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As coronavirus eviction bans end, advocates worry homelessness will rise

The end of eviction moratoriums could contribute to an increase in homelessness this year, and experts are worried.

2020-08-14 1:11:00 PM

The end of eviction moratoriums could contribute to an increase in homelessness this year, and experts are worried.

A recent poll suggests 16 per cent of Canadians are worried to some degree about paying their housing costs in August, while one in four renters are worried.

Read more:B.C. eviction ban to end Sept. 1, tenants have until July 2021 to pay unpaid rentStory continues below advertisementWith many low-income households suffering from a loss of work and income this year — some of whom don’t qualify for federal emergency benefits — Margaret van Nooten of Montreal-based Project Genesis, a community organization that advocates for tenants, said she believes homelessness will increase as the pandemic’s financial pressures tip people over the edge.

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“There’s a real shortage of affordable housing here in Montreal — a dire shortage,” she said. “And also it’s very hard for people, especially people who might have an eviction decision on the record, to get a dwelling.”Read more:Pandemic-related evictions expected to rise in Nova Scotia without provincial action

In Montreal, Nova Scotia and Ottawa, local housing advocates said they’d like to see the temporary eviction bans extended as the pandemic drags on. In the national capital, the local chapter of ACORN — a national organization that advocates for low- and middle-income families — wants evictions suspended until at least the end of 2020, among other measures.

“COVID made the housing crisis worse,” said Bader Abu-Zahra, a campaign leader with Ottawa ACORN who has heard recent eviction stories from members.1:54Victoria homeless count and new city motionVictoria homeless count and new city motionFor other short-term solutions, Richter said the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness would also like to see cities buy and convert hotels into affordable housing and create modular housing. But in the long term, he said, governments need to increase their investments in affordable housing construction, including rentals.

Story continues below advertisementThe poll released Wednesday suggests 72 per cent of Canadians think ending homelessness in the country is a matter of urgency, while 84 per cent support or somewhat support “investing in building new affordable housing to stimulate the economy and help end homelessness.”

Read more:A study says Canada’s homeless women are ‘invisible.’ COVID-19 could make it worseWhile the virus has dealt a blow to people’s finances and living situations, Richter said he still sees a silver lining in how Canadians have responded to the challenge.

“We’ve seen communities scramble to protect homeless people, who are at incredibly elevated risk from COVID-19,” he said. “It proves that we can act urgently if we decide to.“There’s very few excuses left for governments not to act. We know what to do. We know how to do it. We know the public supports it.”

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–With files from Global News’ Richard Zussman

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Advocates should then take them in DawsonMdhoust Funny nobody cared about our homeless when JustinTrudeau was giving away billions to African nations as he was trying to buy a UN seat. He gave nit ine oenny to the homeless. How come there was not a peep from cdnmedia then? All the liberals did is lip service, it will get worse over the next month with people losing their jobs and homes. Great job Justin, great job

corporations get billions in welfare, and cant take care of the the people paying all the taxes.. damn shame GlobalBC Who are the experts? The fact is this hole situation was designed to create instability in every way. Bankruptcies and Homelessness is going to be the new normal for millions. Get ready for it. Revolution is on the way.

People will finally feel the results of Trudeau and Ford’s disastrous economic reactions to Covid. Coupled with the coming rise in food costs maybe people will wake up & demand change & realize less government interference is needed, not more as the trend has been going. thats honestly sad.. stop increasing the rent and make it actually affordable .. some have to work 2 jobs just to pay rent .. 70% of my income goes to f..king rent.. ridiculous.. gov.. needs to fix this..this is supposed to be canada.. not some 3rd eorld country sad to say sorry

What moratorium? People have been evicted during this pandemic

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Ontario deficit swells to $38.5 billion as growth, employment craterOntario's budget deficit more than doubled from March to the end of June to $38.5 billion, as the coronavirus pandemic shredded jobs, consumption and the tax revenue that goes with them. Well maybe fordnation and RodPhillips01 should not have wasted so much money fighting windfarms and carbon taxes and the Beer Store and many other things. There'd be more revenue now. It was in a recession long before Corona only the politicians would not admit to it. The virus was an extremely convenient excuse to blame it on and cut all services to the bone. nowhere192 yeah, surprise surprise - but don't blame me, I voted Conservative - sorry Ontario got screwed again FordNation cdnpoli onpoli

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