywhere,” said Jocelyn Wabano-Iahtail, an Indigenous activist, during a speech at the blockade on Thursday. Not sure what headline has to do with story... That was in 1534 ... it’s now 2020! Canadian’s can clearly see that FN’s are just extorting taxpayers $$$ to support their ‘welfare mindset’. They have had 100’s of years to integrate into society and enjoy our great country! how much is Soros paying these a$$holes.

Lol Play stupid games, win stupid prizes! Hey, at least TC Energy does not have to spend an extra $600-800 million and an extra yr on the alternative routing suggested to them back in 2014. I mean they are barely getting by as it is. Canadas economy and harmony can take a hit instead. So like the right to heat your home in the Maritimes? Or the right to do business with the products on those trains? Or maybe the right for commuters to get to work? Or how about the rights of the majority of Wetsuwenten band members who voted in favor of the pipeline? Which one?

They don’t have the right to hold the economy of Canada hostage for some BS cause financed by foreign bodies. Which protesters ? What fundamental rights ? They all seem to have different reasons for protesting and as far as I know no one has told them they can't protest just asked they move their protest elsewhere so they aren't blocking government business and critical infrastructure

Rights like the Rule of Law and democracy being ignored and trampled on by these criminals who ignore our traditions of peaceful protest Oh come patient. Canadians shot down in a domestic airliner and Trudeau shakes the hand of the trigger man! You can’t even make this stuff up! rcmpBrendaLuckiresign TrudeauMustResign cdnpoli

They ignore the law or hide behind the law as it suits them !! What about respecting the law Eh ?

Feds, B.C. hope meetings with Indigenous leaders will end rail blockadesFederal and British Columbia officials are tentatively set to meet with Indigenous leaders in the hope of ending anti-pipeline rail blockades that have stalled travellers and choked Canada's economy. Run them over problem solved This isn’t about the Coastal Pipeline ... it’s about our ignorance and neglect of First Nations in all jurisdictions for a multitude of reasons - let’s start with clean drinking water and go from there. FirstNationsBC ccab_national But will they talk to the leaders that want it. The media & the gov’t officials only seem to talk to the minority that don’t.

Their right to sit in prison is going strong. Where the hell are the police and Gov't? Arrest them people will be losing their jobs soon!! Let the trains roll. And that justifies trampling other's fundamental rights? Are those protesting jeopardizing their jobs or are they okay causing other's to lose theirs?

Holding an entire country hostage is still not legal They don't want a natural gas line across the property so shut off the gas that's already there. You can't have this both ways. Either you want gas for your home or you don't I would have to agree with the protestors on this. They have the right to protest. Its part of having a democracy. WetsuwetenSolidarity WetsuwetenStrong

Trudeau says it’s a nation to nation relationship but when you have 634 First Nations in this country how do you accomplish anything that will benefit both Canada and First Nations? That’s the 10 billion dollar question. Shocked it isn't a federal crime. The fundamental right to be an idiot!!! Perhaps JustinTrudeau and his people care little about this problem because they KNOW NOTHING about finance and economic impact? And their egos prevent consulting with people who do know and appreciate the economic harm being done?

Canada doesn\'t tell police what to do, Trudeau says of rail blockadesCP24 NOW - Live and interactive, watch Toronto's Breaking News for the GTA, with CP24 Breakfast, Sports, Video, Traffic Times and Weather and more. WATCH LIVE: RCMP providing an update now on CRA telephone scam investigation

Remove the blockades. Enforce the law, enforce the injunctions. Why are indigenous seemingly above the law? Rules of land apply to savages as well. Just where the he'll do savages think their treaty monies come from. Government needs to withhold treaty money and give to workers and farmers who have lost money.

Fine “nation to nation” send in the military, defeat them and end the BS once and for all. Shortest war in Canadian history. After that no Indian Act or preferential treatment of any kind. People dependent on railway service should start setting up blockades in front of Indigenous owned Casinos in Canada. If that happens those railway blockades will quickly end

What about the rights of people to travel, get to work, etc being tramped and ignored Complete and utter No they’re not. What about the rights of farmers to move their crops?

CN Rail blockade in northern B.C. taken down as province, feds agree to meeting with chiefsChief Spookwx said he was helping to take down the blockade on the tracks near New Hazelton, which had been in place since Saturday afternoon. It's time to put our foot down on this activity. Send them to jail and stop kissing their butts. Canadian's don't want this crap. Inuvik would be a nice place for those chiefs to live. I suggest we out them on the next train heading there. Who ever said intimidation doesn’t work?

VIA Rail cancels trains across Canada, CN shuts down Eastern Canada network amid pipeline protests Via Rail is cancelling its entire passenger train network across the country until further notice due to ongoing pipeline protests. But JustinTrudeau is off in foreign countries again, busy trying to build up his international reputation! He obviously doesn't much care about important domestic issues like having NO rail service in Canada! Wow! Good Now let’s get RID of PMJT

Manitoba government seeking injunction against pipeline protest rail blockade outside WinnipegWinnipeg blockade is stopping trains in both directions on a main CN Rail line They don't need an injunction they need the usless police to do their jobs and uphold the law. Do you think these idiots will respect an injunction? Are the spineless police going to enforce it? Grow a set of cohoes and clean up this mess. Their right to protest ends when my right to travel is impeded. Just arrest them already, then seek injunction

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